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We travel to the Huawei campus in Shenzhen, China and find out their plans for 5G.
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May 8, 2019




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Comments 3 577
WOWCruiser 6 hours ago
So proud of being Chinese and the world bow to us!!! 🇨🇳😭
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain 17 hours ago
I love huawei
Christina B
Christina B Day ago
poor America media
Anthony Donov
Uk and america deathh !!!
Arunn Killerxxx
Lol apple iPhone goes through china n back to the us, they could put a chip in it and spy on you
Tay Tarik
Tay Tarik 2 days ago
It takes one (the US) in committing all kinds of spying and espionage even on their own allies since having total control and monopoly of 4 G and all cyber developments during the past decades in fearing what the other nations (currently, China but in the future it could be Russia, India or ???) would do likewise. So, when that monopoly of spying and espionage of the US will be restricted, it would be "war" at all cost against any nations or companies, simply to gain the superiority of committing such spying and espionage . I guess the majority of nations are aware of it, especially the allies of the US, as they would prefer to have the devil disguise as an angel, then the real angel in the form of human.
Ronnie Chan
Ronnie Chan 2 days ago
The entire 5 eye country & allies vs a man called Ren ZhengFei. Hahahahaha
Adonis Top of Men
good documentation ……..
craig woodgate
craig woodgate 3 days ago
What America are forgetting the American government are spying on America how do they think the government knows what you are up to
Moses Mkopi
Moses Mkopi 4 days ago
Great piece of information Better than Vice baby driver interview
Faisal Maghram
Faisal Maghram 6 days ago
Dont backdoors get installed on user devices rather than networks?
ユーネポ / Yuunepo
Huawei is awesome
JOHN HIGGINS 8 days ago
They steal the USA technology period.
Random Person
Random Person 9 days ago
If the bbc wasn’t owned by the state it might look into legitimate health concerns. And also geo engineering but the bbc is nothing more than the globalists propaganda machine.
Akira TV
Akira TV 10 days ago
If everyone goes with Harmony they will start turning off countries unless demands are met. That's what I take away from this.
Mister Sam
Mister Sam 11 days ago
US President Donald Trump is a major real estate fraudster and businessman. He pursues a selfish and unfair policy towards other states. His behavior resembles an arrogant and greedy oligarch, but in no way resembles a worthy policy and behavior of the head of a respected state. This is a worldwide shame and failure of all US policy.
open mind
open mind 12 days ago
China communist are never be trust worthy,they will monitor everything like they monitoring their own chinese people's..
Bruno Waligora
Bruno Waligora 14 days ago
I had few Huawei smartphones and tbh ? Samsung is bigger spy company than any other so stop showing propaganda and fokus on iPhone or Samsung who spy people
c c
c c 19 days ago
...9/ 11...Psyop Staged By the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal )& the World Elite
Ahil Kannan
Ahil Kannan 19 days ago
Develop indegenious technologies and safety is checked.
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul 22 days ago
Trump asked who is the real enemy of the US? - Chinese people of Fed Chairman? I ask who is the real president of the United State of America? Donald Trump or Howard Stern?
DIY Saving Humanity from 5G Killer Technology
The debate should not be about "who supplies 5g" but How do we stop this highly, health destructive technology full stop.
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko 23 days ago
Apple is also state funded.....
steven lee
steven lee 23 days ago
What about NSA of US? Cyber troopers of 40000 personnel in US spying n espionage on foreign governments? Why focus on HUAWEI capabilities? BBC, do you mean it's ok for US n the West to do evil deed but not allow China to defense it's own Interest? BBC , you have lost your creditibility as a impartial reporting entity
Skyrim Marvel
Skyrim Marvel 23 days ago
US accused china for spying But they launch the 5G no problem What the hell man Why do always they comes first Ok then let me launch 7G US say no.. We accused for spying Me : fcukk my ass
Daimien Taylor
Daimien Taylor 24 days ago
Problem is, not the actual equipment but the chipsets that other devices use
Merlin5by5 24 days ago
So China, the Official Political Firewall, and the worst Hacker Intruder in living memory, is now "Reliable"?
said awdars
said awdars 26 days ago
Who starts wars, interveins or supports coups sells armer as if it was food , spies on the rest if the world ,lies to the rest of the world, thinks it can act on behalf of the rest of the world,took a hold of the oil tradingin their currency pushes its currency on the rest of the world, and i can keep on goiing..but serious who should we TRUST.....
said awdars
said awdars 26 days ago
Western gouvernements are nervous cause they are agressively influenced by the big satan state
Tru fact earth
Tru fact earth 13 days ago
the 5 Eyes nations do not represent all the Western countries now a day.
John Matlick
John Matlick 26 days ago
They already have the back doors built-in to solid-state technology. Why do you think Intel moved to Oregon?
John Matlick
John Matlick 26 days ago
Time FOR US 6G
Tru fact earth
Tru fact earth 13 days ago
The Christensen are doing ....
John Matlick
John Matlick 26 days ago
It’s not that someone is listening on the line but that that someone is built into the line and has been since the first secret partition was built in to solid-state drives half a decade ago. Why do you think Russia have the capability of altering data bases in real time? Trump is correct going after the source of invisible whacking. Wouldn’t you if you could control the size direction power and efficacy of 5G? Would you like to know everything that the Pentagon is doing?
abhay mondal
abhay mondal 26 days ago
Hey huawei what about birds? they will get killed everyday because of 5g please stop it
Gvz Gonzlz
Gvz Gonzlz 26 days ago
Media is a form of war, is more effective, what i really see in this fight, is that they,re fighting for control, and markets, is all about money and power,, the gorberments foreign and domestic had been spying every body, and each other for ever, they only worry because, they know china might take control..of the market.. thats the only reason..
Dinah Morris
Dinah Morris 26 days ago
have they already got enough money? Look Out here is CHINA. taking over NO WAY WAWAY! PRESIDENT TRUMP beats everyone.
Tommy Dara Khmer
Tommy Dara Khmer 28 days ago
after watching ... i realize that US is not different than NK with the same propaganda , fake news and brainwashed people. #Jalousie
S. Gillespie
S. Gillespie 29 days ago
So if everything is encrypted then how do people manage to access people's accounts, how do people loose their bitcoin money, how are governments able to access people's private information? Etc., etc., etc. It's called hacking. People do it to other people and governments do it to other governments. That's why they've made such a big deal about Snowden, Manning and Assange. So that's not true that everything is encrypted so no one can hack information. It's amazing how people tell these obvious and blatant lies and we begin to doubt ourselves with "double-mindedness."
VOLLINA ADKINS 29 days ago
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peter Leung
peter Leung 29 days ago
Let say US control all the 5g. What makes we should trust America more?
Дон Марко
Дон Марко 29 days ago
In 6G UK will be like Honk Kong box heheh
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis 29 days ago
Thank you for showing us just how behind the times Huawei is...still fooling with electron heat. Lol!! You might want to let them know that PHOTONICS is the way, not new cooling systems. Sheesh!
Yuxiao Tan
Yuxiao Tan Month ago
“All these technologies are built-in for cyber spying and cyber espionage because that’s what Chinese people do...”. This level of ignorance and mentality will make US lose in the tech race.
Yuxiao Tan
Yuxiao Tan Month ago
For anyone has heard of PRISM, what a joke
kevin Tsan
kevin Tsan Month ago
if every country use Huawei 5g , the USA can’t spy , that s why the US try destroy Huawei reputation , America please accept the fact , you are losing ,
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes Month ago
Load of crap, where is the evidence from the West. We all know from solid evidence that the US does spy on the world ask Ms. Merkel. There is a massive campaign from the US, CIA, to paint China as the enemy, which it may, or may not be and without evidence how shall we know, Huawei has agreed to sign a no spying agreement with any country that uses it's equipment but when asked Google, Microsoft, Qualcom refused outright so who is the liar here?
sorcier appache
sorcier appache Month ago
fuck the us with there nsa cia bla bla bla because the chinese have buisness now.i hope so! my country follow the chineese ,i love so the image of president of north korea when he caress the nuclear missile.because this world is a jungle only the stronger can live .fuck the us gov
MC Mark Markson
MC Mark Markson Month ago
NSA wants it's spying monopoly back
Eoin Llewellyn
Eoin Llewellyn Month ago
Why is there no discussion of Data mining following Cambridge Analytica and the health affects of Radio frequencies. As of yet millimeter wave technology has not been tested for safety on humans or animal, plant life.... Just look into WHO and ICNIRP and the corruption in science around this very important matter . See the - scientific appeal - www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal
Jenny Wren
Jenny Wren Month ago
No thanks to any of it
Engineer Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Robin
Well same can be said about USA, and its proven fact as we already know how USA and USA company have been spaying on even its allys for last decade
If u call me a wumao you're autistic
US: HEY DON'T USE HUAWEI THEY'RE MONITORING YOUR INFORMATION! Respondents: Wait.. How did you know that? US: .................
jia hao
jia hao Month ago
Chinese government pouring money into developing commercial tech = bad USA government funding into killing machines = good
_ Essketit
_ Essketit Month ago
Id much rather have a cybernetic war than a nuclear one
黄晟 Month ago
UK Vodafone already used huawei 5G from july.2019
Jeffson Allen
Jeffson Allen Month ago
Buy original new and unlocked Huawei 5G CPE Pro router here: www.4gltemall.com/huawei-5g-cpe-pro.html
Qiang Gao
Qiang Gao Month ago
It's seemed a litle expensive since we sold it at about 350$
D Trump
D Trump Month ago
US NSA posts the biggest threat to worldwide security !
Vincent Stewart
Vincent Stewart Month ago
I kind of figured that it had something to do with the NSA not having a backdoor. As usual, the intelligence agencies will tell the President whatever they want to (LIE) & he will believe them. People like Gina Haskell & other agency heads need to be hung upside down by their big toes.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Month ago
Our threat is American and British. Chinese don't have the history of invaded another people countries into colonised,slavery or resources controls. No country will invade any countries apart from United Snake. Leave Huawei products alone.
mafia orginizada
I'm just thing were they hiding and who is the keeper of the main key of the global internet cyber connection. If you twist that key the global internet will shut down. Who is that person and were is the main source.
zhu cenglin
zhu cenglin Month ago
Jeeez, cyber espionge is what the Chinese do.....what a racist comment
sophon block
sophon block Month ago
why would Huawei feel ashamed and worry about being linked with the most efficient government in the world! china spies to bring affordable goods to the west. The west spies however to bring you overpriced goods, war, terror, sabotage and fake news.... why would Huawei or China want to build in backdoors that they can only use once? if China do conduct a nationwide cyberattack then they will be exposed, and they run out of business, no country on this planet ever want to do business with China again, why would china risk all of this just to initate a cyberattack that they can only use once? This paranoia is getting pathetic!
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