Insane zero mile car collection! The Unprofessionals do Abu Dhabi Part 2

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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 2 069
jay johnson
jay johnson 6 days ago
so that's the rainbow sheikhs nephew
Fail Zero
Fail Zero 12 days ago
Those Land Cruisers will fetch a lot of money with the offroad guys here in America.
Marin M
Marin M 19 days ago
i would give both my nuts to be able to just walk in this place and glare at the cars from afar.
Juanisqa 26 days ago
limited edition of the limited edition car
lukepwc 1
lukepwc 1 Month ago
Christ these guys are clueless about cars 🤦‍♂️
Kal_El1 sweeney
Kal_El1 sweeney Month ago
How can you not know what the SLR looks like? Wtf?
asr 01
asr 01 Month ago
after watching shmee, doug demuro and mr jww videos that was hard to watch and listening.
Delta W
Delta W Month ago
f40 with 0 miles,what am i even doing on this video,unbelieveable
Abdullah Al-Halim
"is it a Gas or Diesel?" LOOL
Chaplin Month ago
"I don't know anything about Porsches" followed by (looking at McLaren SLR): "I don't know if I've ever seen one of these" smh. My 6 year old niece knows more about cars than this guy.
Me Me
Me Me Month ago
I wish i had ridiculous oil money too
man x
man x Month ago
The girls in the dress
flatsurfer Month ago
Jedes Auto würde ich da hernehmen dass es grad so kracht...
A.K.M Month ago
Zero mile! But We had to change the turbo!
Eternal Zoom
Eternal Zoom Month ago
Me after watching this: "Come on Bitcoin let's rise to $1,000,000 per Bitcoin in 5 years so I can get my GTA garage."
D'Reil McClain
D'Reil McClain Month ago
This is the most expensive video ever
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
He should’ve introduced the extremely rare Sergio in that Ferrari collection
Heavens to Murgatroyd
Why is that guy wearing a nightgown? The most amazing thing is that the owner is a zero dollar earner.....
Ryan p
Ryan p 2 months ago
That oil money though
Jon Henderson
Jon Henderson 2 months ago
This video would have been sick if filmed by anyone other than hoonigan.
Robin Taylor - Mockingee Mill
F40 . Nice
Pratik Phadatare
Pratik Phadatare 2 months ago
He doesn't know shit about these cars
Matthew Hynds
Matthew Hynds 2 months ago
I'll take the CLK GTR Roadster.
Julian Ospina
Julian Ospina 2 months ago
If Anuel AA was from the Middle East
baszko81 2 months ago
the popularization of electric cars will cause that there will be goats again instead million $ per square
spowerasp 1
spowerasp 1 2 months ago
Towbar on the Rammus (25:55) to tow his caravan.
Godly Powers
Godly Powers 2 months ago
Zero miles? Did you tell them cars are meant to be driven? Wierd arabs...
Tee Bee
Tee Bee 2 months ago
@ 11:38 He says he got an offer from Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari to make One-Off versions and is complaining about it being a "headache" ....... WTF! I wish i had those kinds of problems. Are you serious man GTFO. Get in the real world and you will know what causes "headaches".. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez rich people! SMDH
A Fera
A Fera 2 months ago
and depression just kicked in.
Seth Bergile
Seth Bergile 2 months ago
It's like my real life matchbox car collection!! In-fuckn-sane!
Luke Vuitton
Luke Vuitton 2 months ago
Who said money is not everything
LaQuinn Winfield
LaQuinn Winfield 2 months ago
@seenthroughglass @mrjww nothing against these guys but gotta do some proper clips of these cars, so MUCH in here. i love the video though!
MarcR34 2 months ago
That was insane of a collection, best ever I’ve seen especially super cars .... 🤩
mrbenz10 2 months ago
car at 14:26.. wtf is that???? how did you skip by that???
RSScott 2 months ago
"Anyway, back in Abu Dhabi" Walking around Dubai 🤦🏻‍♂️
Grant Gallagher
Grant Gallagher 2 months ago
They know nothing about cars
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard 2 months ago
Hert looking at the classic cars: "These are still investments" Come on Hert, those to him are like 5 dollar bills to you and me.
Darren Woodmansey
Darren Woodmansey 2 months ago
"what are we doing here?" being clueless idiots......
I D E K 2 months ago
Lucky motherfuckers that's all I'm gonna say... Oh yeah and lots of lots of respect ✌
Max TV
Max TV 2 months ago
Owning these cars and not driving them for the sake of investment is like keeping your wife a virgin so she will be worth more to the next guy that marries her!
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