Insane Motivational Memes For Guys

Danny Gonzalez
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Today I want to take you on a journey to the manly side of instagram to look at some of the most insane motivational memes for guys, dudes, and straight up bros. Take notes, there's lots of valuable stuff in here!
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Apr 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Samuel 18 hours ago
7:44 Carnists justifying themselves like
Will Lectar
Will Lectar Day ago
This has nothing to do with the video, but it’s 5 am right now, and I wish I hadn’t stayed up this late. I keep doing this, someone help me.
mis Anthrope
mis Anthrope Day ago
I feel like so many of these posts were written by bitter incels 😆
hsbb bbsh
hsbb bbsh 2 days ago
“Someone else in that someone is of what someone would be, getting fooled.” 💀💀💀💀💀💀
robloxgamer7412 2 days ago
watch the episode or paradise pd when the son falls in love with his new police car. no I don't know "the sons" real name
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose 2 days ago
why wait for your handsome enemy to get married when you can just marry your handsome enemy
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
At age 25, I fell in love with my car. Welcome to TLC.
MissMadHatter 3 days ago
What if they are each other's handsome nemesis... None will ever get married
god is dead and we murdered him
daviesfamily 1st
daviesfamily 1st 5 days ago
:'( :'( :'( :'(
Skeffee 5 days ago
0:29 Danny are you okay
M S 5 days ago
*Sells sun to buy candle* not stonks
Alexina 6 days ago
0:17 *2019 smells like money positive vibes and the best life i ever lived* *meanwhile in 2020:*
ADHD Plays
ADHD Plays 6 days ago
Sorry ima girl
Quick lovely
Quick lovely 7 days ago
Girl: "Hey.. i saw that you were popular in school and i wanted to b-" Boy: "Sorry, can't fall in love untill my handsome nemesis." Girl: "But i just wanted to be f-" Boy: "NO OK?!?!?! I need to wait................... come back when my handsome nemesis is married..."
fr0j _
fr0j _ 7 days ago
4:43 Danny do b packin some cake doe
bluesty 8 days ago
Carmen Penelope
Carmen Penelope 9 days ago
Me, a girl, watching this: 👁👄👁
Nondescript 9 days ago
I cannot stand reading those instagram posts by myself, I still hate them, therefore I needed someone to share the sentiment while elaborating *why* they're so illogical
slime fish
slime fish 9 days ago
But does the handsome nemesis also have a handsome nemesis and does everyone have to wait for their nemesis's nemesis to get married in order to fall in love are we all just in a never ending wait list of nemesis's not getting married because their nemesis won't get married, am I gonna die alone
Faith Z
Faith Z 9 days ago
Faith Z
Faith Z 9 days ago
Faith Z
Faith Z 9 days ago
Captain Millie
Captain Millie 9 days ago
I ship the narrator of these posts and his handsome nemesis
axel axel
axel axel 11 days ago
The irony is that the guys in the pictures these incels use for they memes definetely have had dozens of girlfriends in their lives lol
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 11 days ago
When it comes to Instagram posts like these, Danny is like Drax, completely unfamiliar with metaphors.
Sam Is Trash
Sam Is Trash 12 days ago
Another tip: Marry a dude so that your straight handsome enemy won't be able to steal him from you
Rowan Scott
Rowan Scott 12 days ago
have you ever tried to prank text someone that goes to your school saying that they’re cute and that you should go out to troll them, but then you realize that you sent it from your email instead of your phone number and you realize you’re fucked? h-haha ok just me then... ok.
KathwithaK 13 days ago
I know who was really fooled. It was us. The people that saw the meme
Shai Osorio
Shai Osorio 13 days ago
4:57 I think it means that your enemy fooled you, but then took sympathy on you and got to know you and became your friend.
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez 14 days ago
2;29 he said the name vanessa for the meme but my name is vanessa LOL
vivillustrates 15 days ago
Is Craig married yet though?
Caitlin The Noodle
Caitlin The Noodle 15 days ago
Im a lil stinker
Vanessa Adewumi
Vanessa Adewumi 18 days ago
Him:" we have 3 beautiful children together Vanessa" Me:😳 oh...ok
Anja Schmeinck
Anja Schmeinck 18 days ago
But if you are your handsom enemy's handsom enemy…who gets to fall in love first?
Elizabeth Carroll
Elizabeth Carroll 18 days ago
At age 25 others wanna get married and have kids but not me I'm A R O M A N T I C and my friends are fulfilling enough 👌👌
MadSprite 05
MadSprite 05 19 days ago
I turned on the notification button... so ig you know what that means.... (I’m truly Greg)
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 19 days ago
The whole thing with the Audi is so funny to me because I know two 17 year old guys who have Audis (they bought themselves). So if your only goal by 25 is to have an Audi and drive your parents around. That sounds kind of sad....
tr4gedy 19 days ago
look you're great and all but,, this can't happen. My handsome enemy is not married yet and.. im sorry dont call me again
Afficially kawaii
Afficially kawaii 19 days ago
Anyone else getting theses lala and roo roo ads next to Dannys’ videos
Abigayle Tracy
Abigayle Tracy 21 day ago
The amount of times I almost spit out my smoothie while laughing watching this video is absurd
Dominik Slišković
Kainda Nzinga
Kainda Nzinga 21 day ago
5:50 ...... That makes me want to do it more so that my enemy is confused and I can maneuver away.
Caleb Beachem
Caleb Beachem 21 day ago
Wait is the guy in the chicken tip dead because his wife did not die for him so he is in heaven so that means that heaven is just one big chick-fil-a. Or is the chicken that died a chicken Jesus that died for all our chicken sins.
Sarah Ohsiek
Sarah Ohsiek 21 day ago
"i got big dreams, and an even bigger ass" i relate to this on zero levels but goddamn it's funny
madeleine steele
madeleine steele 21 day ago
I wonder what Danny’s explore page looks like
Harrison Holt
Harrison Holt 22 days ago
This is the male version of the girl who just got dumped and is posting stuff like "I don't need no man!" And "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."
Pepper Lynn
Pepper Lynn 23 days ago
11:26 Is it just me or does Danny look like he's in pain...
Nina Wądrzyk
Nina Wądrzyk 23 days ago
And then there's just me thinking about how the "G"s in GREG look like arrows going round in a circle.
I am *LEGAL*
I am *LEGAL* 24 days ago
I am *LEGAL*
I am *LEGAL* 24 days ago
Your shirt makes your eyes pop and look super duper pretty.
Daryl Richardson
Daryl Richardson 25 days ago
It's actually possible to, go Sky Diving Underground
Lise Magic
Lise Magic 25 days ago
Hang on, if the inspirational quote says to “Not listen to anyone just do you”, then aren’t you supposed to ignore that quote?
Basically Steven Universe
When bae won’t die for you 🙄
josh shelton
josh shelton 25 days ago
I think the one about the not falling in love til your handsome enemy gets married was trying to say wait til your enemy gets married then fall in love with his new wife. Basically take what he loves. But it was saying that in the most confusing way.
Cow Prints
Cow Prints 26 days ago
"and fuck that noise son" had me laughing
Exam Moles
Exam Moles 26 days ago
The rivalry thing reminds me of a comment I made under a Heathers song “Blue Balls”. Dunno why.
Unoriginal 26 days ago
8:13 HAHAHAHA jokes on you ill just have a boyfriend instead!!! (edit: spelling)
salty studios
salty studios 27 days ago
About the mother one umm im ELEVEN
nani the heck
nani the heck 28 days ago
im surprised you didnt mention that if your handsome enemy also considers you *his* handsome enemy and follows that advice, then you two will never be able to get married.
Aanya srivastava
Aanya srivastava 28 days ago
Why would you write that kind of "inspirational" quote on a Picture of MR BEAN??
Megan Ezell
Megan Ezell 28 days ago
Dan's success story :')
Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva
Idk y, but this whole video made me think of Goob/the Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb
Naomi Jane Nelson
Naomi Jane Nelson 28 days ago
Mr Bean was quickly looked past 💔
babie Trash
babie Trash 28 days ago
yeah vanessa
Griffin Waring
Griffin Waring 29 days ago
This reminds me of those bot-created inspirational quotes
Lusted_ Lund
Lusted_ Lund 29 days ago
2:28 Jesus... my name is Vanessa.. WHEN THE HELL DID I GET KIDS?!
MrTurtleTail 29 days ago
I don't have a girlfriend not because I'm fat, ugly, an asshole, broke, and have no job. It's because I respect myself, that's why.
MrTurtleTail 29 days ago
4:41 Didn't know Danny was so *T H I C C*
JustASimple Otaku
Jokes on you, I married my handsome enemy
Abi Hoffman
Abi Hoffman Month ago
I'm ALREADY an uber driver for my parents. I don't drive an Audi though, is a Prius ok?
lmfao but what if ur handsome nemesis is in love with YOU? 😂
Lucille Free
Lucille Free Month ago
WTF go to 4:40
Sophia Corrigan
Sophia Corrigan Month ago
one year ago
alana gresser
alana gresser Month ago
Wait until your handsome enemy falls in love. Then make his lover your lover
Sheev Talks
Sheev Talks Month ago
Came back exactly one year later
emily Month ago
Only the incels follow these accounts
Felix Ealy
Felix Ealy Month ago
Your enemies wife falls in love with you 😂
Vanessa Month ago
Great video, laughed my ass off as usual. But 2:16 scared the shit out of me cuz my name is Vanessa. Don't do this to me bro. Its night and I'm home alone.
A weirdo That does art
Non of those boys will ever beat the best and only real boy *Jeremy Hawkeye Lee Renner*
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