Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

Drew Gooden
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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.


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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 9 476
*Charliii* Year ago
Ew....you’re weird lol.
Kirby / Ash ★
Kirby / Ash ★ 8 days ago
haha last repky
Broken Not Defeated
Such a Complement, sweet.
cornerless square
The guy who comments everywhere
Poop 500: The final Poop
Bloom Carrera
Bloom Carrera Month ago
idk if your joking or not but this comment is so fucking funny omg
Giancarlo Gianinotti
Not working good job bad work job bad. Not good for me bad job have doing bad job
Milan Kadijevic
Man and women are in interaction fo 50.000 years and in 1950's you heave to watch this ????????
Jake Phegan
Jake Phegan Day ago
As a professional Australian, mr Aussie man says “poor ol man he works himself too hard for the wife so he’s got nothing to do”. There you go. Also I sound more British than Australian. So you won’t hear me saying “pUt aNotHEr ShRImp On THe BARbiE”.
William Plaud
William Plaud 2 days ago
2:40 my reaction when I met my girlfriend before we made it official.
uosdwiSrdewoH 3 days ago
Well yeah, I'm sure the guy expected a happy ending. Why else would anyone ever at any time in history actually talk to a woman? I fear I may have used the wrong meaning for happy ending and as a result revealed more of myself than I usually do before the second date which is when I break up with her because I've gotten all I need out of her. That may have been worse than the first one. Why doesn't anyone stop me from talking before that happens?
Lay-ken JOSEPH
Lay-ken JOSEPH 3 days ago
I didn’t see the difference with her blouse and skirt.
NotAshton 3 days ago
9:20 ok why you gotta call me out like that
SciFyerGaming 5 days ago
I still can't get over the fact that he killed the petunias. How any human do something so evil?
Elena J
Elena J 7 days ago
how to be popular : be bi
Fish Whisperer
Fish Whisperer 7 days ago
the folgers commercials should have included the Chris Farley one
legrandliseur tri
I'm glad that casting adults to play teenagers was always a thing lol Also this video is a masterpiece.
Molly Moorhead
Molly Moorhead 7 days ago
dress well 👍🏻 be bisexual 👍🏻 don’t get in any trouble 👍🏻 yay i’m popular
Abhinav S
Abhinav S 8 days ago
Idiotic. Don't like smartasses of todays generation mocking such old, golden videos.
Broken Not Defeated
10:38 Me2
Lyndsay Morgan
Lyndsay Morgan 8 days ago
LMFAO. omg That made my evening.
padthaidye 8 days ago
every time i rewatch this video i'm amazed that it IS the present and it IS currently the day that it is
Luke 8 days ago
Hardest I’ve laughed in a while
It’s Sophia 😄
I wonder if Drew had any friends who liked Taylor Swift and whenever he looked at them they sang “Drewww looks aaaat me.”
H J 9 days ago
Keys to popularity: *dress* *well,* *be* *bisexual* *and* *don't* *get* *into* *trouble* then why am i not the most popular person in every group 😩!!1!1
Steffany Lee
Steffany Lee 9 days ago
Now I want some good coffee, or maybe I just hate my spouse. I’m not really sure anymore.
Pricila J
Pricila J 9 days ago
The Foldgers commercial just made me think of the ideas thought up for the lipstick commercial on Mad Men and how they definitely used to rely selling to housewives.
Treyman1115 10 days ago
He needs to do Reefer Madness too
Random Person
Random Person 12 days ago
5:46 now you can only do that in the midwest
hdydisbdu 12 days ago
did anywon notice that drew said hey guy as in one singular guy at the start of the video its funny
Emily Nicole
Emily Nicole 13 days ago
Please do more videos like this I’ve rewatched too many times to count! 😂😂
Sir Loin
Sir Loin 13 days ago
5 out of 6 times? You’ve only had 6 relationships? Wow I feel like a man whore…
Manifest Dentistry
Manifest Dentistry 14 days ago
Its Tuesday!!!!!
Tara Rojas
Tara Rojas 14 days ago
not me, a year later, on a tuesday
DJscooch 15 days ago
6:45 & 7:05 timestamp for anyone who needs it also if you find this clip anywhere could you reply with a link please
Ethan Rabbitts
Ethan Rabbitts 15 days ago
I'm slightly concerned that as an Australian I could somehow understand what that guy said
Godzilla fan 513
Godzilla fan 513 15 days ago
The end makes me explode
Keith Spinach
Keith Spinach 16 days ago
👁👄👁 oh brother
Poodle Spit
Poodle Spit 16 days ago
Hmm, I know I have an extra mouth around here somewhere.. I'm sure I could (dig) up some skin
Dara Eaton
Dara Eaton 16 days ago
“Poor old man, he works too hard, the wives have got nothing to do”
jakey 16 days ago
6:50 i'm not kidding i've been laughing for five minutes straight replaying the clip just the "mhmh" and the head shake
Joshua Tartar
Joshua Tartar 17 days ago
That video of the guy mumbling was so surreal he was so real
gudetama 17 days ago
That bad taste guy has eyes that look like Coraline. Freaks me out.
eric galloway
eric galloway 18 days ago
Funniest Fucking video you've ever done Drew....Holy Shit my sides hurt from laughing so hard
Ian Weaver
Ian Weaver 20 days ago
This episode was the funniest shit I've seen today. The 50s was a weird time, man.
Robin 20 days ago
god this was a year ago
Enough 20 days ago
Why do they say "your coffee" as if the wife's one who grows and harvests the coffee beans?
simp4everyone 21 day ago
10:10 typical australian 😂
Some Creeep
Some Creeep 22 days ago
The Wilkins coffee commercials had a frog that would murder you to get his coffee
GreyDimen 22 days ago
actually drew it is tuesday.
joelco92 22 days ago
Wow, you just time traveled and welcomed me to the present day, July 12, 2021. Who are you?????
Sade M
Sade M 22 days ago
4:41 Because Carolyn is a member of True Love Waits.
Andrew Phuck
Andrew Phuck 23 days ago
Love you Drew! ❤️
bruno grubb
bruno grubb 24 days ago
sciety 😡
Nathan Stegner
Nathan Stegner 25 days ago
Your ad for Hello Fresh is the only ad that’s ever worked on me. We’re gonna try it out👍🏿
brooke 25 days ago
how to become popular: -be bisexual -dress well -don’t get into trouble *ok so why dont i have any friends*
Weeb-u Breafs
Weeb-u Breafs 25 days ago
I’m surprised Wilson’s coffee didn’t come up
SlimeyDaNinjaYT 25 days ago
“Neato!” Please, always do skits for sponsor advertisements
Xity 26 days ago
Pro tip: If your husband hates you because of the coffee you bought, just switch coffee brands and he's gonna be all over you again
Cory Mck
Cory Mck 26 days ago
The man said: "Poor old Randy works too hard for the wife to have nothing to do"
Joe Hilbush
Joe Hilbush 26 days ago
How to basics grandpa
Alexander Ermels
Alexander Ermels 26 days ago
Nice Rae Dunn "Mr. & Mrs." coffee mug set, loser
USB Dongle
USB Dongle 27 days ago
"Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to--" "--Underpants!"
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
5:01 well I got 2 things down, I'm straight though, but man I wish I was Bisexual, than I could be like Apollo
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
poor Eli
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
2:21 thats harsh
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
1:51 Excuse me?
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
Great Video!
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
1:42 *we're off to a great start!* (anything bold will be sarcastic)
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
this is why I love the 50's
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
ahh, the 50's, a time of Communist Paranoia, Misogyny, and Racism, truly a beautiful time to be alive (/s)
TheOnlyDoge 28 days ago
Great Video!
Bree Privett
Bree Privett 28 days ago
7:44 when he says “bad job” and “work bad” he sounds like kurtis Conner lmao
FriskoDisko _
FriskoDisko _ 28 days ago
I watched this on a Tuesday
CEO of BANANA CO. 28 days ago
US:ISS🔹️ 29 days ago
More cures words! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Coulomb1 29 days ago
0:20 shake your screen
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher 29 days ago
lol this is why weird, toxic, fanatical feminism exists now … because how horribly treated women were in the past.
Tami Month ago
My fav RUvidr! HANDS DOWN!
oli Month ago
my history teacher actually showed us some of the videos when we learned about the 50s. he wanted to show how bizarre the videos were to the class lol
Chicken Sandwich
Game Grumps did it before it was cool
birbxboi AJ
birbxboi AJ Month ago
ayyy das right, to be popular you gotta be biiiii to all my bi friends, congrats, ur popular
SitDownBeHumble Month ago
"So Drew, how did you and Amanda meet?" "Well actually it's quite a long story... It all started when I thought every girl I ever dated I was gonna end up marrying but I was wrong 5 out of 6 times... But I was finally able to prove my worth thanks to Folger's Mountain Grown Coffee for richer flavor" △🙃
Matthew McGuire
Matthew McGuire Month ago
This is the first video of yours I ever saw lol. Love it 😍
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey Month ago
The Aussie said "poor old man, he works too hard, the wife has got nothin' to do"
Lmao "hi my name is Drew and it is currently the day that it is" 🤣 I'm using that... just randomly in social circles hahaha 🤣
Isaac Playz
Isaac Playz Month ago
11:54 He said, “guys”
Qura Handall
Qura Handall Month ago
Why humans use sound to speak .. we can use telepathy (this is not sarcasm)
keith Cheee
keith Cheee Month ago
its weird how some of y’all actually think the coffee commercial accurately represents 50s marriages lol i bet y’all the ones that can relate to ridiculous infomercials
Pard0xs Plays
Pard0xs Plays Month ago
10:21 what in world is this
Nebul4 Month ago
I still belive Wilkin’s had the best comercials in the 60s
Brian Month ago
You should check out the Wikins coffee commercials. It had a pre-Kermit the frog puppet with the same voice actor/puppeteer (Jim Henson) as Kermit the Frog's, but were so over the top violent and threatening. One of the commercials the other character pulls out a revolver and shoots the other dead for like no reason (firing a real .357/.38 but with a blank round presumably). Shit was crazy but hilarious. Check it out.
Anti-Socialfish 42
Holy fuck that guy you couldn't understand had the most Australian accent ever
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock Month ago
They had lead poisoning back then, they didn't think as well
Victoria Dzienis
okay but "bad job" is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life
Cal Essel
Cal Essel Month ago
So apparently men in the 50s had a mental disorder that caused them to either go into fits of rage or a mute depression if they were served bad coffee.
Dudeface08 Month ago
Bad Taste.
Mike Vartorella
Mike Vartorella Month ago
Professional Beanie
To think most of these guys fought in ww2 I think
WRT Cream
WRT Cream Month ago
It’s Monday... idiot
Haha anxiety go brr
Harold vocabulary consists only of 'mMmm' 'mHmm' and 'bad taste'
riley h
riley h Month ago
“meow meow” “oh my god Ellie SHUT UP”
Fatal Shore
Fatal Shore Month ago
That last clip was from the Australian ABC. They have been putting those vintage ask people on the street about stuff videos up for a while, they are pretty interesting from a sociological perspective.
Speccy SquareGoLike
Although it was just mumbling, I'm surprised at how good your Australian accent is
rjtheripper931 Month ago
Go to a diner and buy your own fucking coffee. It's just ridiculous.
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