Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

Drew Gooden
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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Charli. 7 months ago
Ew....you’re weird lol.
Neck 7 days ago
Vortexian 2
Vortexian 2 17 days ago
I can be the final comment. I shall save your inboxes
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 27 days ago
Poop 30
R T Month ago
Last comment this post will be allowed
banana phone
banana phone Month ago
poop 500
Subramanian Hour ago
dude 6:57 that guy sounded like drew in a weird way
Nadia Felix Padilla
drew is living in 2030
Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson 9 hours ago
Gosh I watch this video so much.😂💙
Chocolate Stake
Chocolate Stake 13 hours ago
Danny u look so much like Drew in this video
Sequence 4
Sequence 4 13 hours ago
0:00 true
SnakeGaming 63
dumbducky2 Day ago
Ladies if you do have skin or a mouth you can’t get a boyfriend. Burn victims: 😳
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast Day ago
I really enjoyed the lampooning of the old commercials without being a moralizing loser about it.
Zoey Rose
Zoey Rose Day ago
the folgers commercial walked so kevin malone could run wHy SaY lOt WoRd WhEn FeW dO tRiCk
lily collins
lily collins 2 days ago
"girls who park in cars are not really popular"... oH nOo i park my car all the time when i go to the store. sometimes i even *parallel park*
Julia Beatty
Julia Beatty 2 days ago
it doesn't matter how many times i watch this video, every time i see the last clip, i die laughing
floralbookay 2 days ago
Keys to popularity: Dress well, be bisexual, and don't get into trouble. Two out of three ain't bad 🤷🏽‍♀️
floralbookay 2 days ago
The "it's currently the day that it is" intro hits different in month 400 of quarantine
RevocableJeans3 /_\
that burger and those fries looked really good wish i watched this when it came out
Bast6415 3 days ago
everyone being into girls with skin 😔 wish i had a chance
QueenofDoge25 3 days ago
Coffee is always bad. It’s bitter. How do you MAKE IT “bad”?
QueenofDoge25 3 days ago
So I used to work at Panera Bread and lord forbid we run out of coffee or it be 2 degrees cooler than “hot”. Now I know that these wack-ass sexist people passed their unreachable taste in coffee down to the boomer generation 🙄
Sahana Chowdhury
Sahana Chowdhury 3 days ago
4:57 Ig I'll fit in perfectly in the 1950s then.. Cant wait for time travel to be invented so that I can finally be popular 🙂👍
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward 3 days ago
10:15 ..... I understood that perfectly
Jay Cranford
Jay Cranford 3 days ago
She looks like Kristin wiig
T Mystery
T Mystery 3 days ago
Your camera quality is stunning
D. St.
D. St. 4 days ago
Guess you're not that good at math.
Ssypher 4 days ago
When you saw Amanda’s comment on your vine for the first time did you say “Oh, brother.”?
Maria Williams
Maria Williams 4 days ago
the australian at 10:13 says “poor old man he works too hard the wife will have nothing to do”
Galilea Beltran M.
I like that: they didn't invent me yet
Samaxion 4 days ago
You gotta remember these aren't things that where actually relevant when it came to attractiveness and popularity in school. These movies where made by adults who we all know to be wildly out of touch. It was probably the same back then, just adults telling kids how they should dress and act and to not sleep around. These are those cringy psa's that probably no kid listened to. It's just boomer edition
Eliza Tomshend
Eliza Tomshend 4 days ago
Ummm... actually it *is* Tuesday.
Kgaugelo 5 days ago
Who’s gonna tell Drew how he was really made? He seems to think he was “invented”
Heather Meredith
Heather Meredith 5 days ago
Was coffee just like the casual way to neg and abuse your wife?
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell 5 days ago
That hello fresh food looks terrible if I'm being honest. Looks like that nutrisystem food 🤢🤮
june baeck
june baeck 5 days ago
Bisexuals unite
yorrickwi 5 days ago
hello fresh are assholes in the netherlands
Weepingwillows 6 days ago
who knew you had to have a skin and mouth to attract a man? ugh! now i'll never have a chance..
Chocolate Stake
Chocolate Stake 13 hours ago
Nah it’s a lie I have BOTH and it still not working
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 6 days ago
How do you make bad coffee? Now that we have fancy cwooofee makas, you can’t. So now a days you can’t screw it up so when they put that in shows it doesn’t make sense. But I guess back then you had to boil the water on the gas stove and then maybe you make it too hot and then the flavor goes away. Idk
Your friendly neighborhood emo trans male
How to be popular: Be pansexual or bisexual Dress nice Don’t do anything scandalous
Saima 6 days ago
7:52 why waste time say lot word when few word do trick
Madison Peto
Madison Peto 6 days ago
“Dress well, be bisexual, and just don’t get into trouble” yup, it worked for me!
Plaguey _
Plaguey _ 6 days ago
yes I'll finally be popular since I'm bisexual :D
The Chill Oof
The Chill Oof 6 days ago
What’s your favorite number mine is 237777778888889
Chocolate Stake
Chocolate Stake 13 hours ago
Collin Hawkins
Collin Hawkins 7 days ago
Please do a part 2.
Seriouslyletmein 7 days ago
What the hell where they putting into coffee in the 50's dirt?? Also if your wife can't brew good coffee brew it your own damn self and see how you do. Commonsense and decency escaped people back then.
Frankie Liebman
Frankie Liebman 7 days ago
5/6 was a solid humble flex about your body count drew😂
Lily 674
Lily 674 7 days ago
Keys to popularity: Dress well, be Bisexual, and don't get into trouble.... I have the first two, I get into trouble when stating that I'm bi
DD Nicole
DD Nicole 8 days ago
Anyone else remember some of these shorts from Mystery Science Theatre 3000?
Juliee 8 days ago
these commercials make it feels like they are not really taking about coffee..
Platypus 8 days ago
Hello Fresh is really good! We've been getting it for months now and it really doesn't disappoint!
Lyn 8 days ago
eugh. That "look at that hair, that *skin,* that *mouth"* makes me feel nations. Its not even being said about me but I feel like a piece of meat just watching this. I dont know how women back then did it. Just living life in that time
BubyM B
BubyM B 8 days ago
10:14 this is comprehensible to an aussie
EyeOfTheFrame 8 days ago
How did he not mention Wilkins Coffee?
TindraSan 8 days ago
how can there be bad-tasting coffee when all coffee tastes bad? like I abhor the taste of coffee and the smell of it in the morning makes me nauseous, so I've always assumed ppl just put up with the taste for that energy kick...despite there being perfectly good energy drinks
Joshua Mckenzie
Joshua Mckenzie 8 days ago
i hope you know now that better flavour means "taste better"
Balter 9 days ago
10:10 he says "Oh good lord no. No, I wouldn't, er, I wouldn't say that. I don't think they should no. Well, poor old man, he works too hard. The wives've got nothing to do" Source, I am Australian.
Hunny Bee
Hunny Bee 9 days ago
I paused at 2:22 and I can't unsee the fact that Drew looks like my guinea pigs when they look up at me
Lus Animates!
Lus Animates! 9 days ago
Drew's 50s voice just sounds John Mauleny
Excuse U?
Excuse U? 6 days ago
He always sounds like John Mauleny lol
juno 9 days ago
okay i’ll say it. drew gooden is fucking hot.
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor 9 days ago
I've watched a few of these videos from the 40s-early 60s out of curiosity. They usually fall into three categories. 1. Genuinely helpful advice or good messages, respectful to every character, and competently filmed. I think my favorite was one from the late 50s or early 60s about constructive arguments and healthy conflict resolution for married couples. It is still really solid advice you would expect from a marriage counselor or therapist today. The best part is that the women (it features 2 couples) are not talked down to or own 100% of the fault. They make it clear that everyone has issues that need to be addressed for healthy communication to take place. The conversations were also very realistic and naturally delivered, where a lot of these types of videos feel extremely scripted and robotic. 2. Corny, but harmless. 3. Oh this has not aged well.
Devon's biggest fan
Meow Meow *Doja cat who?*
Brianna Rodriguez
this is so funny. i love it
S M 10 days ago
i think the dude said “poor old man he works too hard, and the wife will have nothing to do”
S M 10 days ago
this intro hitting different now
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 10 days ago
All similarly brewed coffee (pour over, cold brew, regular, etc) is the same: change my mind
Vic Eaton
Vic Eaton 10 days ago
"He's like an idiot he cant even use words" autistic/mute/deaf subscribers punching the air rn :/
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller 10 days ago
doo doo fart
Niamh Barden
Niamh Barden 10 days ago
My great grandmother used to make thise coffee comercials
Kaleb Bautista
Kaleb Bautista 11 days ago
Can somebody give me the link to the old videos
Molly Martin
Molly Martin 12 days ago
Lmao this vid killed me
StubbornMe 12 days ago
7:32 Why waste time say lot words when few word do trick?
Rose B
Rose B 12 days ago
I am truly greg
Sienna Raine
Sienna Raine 12 days ago
oh brother
xellossaxon 12 days ago
Communication in the 1950s was like talking with Germans...just in a polite tone.
Global warming is hot
Ah yes her socks, always the first thing on my mind!
It's Cali
It's Cali 15 days ago
Yall ever just walk up to someone and say... "Dang girl, look at the sOcKs"
Elvis Presley The King
Wife: *made bad coffee* Husband: NOW PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!
TheWizardofOz 15 days ago
I got a Coffee ad on this video
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sleep Paralysis Demon
The first guy was actually Yoshikage Kira
Alyssa Chantay Champagne
These are my life how dare you
Tabitha Radcliffe
Tabitha Radcliffe 16 days ago
Where did these videos come from ??
neveensvlogs 16 days ago
7:44 “Why say lot word when little word do trick”
Liam Chisholm
Liam Chisholm 16 days ago
so he wasnt alive in the 60s he wasnt invented until 40 years later......60+40=100.....wait f**k okay wait 1960+40=2000 and then this video was made in 2019....but then drew is only 19 because mafths and then f hes 19 then im younger but my hands still look like the hands of a 60 year old man. why that be tho
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