Ingraham: The war against kids

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They're lying to you when they say it's too dangerous to reopen schools. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle
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Published on


Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Ricardo Lino
Ricardo Lino 2 days ago
RainingDogs 2 days ago
Laura Ingraham always looks like something stinks. Maybe it's her upper lip attached too often to trump's ample behind.
Tony Gucciano
Tony Gucciano 3 days ago
America has the most cases cause we do the most testing. All these people are liars. disgusting.
Charlene Whyte
Charlene Whyte 3 days ago
FOUND EVIDENCE that is PRO schools opening even when grandparents are caretakers of children, since there's no proof kids aren't involved in the transmission of the disease... I was listening to someone discussing the recent info from the Cleveland clinic..... when you eliminate the deaths in NY and NJ, and those in nursing homes, the statistics of elderly dying are very slim until you get over age 80. Its horrible, yes, to be ill, but you aren't going to die from it, unless you are so old, you're past the average age of life (78), and way too old to be taking care of kids anyhow. I'm never going to say something is black and white, its anti who I am, but the odds of the one elderly caretaker over 80 for a child actually existing, is the exception that proves the rule. YES it would be horrible if they got sick, because these things have been happening as long as contagious diseases have existed, but were at a point on covid-19 with known treatments, doctors can figure out a course of treatment in time to avoid ARDS, which is what they are actually dying from, the cytokine storm. I really wished that Fox News would have covered it, but I did figure this much out.
Misha Rasic
Misha Rasic 6 days ago
1oldarmyof1 me
1oldarmyof1 me 6 days ago
That's a dude . Look at that Adams apple. She can't r en tell the truth about her gender. Lier
TJM the Great
TJM the Great 6 days ago
Teachers can get it though if kids spread it
Toby Kirkby
Toby Kirkby 6 days ago
Proof, the left is not thinking, totally out of touch, haven't go a clue. Thay want someone else to think for them.
Toby Kirkby
Toby Kirkby 6 days ago
Sounds just like the BBC, I don't think thay know what thay really sound like!!!
George Funkhouser
Did democrats find a cure or vaccine yet.I don't think they have do they have a vaccine yet I don't think they do people so here is the future more and more and more people are gonna get covid 19 even kids are getting this so called wuflu
Eye on art
Eye on art 7 days ago
Yea, and who is dying? There needs to be an accounting of who is dying of what. Where are the true leaders. Get out from under the bed and do something. Actions speak louder than words.
Eye on art
Eye on art 7 days ago
America needs to get back their backbones.
Rayview 101
Rayview 101 8 days ago
Nobody should wear a mask!
me sprinkles
me sprinkles 9 days ago
Covid is a bs lie
David Hughes
David Hughes 9 days ago
Where are your mask but they won’t protect you dumb Asses
James A
James A 9 days ago
Everybody should fight to refund any school system that will not open
James A
James A 9 days ago
That's defund
Space Dodo
Space Dodo 10 days ago
America's school system is infested with communism.
karen wright
karen wright 11 days ago
God bless you. So glad u r speaking out! Thank you.
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown 12 days ago
Laura, today is 7/28/2020, you are reporting and there is no comment. THIS IS WAR. WE NEED to fight for our country. I PRAY TO JESUS that you get this. Most people are just bucking for war and we should appease them. Get THEM out. Use the Marines with the Army and Homeland. WE got it!!!!!!!!! 📖📖📖📖📖🇺🇸
eric philpot
eric philpot 12 days ago
Just like so many things in life, everyone else has to suffer because of a few idiots. I know hypochondriacs who saying “enough already, this is ridiculous”. Just when you think the democrats can’t sink any lower. They are willing to let anything and anyone suffer or be destroyed as long as they can use in to get what they want. It’s beyond reprehensible at this point; It’s criminal.
Sharon Felix
Sharon Felix 13 days ago
🤣😅😂....His reaction was Priceless..."They all said yes"😯 Priceless!!
Sllehcte Jr
Sllehcte Jr 13 days ago
Woodworker lives matter .
John Wolf
John Wolf 14 days ago
Demonrats are deliberately destroying the economy, society and the nation itself in order to win ONE election. They are the most terrible enemy the USA has ever faced.
jean jacques richard
Stacie Is learning
Stacie Is learning 14 days ago
They should be worried about the 5G technology hurting their children, not germs
Wayne Henson
Wayne Henson 15 days ago
Why are not with a black man? Antifa wants all white girls to be with black people even if that means standing in line waiting for Bill Cosby to finish
dreamland 15 days ago
Mayor Naheed Nenshi is trying to suffocate our kids with forced masks
Zarz Anator
Zarz Anator 16 days ago
Children need school!! Send them back, open up. Think of the children lmfao.
Captain Evie
Captain Evie 16 days ago
Well the homeschool mothers that have been at this for decades knew what to do. They’re all set up just to continue with their life. Nothing changed for them. It’s gonna be funny to see if they make they are children go to school now. I bet they do. I just praise my father God that I don’t have any small children of any kind at this time
Denis Hildebrand
Denis Hildebrand 16 days ago
Science is based on facts. Not feelings! You can see how educate there parents are here???? Duhhhhhhh! Read! Mommy and dada! As usual you jump to conclusions! People like me with me with heart and respiratory problems are at 3 times the risk! I follow the mandates, mask and sanitizers. I'm going back to work and do my part! I refuse to take hand outs! Children around the world are going back to school. Fear is what the left wants to instill in you! Not hope! But fear.....👍good luck parents
Denis Hildebrand
Denis Hildebrand 16 days ago
Is that the only news they know???? Fear! Hate! Humiliation, kids dying from gunshots! Democrats have really help here!??? Only real ammo they have is spreading fear among the American public
MICK TAYLOR 17 days ago
is it just me or is cnn the cunts news network?
Whalancea Miller
Whalancea Miller 17 days ago
Fox News loves to push Trumps ignorance and they know he don’t have any means of good intentions: children around the world are pleading with America to not let their kids go back to school
William McNarney
William McNarney 17 days ago
Being a kid, I can say that Laura is 100% wrong. Schools are safe to open, but under regulations.
Charles Dugas
Charles Dugas 17 days ago
There plan is to release a real viris next this is the plan.
Lizz Barnett
Lizz Barnett 17 days ago
They're all involved in the Disappearance and Abused against Our children!
Shove Your Mask Up Your Ass
The American public school system is public enemy number one! And until we declare all out total war on not only the public school system but the colleges as well this country is doomed! Think of it in these terms. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and AOC are not the problem. The problem lies with the people in this country that are stupid enough to vote for them. If they would’ve gotten the proper education Communist thugs like Barack Obama AOC and Hillary Clinton would’ve never gained any traction in this country to start with. Again we must declare all out total war on the American public school system the teachers and the teachers unions and we have to do it now!
Antonjlavey 17 days ago
I want to say this lady is false news reporter. It's a new dawn just let kids do online school. It will bring down bullies and other health problems. Home school kids are smarter. The virus will come back stronger
C K 17 days ago
Hey Laura , lets talk about your 1983 shoplifting conviction , where you pay $200 in fines
Beyond Stars
Beyond Stars 17 days ago
Shut up Susan 🙄
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 17 days ago
If they really wanted to save every single life,"we just can't watch these innocent people die because you don't wear a mask", yet the abortion clinics stay open no matter what! I guess innocent babies being slaughtered aren't worth anything! What a bunch of crooked liar's! Systemic racism dose not exist in America! Please be specific and give me a couple examples of the "systemic" racism, or how about ONE, we should start with 1 ......... Hmm I'm waiting....... Just one example.......
meme the merciless
meme the merciless 17 days ago
Kids lives matter but abortion is just fine THINK ABOUT THAT
TeddyBearKnows 17 days ago
Kids don't transmit this virus to adult Believe that crap if you want to plus these-idiots act as if only kids will be running the school. Good bye; lunchroom workers, teachers, principals, bus drivers, and parents. If kids are the top secret to stop spreading the virus then why aren't their antibodies being used for study or treatment? What is so special about this virus that can't be spread like the flu, stomach virus, and etc among kids?
Phil Bollington
Phil Bollington 17 days ago
No school. This Generation then becomes uneducated. If you can't read and you are uneducated. The uneducated are so much easier to control. This is not short tem this is long term. So parents educate your kids. Ignore the COVID 19 BS and send them back to school. It's their future your fighting for.
LauraBeeDannon 17 days ago
Charter schools, especially teacher run ones, are good.
Moses Luckett
Moses Luckett 18 days ago
Trump don't care about the kids why would he reopen the school's in the middle of a crisis where people can get sick.
ZamokioO 18 days ago
Tbh if they do open schools. And let kids go to school they could have COVID-19 and some schools doesn’t clean their whole school tho why not online schools? I’ve understand why bc don’t want kids play games a lot. And if they want too then fine let those healthy kids go and some kids stay home
Shellie Lawyer
Shellie Lawyer 18 days ago
Its all about control part of their agenda wake up A8
Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes 18 days ago
They are either lying or they don't know what they are doing. Incopedent"......???
Ciancia Linda
Ciancia Linda 18 days ago
Now we got the the war on freedom. OPEN your Eyes 👀 dumbies!!! Remember China they sent it remember!!! Democrats said it’s the signal go now they’ll use the most (precious among us our children) to keep this war on us the American People! Remember the war on children’s rights we’re taking, now they want us American People to say they care! ! Get a grip people they don’t care! God’s sorting the wheat from the chaff! Evil is always of ways to make the right choice God’s or evil! If you guys never heard of Jack Hibbs. Look him up! Come on America we have God on our side! These are part of the reason there is America!
FreedomSeeker 18 days ago
Smart parents keep their kid home and school them and that fact has NOTHING to do with big C little v.
A E 18 days ago
“Kids lives matter”??? Where do these people stand on abortion I wonder?
Peter Walker
Peter Walker 18 days ago
Your school teachers are lefty twats. Why not keep them home and away from the socialist classrooms????
Barren76 18 days ago
I liv in Sweden we have been open everything school with out mask we are good here
MamaTthaOG 18 days ago
I'm so confused about this virus bc just in the past couple weeks I've known a handful of people who have had friends/family die from covid. But in all my life I've never known someone to die from the flu. All the info on covid (and every thing else going on) is all conflicting! For a reason, to keep us confused!
Ima Hobbit
Ima Hobbit 18 days ago
It's ridiculous what the left is doing to not only our country but to our children especially. I'm so sick of the fear mongering left.
gwen daily
gwen daily 18 days ago
There just trying to make kids sick by making them wear masks an stop them from being human by not letting them have friends this is wrong.
Lisa Stevens
Lisa Stevens 18 days ago
Narcissist !!!! They like Munchausen Syndrome.... they want us to think we are all sick.....Jokers
lebbih haey
lebbih haey 19 days ago
Fox is a criminal organisation. Nothing more.
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 19 days ago
This lady should be taken off the air 🙄 she is not a doctor kids have died and gotten sick a low rate still kills i dont want any off my kids to die if there is a .0001% chance im not putting my kids through that......no one under 18 have died I have family that have died younger the 18 this is trump propaganda trying to fix the problem......good luck not getting sick fox news....can't wait to laugh at all of you sending your kids to die
mama bearcake
mama bearcake 19 days ago
lets do something
mama bearcake
mama bearcake 19 days ago
no mask no mask until someone fixes the school mask wearing homeschool for me
MarseMT 19 days ago
Well... if the teachers aren’t going to work, they shouldn’t get paid.
Barry Varga
Barry Varga 19 days ago
Whack jobs lives don't matter🤪
Jason Polzin
Jason Polzin 19 days ago
DEMON CRAPS seems like a better name for Democrats
Sunshine MM
Sunshine MM 19 days ago
Hire new teachers if they dont want to go back to work and teach our kids. Apparently these complaining teachers have a very low IQ and we dont want them teaching our children anyway
Sunshine MM
Sunshine MM 19 days ago
Cut off the gov money and see how many people go back to reality
Rose :3
Rose :3 19 days ago
Ok, 6:07 just confuses me. Kids probably won’t die of COVID if they get it, but they could infect medically comprised people. A parent I know has asthma so if she gets it, she’ll probably die. I feel like they’re forgetting how contagious COVID is. I don’t want to say their opinions are wrong though. Just, I feel like they might not understand it fully. Also, I want to go to school, but if I have to hold back for a few months until there’s a vaccine, then I will. I want to keep my family safe. My parents are old enough (oldest is 60) that they could die from it. I much rather have them safe, then be able not to do online learning.
Brenda Pitcher
Brenda Pitcher 19 days ago
Trump has had 8 months or more to realize that this virus is reallly a hoax. HUGE lack of transparency...he is either complicit or blackmailed. The only persons who are happy is pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates and companies. I won't be voting for either candidate. Neither one is for We The People🙄
Cabbage 19 days ago
By the way children are susceptible to the corona.... teenagers 2... and in the EU there are massive re-falls in covid 19 cases....
popcorn pop
popcorn pop 19 days ago
But the very same people are huddled closely and protesting and huge hordes saying schools should t open? I, not getting s ething
Julie Owen
Julie Owen 19 days ago
These people love free paychecks...
Ryder Steves
Ryder Steves 19 days ago
why did you say it would go far worse than this virus it's not true
francesquitor 2.0
francesquitor 2.0 19 days ago
Contrary to the US, European countries have public healthcare
milks 20 days ago
I think they forgot that virtually no kids die from Covid 19, only 50+ year old people
Patrecia Rogers
Patrecia Rogers 20 days ago
No child should ever have to live in Fear amen 🙏
Rudy Pasquale
Rudy Pasquale 20 days ago
I would gladly return to school as a schoolteacher for nearly 30 years. Children need to be together need to play they need to learn they need to work together. The cure of closing schools is by far doing more harm than this supposed virus.
Clifton Robinson
Clifton Robinson 20 days ago
Those calling for a "federal plan" clearly do not understand the 10th Amendment. It is not the federal government's responsibility to tell the states how to operate when they are all clearly having different experiences. Unless, are they covertly calling for an authoritarian fascist system? Someone tell the "Anti-Fascists".
Diane Bollman
Diane Bollman 20 days ago
Yeah sending kids back to school is a double edged sword. Having to fight against the covid 19 propaganda and the all the marxist-leftist-humianistic garbage filling their minds too.
Trent Steel
Trent Steel 20 days ago
Children can't be pawns? Whew! Thank God. I had a horrific nightmare about this hell on earth called "family court" thank Christ it was just a bad nightmare
JJ wide awake.
JJ wide awake. 20 days ago
I am so ashamed with the American people. They are following the pidepiper to the slaughter.
JJ wide awake.
JJ wide awake. 20 days ago
I am looking forward to judgement day for all the evil people in the USA.
Lilley Pops
Lilley Pops 20 days ago
Social distancing aka also known as social isolation will Irreversibly psychologically damage our children for life It will damage their natural interaction with their fellow human beings damaging their natural childhood development. The science is also clear masks damage health.
yolo swaggins
yolo swaggins 20 days ago
Its kinda funny that people are saying that blindly following the "mainstream media and government" is stupid when they get all their info from fox News
American GhostCat
American GhostCat 20 days ago
Pediatricians have come out & said that it IS safe for kids to go back to school. Dems know that once THAT happens, it's all over. They are desperate to shut down the country AGAIN, so they can force mail in voting and cheat their way out of having their TREASON exposed. There is NO other reason for this crap. Masks reduce oxygen levels by 80%, forces wearers to breathe in their own CO2 and hampers lung function, making you MORE susceptible to infections. Which is precisely why Drs and nurses are catching it🙌 Even Fauci said masks are ineffective at the get go, then flipped on it. Sunlight actually strengthens the immune system, which is why they are hammering "stay safe, stay INDOORS" and God forbid, DON'T go to the beach! The CDC admitted that they "made a mistake" and conflated Covid totals by combining actual infection numbers WITH numbers for those with antibodies ONLY. Those are two DIFFERENT tests and used for different things. (If you have EVER had the flu, you HAVE antibodies for it) Untouched swabs, as well as swabs of FRUITS that were given human names were sent in to be tested. ALL came back "positive". People who left a waiting line to be tested and weren't, got a mail notice that they tested "positive" Did you know search engine algorithms are set to give false covid data? Enter a 3 digit number with "cases" after it (w out quote marks) search & note articles with that number as a data point. Then go back and add a number onto the end of original search criteria and search again. (I used 143 and 1431) Prepare to be shocked and royally pissed off😠
Mathew Cooke
Mathew Cooke 20 days ago
My sons been back at school for nearly two months no infection at all no even a cold
SkyMax ABC
SkyMax ABC 20 days ago
Well done Fox!!...Ahhh...sanity at last!
SkyMax ABC
SkyMax ABC 20 days ago
Covid has been a good distraction to hide the evil plans!
m l
m l 20 days ago
Check out great documentary on Netflix “The Great Hack” it makes sense of what Laura is saying.
Bruce Keeler
Bruce Keeler 20 days ago
Whoever does the hiring and firing at Fox News which is the only news I listen to doesn’t do something with the Chris Wallace show I’m looking at right now on Sunday night with President Trump I will not watch Fox News with Chris Wallace because the president knows a hell of a lot more but what’s going on and Chris Wallace does as the president stated you better do your studying before you open your big mouth!!! It really looks like Chris Wallace is working for CNN or one of the other fake news networks, get him straightened out or fire the idiot!!!
Adam 20 days ago
Ingraham is pretty sexy lol.
Walid Matta
Walid Matta 20 days ago
this is cyber warfare. the Dems goal is to keep people scared and terrified of the monster no one can see. We need to stand up to their b.s and not fall for any of there fake news anymore as well as help our fellow americans become more self aware and a free thinker..
Mildred McLarkin
Mildred McLarkin 20 days ago
Why don't FOX NEWS, be the 1st to bring out the TRUTH !! 1. The fact the test are very unreliable & they had an 80% rate of reading FALSE POSITIVE, report that. 2. Report the filth these liberal teachers are teaching = masturbating at 5yrs of age, Islamic religion, communism & LIBERALISM !! Look what we got now on the streets, from nice American schools. 😕 Amother thing America has so many children that are sick with autoimmune disease, allergies & other problems. Why ? FORCED VACCINES !! Do the research FOX. Here is some research for everybody. (Don't use Google) "UNVACCINATED children, are healthier than, VACCINATED children" It's all true. Now when all the kids go back to school, you'll have to check if they put a 5G tower up. Remember what happened in Sacramento Calif. 😯 Terrible !! If I had a child I would home school. I wouldn't want my kid filled with neurotoxins = VACCINES just to get into a school + all that FILTH they teach now days, it's disgusting !! Foks HOME SCHOOL.
Harold of the Rocks
sunglasses tan- lmfao....
Peter Crooks
Peter Crooks 21 day ago
What about carbon dioxide poisoning? Should parents send them to a place that deprives their growing brains from essential oxygen as they inhale. Toxic plastic particles unleashed from mandated masks .
Dennis Bassanese
Dennis Bassanese 21 day ago
Open the schools...........
That grey area
That grey area 21 day ago
Don't care what they want because I know they are lying to everyone. According to OSHA regs on Level B hazards, paper mask are little more than a placebo. Go ahead and hide the comment now.
Stacy Corcoran
Stacy Corcoran 21 day ago
Remember when Fox News lied to the public and told us COVID would be eradicated and was not deadly. I do.
BeeBee G
BeeBee G 21 day ago
Kids are almost completely immune to covid! Fact!
heygringo7 21 day ago
Was Laura Ingraham a man at one time?
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