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Workers that works literally on another level!
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Mar 12, 2019

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Comments 458
ARV VIL 11 days ago
good ide for recicle old car tires in road work
Lord Snot
Lord Snot 20 days ago
INAL CLIP: hit the flush button and it rains in the shower room! That's def genius .... from another level!
Denis Long
Denis Long 21 day ago
A pile of bullshit with adverts just to annoy you some more.
Brick House
Brick House 21 day ago
Somewhere in these comments I 'm sure someone has asked; "what song is that?"".
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar 22 days ago
विदेशी विडीयो देखन का कोई मजा नी 😐 कोई बी भारतीय ना देखे इनको
Surfer Culture
Surfer Culture 23 days ago
We build brick arches without covering the bricks in mortar
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 27 days ago
When ppl are so disconnected from making things that they think this is amazing making of things
Iu Iulitza
Iu Iulitza Month ago
3:11 They can attach the wheelbarrow in front of the road roller and have 1 less worker to pay.
Norman Graham
Norman Graham Month ago
Why cover concrete garage floor? Especially with plastic.
the mart
the mart Month ago
Ok the tiling was bad... But doing the arch was worse. If anyone on site made that much mess one the bricks to scrub it off with a wire brush.... Oml
Jay Sanders
Jay Sanders Month ago
y'all should see me work on this T-Bone , make fat ppl jealous
Db bd
Db bd Month ago
I don't understand why everyone is posting bad comments. This bloke is merely taking other peoples efforts and making profit from them.
Paul Pegrum
Paul Pegrum Month ago
What absolute crap.
Byron Pike
Byron Pike Month ago
That first vid the outlet wasnt a gfci.
William Morris
William Morris 2 months ago
A series of product commercials. Nothing genius at all.
Tony Matthews
Tony Matthews 2 months ago
Wow fucking ingenious. They way the guy used the dispensing wheel barrow. ....a-fucking-mazing. Jeez what a shit show
JeppeBored TV
JeppeBored TV 2 months ago
Thats not the Workers thats the inventions that are on another level
James Knisely
James Knisely 2 months ago
Workers are not ingenious, they are just doing their jobs
nerfe02 2 months ago
Im seriously considering going to every one of your videos to downvote them all. This is horseshit.
nerfe02 2 months ago
Video should be labelled, how to follow absolutely basic instructions to install completely basic items. What a joke.
Alex 3 months ago
Doesn't dirt, mud etc. get stuck in between those tiles? must be terrible digging it out even by using a vacuum
David Heitman
David Heitman 3 months ago
and the garage floor? really? for what reason? growing grass in there.or bug catcher? ha. and that loader driver is fucking up the concept of that tire road. crushing the one side. and the brick layer? whats with the dial on the curved jig? nothing. the curve is already there! and i'd leave the jig in until my structure was around it and. and! add a key stone on top.! lol.
get fucking rekt
get fucking rekt 3 months ago
The first thing is pretty normal
Eddez 3 months ago
*00:58** That is not new idiots!*
win win
win win 3 months ago
Alih2 glove yang ada malah Gold Ring hd 😕😒
Tthom2 3 months ago
@5:45 . . . wtf is that?? and what's so gr8 about it?
Candy Corn
Candy Corn 3 months ago
I obviously wasn't the only one that felt the title was misleading!
Notafa Kename
Notafa Kename 3 months ago
Are you simple? These are normal practices for trades people. Learn how to title your video's. Educate yourself.
A টু Z BD
A টু Z BD 3 months ago
So nice
migf27 3 months ago
What a waste of my time
Matty Worth
Matty Worth 3 months ago
Nice to see Ray Mears on the job at 2:46.
jack mehoff
jack mehoff 3 months ago
The title is clickbait. Nothing amazing about this video. I have never seen a Mason use one of those towels in my entire life and there was nothing ingenious about what he did. This video is a joke
Meka 3 months ago
That’s kinda how you do tile work, thumbs down for crap video.
Seth Earls
Seth Earls 3 months ago
yeah the tile setter was using an epoxy float to grout.
Rlyhighopes 3 months ago
This video is made by someone who hasn't worked with their hands a day in their lives. "ingenious workers" this is just how you get shit done while you work... lol
fur king el
fur king el 3 months ago
sorry but putting tyres under the road makes little to no sense what so ever
Mark Surgy
Mark Surgy 3 months ago
Fuckin amateurs! You wouldn’t want that bricklayer on a day rate would you...he’d cost you a fuckin fortune. Some of that was proper third world shit! What a shite video. If that’s genius, I’m fuckin super human!
joe sarb
joe sarb 3 months ago
The modular garage tile grates look great and clean but after a while dirt, water , oil drops etc stay accumulated underneath and unpleasant odor builds up. So the thought of taking the whole grates off just so I can clean the floor on sundays puts me off.
SirHoppalot 3 months ago
'Mostly actors with soft hands doing trade jobs' would be about on the money for this video title.
Jeff Bradley
Jeff Bradley 3 months ago
My dad has an awesome set of tools. He’s a TV repair man
Sead Topic
Sead Topic 3 months ago
Fuck you and your fucking channel, now that's ingenious
Maynard 3 months ago
Garage tiles are hard on the eyes, What is "mechanical concrete" , never did see anything ? What is the other level ?
jed hermit
jed hermit 3 months ago
the shower is not very echo..... but I recon it would feel great
J 3 months ago
Nothing even impressive about this,this generation are losers and lazy morons
Dwayne Arthur
Dwayne Arthur 3 months ago
Damn RUvid you're killing me with this stupid ass background music stop it!
Brad Malotke
Brad Malotke 3 months ago
The arch video was the only one that was even remotely useful.
nate s
nate s 3 months ago
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 3 months ago
Where do u get those wheelbarrows
Gynnyg 3 months ago
It shows only work you can do if you learn a qualified JOB and did`nt study
Tim Auran
Tim Auran 3 months ago
Gotta' love a $100k garage floor.
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