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May 23, 2019

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Comments 151
К Интрига
Идеи стоимостью в самолёт 😁
le denovo
le denovo 7 days ago
Simplesmente fantástico 👍
Lynne Purdue
Lynne Purdue 8 days ago
Love a few of the things made in the video wouldn’t mind them myself
bubgum00 10 days ago
Love the folding tables.
bubgum00 10 days ago
The sliding doors don’t make sense to me. Why not just go sit outside? All you’re doing is letting bugs into the home.
Антон Хохлов
Всё гениальное просто, а тут дичь которую не повторить при всём желании. Да и гениальности мало в этом.
سلسبيل الجنه
يشبه بيت كمال ب الحب الأعمى 😂
Benedek Varga
Benedek Varga 11 days ago
Ez magyar! :o XD
Alex FILL 12 days ago
экономными в этом видео можно считать только две вещи.
Ann Bounds
Ann Bounds 13 days ago
I don't like any of these ideas.
John powell
John powell 13 days ago
i wanted to see the bed that was on the intro. not this other stuff
Steve Meier
Steve Meier 13 days ago
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey 13 days ago
Some of the space saving folding furniture is quite clever. Like many of us, I have a full sized home and really don't need space saving devices, but for those of us that do, these things would be useful, so you can count on a niche percentage as your demographic if you market these products. As far as the ' open flame in the house ' Spanish device goes, I'll give that a pass.
Umair Murtaza Butt
Umair Murtaza Butt 14 days ago
Can i purchase folding chair in Pakistan?
Лариса Фроленко
Стул-лестница пригодился бы в доме :-) Ещё бы знать как он устроен …
Elena S
Elena S 6 days ago
нарисуйте стул сбоку, разрежьте от середины задней стороны до низа передней, добавьте раму+петли+ступеньки. В результате Вы получите стул в три раза тяжелее нормального с жестким прямым сиденьем и такой же спинкой + лестницу высотой сантиметров 80 (стремянку такой высоты можно поднять на одном пальце)...
Carlos Corona
Carlos Corona 14 days ago
Tengo un gran danés,me conviene más tumbar la pared xD
Tato 13 days ago
Angelica Erazo
Angelica Erazo 14 days ago
No mostraron la cama que se muestra en el vídeo, la que tiene veladores pegados al respaldo.
Janete Santos
Janete Santos 14 days ago
Essa cadeira que vira escada e velha
scettzvill 14 days ago
3:50 that's... useless... a shelf that, arguably, takes up as much space even when it's not in use. this is the least space saving idea i've seen in a long time.
Rafe Zetter
Rafe Zetter 14 days ago
@1:59 - that design of steps is at least 200 years old - I have seen several examples of antiques in the UK.
Phil Chiarello
Phil Chiarello 14 days ago
I came for the hoverbed...left cause of the awful music...bet there was no hoverbed.
Ladida386 14 days ago
And then your cat gets fat an can no longer fit to the hole in the door.
elguapo135 14 days ago
Yeah, Where's the bed ? I'll try to NEVER watch one of your videos again. Waste of my time.
Агент Ххх
Агент Ххх 15 days ago
Идея со сдвижными дверями действительно гениальна!
Lop Ve Thay Quynh - Drawing Tutorial
những thiết kế tuyệt vời
dash8024 15 days ago
No way! am I going to to cut a $35 door for the f*n cat to go where it wants !
alur wah
alur wah 15 days ago
kreatif abis...
Chukitita M.C.
Chukitita M.C. 15 days ago
What about the bed????😒
Лариса Фроленко
Да, с кроватью обманули…
Yuriana Huerta
Yuriana Huerta 15 days ago
grisza77 15 days ago
Little to do with space saving. Horrible music. Overall crappy channel.
Curious Person
Curious Person 15 days ago
main reason people don` t buy these bcz they are not durable. if a kid jump on and they will be finished.
Tono Wijaya
Tono Wijaya 15 days ago
Wow bgus bgt
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 16 days ago
The chair step stool is as old as the hills, and still a terrific design. These used to be in about every kitchen.
monkeys gonna
monkeys gonna 16 days ago
Basically just a folding table with extra steps.. there are hundreds of folding tables in your local store that are maybe only a couple of inches thicker than shown here
Biscuitchris7again 16 days ago
"Let's put the most annoying music we can find and put it to this video." "We found these songs. We're not sure which one is the most annoying." "Put them all in." "GENIUS!"
Nexus Wrath
Nexus Wrath 16 days ago
Longest IKEA commercial ever...
Masterofsparks Hwy6
I don't care who you are that's a fast foldin' table right thar !
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty 17 days ago
The cat door idea doesn't work for me. It just looks like a horrible crack in your door when it's closed.
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty 15 days ago
@Gerry Landry so it's a choice between one ugly thing and another ugly thing? Right.
Gerry Landry
Gerry Landry 15 days ago
I suppose you prefer the hugely ugly small dog door installed through your wall.
Tgray2064 17 days ago
I missed how the bed was a space saver
Brunilda Sepulveda
Brunilda Sepulveda 17 days ago
Not a fan of an open flame inside the house! Too mant wrongs to make up one right. Cool technology... don't see the advantage of some of these inventions.
Draconous101 18 days ago
Bait and switch.
Sam LSD 19 days ago
The ladder chair is brilliant! every kitchen should have.
Sam LSD 9 days ago
@John Guy oh I see
John Guy
John Guy 17 days ago
Sam LSD that chair is called a ‘Library Step Chair’, it was invented in Victorian times.
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
Most of that stuff needs a strong man to go with them. I don't have one of those.
The Hyphenator
The Hyphenator 22 days ago
“Space Saving” should be hyphenated in your video title. With the way you have the title written now, you are saying that ingenious space is in the process of saving ideas.
Random Stuff I'm Interested In
The bed looks EXACTLY the same as the one I have but it is made out of plastic. Type into Google "James Seccombe Bed". There are a few for sale on Gumtree and Ebay. They are extremely rare and hard to come by and it may cost you quite a bit as they were from the 70s. They look really cool and are really sturdy.
Ram-n_dodge 24 days ago
how about you don't have a disgusting fucking cat
Doc Huard
Doc Huard 25 days ago
Thumbnail picture is click-bait for ads inside a bunch of ads. It's not even in the video 👎
Wal Mjak
Wal Mjak 25 days ago
where is the advertised bed...space saving are we?
Gordon Aitchison
Gordon Aitchison 25 days ago
What a load of tosh.
Feeber Izer
Feeber Izer 26 days ago
I need a couple of those cat doors!
Rr Ss
Rr Ss 26 days ago
Looks like an IKEA advertisement.
Kick It
Kick It 27 days ago
old school tech
wave x rider
wave x rider 28 days ago
My cat loses his mind if I ever close the bathroom door.
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
My cat goes nuts when I pull the shower curtain closed. These designs aren't for the Average Joe, in my opinion. Too many moving parts to break or malfunction.
johnsovcom 28 days ago
No original content.... .. crap music... mostly new designs of old ideas, and the bed that is the thumbnail is not in the video... here is an idea, make your own content, not use other peoples work
EklipsedDarkness 29 days ago
Learn to control the volume of music during your editing. Starts off loud and keeps getting louder.
id104335409 29 days ago
I really like those bed corners where you can murder your foot by accident!
vincent7520 29 days ago
9:15 That will make firemen happy all over the world !!!…
vincent7520 22 days ago
@Sweet Trubble ;/ !!!!!
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
My thoughts exactly. And what about small children and pets?
vincent7520 29 days ago
Glad I can turn music off …
SORAYA GUANI 29 days ago
Incredibile como si possono acquistare
Elessar Strider
Elessar Strider 29 days ago
I didn't see a quantum effect exhibited in a single one
Ryan j
Ryan j 29 days ago
advert advert advert......thumbs down!
noregrets7469 29 days ago
Pretty cool stuff and when I win the Lotto I will definitely incorporate some of these ideas into my world😎🙃
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
Boy, that's the truth. All I saw was fancy designs that had too many moving parts to break or malfunction. Not for a 5'1" 100 lbs. woman.
konstantin riga
konstantin riga Month ago
Prasanjeet Debnath
some of the products are already made by India's government school's 8 th class students during their science exhibition
Frank Barone
Frank Barone Month ago
The little fire places at the end are designed for outdoor use only, but in the video it appears they are indoors. Remember this, yellow flame means carbon monoxide, blue flame means complete combustion of the carbon which makes it safe for indoor use.
Parts Unkown
Parts Unkown 14 days ago
Fake news!
Donald Bullock
Donald Bullock Month ago
furniture ,but no bed
Marc Tess
Marc Tess Month ago
Where is the damn bed????? The only thing I wanted to see
Henry Nuser
Henry Nuser 13 days ago
@Aliandra Yorgason Have a nice day. Bye, see you
Aliandra Yorgason
Aliandra Yorgason 13 days ago
@Henry Nuser yeah, it's okay. apology accepted.
Henry Nuser
Henry Nuser 13 days ago
@Aliandra Yorgason isn't it beautiful? See? I called you by your name, it's okay now?
Aliandra Yorgason
Aliandra Yorgason 13 days ago
@Henry Nuser oh, I just remembered. yeah,people are just trying to get more views.
Henry Nuser
Henry Nuser 13 days ago
@Aliandra Yorgason A beautiful bed is shown on the thumbnail, Aliandra.
Scott Rivett
Scott Rivett Month ago
2:15 that door costs about as much as a car
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
Exactly. What about us middle-income folks?
crashwrench Month ago
Hi , Do you have a List for the Products Shown ?
NS Sherlock
NS Sherlock 28 days ago
hit show more dumbo
David Ochoa
David Ochoa Month ago
No bed, no like!
Oh Hansel
Oh Hansel Month ago
Impressive designs, but I guarantee those ladies showing off the furniture designs did not build them. There is not a lady with enough cleverness and ingenuity to design projects like this. Now I can understand if they were serving a sandwich on them.
Ciaran Ireland
Ciaran Ireland Month ago
That was a terrible attempt at trolling lol
Just Awesome
Just Awesome Month ago
very awesome videos ..just like mine
Lukys Month ago
bobby Month ago
good for bait garbage
Анзем Емназож
The last one is a fire accident waiting to happen.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray Month ago
It has never made sense to me to have the windows that open and expose the entire side of your house. All well and good until a snake slithers in unnoticed. Not to mention flying creatures that bite. Let outdoors stay outdoors in my view.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray 13 days ago
Patrick Chubey -LOL, I would take a mosquito over a rattlesnake any day, LOL!
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey 13 days ago
In my part of Canada, you might get the occasional bird, racoon, or rattlesnake wandering in, but we're blessedly devoid of mosquitoes here. In Ontario, Manitoba and a few other places, however, the skeeters would swarm your house, kill the adults, and fly off with the pets and small children. All in all it's just a little more convenient to keep a barrier between our living space and mother nature.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray Month ago
Ian Mortimer - LOL, United States of death, LOL! Hey, there are tons of people who like these open door concepts. Don't take my remark personally. I was merely commenting that it doesn't make sense to me. We have serious snakes down here that you do not want ending up in your house. Nor do you want disease carrying mosquitoes. In general it is too bloody hot for them where I live. We go from 100 degree days most of the year to a snap of winter and nothing much in between. Neither climate is suited for the wide open spaces. Again, some people love them when their climate suits. My remark was just off the cuff, no insult intended.
Ian Mortimer
Ian Mortimer Month ago
@Bella Gray well that's why it is marketed towards the UK market and not the United States of death
Bella Gray
Bella Gray Month ago
Ian Mortimer -Yes, the idea is that you don't live in the United States. LOL. Everyone replies from their perspective and mine was referencing door-windows in the USA.
rupesh mahale
rupesh mahale Month ago
Lonch the india
Waleed Ragap
Waleed Ragap Month ago
ليه بتحط صوره ملهاش علاقه بالفيديو؟
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Ningún comentario en español
Zachary Anderson
Good designs
Zachary Anderson
Harsh music
Esyb Hdhdh
Esyb Hdhdh Month ago
اكو عرب بلطياره
Mpalas Kokkalis
Mpalas Kokkalis Month ago
Αυτό είναι το καλύτερο.
Rossana Bachiorri
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez Month ago
I gotta blow mud
weld [HAGOJIBI] Month ago
It's a fire-burning tool at the end. It's pretty, but... What's your purpose?
C B Month ago
You click baity pieces of shit
Pat S
Pat S Month ago
That is SHIT because pf portos flames.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Month ago
Иван Иванов
Разработки 50 летней давности Пиздец складной стол охуеть
Erics Granny
Erics Granny Month ago
Nagella Jean-Baptiste
1. Video is cool. 2.video.is lol. Fat cat can't fit lol but his buddy the mice can.lol. the cat favorite food. I don't want to be that cat eww. Lol.
А. Семёныч
Уёбок где ты это говно скачиваешь
Tejaprisma Aprilianputra
Beli nya dimana bro?
Sumaya Akter
Sumaya Akter Month ago
Wow awesome
rambler241 Month ago
Where's the bed shown in the thumbnail?
pdg gooddy
pdg gooddy 16 days ago
how is it space saving ???? its just fucking short
Tameem Moaleji
Tameem Moaleji 17 days ago
@Samah Nijenkamp Yes, more accurate to say.. shouldn't, if they want be good and decent, and/or want me and others to remain subscribers.
Samah Nijenkamp
Samah Nijenkamp 17 days ago
Tameem Moaleji appearantly they just did
Sweet Trubble
Sweet Trubble 22 days ago
Yeah, I wanted to see where the mattress would pop out from.
Tameem Moaleji
Tameem Moaleji Month ago
@Blue 4lifeblue I saw that its like a DIY version of the thumbnail. They can't show me a BMW and sell me a KIA
Aaron Stockton
Aaron Stockton Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-a-FwiMVfn7g.html Thanos sings a song
Stephen Nesbit
Stephen Nesbit Month ago
1:16 - Yeah, don't want to reveal the identity of that cat crap. LMAO
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey 13 days ago
I caught that too, they blurred out the cat crap, just in case it offends,,,,, well,,,, people who don't crap?
Denver Gaming YT
wow amazing
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