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May 23, 2019




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Comments 175
Ursula Hall
Ursula Hall 8 days ago
These ideas perfect fitted. Would love to own lots of these items 🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍
Manuela Manopla
Manuela Manopla 9 days ago
Pamela Spitzer
Pamela Spitzer 11 days ago
4:20 When you grow up and go from the kids table, to the adult table.. .
JudasGTC 22 days ago
Macaco del amazonas! que tiene que ver el titulo con un mechero??? wtf??? que toman antes de hacer los videos? Para el ahorro inteligente del espacio... en serio? una mesa con un globo dorado es un uso inteligente del espacio???? una estufita a querosene ? este video es una estafa! te voy a denunciar "intelligent space", por macaco mentiroso titulero manda fruta.
canada canada yes
canada canada yes 25 days ago
Василий Фоминых
Ну и лажа...
Luz Herrera
Luz Herrera Month ago
Todo esta' pra'ctico.
misael camargo
misael camargo Month ago
Simplemente son una chingoneria, todo lo qué hacen está fregon!
John Ramey
John Ramey Month ago
Well that’s 10 fuckin minutes I’ll never get back. You showed a damn bed and then it was just click bait. No bed anywhere in the damn video.
Cris M
Cris M Month ago
Hola! :) Yo también quería ver un comentario en español 😁
Kanat Balykbaev
Kanat Balykbaev Month ago
Идея со столом понравилась три части
Seiizhe Weezenterll
Seiizhe Weezenterll 2 months ago
Rosana Farias
Rosana Farias 2 months ago
gorditobernal 2 months ago
J F 2 months ago
That is amazing love it
Freg Doismil
Freg Doismil 2 months ago
Cade a cama flutuante ???????
jung Lee
jung Lee 2 months ago
탐나는 템이 있네요
Aaron Lord
Aaron Lord 2 months ago
2:45 “Here, let me just open my whole god damn house.”
고양이와 멍뭉이들은 좋겠네
Валентина Муравьёва
cangcimen Channel
cangcimen Channel 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-UwXVOt4eqeM.html Cosplay 2019
К Интрига
К Интрига 3 months ago
Идеи стоимостью в самолёт 😁
le denovo
le denovo 3 months ago
Simplesmente fantástico 👍
Lynne Purdue
Lynne Purdue 3 months ago
Love a few of the things made in the video wouldn’t mind them myself
bubgum00 3 months ago
Love the folding tables.
bubgum00 3 months ago
The sliding doors don’t make sense to me. Why not just go sit outside? All you’re doing is letting bugs into the home.
Антон Хохлов
Всё гениальное просто, а тут дичь которую не повторить при всём желании. Да и гениальности мало в этом.
المكتب الهندسي للمقاولات العامة
يشبه بيت كمال ب الحب الأعمى 😂
Benedek Varga
Benedek Varga 3 months ago
Ez magyar! :o XD
Alex FILL 3 months ago
экономными в этом видео можно считать только две вещи.
Ann Bounds
Ann Bounds 3 months ago
I don't like any of these ideas.
John powell
John powell 3 months ago
i wanted to see the bed that was on the intro. not this other stuff
Steve Meier
Steve Meier 3 months ago
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey 3 months ago
Some of the space saving folding furniture is quite clever. Like many of us, I have a full sized home and really don't need space saving devices, but for those of us that do, these things would be useful, so you can count on a niche percentage as your demographic if you market these products. As far as the ' open flame in the house ' Spanish device goes, I'll give that a pass.
Umair Murtaza Butt
Umair Murtaza Butt 3 months ago
Can i purchase folding chair in Pakistan?
Лариса Фроленко
Стул-лестница пригодился бы в доме :-) Ещё бы знать как он устроен …
Как заработать в интернете
От якби креслення це був би кращий варіант.
Elena S
Elena S 3 months ago
нарисуйте стул сбоку, разрежьте от середины задней стороны до низа передней, добавьте раму+петли+ступеньки. В результате Вы получите стул в три раза тяжелее нормального с жестким прямым сиденьем и такой же спинкой + лестницу высотой сантиметров 80 (стремянку такой высоты можно поднять на одном пальце)...
Carlos Corona
Carlos Corona 3 months ago
Tengo un gran danés,me conviene más tumbar la pared xD
Tato 3 months ago
Angelica Erazo
Angelica Erazo 3 months ago
No mostraron la cama que se muestra en el vídeo, la que tiene veladores pegados al respaldo.
Janete Santos
Janete Santos 3 months ago
Essa cadeira que vira escada e velha
scettzvill 3 months ago
3:50 that's... useless... a shelf that, arguably, takes up as much space even when it's not in use. this is the least space saving idea i've seen in a long time.
Rafe Zetter
Rafe Zetter 3 months ago
@1:59 - that design of steps is at least 200 years old - I have seen several examples of antiques in the UK.
Phil Chiarello
Phil Chiarello 3 months ago
I came for the hoverbed...left cause of the awful music...bet there was no hoverbed.
Ladida386 3 months ago
And then your cat gets fat an can no longer fit to the hole in the door.
elguapo135 3 months ago
Yeah, Where's the bed ? I'll try to NEVER watch one of your videos again. Waste of my time.
Агент Ххх
Агент Ххх 3 months ago
Идея со сдвижными дверями действительно гениальна!
Lop Ve Thay Quynh - Drawing Tutorial
những thiết kế tuyệt vời
dash8024 3 months ago
No way! am I going to to cut a $35 door for the f*n cat to go where it wants !
alur wah
alur wah 3 months ago
kreatif abis...
Chukitita M.C.
Chukitita M.C. 3 months ago
What about the bed????😒
Лариса Фроленко
Да, с кроватью обманули…
yuriana 59
yuriana 59 3 months ago
grisza77 3 months ago
Little to do with space saving. Horrible music. Overall crappy channel.
Curious Person
Curious Person 3 months ago
main reason people don` t buy these bcz they are not durable. if a kid jump on and they will be finished.
Tono Wijaya
Tono Wijaya 3 months ago
Wow bgus bgt
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 3 months ago
The chair step stool is as old as the hills, and still a terrific design. These used to be in about every kitchen.
monkeys gonna
monkeys gonna 3 months ago
Basically just a folding table with extra steps.. there are hundreds of folding tables in your local store that are maybe only a couple of inches thicker than shown here
Biscuitchris7again 3 months ago
"Let's put the most annoying music we can find and put it to this video." "We found these songs. We're not sure which one is the most annoying." "Put them all in." "GENIUS!"
Vanora Moon
Vanora Moon 2 months ago
Love it. LMAO
Nexus Wrath
Nexus Wrath 3 months ago
Longest IKEA commercial ever...
Masterofsparks Hwy6
Masterofsparks Hwy6 3 months ago
I don't care who you are that's a fast foldin' table right thar !
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty 3 months ago
The cat door idea doesn't work for me. It just looks like a horrible crack in your door when it's closed.
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty 3 months ago
@Gerry Landry so it's a choice between one ugly thing and another ugly thing? Right.
Gerry Landry
Gerry Landry 3 months ago
I suppose you prefer the hugely ugly small dog door installed through your wall.
Tgray2064 3 months ago
I missed how the bed was a space saver
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