INFINITY WAR Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed (FULL MOVIE)

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For new, even harder to find details in Infinity War discovered in our June 2020 Infinity Saga Rewatch, watch our latest breakdown: ruvid.net/video/video-pQjH7vXCmXw.html
Avengers Infinity War gets an in-depth analysis and breakdown! All Infinity War Easter Eggs explained! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people to sign up at this link in the will get their first 2 months for free skl.sh/newrockstars3
How does Infinity War reference all the past MCU movies? Erik Voss breaks down Infinity War and explains the movie's deeper mysteries and shocking moments. What was Thanos' plan? Why was Spider-Man's scene more emotional than the others? In what ways did Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Thor Ragnarok foreshadow the Infinity War ending?
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May 3, 2018




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Comments 100
New Rockstars
New Rockstars 3 months ago
For new, even harder to find details in Infinity War discovered in our June 2020 Infinity Saga Rewatch, watch our latest breakdown: ruvid.net/video/video-pQjH7vXCmXw.html
George Dodge
George Dodge Day ago
The worst thing was that The Avengers played no role in the movie. Whether the avengers fight Thanos or not; Thanos gets all the stones and kills 1/2 of everyone. It would have been better (saved more lives) if the avengers just gave Thanos the stones.
Yo Xenith
Yo Xenith 18 days ago
23:33 does anyone notice Thanos doesn't have all 6 stones??
Lazy Shark
Lazy Shark 11 days ago
That was a trailer shot I think
Saroj Rana
Saroj Rana 26 days ago
#41 mistake is described in comment below or check urself
Candra Gunawan
Candra Gunawan Month ago
I watch B gbg yygjjjnjnjaven nhnnnhjhjhhjhjgersbhhbhhhhubhuihihhhhendhghjvhj jhb hbjhjbjgams
Candra Gunawan
Candra Gunawan Month ago
Candra Gunawan
Candra Gunawan Month ago
Is january
Candra Gunawan
Candra Gunawan Month ago
Is 2020
This movie should have ended right after Thanos’s soul stone vision. It would have been more devestating not knowing who got dusted
Lime Green
Lime Green Month ago
This movies so horrible. Like joker.
It was starlords fault
ThatOutLaw 27
ThatOutLaw 27 2 months ago
Does anyone else notice that thanos only has 2 stones at 23:35
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen 2 months ago
What if it was an uneven number would one person be half way snapped
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen 2 months ago
Wasp got snapped away so did shuri
Beast Poison
Beast Poison 2 months ago
So in the comics thanos Is technically a SIMP OMG
Scarlet Mee
Scarlet Mee 2 months ago
Didn't the wasp die at the end of antman and the wasp
Tod Robinson
Tod Robinson 2 months ago
Ok ow it’s a little stupid but a neat detail that you may have over looked. After attacks the asguard ship and the scene changes to NY city ; if you look in the upper right hand corner and then again in the round window of the sanctorum you can see the byfrost with The Hulk incoming!
AKNativ3907 2 months ago
Zdiddy7 2 months ago
Wow, considering all the pandering going on today, Im surprised nobody has had to apologize for Ebony Maw and the Black Order. Apologize and erase it from the movie so that a bunch of white libtards can feel a little less guilty about something that ended 160 years ago.
Makayla Rhayne
Makayla Rhayne 2 months ago
"See Thanos as the protagonist " *watches Thanos kill Gamora and sees Peter crumble to dust * Me: Yeah... NOPE
General Grievous
General Grievous 3 months ago
Get lost squidward
OMAR hakouz
OMAR hakouz 3 months ago
Could have captain marvel been dusted by thanos ?
Kaden Ricketts
Kaden Ricketts 3 months ago
I think someone said in the movie that it does posses the power of the bifrost
owen kelly
owen kelly 3 months ago
Loki:I have an army Tony:We have a hulk Jack sparrow:I have a jar of dirt
Kay Bouie
Kay Bouie 4 months ago
in these 10k+ comments @(5/23/2020), I wanted to know if when Groot stands up because everyone else is standing up, a call back to when Rocket says in GG1, "are you happy now we're all standing" ?
Sunil Permaul
Sunil Permaul 4 months ago
You can see the Soul Stone light up when Thanos fights Dr. Strange and the duplicates.
Nathan Levinrad
Nathan Levinrad 4 months ago
Good attempt at pronouncing Xhosa even trying to do the click.
Illumanis 4 months ago
Yigithan Ali Bal
Yigithan Ali Bal 4 months ago
Thanos is a simp in the comics
Theyab Loves pizza
Theyab Loves pizza 4 months ago
Who here is in quarantine
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing 4 months ago
If that giant dwarf made the gauntlet why did Thanos take it and said Fine I’ll do it myself in age of ultron
Swamyvlogs 4 months ago
24:24 Just Lit.
Donstar Playz
Donstar Playz 4 months ago
People can say “what are those” without it being a reference to something
B.D.Animator 4 months ago
I really wish that groot's head would pop up on the axe in endgame. sad that didn't happen.
Emily Bryanton
Emily Bryanton 4 months ago
Honestly I think it’s star lords fault
Cameron white
Cameron white 4 months ago
Peter and groot Are sad Because groot said to rocket dad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thomas Wilson III
Thomas Wilson III 4 months ago
Wow I’m watching this in 2020
PhantomK 5023
PhantomK 5023 4 months ago
Actually Spider Sense appeared in Civil war when bucky throw thing at Spidey!
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro 4 months ago
No one: Marvel: Stan Lee(RIP):TONY STANK
War robots fan 1
War robots fan 1 4 months ago
War robots fan 1
War robots fan 1 4 months ago
Johnny Gilner
Johnny Gilner 4 months ago
Eitri told Thor that Strombreaker has the power to summon the bifrost
Jace Morton
Jace Morton 4 months ago
2020 who’s still watching this lol
Chris Guy
Chris Guy 2 months ago
Luke Miralle
Luke Miralle 4 months ago
Spideys spider sense was introduced in civil war, anyone remember that? It’s when Peter is taking down winter soldier and falcon at the airport
Tr ee
Tr ee 5 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
James Satchwill
James Satchwill 5 months ago
Been over 2 years and I'm still mad there wasn't a no shit Sherlock between stark and strange
James Satchwill
James Satchwill 5 months ago
@Kyle Spratt Cumberbatch and RDJ both played Sherlock Holmes
Kyle Spratt
Kyle Spratt 5 months ago
I don't get it
Blue4jeff 5 months ago
What if Loki didn’t grab the tesserac on Asgard
Devin Via
Devin Via 5 months ago
Cap was definitely just wearing the same uniform from civil war still.
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Trebor 5 months ago
My question is why did hiemdal send hulk to earth and not Thor.
Toastyyy 5 months ago
Thanos is a SIMP for Death
Gemma Lloyd
Gemma Lloyd 5 months ago
The bit were you say about the byfrost is because when Thor gets stormbeaker Eidre says it is even powerful enough to summon the byfrost
Hassan Razzaq
Hassan Razzaq 5 months ago
Watching in 2020
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor 5 months ago
When Ebony Maw can't get the Eye from Strange's chest, I couldn't help but be reminded of the scene in Wizard of Oz where the witch can't remove Dorothy's shoes. Nobody seems to mention that....
Rey Skywalker
Rey Skywalker 5 months ago
I hope Loki survived.
Im A gAmEr BoI
Im A gAmEr BoI 5 months ago
Remember the way Bruce said Wakanda in Age of Ultron “Wak-nada”
Mike Rohrssen
Mike Rohrssen 5 months ago
The suit that Tony calls for the Spider Armor is 17 A because Homecoming was the 17th movie in the MCU and A is the second suit Tony created for Peter
Grayson White
Grayson White 5 months ago
I’ll do you one better WHY IS GAMORA
Aa Bb
Aa Bb 5 months ago
did NOT need that spider close up
Caleb Johanningmeier
Thanos is a crap head
Anne Kupiec
Anne Kupiec 5 months ago
When banner crashes it may also reference the first Avengers movie after the fight on the helicarior
franeraG 6 months ago
Good video It's 'ibambe' not ' Yibambe'
Gpaderna 6 months ago
3:20 Thor is the one who decided Heimdall will send Hulk to Dr. Strange because they met before on Thor: Ragnarok
Andrew Clendenen
Andrew Clendenen 6 months ago
There is an Easter egg in infinity war, when the secret avengers arrive at avengers head quarters to meet rhodie the falcon (Anthony Mackie) is carrying a football and in the trailer for captain falcon and the winter soldier Anthony mackie is Seen running out onto a football field
butta1080 6 months ago
11 million views wow!
Koby Wan
Koby Wan 6 months ago
If doctor strange would have looked at how many out comes there were before leaving earth to go to titan would there have been more good outcomes?
Madmartigan326 6 months ago
Ahem: Snatch
Jacarri Robinson
Jacarri Robinson 7 months ago
Christian Bruda
Christian Bruda 7 months ago
Damn warn us of a spider jump scare🤣🤣
SWORDBEDE 7 months ago
"Yibambe" or "ibambe" means "hold it"
Danna Kiesling
Danna Kiesling 7 months ago
Did anyone notice that Tony said that the time stone would be Thanos best weapon against them and turns out it was if Thanos didnt have the time stone he wouldn't be able to bring vision back the mind stone would be destroyed.
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar 7 months ago
You might be happy to know, but Joe and Anthony Russo watched this
Dynamic Daniel
Dynamic Daniel 7 months ago
You need so much work to make these videos thankyou for making these epic videos
George Doujaiji
George Doujaiji 8 months ago
3:20 which comic
Noriedette Bañez
Noriedette Bañez 8 months ago
So Thanos only killed half of Asgardians aboard their spaceship. BUT after retrieving the Space stone Thanos used the Power stone to destroy the spaceship. Sooo...
thecplman1 8 months ago
By the way, am I the only one who thinks that this movie is the darkest so far in the MCU? If not, suggest alternatives.
Loud 10 months ago
1. its pronounced scot land not scat land 2. we will deep fry most food but all food is a stretch and 3. that's a train station Edinburgh Waverly station to be precise
kricket boiii
kricket boiii 10 months ago
Amen brother
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Who else noticed that when the title fades away, the last letters to do so are the last two Is in "INFINITY" leaving a "~~~I~I~~". II means 2.
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
I was among the Snapped. Comment below if you were, as well.
Average Gamer
Average Gamer 10 months ago
Me and the boys knowing what happens in endgame *yea, this is big brain time*
David Assmus
David Assmus 11 months ago
Something I would have added to your list was that the stones on the gauntlet light up brighter when Thanos closes his fist and uses that specific stone, and when he breaks Strange’s cloning spell, you see the power stone and the soul stone lit, giving you the idea that he used the soul stone to determine which Strange was the real one, since only one would have his soul, and the power stone to give him the strength needed to break the spell.
Thando Msoki
Thando Msoki 11 months ago
Kian De Boeck
Kian De Boeck 11 months ago
Also, banner reacted happy when thor arrived because he kwen what he is capable of
Alex Alvarado
Alex Alvarado 11 months ago
I think I know why rocket wants robotic things it’s because he’s building a awesome robot
Stoned Gremlin
Fs racist much
Justin Dai
Justin Dai Year ago
Im noticing a pattern Scarlet witch and vision get attacked by proxima midnight and corvus glaive later scarlet and vision kill them both Cap and black widow are part of a group that kills them Cap and vision kill corvus glaive Scarlet okoye and black widow kill proxima midnight
Joshua Baatjes
I just wanted to watch this to see if any theories got right
Phelix_ Venatus
Watching this video a year later after the Endgame is kind of strange and sad cause we know what happened
Ryan McDowall
Ryan McDowall Year ago
I think I heard something from an interview with Tom Holland about Peter Parker's death in this movie... Either it wasn't meant to happen or it wasn't meant to be as emotional...
Mr Sniper1730
Mr Sniper1730 Year ago
This was not the first use of mcu spidey sense do u not rememeber civil war
215 Reece
215 Reece Year ago
Can u ask the Russos why thanos lied to Etri for me plz
Debra King
Debra King Year ago
Who’s here after endgame
Jacob Samuel
Jacob Samuel Year ago
Gotta say you just said the best joke ever, ebony maw having an epic death 😂
Awesome MechYT
You don’t even gotta Speculate Eitri literally said it could summon the bifrost
Olerams Year ago
Now, before I read the comments, I’m gonna guess that someone said: WhOS HeRe AfTer enDgAmE?!?!
Pineapple_dude 28
Pineapple_dude 28 2 months ago
Congratulations you win a pat on the back enjoy yourself you lucky winner
Woodpecker Iz Here
Sony: the taste of greediness Rip spidey in the mcu
kutezi Year ago
Considering Strange is most powerful mind in marvel world 12:27 Professor X: Am I joke to you
Noob De Boné
Noob De Boné Year ago
The scene of snap, when shows the Jabari tribe dusting", who is falling and crashing on ground in this shot??.???
William Ivanov
OMG I never thought of the biblical thought
Tim Trusty Trusty
Who is here after endgame
Psiberzerker Year ago
When it comes tho Hulk hiding out through most of Infinity War, i don't believe his motives are humanly understandable. He's a rage monster, the personification of ID.
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