INFINITY | Beautiful Ambient Mix

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enjoy a beautiful chill music...
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Tracklist • • •
00:00:00 • Osk - Aurora
00:04:55 • We Are All Astronauts - Elysium (Part I)
00:09:40 • Michael FK & Vesky - Lost In Your Memory
00:13:46 • Cash - Looking For The Horizon
00:20:09 • A Cerulean State - Without Even A Single Lead, Time Moved Onward
00:23:11 • Narrow Skies - Winters Past
00:26:44 • Nizar - Morning Breeze
00:30:26 • Slow Dancing Society - Radiance (In The Glow Of Antonymes)
00:34:53 • HANDS - Prelude
00:36:42 • Kazukii - Design (feat. Dianna)
00:40:39 • Delectatio - Saudade
00:47:07 • Michael J. McDonald - The Greatest Gift
00:52:07 • Aulence - Breathe
00:55:59 • iamsleepless - I Was So Tired Of Dreaming
00:58:55 • Cash - Nocturne
01:05:53 • Borrtex - Snowflake
01:10:20 • unforseen - Come Back (4lienetic Rework)
Image by - Spencer Watson

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Dec 14, 2017




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Comments 80
BLUME 23 days ago
Now I'm on instagram - bit.ly/2UCEl3Z
Er Ge
Er Ge 3 days ago
Absolutely incredible music. Without you i wouldn't get so many informations about artists whose music i can buy on amazon and other pages. Great support for them. Proceed please!
UrrutiaMusic 7 days ago
Felicitaciones, excelente canal. Muy buen contenido.
The Legendary Shawn
Imagine giant speakers, I'm talking Huge speakers that almost touch the clouds, imagine those speakers playing this music all over the world. I bet you the world will start to grow a spiritual sense of life again.
iorgu 14 days ago
Contribute Sound HH
🎧🎶 Music for Meditation, calm, tranquility in construction NEW NEW NEW NEW ⏳🎶🎧🎶🌐 @
commentor93 17 days ago
"The greatest gift" is pretty much an instrumental version of "How deep the father's love for us". I'd never expect to find such a song here, but I'm positively surprised :-D
Jessica Yanez Acosta
04:55 We are all astronauts , is the sound that comes in mind of How God is at work in my life.
Xeranor 19 days ago
Take a look if you like ^^ ruvid.net/video/video-fa8dOt9jLw4.html
DayzeXzxR 20 days ago
Phil Brenman
Phil Brenman 20 days ago
This is the most effective music when it comes to getting focused at the computer with objectivity of increasing my level of productivity. After all, isn't that what it is all about... getting the mind focused on producing specific results that have an accumulative effect over a period of time.
Lukas Zdziesi
Lukas Zdziesi 25 days ago
I will write like this ... Listening to this song, I have a lot of moments from the past that find their own sound and come back to me with sound. Thank you very much for this music. I greet all listeners; ') good Job .
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 26 days ago
Elysium Part 1 isn't just 'inspired' by Max Richter's recomposed Vivaldi, it's a copy with some drums and synths put in and a few changes here and there...
String Music
String Music 28 days ago
Афикесно классно звучит!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JustGameplay 29 days ago
35:43 Best :)
Jonathan Mendoza
My favorite track: 00:36:42 • Kazukii - Design (feat. Dianna)
EphAme Month ago
Thank You
Rabot9ga TV
Rabot9ga TV Month ago
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Rabot9ga TV
Rabot9ga TV Month ago
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Rabot9ga TV
Rabot9ga TV Month ago
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So Far Away Music
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BezSens Month ago
first track... man thats just beautiful and so motivating, thanks
Saatvik Bakshi
Saatvik Bakshi Month ago
Thank you blume for for giving me a relaxation moment from my pain
Richard Mattingley
This is amazing. So long reality!
SaÏd Tigrine
SaÏd Tigrine Month ago
TOOOO ADS . RUvid Not Good for Music Free Music like in beginnig.
Neuro Pulse
Neuro Pulse Month ago
This is like the type of shit people recovering from alcoholism listen to to keep their mind off the cravings.
kultura zao sum
kultura zao sum Month ago
great work!!!!!
GilmourNBucketH Month ago
Just started listening, and it sounds like a free-flowing cascade of beauty streaming through endless waterfalls . Thanks for posting@!
LexsusChannel Month ago
Хорошая музыка
Jonathan Mao
Jonathan Mao Month ago
There might be multiple reasons a person clicks on this video. Some want a soothing track to lull them to sleep. to those people: leave the comments and get the rest you deserve. Sleep well. Some are lonely or are feeling very sad. to those people: all pain ends eventually. The good will come soon enough. You can do this. Some may be studying. To those people: leave the comments, I wish you good luck, you’re going to do amazing. Some can’t stand the silence and the thoughts and tears that accompany the silence. To those people: take a deep breath in. Now exhale. Now say, “I will be fine. I am in control. I will be okay.” To anyone who is reading this right now, I love you, and so do many others. You have nothing to worry about. Take a breath and appreciate the good things about this world. Everything is and will be okay. You’ve got this. -Eric
My Buddy
My Buddy 10 days ago
Thanks so much, Gary. Touched me to my penis.
PathfindersBooks 11 days ago
Thanks so much, Julius. Touched me to my core.
J Barden
J Barden 11 days ago
Thanks so much, Jackson. Touched me as well.
Jibb's Compilations
Thanks so much, Frederick. Touched me too.
Cohen McPherson
Cohen McPherson Month ago
Thanks I've really been going through a hard time lately thank you so much it really touched my hart and I'm sure many others
ruvid.net/video/video-Oq5kk8eDggA.html baghini glacier himalayan trek adventure...have a look.. thank you
Индиана Джонс
вроде было что понравилось, но потом разонравилось из-за того что много повторов.
Hazy Sunday
Hazy Sunday Month ago
Who's still here in 2020?
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller Month ago
SAUCOR Month ago
what type of music is this?
Info Provider
Info Provider Month ago
Those clouds are unreal!
Snoop Snopowsky
Snoop Snopowsky Month ago
Dezgun Knight
Dezgun Knight Month ago
the first 4.30 minutes is from gladiator?
Brian McAleer
Brian McAleer Month ago
This mix of music is Devine.
Eddy Skt Passakorn
thank you
collins oduah
collins oduah Month ago
So so beautiful to listen
Wei Yap Ching
Wei Yap Ching Month ago
Mustapha Ash
Mustapha Ash Month ago
1:06:00 love it :)
СХОЖА Month ago
Thank you! That`s what I`ve searching for)
Mark Piasecki
Mark Piasecki Month ago
Listening to this while listening to rain sounds is the only way I can get work done. Best study/chill mix out
tellme baby
tellme baby 18 days ago
@Mirco M. you are quite correct!!
Mark Piasecki
Mark Piasecki 27 days ago
@Mirco M. theres a website called rainymood and i just put that one and let it go :)
Mirco M.
Mirco M. 28 days ago
Which rain video/sound do you use? How do you mix it together (volume wise). I want to experiment with a few setups :) Thanks!
manifestingwolf Month ago
these mixes straight up carried me into a new state of being
Cyberhighwave 位てヂ
Just good vibes for this fucking I s o l a t i o n ruvid.net/video/video-rjC0FG1NLpU.html
Orpheus Month ago
Straight up..
Jason Radford
Jason Radford Month ago
How can you not see how the ads breaking up this video ruin the peace and ambiance that you are going for? Put the ads at the beginning or end, so we can chill out in peace.
YourMajesty143 Month ago
Pull the red circle all the way towards the end. Let it play out the last few seconds, then hit refresh. Voila, no more ads. Your welcome.
Анна Махнёва
I`ve been looking for a long time the beautiful music, now found , thank you))
Alisary Month ago
which song is this? 38:47
Dawn urbina
Dawn urbina Month ago
Thank you for your contribution
Charles Millard
Charles Millard Month ago
Thank You 💚😘
QiceX - Binaural Beats
J.H. sp
J.H. sp 2 months ago
World Today
World Today 2 months ago
I live, i die, i live again Thank you for this
Dharshanth Kumar
To valhalla my friend, I shall witness you!!
Алёшка Емельянов
Paul Hardman
Paul Hardman 3 months ago
Your mixes are spectacular 🌈🙏🎵
Nur Iman
Nur Iman 3 months ago
seduced by the picture, teased by the music
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel Month ago
@Nur Iman Oh That's really great.
Nur Iman
Nur Iman Month ago
@Vedant Patel yes I am. Thanks.
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel Month ago
@Nur Iman Oh. I am really sorry. I just perceived the meaning in a literal sense. so are u a poet
Nur Iman
Nur Iman Month ago
@Vedant Patel Poets tend to write words tht are allegory. Its how u perceive tht gives meaning to it.
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel Month ago
@Nur Iman I don't think seduced is an appropriate word to write here. Don't you think so????
Pacifist G
Pacifist G 4 months ago
No better escapism that this
Heshan Sameera
Heshan Sameera 4 months ago
Thank You
Hikarushinyi 4 months ago
I have seen this nature event back few years ago, happened around at 4.00 p.m there is a rain storm coming. It was awesome, cool wind blew in front, the clouds were all moving, grey with gold lining cause by the sunlight. I hope I could see that once more.
Emily W
Emily W 6 months ago
35 minutes. Beautiful
s1ckK 7 months ago
what genre is this? i want to start producing
Chris Facts
Chris Facts 7 months ago
Hey guys check this cool chill track - ruvid.net/video/video-v7XwdUtpU9M.html
higher being
higher being 8 months ago
54:43 best part!
wael magdy
wael magdy 8 months ago
fantastic chill music , can't stop playing it
zeno 8 months ago
ahmad morezi
ahmad morezi 8 months ago
Levi Klassen
Levi Klassen 9 months ago
My best friend and a girl I really loved just left to England today and by the time she returns I'll have already moved someplace else. I never got to tell her how I truly felt, and now I may never will. This track brings out so many emotions and helps me remember all the beautiful times we've shared in the past. We only just met half a year ago and yet, it's like we've known each other for years. I constantly question why God decided to give me a glimpse at such an amazing woman then take her away. Like a tease. Like it was just another season that had come and gone. God, I miss her so much, words can't even express it all...
Nathan Bumbarger
Nathan Bumbarger 9 months ago
nice...sorry about your girlfriend chuckle
Lana K
Lana K 10 months ago
Mesmerizing.. thank you ♡
Immortal Piyush
Immortal Piyush 10 months ago
Every channel on YT have freaks and mean people who comment nasty things. On chillout channels people are always so kind and if someone says "im not feeling good" or "i really need this", people are there an comment "hope you feel better" and pther positive comments. What im trying to say is: thank you all for giving such a nice comments to people who need them. It makes this channel human and positive! Thank you! - some commenter in youtube
abhiarora92 10 months ago
Мира Альфасса
Чё то я засыпаю, всем сладких снов🌛🌜
Sudhir Kumar
Sudhir Kumar 11 months ago
Nart Hasani
Nart Hasani 11 months ago
tasicss Year ago
Ajinkya Mahajan
This music made me realize the importance of the present. Really thanks a lot for sharing 💚💙💛🧡✨🍀🍀🍀
Blickety Blam
Blickety Blam Year ago
Blume music is the best ... Bonus pts for not having the silly ads. Every song I see with no ad gets a share. Thank you for giving me some peace in my otherwise Chaotic day.
Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson Year ago
Whoa. . . Is it me or is it chill in here?
Marco Year ago
definitivamente vale la pena la versión premium de RUvid, te evitas la mierda publicitaria
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