Indonesian Street Food Tour of Glodok (Chinatown) in Jakarta - DELICIOUS Indonesia Food!

Mark Wiens
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Glodok is the Chinatown of Jakarta, and my wife and I decided to spend the day walking around Glodok and exploring some Indonesian street food throughout the day. At the end of the day, we also stopped by Fatahillah Square, with is an old Dutch square in colonial Jakarta, where you'll find some interesting buildings and some street food snacks as well.
Since we were staying at a hotel (here’s information on the hotel I stayed at:migrationology.com/travel-guides/jakarta-indonesia/) not too far from Glodok, we decided to beat the traffic and just walk over there. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to walk, and soon we arrived in Jakarta’s Chinatown. Glodok is a very interesting area to walk around and explore. There are fresh markets and plenty of restaurants and food to choose from.
The Indonesian street food I tried on this tour was siomay, an Indonesian Chinese dish. From the back of a motorbike, I chose a few of the siomay dumplings he had steaming, and the cut them up and added some peanut sauce to the plate. The texture was a little mushy, but they were alright. Right opposite the siomay, the owner of an Indonesian vegetarian restaurant greeted me and asked if I might like to eat some of his vegetarian food. His vegetarian rendang was particularly good.
One of the most famous places to go in Glodok is Kopi Es Tak Kie, a legendary coffee shop. After wandering around a while we found it. I had a cup of coffee and also a plate of nasi campur from outside the shop.
We continued on our Indonesian street food tour throughout Glodok and I tried a sweet snack called kue ape, which is a green colored little pancake. Next, I had a variety of deep fried snacks including fried bananas, and fried breadfruit. They are definitely pretty greasy, but interesting to sample, and they are very popular street food snacks in Indonesia.
It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to walk, but we decided to walk over to Fatahillah Square. The traffic was pretty intense, but we made it. And along with checking out the old colonial buildings one of my main goals was to try kerak telor, which is a traditional Indonesian Betawi street food snack. Luckily I found it and it turned out to be a very interesting and amazing snack to watch being made!
Here’s the list of the things we ate and the prices:
Siomay - 15,000 IDR ($1.11)
Vegetarian food - 20,000 IDR ($1.48)
Kopi Es Tak Kie - 10,000 IDR ($0.73)
Nasi campur - 35,000 IDR ($2.58)
Kue ape - 1,000 IDR ($0.07) each
Fried snacks - 12,000 ($0.88)
Kerak telor - 20,000 IDR ($1.48) - Possibly overcharged? Do you think?
Hope you enjoyed the Indonesian street food tour of Glodok and Fatahillah Square, I sure enjoyed eating it!
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Jun 5, 2016

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Ardi Nakg
Ardi Nakg 3 hours ago
Pare? Gw aja gk mau segigit aja pahitnya minta ampun
RRQ potato
RRQ potato 3 hours ago
Ditipu itu siaomainya
Takeshi Gota IV
Takeshi Gota IV 18 hours ago
Mantap om
Lina 03
Lina 03 Day ago
Kenyang ama micin tuh bule 😅
Adrian Andro
Adrian Andro Day ago
Lol..you put bali traditional music, when you in jakarta..
ade ronny
ade ronny Day ago
12:24 kue ape = hulk nipple
God of Ra
God of Ra Day ago
I watch in 2019 😊✌️
Kaneki Ken52042
Kaneki Ken52042 2 days ago
Hi i it's Indonesia
alvin qistan
alvin qistan 3 days ago
traveling the world, eating, spread the happiness, and make money. isnt that the dream?
Hello i'm from indonesia
Ubay Dilah
Ubay Dilah 4 days ago
Tapi dia pernah ngomong tidak..masakan yang paling enak dari negara manah...
adi kakiar
adi kakiar 4 days ago
I like fried bread fruit
Valdy exe
Valdy exe 5 days ago
If you buy a gorengan in indonesia, you will get secret document for your exam, see at 14:42
Fauzan Anarki
Fauzan Anarki 5 days ago
Thanks for visit my town :) God bless you :)
50K subcriber with no videos
Country* not town
willy rachmansyah
Trans7 undang dia dong di hitam putih
Rangga abdiansyah
Saya dari malaysia👍👍👍makanan indonesia memang enak sekali☺
Ubay Dilah
Ubay Dilah 4 days ago
Apakah ada yang beda masakan malesyia dengan indonesia kan satu srumpun melayu..
Ayu Sekar Tunjung
Not overcharged at all.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 9 days ago
Pork Pork Pork Pork........why do they have so much pork in there dished if they are 80% muslim.
A Dansky
A Dansky 11 days ago
Very good that you show the surroundings where you eat. It makes it more intrerasting. Bread fruit is definitly healthy. Thank you.
Abid Naufal
Abid Naufal 11 days ago
Yang jual somay kek yong lek anjer
Larry Danuarta
Larry Danuarta 11 days ago
Siomay B2 ?daging babi kah?
ava talmo
ava talmo 12 days ago
Your wife looks mad!!! What did you do to her???
Romy Jamong
Romy Jamong 13 days ago
Alhamdulillah akhirnya Mark ngeVlog di Glodok ( Deket rumah gue ) congratulations Mark for 4,4jt subscribers
Vicky Widyanto
Vicky Widyanto 13 days ago
Bule kontol
jake_ sully
jake_ sully 13 days ago
Try to eat ikan bawal bakar in Indonesia its very fresh fish and its really good and you Will be like it find the food in the sea food Indonesia little restaurant. 👌
sosial media
sosial media 14 days ago
Thanks for come to my country.. in here you can find a milion smile
Key Zado
Key Zado 14 days ago
dia makan pare apa gk kepahitan dia?
Riyadi 15 days ago
Siomay nya pake babi....aduh.
Rey arifin
Rey arifin 15 days ago
You ate all the foods that I, as Indonesian hates it,respect!
Shaun Clubb
Shaun Clubb 15 days ago
Would love to visit and eat some nice food
Tudor Leonte
Tudor Leonte 15 days ago
Burnt bottom
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin 15 days ago
Nobody: Indonesians: Mantap !!!
Ridwan Triyanto
Ridwan Triyanto 16 days ago
Ada yang tau vegetarian naspad nya dimana :((
chris hale
chris hale 16 days ago
This guys everywhere🌫
Fachri Salman Nauval
Your face actually look like indonesian
Ardi80 15 days ago
Sekali mancung bukan org Indonesia namanya
rizki gumilar
rizki gumilar 18 days ago
congrats, you just got yourself one new subscriber!
Faizal Bisri Syamsuri
Welcome to Indonesia mister
MOZEYNER 18 days ago
Lucu gitu pas dia ngunyah makanan 😂
Lissie Live Laugh Love
I’d love to visit Indonesia 🇮🇩 much love from Connecticut 🇺🇸
MOZEYNER 18 days ago
Thankyou sis 🙏
M Fauzy Rauf
M Fauzy Rauf 20 days ago
Eta si akang meuni sagala di tuang nya,, hehehe...
anes tricking
anes tricking 20 days ago
Hi i like it and i love people indonesia good look brother subscribe my channel ruvid.net/video/video-qoVKiRbsQws.html
Ezrael AndFriend
Ezrael AndFriend 20 days ago
Im really love rendang ,satay
Ezrael AndFriend
Ezrael AndFriend 20 days ago
Hello mark wines im from indonesia 😊😊😊
Indra Hadi
Indra Hadi 21 day ago
Topinya bapaknya cuy The black dahlia murder
THANKS bro... For coming​ in​ Indonesia
@GamerKita kan dia orang inggris kantill
GamerKita 19 days ago
Sok inggris kintil
Zakiya Ariana
Zakiya Ariana 21 day ago
Itu bukan pork mungkin ikan sapu sapu ceunah
OP PAI 21 day ago
I love Indonesia but they should stop people from selling pork, it's an Islamic country
Adi Abdullah
Adi Abdullah 22 days ago
Wah, semuanya enak ya.
Fujoshi chan
Fujoshi chan 24 days ago
I love traveling and food but unfortunately i was born poor😅.that's why i really love your traveling video mark feels like i was in it too😄
Farrel Yt
Farrel Yt 25 days ago
Liat siomay gw malah kepengen makan batagor
Cabotai 25 days ago
Only in Indonesia Toilet Paper on Tables in Restaurant
Alone Fox
Alone Fox 20 days ago
Mita 26 days ago
Gue ajaa tinggal di jakarta belum kesitu😂😂
Galang Ahmadha
Galang Ahmadha 26 days ago
Translatornya siapa nih woi? Wkwkwk
Sabit Al Khoir
Sabit Al Khoir 26 days ago
Saya suka RUvidrs seperti ini memaparkan sangat jelas
Lendra 258
Lendra 258 26 days ago
In indonesia no pork
berkebun sayur
berkebun sayur 26 days ago
Welcome to jakarta indonesia
Sugar™ Blackcurrant
I love your channel from begining❤️ Finally Indonesia my lovely country😘 Thank you for review🙏😊
Livia Athaya
Livia Athaya 28 days ago
I life in indonesian but not jakarta im in cibubur sometime go there
Larry Danuarta
Larry Danuarta 11 days ago
Hai im from kranggan bekasi
Fahnumsai Majitsai
Fahnumsai Majitsai 29 days ago
You eat look like yummy everything😁😁😁😄
tikoo17_ 26 days ago
@Fahnumsai Majitsai Oh okay. if you have never tried it, don't guess 😊😄
Fahnumsai Majitsai
Fahnumsai Majitsai 27 days ago
@tikoo17_ I'm sorry i don't know because i don't ever eat before 😏
tikoo17_ 27 days ago
in fact, the food here is delicious. So what?
azack 29 days ago
Wahhh Indonesia udah ada Chinatown......
Arsela Lestari
Arsela Lestari 29 days ago
Sayang banget ke Jakarta yang kulinernya menurut gue gak terlalu beragam, coba Bandung atau Jogja.
tikoo17_ 27 days ago
Sirik aja lu. Gua orang jakarta biasa aja kalo ada turis nge explore bandung atau jogja. Gak bilang "sayang banget"
tikoo17_ 27 days ago
Sirik aja lu. Gua orang jakarta nih
Elodie Kisnorbo
Elodie Kisnorbo 29 days ago
It’s incredible how memories are related to food. I’m so in love with food and it’s such a dream to travel just to discover the food culture and create more memories. Btw I love your videos.
John Hallsted
John Hallsted 29 days ago
I'm visiting Jakarta with a friend who worked there this June. I had Hoppers in Sri Lanka 2012.
Canisa Firda
Canisa Firda Month ago
I think in a Nasi Campur there is no pork bely but cow skin or in here called Kikil, because mostly people in indonesia are moslem so if there is pork bely we change it into cow skin or something like that but not pork bely, but the taste it's same delicious as pork bely 😊😊😊 hope you enjoy indonesian streer food, and tasted all❤
Nikola Genchev
Nikola Genchev Month ago
Pal, you always start those videos with a hungry looking face 😀👍
Jolsennn _
Jolsennn _ Month ago
What a great day mark! Thank's for visit my country
Zacki Habibi
Zacki Habibi Month ago
That randang it's actually a meat not a mushroom inside of it
jennifer yamuya
jennifer yamuya Month ago
Ok na Sana parang baboy lng ngumuya..e
Esa Purnama
Esa Purnama Month ago
thank you for the good vibes
Merry Hasam
Merry Hasam Month ago
In Indonesia no pork
Errol Khan
Errol Khan Month ago
Indonesia looks incredible. Fantastic video. Thank you.
Ny Rax
Ny Rax Month ago
There is no pork on indonesian food 🤣
willy rachmansyah
Hallo Mark wiens. Let's try visit another city in Indonesia, near from Jakarta like Bogor, Bandung, there's many kind delicious n etnic foods, and cool fresh weather of course.
willy rachmansyah
Fried Snack is not Rp 12.000, IT'S too exspensive, IT'S Rp 1.000/ each
willy rachmansyah
Indonesian food is chieper in Asia, isn't?
Artemisia Bell Ashcroft
apa aja yang dia makan, semua terlihat enak :v
Sheby Sabrina
Sheby Sabrina Month ago
Hahaha... yeah, Indonesian will think that's very funny if you say that u came there for eat XD. Well maybe bcs Indonesian never aware that their country is actually a foodie paradise.
kwekkwek _cucumber
that siomay looking so yummy
Dina Hamzahh
Dina Hamzahh Month ago
try eating pempek, typical of palembang🤗
Thomas, Nadya La Grand Esquivion Sarakasi
becarefull with street foods,,jou can get free hepetitus with it
Tivi Viral
Tivi Viral Month ago
Tolong dislike koment saya
Black RAN CH
Black RAN CH Month ago
Makanan nya enakk enakk kan om bule???
Rendang isnt mushroom its meat
raja vano
raja vano Month ago
Rendang with mushroom is one of the alternative for vegetarian
Kong Djeman
Kong Djeman Month ago
somay 15rebu mahal amat njr
Yuliana Liang
Yuliana Liang Month ago
OmG this is my area mark...i love all the food u tried
Erick Asmudira Hakim
Just to inform. Generally Siomay in Indonesia doesn't mix with pork, regardless they sell it in Chinatown which primarily the resident are Chinese, but most of street food are sold with halal (no pork nor alcohol) ingredients. If there is some pork, the trader would inform their customers in advance to avoid misconception as most of the citizens are Muslim. By the way great documentary video! Love your clear explanation!
Aris Sulistyo
Aris Sulistyo Month ago
Dia taunya enak dan enak banget ...
Buto Ijo
Buto Ijo Month ago
What Chinatown looks like in Malaysia ? Just curious.
Aina jung
Aina jung Month ago
My hometown i miss you 😍😍😍😍
If you wait till the breadfruit is ripe then it's soft and sweet. Just set it next to the fire and let it cook it is so good it's great dessert
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark Month ago
I felt bad for those poor little birds crammed into that tiny cage.
Agent 69
Agent 69 Month ago
Beware they might have mixed dogmeat with food. Indonesians are dirty scums.
Sumiyati Yati
Sumiyati Yati Month ago
Om sudah sampai ujung dunia blm , klw sudah balik lagi ke indonesia ya jalan"nya 😁😁😁
fazil arrahman
fazil arrahman Month ago
wkwk ga ada orang disana yang tau dia 😂
ngeroad Month ago
Semua dibilang enak
Ainuha Suraiya
Ainuha Suraiya Month ago
Sambal Lover. I like your smile..
einzetube Month ago
Come again next time Mark 😊
Bocah Elek19
Bocah Elek19 Month ago
Mas brooo ... koe ternyata tekan jkrt jg toh ..😀😁👍👍👍👌
Ajie Bayu
Ajie Bayu Month ago
Baru tau klo sukun bahasa inggris nya bread fruit wkwkwk , btw love your video man greeting from bangka belitung island 🇮🇩
eka pratama
eka pratama Month ago
Try going to Singkawang if u havent already. U must visit a noodle shop called "mie 68" and "Bakmie Haji Aman" top 2 noodle shop in town. Also try Bubur Pedas, a borneo style rice poridge. And lots more. Im sure you'll love those
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