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Man tries to cheat a breathalyzer test. You should never drink any liquids period. Dry throat gang.

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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 100
bad faith andy
bad faith andy 6 hours ago
wow i have the same hyperx cloud 2s very cool very swag
CJ The GTA guy
Slender gangdom style
seth loves piano
seth loves piano 3 days ago
"oh come on just smoke a blunt already"
Arian Gallegos
Arian Gallegos 4 days ago
Doesn't boiling alcohol take all the alcohol out like when your cooking
Andrew Giunta
Andrew Giunta 4 days ago
You have to pay for the unit if you break it, buy it, or rent it too for $$$
StudiousDewsh 5 days ago
The simp stache rockin hot
Ruggid .Raw
Ruggid .Raw 5 days ago
Can’t stand this pipsqueek
Efren Vega
Efren Vega 6 days ago
Why couldn’t this dude just stfu? I was trying to watch the video and this due just kept pausing the video to talk , does this dude really think I give a f about what he thinks?
1000 Subs with one video challenge
Raffa it was a joke, do you know what a joke is
Raffa Day ago
what are u even saying
Prod By Babygod
Prod By Babygod 6 days ago
This hit me hard. I need at least 2 joints a day to survive
Jezra Giddie
Jezra Giddie 7 days ago
It looks like a vape
FreddoBaggin 7 days ago
uber exists for a reason
SlumpGawdDon 7 days ago
theoretically you could put alcoholic vape juice in a juul or some shit and do that
Axel Celestino
Axel Celestino 7 days ago
Drunk af 💀💀💀
Kratic 8 days ago
Idubbz wants this man to smoke a car that way he will be sober when he wants to drive his vaporized alchohol
Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore 10 days ago
they do the immediate 5 minute test. so you dont get a friend or relative to blow into the breathalyzer to start the vehicle so you could leave
AdamG1983 11 days ago
"Do you think taking alcohol is cool? Do you think smoking drugs is cool?"
Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!
Irrelevant but I like bananas slightly green basically just turning yellow because they are sweeter to me and they are less likely to get bruised
Lil Dxck
Lil Dxck 14 days ago
why is he smoking alcohol in his house?if he is gonna be driving his car, wouldnt he be outside?so hes gonna bring a tea candle and a glass pipe and light up inside a restraunt or pub just to drink instead of waiting 5 months and keeping his dignity?
Kacper Gebka
Kacper Gebka 15 days ago
This guy has had so many DUI’s that he learned how to beat the system
tokenbunny 15 days ago
u really sucky n fucky on that blowstick
Friendship Buddies
Friendship Buddies 15 days ago
Idoopz like sonic music?!?! OMG
robbie oddball
robbie oddball 16 days ago
Hey man quit making fun of hillbillies as we say southern people ok and I'm one of them I live in Kentucky 👍✌
tbailey264 16 days ago
Jesus Christ the man actually turned the "smoking beers" meme into a real thing
Wyatt Meisner
Wyatt Meisner 16 days ago
Just smoke
Futt Buckerson
Futt Buckerson 17 days ago
Taylor Schaefer
Taylor Schaefer 17 days ago
I had to have one for a year in MN (understandable- do the crime, do the time kinda thing) & I can tell you, as “embarrassing” as it was, I cut down on my drinking bc it was SELFISH to risk others lives. Like if u need to drink that bad to cheat an interlock system- reevaluate your life. Luckily no one was hurt & there was no damage, but had I not been caught, I wouldn’t have seen how bad my drinking really was.
Fatty and Box Monster
how come you look like that?
whenever bill clinton kills me with a silenced 357 magnum for investigating the clinton foundation 8:28 parents: what was that dad: sounds like the fax machine.......odd
A R C H I E GAMING 18 days ago
Just get a balloon pump
Nope Nullify
Nope Nullify 18 days ago
SALTYxPEANUTZ 22 days ago
I used to work for Intoxalock. They're also know as Consumer Safety Technology. Those are some of the shittiest IID's out in the market 😂😂. They also have some of the worst customers out there. I've never talked to so many cry babies in my life 😂😂
ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
This guy is fkd right up man
Dawson Daniels
Dawson Daniels 23 days ago
Just do whip its
Wicho ThaGreat
Wicho ThaGreat 24 days ago
Eduppies what kinda fucking pants are you wearing
David Riddle
David Riddle 24 days ago
God don't you hate it when you can't drink and drive
Doug The Moleman
Doug The Moleman 24 days ago
Why didn't he cut out the fart hahaha
Hubert Kam
Hubert Kam 28 days ago
And he’s driving a Prius that’s explains a lot
David Pena
David Pena 28 days ago
I’m gonna smoke my alcohol vapors through my ass
Purple Crayon
Purple Crayon Month ago
Idubbz:i ate the banana ThAtS wHaT sHe SaId
Tristan Goodsell
He looks like a beaver
shiniest aipom
shiniest aipom Month ago
When he brings up smoking alcohol. Yeah but why? Why would you do that?
Triggered Tepi
Triggered Tepi Month ago
6:38 Is that a Zen Egg Callback? talk about advanced humor
This video is the reason why I've lost my faith in humanity.
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Month ago
That's fuckin dangerous. Smoking kicks in at the same rate as IV. This guy is going to get idiot kids alcohol poisoning worse than they'd have had already. Fucking hell how could you be so stupid. Vaping alcohol is a novelty. If you have a habit of it... Well your more lost than a stereotypical homeless drunk most likely.
Erik Karlsson
Erik Karlsson Month ago
in a year he's injecting his alcohol.
Drayg0 Month ago
The banana anus is what bothered me most about eating the wall banana. Disgusting!!!
Ron LaFlamme
Ron LaFlamme Month ago
The suspicion is you get your friend to blow before you leave... so 5 minutes later you are 5 minutes away and would be on the side of the road lol
Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen Month ago
I think Ian has strong opinions about alcohol, most vlogs and bts from maxmoefoe show him not drinking when everyone else is
Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen Month ago
@Loose Tube Sure I have, but im pretty sure you are referring to deadly twister 2, and the bts for that vid has ian upset at max and george for drinking before the video starts
Loose Tube
Loose Tube Month ago
I guess you haven't seen Deadly Twister
Marshal White
Marshal White Month ago
“It’s not hard it’s actually quite actually pleasurable”
Rawr Month ago
shep Month ago
Nick Fuglseth
Nick Fuglseth Month ago
J0HN_N0ISE 22 days ago
Dead term
Colton Standifird
8:48 You're welcome, friends.
Dylan Alvarez
Dylan Alvarez Month ago
I love the double cherry pass in the background at the beginning of the video
Harry W.
Harry W. Month ago
Omg you can't drink for 5 months in a state with legal weed? Your fucked.
Carson Bloms
Carson Bloms Month ago
This guy is a fucking loser.
J0HN_N0ISE 22 days ago
Arent you as well?
succo max
succo max Month ago
Goppyy?! Month ago
Raj Gill
Raj Gill Month ago
Dead ass didn't know it was 5 months.. thought it would be like a year or 2 to really teach a lesson. Garbage haha
Patrick Endresen
If you get caught driving drunk in norway, you lose your driver's licence for 2 years. You guys are lucky
user. one
user. one Month ago
a little fun fact, the liver really filters out a lot of shit and toxins that your lungs can’t so when you smoke alcohol it’s more potent and more leathal in smaller doses 🤣🤣 dumbass fucker needa just light up a blunt EDIT: I posted this shit before 7:00
Gnossienne N
Gnossienne N Month ago
6:11 pure gold.
Wilhelm Roscher
Wilhelm Roscher Month ago
I am not a doctor or something like that xD but i believe drunken alcohol gets absorbed pretty fast too. So if his blood alcohol is that high, it should take roughly the same amount of time to get sober from "inhaled alcohol" like with normal "drunken alcohol" xD I question, if his blood alcohol is really as high, as the device shows. The small candle doesn't release tons of energy to vaporize much alcohol. I would say, what the device measures is unabsorbed alcohol vapor coming right out of his lungs again 😂 and the "buzz" he feels is the effect of some horrible other substance that gets released by his device 😬
Stupid Idiots
Stupid Idiots Month ago
“An idea for a video about beating a breathelizer.” U sure fam? U sure it was a video idea?
Gary Oak
Gary Oak Month ago
I use to install the Intoxalocks. Some of the customers were straight up defective. A kid tried to smoke pot through his and ruined it. Tried to deny the whole thing although his finger print is literally melted into the plastic. People would drop off the vehicle, go to the bar, come back and be completely fucking baffled that they can't start their car now...
Anita Mann
Anita Mann Month ago
8:13 why he sound like Speedy Gonzales
Wilson Clavijo
Wilson Clavijo Month ago
It's been half a year now damn time goes by fast I literally remember this like it was uploaded yesterday
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Month ago
“LEt mE SMoKE yoUR fiNesT REd apPLe’s ALe bOi”
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Month ago
Andrew Month ago
I like the "chug your alcohol" animation.
Happyto_exist Month ago
Just like fucking smoke weed it's cheaper and all around easier
Alex Mulvaney
Alex Mulvaney Month ago
You need to go on cold ones
Hunter Stephenson
Ur an idiot
Martin Blake
Martin Blake Month ago
Why have just watched this now??😂😂 Absolutely brilliant!
Michael Mcdowell
I drank til I registered .1 on a keychain breathalyzer and I gotta tell u, i fuckin threw up 15 later because to get .1 i had to chug a bottle of brandy to break .1
Courier 6
Courier 6 29 days ago
Michael Mcdowell My guess is you don’t have that much of a tolerance to alcohol (or weigh that much) for that to happen. This device isn’t for people that don’t drink that much or would be considered by some “lightweight”, it’s stop alcoholics or those that have failed field sobriety.
Kate Neonne
Kate Neonne Month ago
i cant feel anything but sorry for the guy. his life is so dependent on alcohol that hes willing to break the law to drink. i really hope he goes to a therapist or an addiction group to learn how to cope with sobriety.
ShadowChilly Month ago
i dont think people drink just cause they want to see shit... they like to drink cause they like to *DRINK* , they like the liquid, the taste... smoking that dry ass smoke cloud that makes your lungs and throat as fucking dry as the arabic desert wont solve your problems.
Jake kfc Is chill
Engine using mouth wash that isn’t alcohol free and you accidentally sallow some. And then you’re all ready for work and you blow into this “ breathalyzer” and it won’t let you drive because you accidentally drank the mouth wash with Alcohol
VirginiaReaper Month ago
Did anyone else get a sober link ad, for a alcohol rehab for the video lol?
Middles Month ago
iDubbbz you gay, you use youtube dark.
Anomaly88man Month ago
I just smoke weed about it.
kGedge YO
kGedge YO Month ago
“If you smoke your alcohol, you’re gonna end up like me” - Dayron Arias
Just_Browsing Month ago
Idubbbz fans are fuckin hilarious man
Nathan Diamond
Nathan Diamond Month ago
i didnt know i could smoke acohol thanks idubbz u learn something knew everyday. im off to the liquor store
Agent 47
Agent 47 Month ago
It’s a full rotation he has cancer again
theShaqtus5320 Month ago
Just huff a damn sharpie you fucking idiot
Cody Richey
Cody Richey Month ago
That's why I just take an Uber Everytime I drink
Zikzip Month ago
GhostBro's World
I just want to know why you hatin on the guy so much?
TJ Amos
TJ Amos Month ago
I subscribed soon as he said c'mon jus smoke a blunt
Jack's Account
Jack's Account Month ago
Idubbbz: has 2 totally good monitors in the background. Also Idubbbz: uses a laptop instead.
DaveThePickle Month ago
glad I've never drank
TheForgotten Donut
Imagine being such a pathetic alcoholic that after you get arrested for a DUI and have a breathalyzer into your car ignition, you invent a way to still be able to drive while wasted
timpat73 Month ago
This feels more like a crit1kal video
idkdrew Month ago
I have one of those in my car, I beat the system by stealing a different car after every night out.
M P Month ago
Good comment
mike Dergance
mike Dergance Month ago
Lol jk
The Banana Man
The Banana Man Month ago
Nicholas Cabral
Nicholas Cabral Month ago
1:39 the techmoan music
TheHappyKamper Month ago
The 5 and 20 minute delays are to make sure you don't just get someone else to do it at the start.
kilroy.v9.1.7 Month ago
my mom had a breathalyzer starter like that in our car and it broke a month in and she never got it fixed oof
Christopher Michael
Hmm, what about alcohol through an enema? You'll die.
Tomáš Ševčík
Drunk driving is badaas!!!!
Jace Taylor
Jace Taylor Month ago
Not to mention smoking alcohol can close up your lungs
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