Inayah - Best Thing (Official Video)

Inayah Lamis
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Directed by Michelle Parker
Stream "Best Thing" now! Empire.lnk.to/BestThingYo
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Official Music Video by Inayah - Best Thing © Inayahlator Enterprise, LLC / EMPIRE


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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Sarah Elaine Pippin
Love it
DtrueMrsLang 12 hours ago
I love this song and her. Im glad i found her.
Kesha Young
Kesha Young 16 hours ago
This song is getting me thru a break up now. Love it!
Family Love Luckie
Family Love Luckie 19 hours ago
Man man love it play it all day 💗😍💗🙂
jody eason
jody eason 20 hours ago
I love u inayah that sugar daddy song have a buzz bby love it
Jamarius Anderson
Jamarius Anderson 23 hours ago
8 G 0pkmmklpl0mjvsqq1yy k kphonmjkkòm,JockDflk,ommm. 8opp000hgyyyùhhygff8 Bgguuuhjjjyykuyuulllpewghhnhwaw0psaas . L L Nmk,lull buig5ui806i6 M7jii00I8ii8 U6i66in 87uut 88ppl tick
YKTV _ Day ago
The beat is just so soothing to my mind 🥺
Audrielle Moody
I feel this song she song this song I love it 🥰 It’s like I’m livein this song 😩
Thekhadijahaffect de’vorshe
5.9K dislikes is all men! 😭 gotta be.
Austin schoessow
Austin schoessow 2 days ago
Damn talk about a chocolate addiction
Lila Dunn
Lila Dunn 2 days ago
Just hearing this !!! On REPEAT❤️❤️❤️
Shar 2 days ago
Deep in 2020 she still on my SPECIAL playlist
Mercedez Gregory
Mercedez Gregory 2 days ago
I love the Plot twist at the beginning
Too easy for you to go astray
Aa Aa
Aa Aa 2 days ago
Gilbria Mickel
Gilbria Mickel 3 days ago
So feeling this song right now 💔
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 3 days ago
4:45am and I’m crying listening to this 😭 really puts you in your feelings 🙄
Rosa Maria Hidalgo Martin
This Song helped me to get over my ex
In&outerbeauty Gianni
Herstory 101
Herstory 101 3 days ago
Beautiful song but the best revenge is moving on with your head held high, not smashing up his car.
Desie Msbeauty
Desie Msbeauty 3 days ago
Crazy how one day I was like, "How will I get over him" then this song came on. I'm rocking my head back forth, like oooh okay girl. SOMEONE who can relate!! "I thought I found love, but you ain't shit.✌Now I'm happy!😊
Mona Majestic
Mona Majestic 4 days ago
My favorite jam💃🏽🍸🥂
Justin Artist
Justin Artist 4 days ago
Hello everyone, I've recently released my EP "Beautiful Process". I could really use some honest feedback on the music project! All critics are welcome! Thank you in advance. Available on my channel #Now #CoolWorld #GoldeMoment
Dee The Entertainer
soooo happy for your success and the voice,... whew child !!!!! smooth
Mohamed Elmi
Mohamed Elmi 5 days ago
I'm An African King please all the AA ladies come to Africa we shall treat you like the Queen you are, give you some TLC and live a happy life. Every man should treat a women good coz our mothers are women. Yours African King 🤴
Kashaun Johnson
Kashaun Johnson 5 days ago
This song made me realize I was more Than enough I just wasn’t enough for Someone who wasn’t ready for something real. Learning to love myself was the best thing I done for me and worked on me!
Annell Johnson
Annell Johnson 6 days ago
Man WHERE IS OUR NEW MUSIC AT INAYAH ??!!😭😭 need yur music more than ever . goin thru a toxic breakup 🙏🙏 we was finna get married nd all - sincerly a real fan
Chat with Katt
Chat with Katt 6 days ago
I love this song and i can relate to this song on all levels!!!!
Abdou diankha
Abdou diankha 6 days ago
wrknprogress33 6 days ago
This song is a trigger for me 💔💔 I still like it though
Patrick Graham
Patrick Graham 7 days ago
I feel everything about this song fuck this nigga im good
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Sippn with T
Sippn with T 7 days ago
Oct 2020 still luv this song 🎵
Nay Lucya
Nay Lucya 7 days ago
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Bella Harris
Bella Harris 7 days ago
This song is definitely my new motivation....she spoke volumes 💯💪🏾
Kiyama n Grayer
Kiyama n Grayer 8 days ago
I hate love.
yo nisch
yo nisch 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-bHd7V7KQY90.html 🎹🛑🛑🛑 Likes commentaire et abonnement follow Me please
nguyen quoc THAI
nguyen quoc THAI 8 days ago
thai 💛....
Morris BABA ARTS 8 days ago
Exclusive best than ever you took your time kip it op girl
Shawna Booker
Shawna Booker 8 days ago
This right here hyts deep, every word is so true!!!
Mary Anika
Mary Anika 8 days ago
Thanks you Daniel I love you daddy he just sent me 5000$ for my week allowance. If you are interested in him you can send him message 9154442210 i have been trying some sugar daddy too
liza Q
liza Q 8 days ago
This song is amazing 😍
Shani’a 8 days ago
Alexis Lockhart
Alexis Lockhart 8 days ago
Rebecca Mallett
Rebecca Mallett 8 days ago
But I wanted to feel it, cause it'll teach me not to go back there again..deep
Sharon Atkins
Sharon Atkins 9 days ago
Idk how this popped up on my feed but I'm happy it did im a new fan wish u all the luck in the world god taking u places stay blessed keep grinding girl
Olivia Step
Olivia Step 9 days ago
The best break up song I cant stop playing it 💓😭🎶
LaReina Negra
LaReina Negra 9 days ago
How am I just finding this
La'Toya Montgomery
Lmfao the dislikes are from the F*** Boyz!!!! 😂
Keonna Ross
Keonna Ross 9 days ago
Song still rocks to me......
Ashleyyy Ramos
Ashleyyy Ramos 9 days ago
Gave you a space in my heart but you aint fit and its hurts but I let it cause i needed that pain But I wanted to feel it Cause it'll teach me not To go back there again 👏🙌❤
dawn bringer
dawn bringer 9 days ago
me : i miss him but that will go away its been 3years
Lee McCaskill
Lee McCaskill 9 days ago
LaLa Love
LaLa Love 10 days ago
WHEW I stumbled across this song and I'm not mad at alllllll.
Brianna ledbetter
Brianna ledbetter 10 days ago
This is a good song, but can we discuss for one sec how she bashed the wrong car?! 🤣
Queen Bent
Queen Bent 10 days ago
Cant wait to hear more from her she my 2020 brandi!!!🗣🗣🗣😍😘🎶💃🤷‍♀️
Black priness Nixon
This song changed my life 🖤🖤🖤
hot weather
hot weather 11 days ago
Ain't that the teacher from power two
Tiffany Watson
Tiffany Watson 11 days ago
Thank you!!!!!!
Tabitha Lonix
Tabitha Lonix 11 days ago
I can definitely relate😔
Hounon Amangnon
Hounon Amangnon 12 days ago
*Finis la pauvreté, la misère et tout autres problèmes qui font que vous n'avancez pas.* *Devenez immensément riche pour réaliser vos rêves.* *-Retour d'affection immédiate et rapide dans moins de 3 jours sans séparation* *-Attachement de couple* *-Mariage pour le bonheur* *-Tomber enceinte et avoir des jumeaux* *-Avoir la clientèle, Réussir à un concours ou examen, Être aimé par tout le monde, Avoir de travail...* *Je ne suis pas Dieu mais Dieu m'a donné une force et quand je dis, cela advient et je vous garantie une satisfaction totale et rapide* *Contact direct/WhatsApp +22994407482*
Bunga Arum
Bunga Arum 12 days ago
Mohon pilem tak layak buat anak jagan di tayang di hafe ini ini se kara ng puyaku buat anak sekolah mau membloker saya belum tau caraya mohon di kasih tau
Brittany Sutton
Brittany Sutton 12 days ago
Walter nd Brandon 🤦🏾‍♀️
niyah 13 days ago
Boss up girl and get that check, period!
Angela Marsenburg
Angela Marsenburg 13 days ago
This hit me hard. Damn I been crying off this song for 2 days. I'm going to get through this for real.
Adam Whitaker
Adam Whitaker 13 days ago
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Lyrics Nicole
Lyrics Nicole 13 days ago
Love this song and get paid here to listen share.getpaidto.app/Lnxoxo
Tianna Lillard
Tianna Lillard 14 days ago
😔😔😔 mood......✌✌✌💔💔
melly melly
melly melly 14 days ago
You killed this song straight fire!!!!
4sho100 14 days ago
Shit bumping 🔥🔥
Gabby Lassie
Gabby Lassie 15 days ago
I love her 😍 😘😘😘💕💕💕💕😍😍
Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson 15 days ago
This song helped me this is so real
Ju' Ju
Ju' Ju 15 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Took the words right out my mouth‼️
Love Mil
Love Mil 15 days ago
Steevo Ldj
Steevo Ldj 15 days ago
Love the choons..shame i can't play my faves on my show ..(I'm wundrin if I could edit out the expletives)..
Renisia Worme
Renisia Worme 15 days ago
This song is so true I love it to bad
Sabe Nieve
Sabe Nieve 16 days ago
And that car thooo 🥵😍😍😍🔥
Sabe Nieve
Sabe Nieve 16 days ago
The way this took a turn at 1:20 is everything 💪🤞💯💅🏼
One Night
One Night 16 days ago
You ain't forget about shit if you pulling up with a bat lol
Toshara Robinson
Toshara Robinson 16 days ago
I love this young lady and I am so proud to be a true fan ❤️💚
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Zoey Lynn
Zoey Lynn 16 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-HQVdR-V6VZY.html A forgotten folktale from Verma and Thailand , where a king🤴is unbothered about the things happening around him as those don't directly affects him. Do we have similar attitude towards our surrounding? Listen till the end..❤❤️😃
Ola Omotoye
Ola Omotoye 16 days ago
All the dislikes are from the toxic exes that thought we would stay with them so they can manipulate us ...sorry our attitudes have changed 😙😙✋😍💯💯💯💃💃💃😏😏
Ola Omotoye
Ola Omotoye 16 days ago
I thought I wanted my ex back till I listened to this song now I am like who is he😂😂😂😂💯
Justine Jamison
Justine Jamison 17 days ago
Can you please put it on Apple Music☹️
ho pe
ho pe 17 days ago
Mario Otoya
Mario Otoya 17 days ago
I’m sorry to tell you dis but u r fat
Everywhere 17 days ago
Chris Wetzel
Chris Wetzel 18 days ago
Ur soul never heals or gets over that one person u fell for you
Iracelma Rocha
Iracelma Rocha 18 days ago
I love her❣️
Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas 18 days ago
The Best thing for me....
S.s Queen
S.s Queen 18 days ago
Every word hits crazy how u put everything I feel into a song ! Definitely repeat
K. Kurlz
K. Kurlz 19 days ago
Girl this song is everything!! My fav and you are beautiful girl 😍😍😍
Gduhfgsgdh Gsudhg
Gduhfgsgdh Gsudhg 19 days ago
Yang pilih allah like.
Nani 19 days ago
On point!!
Got7 Jackson
Got7 Jackson 19 days ago
😩 in ma feelz type vibess
Kandeese T
Kandeese T 19 days ago
Love this song 🥰 I can relate.
trey. is. my. man seays
👀do. Not. 👎 of. This. Is. The. 👍 or. The. Othe. 1. Will. I. Can. Not. Pick. So. I. 👍 both. And. She. Is. Prett.
Maria Salinas
Maria Salinas 20 days ago
Found this song on tiktok, shout out to @chatyahb
Dvine JOHNSON 20 days ago
Who is the brown skinned goddess! I’ve never heard of her b4 but I am for sure a fan off of this one song
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