In The Shadow of Your Wings/Holy is The Lord - Joseph Prince

Jesus Loves You
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Feb 5, 2016




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Joanna Bean
Joanna Bean 20 days ago
Thank you so much Holy Spirit for leading Pastor Prince to sing Praises to Father God in Jesus name Amen. This is what the Holy Trinity Loves. Holy is the Lord and all together Lovely. Amen.
Whitney A
Whitney A 24 days ago
I’m 17 weeks pregnant and started to bleed after doing too much housework. I listened to this and praised and worshiped God for my healing. All the bleeding stopped after listening to this! Praise God!
Whitney A
Whitney A 19 days ago
Jacokarat thank you so much!
Jacokarat 20 days ago
Praise the Lord! I will be praying for both of you!
tik tok famous 123
tik tok famous 123 28 days ago
This song is annointed
tik tok famous 123
tik tok famous 123 28 days ago
God bless you pastor prince
tik tok famous 123
tik tok famous 123 28 days ago
We need Psalm 91 in the shadow of your wings I find your peace lord Jesus
elizabeth phililps
Beautiful song. Holy Holy Lord. Pastor Prince what a beautiful voice you have. God bless you
Kyle Hendricks
Kyle Hendricks Month ago
I thank the Lord for Sending such Anointed Pastor's our way Amen :)
Fabiola Casper
Fabiola Casper Month ago
Emanuel Rex
Emanuel Rex Month ago
Now this is preaching. Thank you for praising our Lord Almighty. We praise you Lord Jesus Christ the son of our Father and our Holy Spirit.
ginger aragon
ginger aragon 2 months ago
The LORD is our dwelling place .Amen
ginger aragon
ginger aragon 2 months ago
Jesus and this man is the only thing that will save our dying world.AMEN
ginger aragon
ginger aragon Month ago
Good day pastor prince and wendy.because of your true word. Jesus is healing and saving my family ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO LOVES YOU AND JESUS IS LORD
ginger aragon
ginger aragon Month ago
Lydia Nyambura
Lydia Nyambura 4 months ago
surely in the shadow of HIS WINGS thats where mercy,peace and grace are
Uma Rani
Uma Rani 4 months ago
Aines Wood
Aines Wood 4 months ago
I am hurting right now, i want to be in the shadow of your wings Lord
Aines Wood
Aines Wood Month ago
Zurien van der Merwe Thank you for your thoughts, i appreciate it. God is good all the time
Zurien van der Merwe
Just ask Him Aines. He hears u. He longs to comfort u and take ur pain away. He can do it. He wants to. He wants to help u and set u free. He is not far from u. He has never left u and will never leave u. Call on Him. He is near to all who call upon His name in spirit and in truth. He has everything u need. He will minister to u and u will feel His love and comfort.
Wahyu Kristianita
Wahyu Kristianita 4 months ago
AMEN, it will be done as your faith
Violet Love
Violet Love 4 months ago
This song has always been a comfort and fortress for me. My beautiful Lord, i love to worship you and feel my heart beat with yours in rhythm. I can't wait to dance with you in heaven, my king. I love you Yeshua..
Karen Dixon
Karen Dixon 4 months ago
Playing this as we go into 2020...whatever happens in and with the world is not our concern... just look to Jesus.. you are under the shadow of His wings.
jahjasuryandy 4 months ago
Amazing. Thank God for His Grace. Thanks pastor Prince for keep reminding on His Grace. I am humbly amazed 🙏
Alice Gounden
Alice Gounden 5 months ago
Bless you Pastor Prince
Cathy Pamisa
Cathy Pamisa 5 months ago
Amen! Hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus!
Anointed song from heaven
Béla Sándor Tepertő
Лилия Кушнир
Elsie Fluency and travel
I feel good every time I listen to Joseph Sing this song. Thank you for shating
Sharon Rivera
Sharon Rivera 6 months ago
Pray that Jesus would heal my thyroid now in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Rosalind Pillay
Rosalind Pillay 6 months ago
I cannot stop listening. Receive protection for my family in Jesus Name. I pray and declare Psalm 91 and Psalm 34 over my family daily. thank you Lord for using Pastor Joseph Prince. God bless you.
Teresa Paradise
Teresa Paradise 6 months ago
Jesus My all in all, I am my fathers daughter, Amen...PS:91..Holy, Holy, Holy, Love..............
Rosalind Pillay
Rosalind Pillay 6 months ago
Psalm 91 my daily prayers for my family. thank you Pastor Prince. Amen.
Johannes Kazemi
Johannes Kazemi 6 months ago
Wow , beautiful voice .Amen
Katherine Austin
Katherine Austin 6 months ago
Hallelujah He is Holy Hallelujah I praise His Mighty name Holy is my God I receive it Jesus thank You Father amen
Harry Kim
Harry Kim 6 months ago
Dear sir. To sincere brother and sister in Jesus Christ. Good evening. sorry, My English isn't good. I am Harry kim from South Korea. God bless you. I am born again Christian. Thank you very much. Here is a prayer request. Would you pray for Dying south Korea? Your prayer can stop destroying of our country. This country is out of service. We have sinned for One lord Jehova very much. We deserve death. We are canary in the mine shaft. I hope miracle would happen in two Korea just as Jesus christ fed 5,000 people only by five bread and two fishes. South Korea and church is like stage 4 cancer patient. Very serious. In addition, Kim jung un regime have been working on communized south Korea. They are well-systematically and very evil and demonic and wise. It's very hard to resist alone. It is big disaster for us. Kim and moon crave unification and neither wants the democratic unification Prayer is powerful than Any weapon. And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. 21.Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. South korea president moon jae in is suspicious people. He belongs to minju party.(democratic party, actually satanic party) He is subverting democracy, freedom, south korea. He is leftist communist Chinese friendly politician who does not want to cooperate with America. At first he prosecuted former president park - gun -hye with false evidence. His cabinet(Secret of statement Lim jong seok, moon jeong in and so on) are extremely anti-USA politician. He is extreme leftist and anti - usa politician. He is spokesman of Kim jung eun. He is too close to North Korea and its leader. He is like micro xi jing ping Chinese leader. The famous pro-democrat politician wants to stop and shut down THAAD(America's missile defence system) completely. They love North Korea, They want to support North Korea evil regime despite the starving and inhumane treatment of ordinary North Korean citizens. They do not like the rich and want to destroy the Chaebol(Super rich person) or anything that resembles. but most korean are very naive. He is top spokesman of Kim jung eun. "It is only a matter of time South Korea will be a communist state" Says Former Korea Persecutor Mr.go young joo. Remember the case of USA detainee otto warmbier. North korea killed him. We can't trust north korea. Horrible country. “Nuclear weapons are their shield, their lifeline. I don’t think they’ll give those up in the future.Leader kim-jung-un is pedophilia. A North Korean defector has told of Kim Jong Un’s teen sex slaves, lavish caviar lunches and gory public executions. Despite people there are starving and dying and He orders uncle to be fed to dogs! If we united, He will persecute and kill whole christian.So would you pray for to break ungodly ties with north korea? Summit between two leader are like Germany's sudetenland meeting between Nazi's hitler and european leader during the world war 2. In the end hitler invaded czech republic. North korea will do that. They will never forsake nuke. In addition, south korea government have corrupted by spy of DPRK and letfist. They are hiding deeply as horse of trojan. And also government is going to issue censorship law. Moon jae in is rushing Korea toward reunification in wrong way. He is in the doghouse by USA President Donald Trump. We need prayer. And also I want you to know urgent situation for Korea. Communism is about to destroy temple spiritually but church isn't aware of this. By torch of prayer can awake dying church in Korea and set north Korean free and eliminate DPRK evil regime. I don't want to make korea like the case of communist nation such as China, north korea. I don't want my nation be trampled by communist and don't want let them make orphan and boat people. Thank you very much to hear this. Korea should be the nation based on the God's sure promise and unify with God's will. I wish God would eliminate two ungodly leader and set us free from threat of communist. It's time to tear our pillows and repent. To God be the glory. I want to know this urgent story and request prayer in the name of Holy Jesus Christ. Your prayer can change endangered our nation's fate. In only half a century, Europe's Christianity have been collapsed. When Korea is communized, Asian countries will have big problems. Above all, there will be obstacles in preaching the gospel. South korea is at risk. Communism has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: Its fruits are death, destruction, and despair. Your prayer can save dying korea church. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. watch out south korea. Korea is more serious than Vietnam. Ardent commie is taking over the south korea. Korea and korea church got the boiling frog syndrom. To Seoul, South korea(Korea, Korea church is like prodigal child Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinehas O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! God, we ask for you to grow and protect your church in South Korea. Thanks for listening us.
Irene Silva
Irene Silva 6 months ago
roark jones
roark jones 6 months ago
Keerthi Jesus
Keerthi Jesus 6 months ago
Holy Holy Holy is the One.....Yeshua Messiah
Elsie Visser
Elsie Visser 7 months ago
Yes, holy is the Lord! Let God's people unite in one unanemous voice, praising and glorifying His name as He is enthroned. Lift up your voices, oh sons of God for He us worthy to be praised. Jesus, King of kings be exalted! With praise and thanksgiving we enter His courts.
Zamalambule Sibanyoni
In the shadow of your wings thank you Lord!! Thank you.
Arsela Zeeshan
Arsela Zeeshan 7 months ago
Bless you ~♥~
Sai Kumar
Sai Kumar 8 months ago
Thank you Jesus I feel the presence of God thank you brother
Donald Dupuis
Donald Dupuis 8 months ago
Oh Lord almighty, I'm in security in the shadow of yr wings. I'm not afraid for you're my shelter. Blessed be your Holy Name. Thank you pst Prince. You're blessed indeed.
Chitra Basnet
Chitra Basnet 8 months ago
How wanderful thou art
Christina Chu
Christina Chu 8 months ago
Pastor Prince's songs are full of anointing. It doesn't have time, space or situation limits. That's what the spirit of the Lord does!
maridalia carvalho
maridalia carvalho 9 months ago
Thankyou very much Pastor Prince. God bless you more and more and more
우心 9 months ago
I feel healing every time I hear the song Thank lord!Amen
Susann Weigel
Susann Weigel 9 months ago
Ich danke unserem herrlichen Vater für dich Pastor Prince ❤️🙌 und was für eine Freude, wenn ich dich bald live sehen darf, bei unserem Herrn.... Wie herrlich wird das sein... 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️
Margaret Essay
Margaret Essay 9 months ago
Praise be to our Lord Jesus who has redeemed us and finished his mission on earth. Keep preaching the gospel of grace pastor prince you are a true disciple of the Lord unlike many other money grabbing wolves in sheeps clothiing🙏🙏🙏
Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips 10 months ago
Holy. Holy. Holy is the Lord.
Grace Rdw
Grace Rdw 10 months ago
Amen 🙏
Jerin Shaji
Jerin Shaji 10 months ago
You shall live and not die with the divine health of Jesus flowing through you...!!! Jesus you are my only peace!!! You are my refuge.. You are my health♥♥♥
Sharlene Love Dove King
Amen, Amen, Amen, powerful anointed song praise the Lord, one of my favorites, I love how the Lord works everything out all for His Glory! Joseph Prince is a pointer to our Wonderful Precious Lord Jesus Christ Amen!
Maria Pena
Maria Pena 11 months ago
I think your an awesome preacher and I dare you to let go of that big auditorium and televised missionary and use all that money to actually connect with human bodies that to be touched and loved and feel God's love..may God bless you always
Sai Sri
Sai Sri Year ago
I.wanna meet pastor prince love to watch ur cermons cause i can feel in my soul jesus when u preach my saviour.... I love my Jesus tq pastor prince tq very much before i die i want to see u once may the Lord give that chance by his grace
mo 6 days ago
It's true, he has said this, (as long as) God uses his words, really it is the Lord's message for us we are hearing. He is a willing vessel, and so can we be one.
Jesus DailyQuotes
I rely on your faithful covering oh Jesus. I shall not be afraid. I have zero money in my bank but that peace that you’ve given me is AMAZING! You have taken out my fears. Halleluyaaaah! Oh Lord! Jesus i shall forever praise your Name. My problems are nothing to your sacrifice. In this world, i may have nothing. But with You Jesus, I have everything
Jesus DailyQuotes
He is our amazing pastor here in Singapore! I thank Joseph Prince for leading me back to Jesus and teaching His ways.
Sangeeta Chauhan
My favourite verse psalm 91 Thank you Lord Jesus Praise the Lord Amen .Thank you man of God Bless you Amen.
Andressa Silva
Holy is the Lord !!!!! Oii esse louvor tocou muito meu coração Toda honra a ti Jesus
Litvina Joseph
Pastor Prince you have a very anointing voice I love to hear all your praise and worship God bless you abundantly Amen
mirabel aiyuk
mirabel aiyuk Year ago
Me too I enjoy his worship a lot
Jean Shadey
Jean Shadey Year ago
Thank you Pastor Prince . All glory to God for such an amazing teacher revealing the truth of Gods love 💕 God bless South Africa 🇿🇦
Emmanuel Olonade
Glory to God! God bless you Pastor Joseph Prince and all yours in Jesus Name. Amen.
Katica Vreco
Katica Vreco Year ago
Maria ap tavares machado Maria tavares
Esse louvor toca o Ceu
Elke Barbara Krummnacker
Im Schatten Seiner Flügel....dort bin ich bewahrt... Halleluja! Danke Gott-Allmächtig! Danke, mein Retter Jesus!
Maria ap tavares machado Maria tavares
Esse louvor toca muito a nossa alma.
Harinderjit Kaur
In jesus name ....i receive amen..God bless the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince...ame
Punam Sharma
Punam Sharma Year ago
Thankyou so much Pastor Prince for this song. May God bless u & ur family.
Lisa L Menard
Lisa L Menard Year ago
This is so anointed. Thank you so much! I listen to it all the time and it always escorts me right into the awareness and presence of God, and all worries fall away. Praise Jesus. Please, if you have access to more worship like this led by Joseph Prince, please post.
mo 6 days ago
And Joseph Prince online (on demand) has a new entire message daily
Jesus DailyQuotes
Lisa L Menard you can install his phone app Joseph Prince. He has lots of devotionals in there
Evangeline Palisoc
Under God migthy wings is my covering from any harm and danger. And is my healing of my soul.
José do Mato Grosso
Portia Jonah
Portia Jonah Year ago
Ur tongue speaking and worship is an exceptional
Portia Jonah
Portia Jonah Year ago
God bless you man of God. I love you soooo much Pst Prince
Shirly Alexander
Dear Lord Jesus Christ your so perfect in love
Katica Vreco
Katica Vreco Year ago
Katienka Le Roux
Amen and Amen! Love you Jesus! I worship U!!!
Micael Penette
Let the
Patricia Maia
Patricia Maia Year ago
Lindo essa ministração, não canso de adorar Jesus! Obrigada Jesus por esse pastor!!!
José do Mato Grosso
José Carlos Altrão
Éva Gáspár
Éva Gáspár Year ago
Szép !
It's nice to be in the presence of the Lord.
May Persaud
May Persaud Year ago
Praise the Lord God Almight
jennifer cruz
jennifer cruz Year ago
Lord Jesus Christ..help mo right now..im in so much pain..help me..i will just cry and release everything thats in my heart right now..hide me in the shadow of your wings Jesus Christ.
Ronald Bankien
In Jesus Christ mighty name we pray. God bless. Amen
Elke Barbara Krummnacker
Be blessed, He is you'r savior!...
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