Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors React Out Of Nowhere COMPILATION

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Improvised Movie Scenes COMPILATION
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The Wolf Of Wall Street
The Dark Knight
Silence of the Lambs
Fast and Furious 6
The Godfather
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
The Departed
Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Part 2
The Hangover
Dumb and Dumber
American Pie
Galaxy Quest
Step Brothers
Young Frankenstein
Neighbors 2
Dark Knight Rises
Good Will Hunting
The Usual Suspects
Annie Hall
The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Jurassic World
Shaun of the Dead
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Feb 9, 2017





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Comments 1 756
Screen Rant
Screen Rant 2 years ago
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Devin Willard
Devin Willard 3 months ago
Subscribe to this D!ck
brenda tatoosh
Jodie Foster said in a interview, she never meet or talked to Anthony Hopkins.
Cody Ross
Cody Ross Year ago
Too many ads ya greedy pricks.
James Craig
James Craig Year ago
yo. Dicaprio asked Mccanauhey to bring the chant to the scene. It wasn't improv.
Jason Richard
Thought for sure you were gonns edit in when Ben Stiller says "Han Sooooloooo" as Zoolander when you got Star Wars 😂
Hakasauars Day ago
4:10 No one is going to say how Ludacris spoiled a bunch of buns
kUwUmiko Day ago
6:48 yo that music in the background is from Life Is Strange "Drifting by" haha can't believe i caught that
keri caye
keri caye Day ago
I HATED the Wolf of Wall Street....but that's just me........Heath's a great actor. Once I worked on Criminal Minds and for this old scene (it was to be years gone by) this young man said to me on a break, "Look at this label in my pants...Heath Ledger".....I was stunned..he was wearing an old wardrobe used by Heath...I told him, "wear with pride!"
Preet Singh
Preet Singh Day ago
This video is for iphone x for sure , the screen fits 101%
Peter Krucker
I can't believe the Leo blood moment from Django Unchained wasn't on here
Jeff Price
Jeff Price 2 days ago
Still can’t get over that Brando loved to suck dick 🤫
Ereshkiga1 2 days ago
Digmer 4 days ago
I loved both zoolander movies.
crumb 5 days ago
Your pronunciation of feige pisses me off
Atlegang Moseleki
11:48 "Oh!!! That's not right..." Am I not dead😹😹
Turkster The Great
Can you please stop yapping and show the clip. I can understand and read myself
Aleatha Vogel
Aleatha Vogel 6 days ago
DiCaprio takes the adage, "The scene doesn't end until the director says 'Cut'" to heart. No matter what happens while actively filming, you don't stop acting unless the director tells you to.
tom staff
tom staff 7 days ago
Oktanski 7 days ago
Best impovisation ever? Leo in Django, when cuts his hand with broken glass and smash blood all over black actress...
Dr. Alan Rothschild
Sam Rockwell was not getting his start 11:41! You all have the internet at your fingertips no excuse for incorrect information! His debut role in the horror film Clownhouse (1989) (produced by Francis Ford Coppola's production company), which he filmed while living in San Francisco, he moved to New York and trained at the William Esper Studios with teacher Terry Knickerbocker.[13] His career slowly gained momentum in the early 1990s, when he alternated between small-screen guest spots in TV series like The Equalizer, NYPD Blue and Law & Order and small roles in films such as Last Exit to Brooklyn and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS? LOL! WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS COPY PASTE PREVAILS!
Lester Jester
Lester Jester 9 days ago
It was Irving Kurshner that didn’t like the “I love you line” and argued with Lucas to keep the line.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 10 days ago
ThwartAbyss54 11 days ago
no stop that is through her spine! How is she controlling the legs XD
SpadeNya 12 days ago
The golden ages of MTV From 1981 to 1995
Why not half bakes
Dwarfgrinder 13 days ago
17:07 um. how is this marvel? Thought Silver surfer was Dc comics.
Dwarfgrinder 7 days ago
@Melito Saldanha oooohhhh...ty very much
Melito Saldanha
Melito Saldanha 13 days ago
Not silver surfer. Quick Silver
Ryanne Barlow
Ryanne Barlow 14 days ago
I didn't realize Sam Rockwell was in Starship Troopers... He plays some pretty shady characters... The Green Mile made me hate him.. No matter what I see him in, that's all I can think about...
human is animal
human is animal 12 days ago
Anonamoose it’s on Netflix. Please go watch it! Did i beg enough? Please,please please! Lol! Sorry,it’s just that this movie is so high on my list,i can watch it over&over.
human is animal
human is animal 12 days ago
Anonamoose oh please, watch the green mile! It’s really a must see movie! And let us know please.
Anonamoose 12 days ago
See, I only ever see him as the baddie in Charlie's angels, dancing and being a sexy mofo lol.
Don't even try it
Don't even try it 15 days ago
The one about the joker, makes no sense to me. Why would Heath Ledger be put behind the bars, full suit and makeup, if he was not intended for the scene? lol
Brett Prior
Brett Prior 16 days ago
sweet 47:2 aspect ratio... and @720p no less. Much impress... Many wows. Such immerse
Felucius 16 days ago
Don't let this distract you from that fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civic's with Spoon engines and ordered 3 T66 turbo's with NOS, and a Motec system exhaust.
pantheist46n2 17 days ago
most of these are hella mediocre. the only outstanding one was the robbin williams monologue
Maskah leo
Maskah leo 17 days ago
look at me loot at me now I am the captain
Josh Wallace
Josh Wallace 18 days ago
what is the song being played over the bane improvisation scene
Wistbacka 18 days ago
Nothing from Beverly Hills Cop? Half of that movie series is improvised.
Adam Jordan
Adam Jordan 18 days ago
Didn't mention Alladin either, almost every one of Genie's lines were improv by the great Robin Williams.
renski gonski
renski gonski 18 days ago
if you cannot make a video without talking all over the scenes, DON'T MAKE THE VIDEO
emericaclay1 19 days ago
Except Jodie and Hopkins scenes were filmed at different times, mostly different days.he didnt hiss at foster, he hissed at the camera only. Still a great scene
N45HcH 19 days ago
12:59 Ferrell and Reilly in Holmes & Watson was definitely not what anyone waited for.
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate 20 days ago
16:26 I hear he still thinks about 6 year old girls ....... lol As soon as he said that line i cracked up laughing
Paul OBrien
Paul OBrien 21 day ago
any list about improvised movie moments without Good Morning Vietnam is just a joke
Brady Herstein
Brady Herstein 21 day ago
I just wish he showed the scenes he was talking about
Karen Crutchfield
Wolf of wall street Mathew did an interview and shares that they had done 2 shots of that scene. When Leonardo suggested he add in the chest thumping.
Alex N
Alex N 21 day ago
Leo Dicaprio is indeed a good actor, but he pales next to McConaughey, and you can see it every time they're both on the same screen.
hyphen point
hyphen point 23 days ago
That's considered a hiss?
John Da Weirdo
John Da Weirdo 23 days ago
Amy Schumer in a funny movie? Thats outrageous.
mr rebel
mr rebel 26 days ago
why not show the actual adlib? not narrate it for us
eljukavi 28 days ago
The best parts of these types of compilations is when the narrator understands when to shut up long enough to let the scene speak rather than showing folks how much he loves to hear himself speak.
Lbdataz1469 29 days ago
We can't wait to see them together again (John C. Reily and Will). O boy, do you regret that statement now. Yea, I'm talking to you Holmes and Watson.
Eloy Howlett
Eloy Howlett Month ago
I just got my sky sun summer pass
† Armitage Soulshroude †
The only thing I hate about these video's are the narrations without the actual scenes taking place. For once, just give us the damned scenes without the annoying narration.
Archibald Doogan
Leo DiCaprio gets stuck with multiple actors who decided to wing it...and he rolls with it like a champ.
Tobias W
Tobias W Month ago
You say these are great scenes, but you don't let us see those great scenes... You're kinda pulling our sippers down and not finishing the job.
cloud flores
cloud flores Month ago
Bruh me and my 2 friends saw shaun of the dead the same day it was released but not the year and one of them texts the next day to tell me that! I was like wow that's funny and also jogg off but that's their other movie
Clock Maker
Clock Maker Month ago
amy schumer? hilarious? yeah right
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