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Feb 26, 2017




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Comments 7 057
Izabela TarnØwska
Izabela TarnØwska 2 years ago
"I hate myself" - me every fucking day XD
JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan
use Ö instead of O with a stripe please for gods sake
Geronimo Geronimo
Fuck you
Hi There
Hi There Year ago
lmao yes
Izabela TarnØ wska
Vadim Kirillov
Izabela TarnØwska Russia best , you SUKA BLEAD
Veronika Stará
Veronika Stará 6 hours ago
Czech Republic: *Changes the official international name to Czechia so it can be easier for people to pronounce* Frosty: Checkya, Dzedznia, Czeczchia
Queen of Scorepointland
This is not a normal kid game. This is a game for a Geography except. I played this before but sometimes I clicked it wrong. You should watch a world map for hundred times like me. I’m sure if you watch the world map a lots you could complete that game easily. FIGHTING!!! I believe in you. You can do it.
Nope No
Nope No 2 days ago
Did he go to school?
engLaind is ma cite
What the fuck is Bulgaria? Me: *laughs in 2600 years of history*
infernus-UG 2 days ago
did you seriously clicked on Italy to select ANDORRA
ZOOM GAMING 3 days ago
Go to hell
Hetalia Axis Powers
Watch Hetalia:)
lee shinji
lee shinji 5 days ago
我听说先发哥哥群里,不要岭南Siri big。
lee shinji
lee shinji 5 days ago
Killer Gamer
Killer Gamer 6 days ago
Don’t say bad words be respect baby
MackertJO N
MackertJO N 6 days ago
He: Get s Romania Me: laughs in vampire
Ladislav Kovac
Ladislav Kovac 7 days ago
Im crie
Emanuil Serafimov
Emanuil Serafimov 10 days ago
No words for not knowing Bulgaria
Yoav Ben-Dror
Yoav Ben-Dror 10 days ago
Let me get it straight you know where Luxembourg is but you don't know where France, for comparison Luxembourg is smaller than Paris (capital of France)
Daniel Kirilov
Daniel Kirilov 11 days ago
Nope, u r just stupid and no BULGARIA doesn't sound like a Bird...
gigisha tevzadze
gigisha tevzadze 12 days ago
what’s that site called I’d love to try to play it
DangIts Gabby
DangIts Gabby 13 days ago
LOL YOU FAILLL. But nice try. And what game is this?
Răzvan cool
Răzvan cool 13 days ago
I hate you fucker
Flame 14 days ago
How many people are watching this to see how badly people fail at geogrophy
Flame 14 days ago
Belarus 🇧🇾 looks like Vatican City 🇻🇦 In shape
Kajus Kasperavicius
Report this video
Michal Vassilev
Michal Vassilev 15 days ago
What do you mean its a bird I am from Bulgaria
Adira Alfin
Adira Alfin 18 days ago
You are bad lol
Vincent Thorzell
Vincent Thorzell 19 days ago
He can Luxemburg but not France 😂😂
Just A Pohtato
Just A Pohtato 21 day ago
Justice Duchovny
Justice Duchovny 22 days ago
I got so mad when he confused Germany with Poland 🤦😂😡
7 22 days ago
Trying too hard to be cool and funny, but just sounds arrogant, rude and stupid.
Gaming with sim
Gaming with sim 23 days ago
Its herzegovina you stupid thanks for offending me IDIOT
not me
not me 24 days ago
If you don't know the country don't disrespect the people from it
Serbian Guy
Serbian Guy 28 days ago
KOU SOU VOU how you say it is Serbia
Margaria Cupcake
How do you now know where France is located? Ahahah
Margaria Cupcake
Omg...we had to use that website to study for a test!
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Month ago
"Albania" He: *clicks on Kosovo* Serbia: " Excuse me what the fuck?"
Alexandra Gunisova
This bro about to start s war
Alexandra Gunisova
Why are people so....stupid like why.
Kunigund3 Month ago
www.youtube.com › watch
Nemanja Mitric
Nemanja Mitric Month ago
Kosovo is not a country its part of serbia
KUPCS Month ago
Im latvian but i aint gonna fuck my self you dumb🥴
SmokeyJoe Month ago
he: what is a bulgaria me:angry bulgarian noises
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