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Today we play Fortnite Storm HOLE IN THE WALL For loot!
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Comments 80
The Edge Family
The Edge Family 2 hours ago
Hra c jis. Tfbj
Armando Aldaco
Armando Aldaco 5 hours ago
Biffle and sigals stepped on a lego
Finley Ellis
Finley Ellis 6 hours ago
When did you start playing fortnite
Vampyses 8 hours ago
L Fry
L Fry 13 hours ago
Terrible vid i hate it play solos duos or sqiads you bot i disliked and never subscribing you losing bot
Pointynarwhal Man
Pointynarwhal Man 13 hours ago
Nnnnnnnnmnmmnnnnhggffddddsssaaazzxxxxxccccvv GF bmmmmjmjjjjjjmm, ::;;;;((()))(((66**5*&&&&$&$$$-###@@@1222 eddrffggvvccxxzz🧀🥐🧀🌯🌮🌮☁️🌪✨✨✨🌏✨✨✨🌏⚡️☄️🌈🌈⚡️⚡️🪐🪐🌔🌔🌔🌖🌓🌗🌗🌙🌙
Giancarlo Martinez
Giancarlo Martinez 23 hours ago
Wyatt Barnett
Zigman Is cool
Henwy: places last and gets farmed by ssundee Biffle: places 3rd dies mostly to sigils Sigils: places 2nd just short a few kills Ssundee: always reacts everybody else and places 1st
Theicedgamer 10
Oscar Manley
Oscar Manley Day ago
But it's easy
Ella Bonney
Ella Bonney Day ago
I love your videos ssundee
Sh1p M4st3r
Sh1p M4st3r Day ago
Anyone else think Ssundee would make a great bill cipher
Jax Latham
Jax Latham 2 days ago
use code ssundee
Garrett Gimber
Garrett Gimber 3 days ago
he should've pushed em to the right when it said go left or the same but opposite
The Jeff 95 55542
I was dying when he where did you come from mommmeeeee
The Jeff 95 55542
The Jeff 95 55542 16 hours ago
Abraham Safi I said I was dying when sundee said where did you come from mommmmmmmmeeeeeee
Abraham Safi
Abraham Safi Day ago
The Jeff 95 55542 idk what ur saying
Erin White
Erin White 3 days ago
flame is a word???
Charlies Lovell
Charlies Lovell 3 days ago
Sub to ssundee
Namya 3 days ago
Henwy:- Breathes. Coronavirus:- I will end everything you love
Cups Jars
Cups Jars 3 days ago
alduriya alsaleha
That was very good use code Sundee
Lucas Aman
Lucas Aman 4 days ago
this is so funny
kim cooksey
kim cooksey 4 days ago
I said he's going to get a seven on first try I've never seen this video
MagicalYt 4 days ago
12:05 he sounds like he's crazy dude
Brayden and baileys Adventure
He was on his sniper bullet 13:39
alejandra alonso
alejandra alonso 4 days ago
Frankenstein PP
ninja God the fire master
Why do you always do jjjjjj
Alec Anderberg
Alec Anderberg 4 days ago
Ew your a toe ugly but toe
XDGAMER Taylor 4 days ago
What is a crooner play with you anymore
Mya Spinelli
Mya Spinelli 4 days ago
Fabricio U Guevara
Lee Moore
Lee Moore 4 days ago
Funny face
Dan Bert
Dan Bert 5 days ago
what what what what my name is dannyXD
gamer Edward E
gamer Edward E 5 days ago
9:41 ssundee sounded like a dog getting a shot at the vet
Shane Sutton
Shane Sutton 5 days ago
I’ve never seen a beard on SSundee
LaToya Linder
LaToya Linder 5 days ago
You forgot green
Danny Galindo
Danny Galindo 5 days ago
Who danny me I'm danny mom I'm famous
Edward Neeson
Edward Neeson 5 days ago
No way
FortniteGamer 1234
I was already a subscriber but I unsubscribed and I subscribed again because I thought Sigals was stupid
HaydenShark115 5 days ago
Ssundee you are the best
Mystic 5 days ago
I love candy
Tim Alberts
Tim Alberts 5 days ago
Avi Salomon
Avi Salomon 5 days ago
Pleas make a present video
Mary Juan Ma
Mary Juan Ma 6 days ago
You know what I think we’re all dead because we’re all ready dead so we’re ganna be dead in heven
Fishy taco
Fishy taco 6 days ago
Arcenol 6 days ago
I comment poop 💩
Mystic 6 days ago
Brian Lanning
Brian Lanning 6 days ago
hit that comment button yeet
frawla khafaga
frawla khafaga 6 days ago
Sundee wins literally every game
Flaming Game Films
frawla khafaga when he wins he posts when he loses he doesn’t
francis Macalolot
Its corona time
Jonathan Villacorta
Theo has no friends
Hello Ssundee tell biffle that his toe is hairy
Herwin Fontilla
Herwin Fontilla 6 days ago
Griselda Jimenez
Griselda Jimenez 6 days ago
Ssundee is good with combat shotgun
Fortnite Master 22
You are the best
Ryan Tuloto
Ryan Tuloto 7 days ago
SSundee I like your cesio
Dongyi Wu
Dongyi Wu 7 days ago
where is corona theme?
That heated tho
Blahblah Blahblah
Hit that like button those are the rules or you are a foot
Matthew Petravicz
any 2020 people
Dani Reyes
Dani Reyes 7 days ago
My name is Danny
Clare Presley
Clare Presley 7 days ago
Hit it
Wyatt Eastwood
Wyatt Eastwood 7 days ago
*clicks comment button*
sahartariq85 7 days ago
This was sooooooooooooooooo funny
Steven Spann
Steven Spann 7 days ago
Òooòooooooooooooooffffffff ASundEE is the best youtube love you ssundee
Jazza Madmax
Jazza Madmax 7 days ago
He’s doing it on the day of the corona virus 🤢🤮😷🤧
Michelle Parkes
Michelle Parkes 8 days ago
Landen Hardy
Landen Hardy 8 days ago
i am a a biiiiiiggggg fan
Clapes !
Clapes ! 8 days ago
Good morning ahah
Albarguccis 8 days ago
You are not ok all of you are not
Kellan Quinn Chaney
why does he say mommy
Home Mason Vinsant
ssundee: how did henwy survive the game: go right henwy went right everyone else didn't go right
Amanda Wylie
Amanda Wylie 8 days ago
Ultimate Misty
Ultimate Misty 8 days ago
I hit the COMMENT button
Getrekt Rudilkaplay
Es eju
Scooty McTooty
Scooty McTooty 8 days ago
fuzy pro
fuzy pro 9 days ago
13 mil think he his dume
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