Impossible Goalkeeper Saves in Football

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Best and impossible goalkeeper saves in football. De Gea, ter Stegen, Neuer, Jan Oblak, Courtois, Donnarumma, Lloris and more in video!

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Apr 16, 2021




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TKHD 2 months ago
Your favorite save? 😯
Behar Lutfija
Ter Stegen,because no one can save that Shot impossible
Krzysztof Hantulik
Souvik Saha
Souvik Saha 4 days ago
Ter stegen👍 💪
Souvik Saha
Souvik Saha 4 days ago
Ter stegen👍💪
Ialgerie 4 days ago
Raïs M’bolhi
El mejor Farinez en el minuto 6:22
Emiliano Vargas
Emiliano Vargas 7 hours ago
7:20 el mejo arquero de latino america.
Mateo Villanueva
Mateo Villanueva 7 hours ago
Claudio bravo 0:36 😮😮😮😮😮🤯🤯🤯
İbrahim Orhan
İbrahim Orhan 7 hours ago
Musleranın Santos un şutunu çıkardığı pozisyonu da koysaydın keşke
Scott Troy
Scott Troy 9 hours ago
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Rabindranath Halder
Rabindranath Halder 14 hours ago
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phamvamgam nguyengantuan
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Bilgisayar Kralı
Bilgisayar Kralı 19 hours ago
Kardeşim turksen çok iyi video olmuş eline sağlık
david contreras
david contreras 21 hour ago
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KingMarvelJohn 22 hours ago
99,9% GOL, ya belum tentu kan ndak 100,100
大智 樋渡
大智 樋渡 23 hours ago
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team supreme
team supreme Day ago
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Pauline Wizard
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El Tio Spike
El Tio Spike Day ago
Dude the whole team was in front of the gk and they still didn't manage to score 6:22
fanny Rodriguez
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Ahmad Khavivin
Ahmad Khavivin 2 days ago
Kepa waktu belum bucin
sylveon pizza
sylveon pizza 2 days ago
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ゆきちい 2 days ago
6:22 これバグだろw
hidetake2002 2 days ago
Pep Blogs
Pep Blogs 2 days ago
Good video my friend sharing plays soccer
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng 2 days ago
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noroi gucii
noroi gucii 3 days ago
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Kiriti Gupta
Kiriti Gupta 3 days ago
Ter stegen is the shinning star of FC BARCELONA.
to taka
to taka 3 days ago
ammata thammavongsa
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Krzysztof Hantulik
Marat Fattahow
Marat Fattahow 4 days ago
Привет сними пожалуйста тринеровку вратарей
Niel johnson
Niel johnson 4 days ago
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Mahboob Morshed Chowdhury
op saves 💥💥💥 no ward 😱😱😖😖
شريفة ماحي
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💐💐💚💚🌷🌷 jose Valdivia
Player N
Player N 5 days ago
9:58 never seen sonething like this
Наиль Каримов
Кепа ташер
Matias BJ
Matias BJ 5 days ago
la salvada de bravo es una de las mejores porque les dio el titulo, y lo digo con dolor porque soy argentino
אורטל יחזקאל
Nitro Boom
Nitro Boom 5 days ago
2:20 Warning : 18+ content
川島入ってんの嬉しい 1:05
Mohd Nizam
Mohd Nizam 5 days ago
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Sm1thWessonAndMe 5 days ago
Just try it. Seriously, try making a video that doesn't have a stupid obnoxious song.
천의별빛 6 days ago
솔직히 6분5초에 데 헤아 프리킥 슛은 막을 수 없는건데 다 쩔긴쩔어도 이건 설명 못하겠다.
Tìm Bạn Tình vào timbantinh69. com
33:32 Hoa đẹp hoa thơm hoa vẫn tàn Tình nặng tình sâu tình vẫn tan
Kabir Susling
Kabir Susling 6 days ago
Kepa was so good ...after breakup he is lost..never trust girls
Otavio Alvarenga
Otavio Alvarenga 6 days ago
The best of all times, isn't in this video :( R. Ceni vs Gerrard - 2005
Santiago Orrego
Santiago Orrego 6 days ago
hola soy de chile y soy arquero amateur pero entrenare muy duro para ser profesional y me gusto la de ochoa
혼머TV 6 days ago
진짜 골키퍼가 잘막으면 공격수 엄청 부담됨
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 6 days ago
Do To
Do To 7 days ago
ở đây có mỗi tui là người việt nam F
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez 7 days ago
Empezando con Francois jajajajaja
Matias Baptiste
Matias Baptiste 7 days ago
He is the best goalkeeper
Matias Baptiste
Matias Baptiste 7 days ago
He is the most fearsome goalkeeper⚽️🥇
Ralph Miler
Ralph Miler 7 days ago
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ammata thammavongsa
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Los arqueros de score heroo
Timothy Last
Timothy Last 7 days ago
Can honestly say I may have a record. 2 goals from right corner in the same game. Have never seen or heard anyone else who has done it. A highschool age match on the backside of the College soccer field that had stands. The college team was having a match also, but they had a crowd. After I scored the first goal from corner half the stands watching the college game jumped up and cheered, causing a little pause in their game. 5 min later, I have the same shot from the same corner, and it it goes. Then entire stands jumped and cheered leaving the college players standing in the field going "what the hell is going on over there". 2 months later, job accident ruined my back for life and my life.
Tuấn Quang
Tuấn Quang 7 days ago
The background music is great! Can I have the name of the song please?
TKHD 7 days ago
Go to description 😇
Anne Elhøj Nielsen
Ter stegen
Foxmaster YT
Foxmaster YT 7 days ago
In Germany we call that: Legende
Kimberly Voorhees
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Misugi zun
Misugi zun 8 days ago
One 🤣😁 1,58 They are great ♥️😄
7thday 8 days ago
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Deonte Allmond
Deonte Allmond 8 days ago
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Márcio Mauricio Lessa
Faltou Cássio Corinthians vs Chelsea fica world club 2012
Kristina Watterworth
They are so good at being a goalie just like my son.
Richard 7 days ago
Cesar augusto Jaimes pajuelo
Muy hermoso vídeo. fi arquero no el mjr ni el peor pero me quedó con memo ochoa es un bestia en los arcos en buen sentido de la palabra
Timuçin TR
Timuçin TR 8 days ago
Altay nerede ?
Top Shot
Top Shot 8 days ago
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ibrahim tonguc
ibrahim tonguc 8 days ago
Burada Muslera'yi görmek çok sevindirici. Çok mutlu oldum. Muslera candır. Cimbombom. Galatasaray.
Lita Godoy
Lita Godoy 8 days ago
やまそ 8 days ago
I like kawashima, he is Japanese legend!!
Michel Tala
Michel Tala 8 days ago
Yann Sommer ist zwar klein, aber er ist einer der besten torwart der Welt. Seine Reflexe sind einfach nur krass und die ganze Schweiz ist stoltz auf die Leistung von ihm. Er zeigt, das die Schweiz doch Fussball spielen kann.
김재원 8 days ago
월드컵 오초아, 나바스, 오스피나 프리킥막는 데헤아, 그리고 내가 제일 충격먹은건 갈라타사라이가 챔스 8강인가 4강 까지 갔을때의 무슬레라... 챔스에서 진짜 지렸는데
Woodi e
Woodi e 8 days ago
6:29 omg so good.
Huskian Rude
Huskian Rude 8 days ago
Ronaldo kick gone saved
Ari Reese
Ari Reese 8 days ago
Alain DUMAS 9 days ago
Great but would be better without the music.
Truong Nguyen
Truong Nguyen 9 days ago
Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳 vô địch
Семён Сороколет
Окоча один из лучших вратарей, показывающих нереальный футбол. Жаль, что карьера только в сборной хороша(
MotingoTube 9 days ago
Bernardo Duran
Bernardo Duran 9 days ago
Pido las disculpas del caso, ya vi la atajada de Keylor Navas a Messi.
Bernardo Duran
Bernardo Duran 9 days ago
Por lo menos una atajada de Keylor Navas, en ese momento con el Real Madrid, a un tiro cruzado de Messi debería aparecer en el video.
Gladys Wood
Gladys Wood 9 days ago
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Michael A. Velasquez
أسد FF
أسد FF 9 days ago
أفضل تصدي هو لرايس مبولحي فخر الجزائر🇩🇿💪
Thanh Liêm
Thanh Liêm 9 days ago
Không có pha bóng nào của Việt Nam à 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳😅😅
凡人 9 days ago
gupeo qamui
gupeo qamui 9 days ago
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marco morandin
marco morandin 9 days ago
you should put a save from handanovic
syamu-senior 9 days ago
Adolfo Deras
Adolfo Deras 9 days ago
El chavalo del Chelsea que saco el balon a mano cambiada, quien es???
Geovanny Chavez
Geovanny Chavez 9 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about that bug that landed in lloris mouth😂😂
Thomas Laberge
Thomas Laberge 9 days ago
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검초 10 days ago
존나 카리스마 있어
Hamzah Fadilah
Hamzah Fadilah 10 days ago
Amazing save, 🔥
Hoai Giang Loi
Hoai Giang Loi 10 days ago
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Ade Ade
Ade Ade 10 days ago
老肆 10 days ago
The last one is the most beautiful one
Nev Mi
Nev Mi 10 days ago
06:24! hilarious! respect!
Ken 9 days ago
Ikr. Look at their denfence, the goalkeeper must wonder where tf is my team LOL
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