Impact/AEW: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Chris Sabin & Moose

AJ Smith
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Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill 2021
6-Man Tag Team Main Event
Rich Swann, Chris Sabin & Moose Vs. Kenny Omega (AEW) & The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (w/ Don Callis)
Song: Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight

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Jan 17, 2021




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Comments 33
Freshly Snipes
Freshly Snipes 6 days ago
Nice counter to the diamond cutter by rich swann. I have never seen that before in all of wrestling. Very nice.
partyin door
partyin door 10 days ago
Super cool match n video
TheCoog97 12 days ago
Don Callis' One Winged Angel video on tonight's IMpact brought me here! Hey Johnny Swinger! Put 50k on Omega for me for Revolution! and after that we can talk about the odds on Omega vs. Rush in ROH; Omega vs. Ultimo Guererro in CMLL; Omega vs. Aldis in NWA; and Omega vs. Fatu in MLW!! And then Swinger, we can put it all in for the Battle of the Belts........Omega vs. Ibushi for all the Marbles in NJPW!!!!!
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 14 days ago
Wow 10k views on this video!! Thanks everyone 😁
Talk My Credo
Talk My Credo 19 days ago
Sheeeesh, why not just have AEW & IMPACT merge?! Have a two night showing with "different brands" similar to RAW & Smackdown? AEIW = All Elite Impact Wrestling THAT WOULD BE DOPE!!
hgb0005 22 days ago
im not familiar with a lot of the impact guys...........holy crap Moose is impressive!
Dean Joubert
Dean Joubert 25 days ago
Moose exceptional Talent
Luisgo_mx 26 days ago
05:35 spoiler for April 24th at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 26 days ago
904 Pinball Zine
904 Pinball Zine 27 days ago
904 Pinball Zine
904 Pinball Zine 27 days ago
No Crowd = Zzzzzzzz...
Khsathsovairyo bhekizitha
Iron Maiden 🤘🏾🤤 not a fan but I like this song alot it fits best for this highlights
JayCzzzYa Month ago
The Spanish Fly from Moose was amazing. Definitely he was the MVP.
Yuhin Month ago
Funny how the two baldies leave BC to go to WWE and when they get kicked out of WWE, they start calling themselves members of BC again 😂
adrian ritchie
adrian ritchie Month ago
Thats becuse wwe wouldnt let them use bullet club i mean aew they let the wtestles have more freedom
Jay W.
Jay W. 2 months ago
I came here for the omega faces lol
mauri10 daje1992
mauri10 daje1992 2 months ago
Aew + impact amazing
Utkarsh Tripathi
Utkarsh Tripathi 2 months ago
Moose is a great wrestler in Impact Wrestling He will make new impact world champion ❤️
Baraka Obama
Baraka Obama 2 months ago
Looked like a great match
Dr. Daylight
Dr. Daylight 2 months ago
Its honestly such a shame that nobody's giving Swann his props. Yeah Moose was amazing but they gave Swann the title for a reason!
Respect My Nerdz
Respect My Nerdz 2 months ago
Kenny didn’t take the belt
God Guy
God Guy 2 months ago
The best thing to happen to Impact since the Hardys
Yeslin Velez
Yeslin Velez 2 months ago
Only thing missing is his terminator mask
The Brilliant Fit
The Brilliant Fit 2 months ago
Lalito Ochoa
Lalito Ochoa 2 months ago
Moose aew please he deserves it
viclops Xmen
viclops Xmen 2 months ago
owais Carneiro
owais Carneiro 2 months ago
Great edit
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 2 months ago
Magic Pineapple
Magic Pineapple 2 months ago
When is moose getting the title, unlike rich swann I believe he can actually beat kenny
KasirRham 2 months ago
Moose and Kenny need to go One on One at some point.
Regie Ferrer
Regie Ferrer 2 months ago
One of the best prowrestling highlight i have seen...i love it when cuts dont interfere with moves and spots...i really hate highlights that cut without showing the impact..it is good to see the wrestlers sell the hits specially the Vtrigger...and the music was perfect...something i wont be ashamed to play in public..
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 2 months ago
Thanks mate, I do spend a lot of time trying to get the cuts just right... and even more time trying to find the right song lol
Juanito’s Wrestling Vlog & More
Thank you for this Highlight Video 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Paolo Emerson
Paolo Emerson 2 months ago
Que gran lucha, gracias por el highlight
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 2 months ago
De nada 👍🏼
Edwin Huaman
Edwin Huaman 2 months ago
Greeting from Perú 💪😎
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 2 months ago
Hey mate 👍🏼
Mustafa Martin
Mustafa Martin 2 months ago
Moose was the MVP here. He should be the champion and it should be him vs Omega.
Byron Rainer
Byron Rainer 26 days ago
@Hammad Ali not anymore
Byron Rainer
Byron Rainer 26 days ago
Are you loco? Did you see the moves Rich Swann was making? The way the celebrated overca fallen Swann should be obvious that he would be the choice to go against Kenny Omega.
Mustafa Martin
Mustafa Martin 2 months ago
@Respect My Nerdz Swann can do more flips but Moose is the better overall performer. Swann can barely cut a promo
Respect My Nerdz
Respect My Nerdz 2 months ago
Swann better I love Moose thou
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 2 months ago
He's the TNA champion
Señor P.A
Señor P.A 2 months ago
The match was great and your video does a great job at showcasing that! Keep up the good work!
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 2 months ago
Thankyou 😁
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