IGN News - Black Ops 2 PS3 Owners Experiencing Problems

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Reports are coming in that PlayStation 3 owners are unable to redeem their downloadable content codes for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
A number of users over on the EU PlayStation Website are reporting difficulties in claiming the Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown Zombies maps.
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Nov 16, 2012




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Comments 978
Peter Jan
Peter Jan 6 years ago
Kid go back to ur mummy
JBClips 6 years ago
My ps3 wont read black ops 2 but any other games
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez 6 years ago
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez 6 years ago
This is why they shouldn't come out with a game every year. There's always a big problem as soon as the game come u
Kristoffer Kristensen
My ps3 wont read black ops 2, disc is all clean, but it can still play other games. Is there anyone who is tried that?
James H.
James H. 6 years ago
Also the level resets.
chris clark
chris clark 6 years ago
I just put up a video of the game FREEZING in zombies, we have to keep at them, they have sold us a faulty product which is against the law
kgukhgkjh 6 years ago
Havana SS
Havana SS 6 years ago
It's funny how this is the ONLY call of duty on Ps3 that lags so badly
MrWereverforever 7 years ago
Everyone needs to start filling out reports to the better business bureau. I did the other day and i know many others have too. The ******* idiots at treyarch and activision need to be held accountable for this bullshit they call a game.Thousands of ps3 systems were fried because of this pathetic ATTEMPT of a game.
MrWereverforever 7 years ago
Alright I'm no fanboy but this is clearly Activision's fault FOR BEING FANBOYS. They've shown time and time again to totally favour the Xbox over the PlayStation and honestly I think it'd pretty clear what happened here. They put all their time and effort into perfecting the Xbox version, making sure there were no issues and wouldn't be any on launch and THEN tried to do the same for the PS3 version with what little time there was remaining,
bombdiggity92 7 years ago
Yo I'm getting really tired of being in mid join game and it kicks e to get adifferent oerson into the room I'm running a wired connection high speed internet not exactly sure mbps but still first game I've had so many problems. And, I can assure you that I didn't buy the campaign shit the only time I saw the campaign screen was to change the automatic screen to mp.
bombdiggity92 7 years ago
Made gold in team league objective and it seems as though every second gme were playing handicapped because one of use gets disconnected at the start of the match.
Kappa 7 years ago
I didnt experience this problem so Im happy :)
Kappa 7 years ago
Nuketown zombies IS available.
calimanduff 7 years ago
i have both the 360 and ps3, and enjoy pcgaming, but you guys are both sooooo annoying stop with the flame wars, and before you say im a rich little kid who is spoiled, i earned the money to buy both consoles
Γιώργος Τσουμπρής
Sony didn't release Nuketown zombies LOL !! 1 month I am waiting and NOTHING ¡¡
Donald Trump Ice Cream
I can't even play nuketown 2025, I have the fucking code and I downloaded it like 3 times but won't appear up on the black ops 2 playlist!! Fix this please
Pho IsDuhSoYummy
Pho IsDuhSoYummy 7 years ago
I've noticed that the nuketown 2025 code is faced up on the ps3 and faced down on Xbox. Does that mean anything?
Pho IsDuhSoYummy
Pho IsDuhSoYummy 7 years ago
Ive noticed that the nuketown 2025 code is always faced up and the Xbox code is faced down?
darkshadow2017 7 years ago
i haven't had any issues at all....
Pho IsDuhSoYummy
Pho IsDuhSoYummy 7 years ago
Xbox FTW
Dboss107 7 years ago
@munner13 since is will cost "too much" money". only pc gets it. my only problem is that people are leaving cod due to no dedicated servers so if they do then more people will play DUH
Ak47AssaultRifl3 7 years ago
My WiFi sucks but I don't lag I only get offline every 30 minetes
Munner Munn
Munner Munn 7 years ago
yeah why arent they making dedicated servers unfuckn real.
Munner Munn
Munner Munn 7 years ago
i wont be buying cod ever againg, due to lack of net support fuk u 3arc
Rath Burn
Rath Burn 7 years ago
black ops 2 freezes my PS3, every couple hours. it gets annoying.
Rei 7 years ago
Treyarch actually respects Sony, IW does, fuck 'em :)
xDEKEx007x 7 years ago
Wow, that last sentense really proves how much of a 9 yr old you are. This conversation is over! But only you'll keep coming back, to get the last point. Go ahead make your point. Make out how childish I am, and how repetitive I get, go on...
General Mosquito Spray
I think the problem is not so much the games themselves but rather the PS3 system itself. I dont say this as a 360 fanboy but as someone who is sick and tired of dealing with bugs,lags and crashes on teh PS3 and its programs it seems basically slower and needs an overhaul of processing power. Are we going to pretend that Skyrim, PSN attack 2011 or the need for updates/patches on almost every big-budget games did NOT occur? IF you dont agree thats cool but Trolls, haters and fanboys can suck it.
Hydroxside 7 years ago
Thats why COD sucks they just want there money f ck everything else
MEXPRG 7 years ago
LOL..... console NOOBS!!! No problems with the PC version. Better luck next time. NO DOUBLE POINTS FOR YOU....LOL....
bl8bl81dc 7 years ago
MrSquidBear 7 years ago
Am I the only one who's ps3 freezes when playing black ops? Or the lag on split-screen zombies?
Dragonjacket 7 years ago
yeah, i cant download my map, it gives me a error.
xDemolokiller101 7 years ago
Real shit it happening to me!!!
xdarkwolf2255 7 years ago
sorry its difficult to read sarcasm
Kris393 7 years ago
As I told the last guy I was being sarcastic and I agree with your point fully.
Kris393 7 years ago
Chill bro, I was being sarcastic, as FATALDEATHZ before said it's basically the PS3's fault that Treyarch couldn't program it right which makes no sense.
D-rex 7 years ago
Is it really hard to own a ps3 in America? Why is there 70 million units of ps3s sold in households its the same amount of xbox 70 million units of Xbox in each household. Facts don't lie so your argument is invalid. But i agree that companies should not be allow to have favoritism over another companies product. Its just crooked
D-rex 7 years ago
Well apparently you like wasting your time. Again being a hypocrite such a sad kid. Literally you type like a 4 years old and you say i do that is quite funny. If i type like a 4 years old then you are an embryo oh wait you don't even know what that is probably because you are a dumb little ignorant kid that has to go night night or he won't get his milky and xbox. Kid trying to act tough and trying to degrade others. It ain't working because you are who you are. Also u mad bro? Yeah u mad hah
xdarkwolf2255 7 years ago
actually their inabialty to get the game to work shows that treyarch cant make a game work properly. I know this because other games work fine on my ps3.
SirLaughAlot 7 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if developers are now deliberately giving ps3 games bugs. They practically worship xbox in America.
SirLaughAlot 7 years ago
klopdogs 7 years ago
The major problem as well as redeems and connection difficulty's, its causing my Ps3 to crash and i have to keep restoring. This is not good for the hard drive it happens when the CD is in and when i'am just at home screen Ps3. Please post this in your IGN news as i think this is the major fault!! and a disgrace!! any way enough ranting just annoyed with greedy company's that abuse there customers and loyal fans!! if you agree then comment and let me no your problems. cheers
hellowassup 7 years ago
when you are in a pre game lobby dont look at the barrack and/or playercards because then when the little timer goes to 0 and the game loads your system will freeze. It works for me 0 freezes from then.
John Blake
John Blake 7 years ago
So pretty much the game sucks
mkiller1001 7 years ago
Have you ever played any of these games? Just check the intro of MGS4 and you'll feel like you've missed a whole universe of games if you haven't played it before
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 7 years ago
That is the most bad ass metallica shirt ever.
Kris393 7 years ago
Yeah I know. Treyarch's inability to get black ops 2 working on the PS3 shows how bad this console really is.
"... Partners at Sony." Good joke. We know Treyarch and Infinity Ward do not like Sony, which is why I stopped buying from the franchise a long time ago.
Mario Sallak
Mario Sallak 7 years ago
Not hating
Mario Sallak
Mario Sallak 7 years ago
Proves ps3 is not reliable
GeneralRon 7 years ago
Treyarch is trash. Infinity Wars always has the best game.
Why Should I Try
Why Should I Try 7 years ago
Treyarch pretty much skrewed over PS3 owners with BO2.
Jethro Santos
Jethro Santos 7 years ago
My problem is and I think for some in ps3 is that the texture within the game looks blurry and dull after the patch. I hope treyarch creates another patch to make the game less blurry and more sharp. P.S. I'm using a 32" LCD Sony TV with an hdmi cable.
KingdomSlayah 7 years ago
What a fucking hypocrite. The thing you're saying I do, you are as well. Fucking failure. Sad you lost a argument? Get used to it, sinse you can't do shit anyway.
BoobytrapartybooB 7 years ago
fix it Treyarch and Infinity Ward or else I aint buying shit
nevadausa2011 7 years ago
haha what your comments look like a 4 year old has commented on it and so what, millions of youtube users don't even have a profile, i only watch videos and comment. i don't upload anything. well if you lived close to me we would whos scared little kid. and immature people just start cursing to family members for small thing, and you know what im not going to waste even 2 min to write you a comment so keep on talking like your high on fucking LSD bitch
D-rex 7 years ago
wahhhhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhh is all i hear from you. Lawl yes i looked at my comments comparing to yours. Yours is nothing but crying btiching moaning about how easily you are to get mad and start raging. Learn your place before you speak because Mommy is there to protect you nor is there to let you sleep late becaues no more xbox for you hahaha. If i look scared then why do i have a picture and you dont on profile? Post one up faggot do it lol Scared little bitch shouldn't open their mouth.
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