Iggy Azalea - WNBA All-Star Beach Party 2019 (Full Show)

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Jul 27, 2019




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Ruth Less
Ruth Less 21 day ago
I feel like that hair would be distracting and all in my way..id prob rip that wig off halfway through..if it wasn't braided in that is cuz thatd hurt. Alot. Lol
Morris Sherman
Morris Sherman 27 days ago
Didn't know 1song....But I see that A$$
Dennis Taylor Boracay
Flamingo Lhoumingo
13:50 🍑
Drip lit Cali
Drip lit Cali 2 months ago
Drip lit Cali
Drip lit Cali 2 months ago
👉👉👉This is how Iggy Azalea was discovered👈👈👈
tyron dawson
tyron dawson 2 months ago
i always loved her beautiful and very good artist and performer !!!
Clarence Dixon
Clarence Dixon 2 months ago
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 2 months ago
Is that foam Las Vegas is that Las Vegas that's a good good song guys I know it's hot out there
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 2 months ago
I'm sorry I'm not a d addicted but I'm sure it is am conflicted it's like a magnet I'm check to Zone on mortuary more Sherry looking for Mother Goose Goosey Goosey Goosey
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 2 months ago
Welcome to the well this theme Feenin Ford Fain Fain feening for it saying seen feening for it feening for it
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 2 months ago
Get down or lay down I rather get down
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 2 months ago
Where are y'all almost audiences standing in water I just like Tijuana or some beach but I can't think of the beach pick my brain bottoms out like that not necessarily Tijuana with hooks used to come on BET baby throw clubs and parties like Caliente dance Caliente Spanish Channel that I used to watch and they would have reggaeton
VeganQueen 2 months ago
She is so wack with her plastic body. Girl bye!
The Big Flying Ninja
Is her ass real though?
DJ*FUKA*RUKA 2 months ago
Iggy was FIRE 🙌 But the dancers where WACKKKK ....
Vong Koma
Vong Koma 2 months ago
I love her voice because her voice sounds unique which is different from other female rappers whom I have listened to.
Im just a Troll whos intentions are good
Here for those amazing HIPS 😍
WR 1279
WR 1279 2 months ago
So sad another he she a dude change into a female half man half female gross
Joe Annah
Joe Annah 2 months ago
Tf type crowd is that? Y'all should kill yaselves
L.E.K.V 2 months ago
All class!
South Sid3 Mary Jan3
Performed garbage shit was weak no energy
michelle isker
michelle isker 2 months ago
Just love her, we need to hear more of her on the radio
Lay Royalty
Lay Royalty 2 months ago
Iggy perform the fuck out of her songs here. She said fuck y'all. Y'all will remember me
Светлана Тарасова
В ней энергии ноль,не шевелится,фонограмма,вся искусственная..сонное царство
Moonlight Barbie
Moonlight Barbie 2 months ago
Why I thought she was sindel
Master Channing
Master Channing 2 months ago
What happened to her butt? It looks TERRIBLE. Why fix something that was so beautiful? Same with the overdone lips. She used to have the cutest figure and face. And the dancers? The men act so feminine, have love handles and the women have no butts or muscle tone either. All their bodies were terrible. Really sad to see this. She must be having a tough time. The WNBA? Wrong crowd as you can see looking at the crowd reaction. Love her but not a good look here.
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 2 months ago
Michael Newsum her body looks amazing now.
Logan Stone
Logan Stone 2 months ago
He's ass implants are sagging
Antonio Leyva
Antonio Leyva 2 months ago
I didn’t feel her male back up dancer
Beatriz Vieira
Beatriz Vieira 2 months ago
Iggy Musa 😍💃
Julio Acevedo
Julio Acevedo 2 months ago
Iggy fine asf man holy cow 😂😂😂
Gary Hernandez
Gary Hernandez 2 months ago
At the end she killed with Fancy's intro I love it
Owen 4602
Owen 4602 3 months ago
Watching this on mute>>>
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 3 months ago
Owen 4602 but why on mute? She sounds great 😍
Kailey Shev
Kailey Shev 3 months ago
That one person screaming tho
AmmoDraco 3 months ago
She seems like a good dancer she would perform really better to me
Óscar Gamarra Guevara
Yes but here Iggy was pregnant
Lenny Sallenti
Lenny Sallenti 3 months ago
we all start from the bottom. it's called college.
Jamylah Webb
Jamylah Webb 4 months ago
23:34 um... what is that?! 😂😂
Laura Khan
Laura Khan 4 months ago
Can iggys surgeon give me the exact same body !!!! 😳 she out here looking amazing. Quarantine got me looking like fucking Norbit 😳😂😂
Gore Cioran
Gore Cioran 4 months ago
Primo Mhdi
Primo Mhdi 4 months ago
Iggy twerk : Derictor : show us the the audience
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel 5 months ago
Why she make the male dancers wear heels? You see that? I'm a dancer and wouldn't be able to use those. Then again, routine choreography isn't really dancing. It's like Taibo or cardio workout videos
Emincan P&R
Emincan P&R 5 months ago
Sixteen in the middle of the miami
__3xx.x.lj_.__ 20
__3xx.x.lj_.__ 20 5 months ago
Her and nicki Minaj are my two only female rappers I will listen to I put nicki first because I knew her since I was 4 I was born in 2007 in December 16
Renato Johnson Jr.
Renato Johnson Jr. 6 months ago
I love her, she's awesome. It's the IGGY, a cup of Mo, a cup goose, a cup of Cris. I would just love if she backed that thang up on this. Uum, the lady's exqusite.
Aya-B Baby
Aya-B Baby 6 months ago
She was amazing here wish she continues doing shows.
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith 6 months ago
I love iggy, but she needs to dance more
Alan brito
Alan brito 6 months ago
Vernon Reddy
Vernon Reddy 6 months ago
She is my dream girl 😄
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 6 months ago
Iggy... You jus need a better DJ to help get the crowd pumped. I would've had a heart attack screaming 🎀💓💓💓🎀
Houda nassir
Houda nassir 8 months ago
EFL VLOGS 8 months ago
She kinda looks like Catherine Paiz
AyeAyeSP 8 months ago
Work is the fucking classic bop! Love it
annu nakki
annu nakki 8 months ago
i lovvvvvveeeeeee IGGY!!!
A concert in Korea TV
kkkkkkkkkkk I Loooooooooooooooove you Iggy~~~~~~~~
ItsMe555 8 months ago
Iggy deserves a better and bigger stage production she´s amazing and by far she was the biggest star of 2014 and her new album its fucking lit. LOVE HER
BBTA 9 months ago
Iggy never ever needed butt implants...all natural was ok than what she got
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 9 months ago
BBTA the thing is she don’t even has butt implants...
Nowitzki Nation-5
Nowitzki Nation-5 9 months ago
Iggy can’t sing why out of everybody did they pick her what a L.
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 6 months ago
Nowitzki Nation-5 it was never a freestyle. It was an accapella to one of her already done songs
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 9 months ago
Nowitzki Nation-5 she improved so much since then. That freestyle was before her big career
Nowitzki Nation-5
Nowitzki Nation-5 9 months ago
Alicia Awa FANPAGE she isn’t better rapping have you heard her free styling that stuff is tragic
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 9 months ago
Nowitzki Nation-5 we know that she can’t sing. That‘s why she is a rapper
faKts update
faKts update 9 months ago
Big fan of u iggy.. ur work makes me crazy.
Travis Spark
Travis Spark 9 months ago
She's gorgeous 😍 go iggy!!
sitnger73 9 months ago
She was better when she didnt have the fake ass.
Pedro Henri Barbosa
Pedro Henri Barbosa 9 months ago
Britney Jean IGGZ
Britney Jean IGGZ 9 months ago
8:03 - 8:05 Whattt? Is whole bitch said "fuckk shut the fuck"?? and screams "fuck" ?? Kill her!!!!!!
Elleskee 7
Elleskee 7 9 months ago
How is it so windy and the Mic isn't picking it up?
XRP Freak
XRP Freak 9 months ago
good looking but not sure why she's "famous", sorry
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
Alicia Awa FANPAGE 9 months ago
XRP Freak because of her talent. She‘s dropping bops 😍
Yahchannan howdavyah
23:34 maxi pad twerk?
J Ban
J Ban 9 months ago
Hey Iggy Love this Chic!
justinhilton 9 months ago
13:32 thank me later
Tia Wessells
Tia Wessells Month ago
ZELMA 3 months ago
thank you xd
Civan Mert Peker
Civan Mert Peker 6 months ago
thank you
aristhesexyintrepida 10 months ago
You are beautiful woman don't let no one tell you the opposite
Branden Rector
Branden Rector 10 months ago
Joci Jaksi
Joci Jaksi 10 months ago
This crowd is not deserve Iggy 🙄
Barbara Von Traumer
Barbara Von Traumer 10 months ago
I’m glad that crowed was lame made me respect her more. Her face is gorgeous
Groovetube714 10 months ago
Sexy AF!!
dopemagic 10 months ago
Dead ass concert... She is no where near a professional. She has to use her own instrumental back ground because she can't really hold her own. She has no dance move at all. No talent just a nice body.
Jessica Petito
Jessica Petito 10 months ago
Cadê a animação desse povo meu
joshua uno
joshua uno 10 months ago
Her talent is lit👑
S1iznc1d3 10 months ago
This looks like big budget big star operation. But, lol, they couldn't get better looking fans on stage than those $15 fans sold at Walmart ? tacky
Jakey R
Jakey R 10 months ago
Anyone else notice she fucked up her lyrics during kream? She said "I got bags I got cars" when its "I got cars I got bags I got real estate"
Jr Kuul
Jr Kuul 10 months ago
Damn even the entertainment for the WNBA is second rate smh these women are top athletes they deserve better
Britney Jean IGGZ
Britney Jean IGGZ 10 months ago
Queen IGGY. U're so underrated!!!!
HVXVN 10 months ago
Imagine if she dropped PU$$Y during this set.... 🔥
Charles SZF
Charles SZF 9 months ago
joe khater
joe khater 10 months ago
Cheating is man culure and habbits.
nenitababi1 10 months ago
That crowd is SO DDDDDEEEEEAD like dang!
Евгений Чех
Евгений Чех 10 months ago
Iggy ❤️💓💕
Jett Taylor-Crabtree
Jett Taylor-Crabtree 10 months ago
I swear she sounded bad at the beginning and she slowly got better and better throughout the performance
Chew Chewy
Chew Chewy 10 months ago
I cant tell if she is preforming in front of zombies or if she needs a new show. I think its a little bit of both. I like Iggy but I feel if she had a slightly different energy in her show made with a few tweaks, the whole experience for her and the audience would be so much more entertaining and higher energy.
sonereveluv you're right
I love her
Oksana Lepitskaya
Oksana Lepitskaya 10 months ago
Why is she famous? Why?
labig boss
labig boss 10 months ago
Luv yu my bitc$
The Real BAZOOKABUBBA 10 months ago
Shes good live im impressed!
KGM 93
KGM 93 10 months ago
So underrated ! People mad because she made a few mistakes yet love cardi who has disrespected her own race plenty of times ! And the people usually getting mad are the ones disrespecting some other race or gender !
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 10 months ago
Rap is dying.
Mamacita 10 months ago
Elle a des bonnes cuisses
Junim Ferreira
Junim Ferreira 10 months ago
Дарья Убушаева
Безобразная жопа
Randall Ketcher
Randall Ketcher 10 months ago
its healthy i say there constellations, hold tight.
Blanka Augustino
Blanka Augustino 10 months ago
Improved live a lot.Welcome back Iggy I knew you had it in you. Fuck the haters. 😘
Doctor Feline
Doctor Feline 10 months ago
I now understand why certain artists are soooo anal about the many technical aspects of the stage which they are performing on... it can make or break your presentation. .. her act was decent but he sound & lighting was horrible. it seriously cheapened the quality of her show. .
Bruno Semog
Bruno Semog 10 months ago
17:50 Perfect 💋💕💕💕💕💕 Work
Eduardo Mojica
Eduardo Mojica 10 months ago
23:33 WTF Bro is that a pad in the ladies ass??? OMG 😱😂
Francisco Dallison
Francisco Dallison 10 months ago
Eu no show dessa mulher eu gritava mais alto que as caixa de som, te amoooo
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