Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)

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Listen to the single "Lola". Out now!
Stream: Empire.lnk.to/LolaYo
#IggyAzalea #AliceChater #Lola
Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE




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Comments 80
Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea 8 months ago
I’ll be online at 10:30pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊
diego arriagada
diego arriagada 19 days ago
Love yah queen
Riddhi Parashar
Riddhi Parashar Month ago
I’d love to meet you up someday, love ya lots. 💝
אאלכס אאילייב
ניקי חיים שלי את!!
AX WILMER999 2 months ago
Comment 500
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson 41 minute ago
And her ass really is big! She really has a big, white girl ass lol I thought it was fake in "Work" but it's not Haha. U get it girl
Toetie Froetie
Toetie Froetie 3 hours ago
Hi iggy and alice
Jodie Holmes
Jodie Holmes 3 hours ago
3:23 Iggy Azalea бросает подушку на изголовье кровати правой рукой. Трёх Кайло Ренов в кадре нет.
Plamen Dimitrov
Plamen Dimitrov 4 hours ago
Hey Mamboooo ,Mambo italianoooo.......old song with new lirics....
Cássius Endrigo
Cássius Endrigo 9 hours ago
stream several times per day and share it on twitter + tiktok ❤️ we can make it a successful song
Cássius Endrigo
Cássius Endrigo 9 hours ago
stream it hard guys!!! it still has potential to be a hit ❤️ share :)
Raí Monteiro
Raí Monteiro 12 hours ago
Essa música merecia o #1 até em asgard.
Cornelia Purdy
Cornelia Purdy 12 hours ago
R u still down?
Nevaeh Devine
Nevaeh Devine 15 hours ago
Yung_Baller 18 hours ago
Tell Carti To drop WLR or we all teaming up and stealing gilbert
Mad Max
Mad Max 18 hours ago
They’re wearing face masks before corona
Toy UMP 18 hours ago
this music gave me cancer fuck u and ur fake ass bitch
Vong Koma
Vong Koma 10 hours ago
Toy UMP Rest In Peace bye
The Flowers Family
The Flowers Family 21 hour ago
The face mask tho. Before covid!!
tes baylon malipot
Amethyst & Onyx
Noah Monster
Noah Monster Day ago
Lakshmi N.M
Lakshmi N.M Day ago
ok.. she predicted the coronavirus.. the nurses are already wearing designed masks 😂😂🤷‍♀️
Diana Ckrusle
Diana Ckrusle 2 days ago
I fricking STAN HEER!! QUEEN 🤤😻🔥
Deeksha saini
Deeksha saini 2 days ago
I frm india, i just luv d way u sing❤️ lots of loveeee nd lovee🥰😘
Saint Perth
Saint Perth 2 days ago
Since becoming an INDEPENDENT ARTIST IGGY cant make a hits on charts even her song is good (Sally Walker, Started, Lola) how this happen.
Wilian Barboza
Wilian Barboza 2 days ago
What? Was she pregnant while she was shooting this mv?
Ashot Nuridzhanyan
The nurses wearing animal print face masks... If only we knew what we were up to later
BΛЯƬ 2 days ago
Omg 8 months???? Wtf
Lola Fairhead
Lola Fairhead 3 days ago
0:38 she looks like a corn on the cob
Thinis Fashion
Thinis Fashion 3 days ago
Iggy Azalea Outfits 2020 Is Special thinis.net/iggy-azalea-outfits-2020-is-special/
Igor Marquezs
Igor Marquezs 3 days ago
So de saber que ela estava de FUCKING 5 MESES de gravidez aqui me deixa transpassado 😮
I'm not Jesy
I'm not Jesy 3 days ago
Alice​was in Little Mix strip MV as well
Nikki Natural Fan
Luke Gibbs
Luke Gibbs 3 days ago
Iggy is my kiss Candy/fruit....
Madison Mings
Madison Mings 3 days ago
I need those cheetah print masks like now they are super cute and who woulda thought we would look like that now lmao!!!
All that heaven will allow
the way this song predicted face masks as the next fashion trend
Denise Rangel
Denise Rangel 3 days ago
Is she playboi cartis gf
Nikki Natural Fan
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree 3 days ago
Why did you steal playboi crti
Nascimento yet
Nascimento yet 3 days ago
Iggy merecia o mundo com essa música e clipe.
Jinx The Minx
Jinx The Minx 3 days ago
They made sure she didn’t look pregnant
Bimbo Baang
Bimbo Baang 4 days ago
Blackbird Gray
Blackbird Gray 4 days ago
Is this sampled from lady gaga's americano song ?
Nikki Natural Fan
Adam black Greyonix duh
Blackbird Gray
Blackbird Gray 4 days ago
@Nikki Natural Fan ok
Nikki Natural Fan
Lady Gaga actually sample mambo italiano. Iggy samples mambo italiano
Deenosaurus 4 days ago
missing some new stuff of Iggy... :/
Jazz Autumn
Jazz Autumn 4 days ago
OMG she looks sooo good for her age or I am just jelly LOL
Tuấn Anh Lại
Tuấn Anh Lại 4 days ago
i love our hair
Harmony Miller
Harmony Miller 5 days ago
The more I hear this song the more I love it.
Alicia Awa FANPAGE
She was pregnant the whole time and we didn’t know. Also in this Video 😳
mtrmt mtrmt
mtrmt mtrmt 5 days ago
Harley Quinn vibes
Frank Kopp
Frank Kopp 5 days ago
Gandhi loose and cheese rereading the opportunity.:-))))) :-);;;
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez 5 days ago
mucho texto
lily Breina
lily Breina 5 days ago
Anyone noticed that they were wearing their tiger mask?
Douyin Munz
Douyin Munz 5 days ago
Анна Кошман
It sounds like the Sophia Loren song "Mambo Italiano".
Ramzi Qafarov
Ramzi Qafarov 5 days ago
XX X 6 days ago
fried shrimp
irinus traian
irinus traian 6 days ago
irinus traian
irinus traian 6 days ago
Iggy mnaser teh
Gord Sand
Gord Sand 6 days ago
ther lying carzy people dont have comfusing scenes of fun it torment in there brains
Marta 1312
Marta 1312 6 days ago
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero 6 days ago
Mambo Italiano sample
Elsa Einstein
Elsa Einstein 6 days ago
Always been a fan of yours Iggy . .. Ariana doesn't have anything over u . You dominate . Hands Down!!; Peace Out Sister ☺️ GODSPEED 👍
Boojáble Googlé
WHY is this so underrated
John john
John john 6 days ago
Smukke Mus
Smukke Mus 6 days ago
0:39 iggy kind a look like a pinapple
Gyll dyll
Gyll dyll 6 days ago
Música viciante 👏🏼🥰
Marija Parežanin
They just stole Mambo italiano EXACTLY THE SAME... Wow
Best Animes
Best Animes 5 days ago
Yeah you notice that too
Piano Impro
Piano Impro 6 days ago
I always hated Iggy, but since Cardi B came around, I’m appreciating her more.
Branighan Benjamin
Iggy you're a loving person and I feel like its good what you doing by not worrying what people say about you don't change be loving and cool Jy is te ongelooflik oulik en nederig ek is vreeslik mal oor jou
Anj Andy
Anj Andy 7 days ago
I just wanna say that she edited this.
Fryzury dla kobiet
John john
John john 7 days ago
John john
John john 7 days ago
My love iggy ft alice❤
John john
John john 7 days ago
Vem mais ft
JCAR Fujoshi
JCAR Fujoshi 7 days ago
I miss her😭😭😭
Brionna Danielle
Brionna Danielle 7 days ago
hân hân
hân hân 8 days ago
Sophia Kennett
Sophia Kennett 8 days ago
This is like iggy and her mini me
Mike Kidwell
Mike Kidwell 8 days ago
Still can’t believe she was pregnant in this!!
Misael Jonas
Misael Jonas 8 days ago
moments 8 days ago
Okay but iggy killed it
Nikita Goel
Nikita Goel 8 days ago
If reboot of the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest then it can be the OST.
Seo Hoon Man
Seo Hoon Man 8 days ago
I love this
kearse's world 13
I thought the song would be just a little better if the singing just went away
シSunny 8 days ago
No offense but this is WAY better than Justin Bieber’s ‘Jummy’ or whatever
Marina_ 88
Marina_ 88 Day ago
that is a fact sarcasm... but for me i think that too
- 3 -
- 3 - 2 days ago
Jummy- 💀💀💀
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 2 days ago
The final boss
The final boss 2 days ago
You can say that again
Pragati Manjary
Pragati Manjary 4 days ago
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