If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso

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Family friendly PG Clean
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 17 922
Infinite Month ago
Doc oc
Doc oc 15 days ago
Porscha Sims
Porscha Sims 15 days ago
If it is a big celebrity
majd alhusseini
majd alhusseini 28 days ago
@Daniel Barajas Ruiz is dum
zyth Drizz x
zyth Drizz x Month ago
you are ♾lay the best❤️
cheesecake_24 Month ago
Hiii there 😍
Barbara Olivier
Barbara Olivier 2 hours ago
Chrisan said wow
Barbara Olivier
Barbara Olivier 2 hours ago
How did you do that with your hand?
Barbara Olivier
Barbara Olivier 2 hours ago
I have three lifes
Barbara Olivier
Barbara Olivier 2 hours ago
I lost one life
Barbara Olivier
Barbara Olivier 2 hours ago
I want a drift mask
Rebecca G
Rebecca G 2 hours ago
I had 1000 lives left
Ralph Jones
Ralph Jones 2 hours ago
74253547664536437654736356485796536543675876583032949382547247377673573765 lives
Kahilha Wilkins
Kahilha Wilkins 2 hours ago
100 lives
Bekka Nelson
Bekka Nelson 3 hours ago
I had 3 lives left😫
Romen Fallon
Romen Fallon 3 hours ago
jm jhaz
jm jhaz 3 hours ago
jm jhaz
jm jhaz 3 hours ago
I have 1,000 leaves so i can say it all everyday
jm jhaz
jm jhaz 3 hours ago
Y1000 lives'
cecilia ventura
cecilia ventura 4 hours ago
That happened to my hair when I was at a slide
Kevin's Friendly Channel
You zed waw
Anders Johnson
Anders Johnson 4 hours ago
I don't says wow
Anders Johnson
Anders Johnson 4 hours ago
You said wow
Martha Alvarez
Martha Alvarez 4 hours ago
My name is Christian to
Jayce Tarvin
Jayce Tarvin 4 hours ago
I had a 50lvis
Cindy Nelson
Cindy Nelson 4 hours ago
I’ll probably WIN
Jennifer Adkins
Jennifer Adkins 5 hours ago
I had 5 lives
John Perry
John Perry 5 hours ago
I had 4 lives left
DB SPARKLES!! 5 hours ago
5 lives cause it was really not that hard😒😒😒😒
Sham Alsal.kl.
Sham Alsal.kl. 5 hours ago
It’s soo sadisefing 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Kids -
Kids - 5 hours ago
News Flash
News Flash 6 hours ago
Jermain Tabbanor
Jermain Tabbanor 7 hours ago
dat_kid_garry 7 hours ago
5 life's of Slenderman
Roy Perante
Roy Perante 8 hours ago
Marissa Vargas
Marissa Vargas 8 hours ago
Infinite he just said wow take of a baby 🚷
Beryl Mendes
Beryl Mendes 8 hours ago
I am playing
Marissa Vargas
Marissa Vargas 8 hours ago
4 lives
Marissa Vargas
Marissa Vargas 8 hours ago
I have 5 lives
Brandon Garza
Brandon Garza 8 hours ago
acsholy i won i have 5 still
That Kid Reactions
That Kid Reactions 8 hours ago
Love the glasses
Wendi Vazquez
Wendi Vazquez 9 hours ago
Chloe xandra Gonzaga
Beverly Gonzalez
Beverly Gonzalez 9 hours ago
I still have five lives👶
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan 10 hours ago
I have 1 live
minecraft 11 hours ago
your freind just say wow but you dont know
Basic Potato
Basic Potato 11 hours ago
This is bell 👱🏻‍♀️ 🥋 👟 She loves karate this is how old she is👇
Airen Guimaos
Airen Guimaos 12 hours ago
C Christian said wow that is cool
Airen Guimaos
Airen Guimaos 12 hours ago
Do a try not to say nothing
Airen Guimaos
Airen Guimaos 12 hours ago
I have 5 lives
Gary Hunting
Gary Hunting 13 hours ago
Infinite lives!
Abdullah Shaikh
Abdullah Shaikh 13 hours ago
Challenge try not to say amazing
CityzenNumber1Fan 13 hours ago
Love your videos, but with this challenge there's one thing that bothers me. "Wow" and "Whoa" are two separate words. Just so you know for next time
bella b
bella b 13 hours ago
Good vid
Sarah Mason
Sarah Mason 13 hours ago
You said wow
Dakota MacAlpine
Dakota MacAlpine 15 hours ago
OMG I just love your vids you are my hero
Tabetha Avila
Tabetha Avila 15 hours ago
I never sayed it
Amori Mathis
Amori Mathis 15 hours ago
I still have all my lives 😂😅😆🤣 lol
maria casique
maria casique 15 hours ago
Just dont say anything
Carolina Nova
Carolina Nova 16 hours ago
The hawk
Heather Montgomery
Heather Montgomery 17 hours ago
Katelyn Cohen
Katelyn Cohen 17 hours ago
He said oh wow and then shhhhhh
Angela Tapia
Angela Tapia 19 hours ago
Quinton Ross
Quinton Ross 19 hours ago
Dabbing is sooooooooo 2014
Angel Cordero
Angel Cordero 19 hours ago
You said it
Mastro TEEVEE 20 hours ago
I had one life and I did it
Kathleen Agustin
Kathleen Agustin 20 hours ago
1 to make it hard
DJ Simmons
DJ Simmons 20 hours ago
I xxxtentacion
Sergio Deleon
Sergio Deleon 20 hours ago
Josh .Sullivan
Josh .Sullivan 20 hours ago
5 easily
Sherie Petraglia
Sherie Petraglia 20 hours ago
I have 4.5 lives
Lucas Belcher
Lucas Belcher 21 hour ago
5 lives
Dormont Elementary Garden committee
Christian said wow at 3:01
Svana graley Tavares
Omg the honey one freaked be out because i have tribophobia
Brendy Bradley
Brendy Bradley 21 hour ago
That was so awesome
Dalena Long
Dalena Long 22 hours ago
I got 1 million lives that are ......... THE LENNY FACE
Lee Her
Lee Her 22 hours ago
💩 poop
Lee Her
Lee Her 22 hours ago
You guys said wow
Pearl Marron
Pearl Marron 22 hours ago
How do u say wow it so esssss
Jacob courtney_2191515
i had 1 life and i ended with 1
Jaimee Carriere
Jaimee Carriere 23 hours ago
Evie Wilkinson
Evie Wilkinson
wolfiegirl 101
I have 1000000000000 lives!!!,!
jay javed
jay javed Day ago
k sure
Li Xu
Li Xu Day ago
I never said wow sub to nicobbq
Brayan martinez
Aerobic bunny
1:07 is the best part
Israel Gómez
You suck Infinite
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Day ago
5 live
Enrique Ramirez
3 lives
zak back Morgan
5 lives
Michelle Bowen
My lives are 😆
Matias Avila Castro
I have 5.
camila Acuna
camila Acuna Day ago
This is so easy
Harry fordyce
WHAT? he said wow he bad boy
Kyra Human
Kyra Human Day ago
Shawn Kearney
I had 3 lives
Amanda Young
Amanda Young Day ago
I have 5 lives
Alexis Patrick
You are the worst you tuber ever you stole Morgz girlfriend
Vegeta Black
Vegeta Black Day ago
Your friend said wow
Nakisha West
Nakisha West Day ago
What happened if you get scared had to death twice
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller
i got 5 livs
BLACK pick
BLACK pick Day ago
Luis Perdomo
Luis Perdomo Day ago
I in 4 livesB-)
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