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If You Laugh, You Lose $1,000 - TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE

FaZe Rug
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Don't laugh or else...
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So we decided to do an impossible try not to laugh challenge, but if you do laugh, you lose $1,000... IT WAS SO HARD!! Did you laugh?
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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May 23, 2019

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Comments 8 754
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 24 days ago
If you didn’t laugh throughout this video I will give you $10,000
Sukini :P
Sukini :P 3 days ago
0 laughs
Destruction -Fortnite And More
FaZe Rug give my racks.
Daisycr7 Flores
Daisycr7 Flores 10 days ago
I swear to my family I didn’t laugh at all
PianoTilesWithAly 19 days ago
FaZe Rug where my ten thousand dollars 💵 🤧
Hey_itzzz_mee Lol
Hey_itzzz_mee Lol 24 days ago
Where’s my 10,000??
Josh Lematty
Josh Lematty 3 minutes ago
Dallas Bass
Dallas Bass 14 minutes ago
I didn't laugh one's
T Stormer
T Stormer 23 minutes ago
About 6 times
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 11 hours ago
straight face gang wya 😐🤔🤔
Sexyna Camara
Sexyna Camara 11 hours ago
I can't stop laughing is so funny😂😂😂😂
Manuel Talonia
Manuel Talonia 15 hours ago
5 times
Elite saVage
Elite saVage 16 hours ago
I lafed 0 times that is so easy wow
CKS Playz
CKS Playz 18 hours ago
i did not laugh ps.s love you and vidoes
Bentley Zimmerman
Bentley Zimmerman 19 hours ago
Have you ever met tfue rug
younglewis 25
younglewis 25 21 hour ago
I laught 5 times
Kaylee Smart
Kaylee Smart 21 hour ago
Kaylee Smart
Kaylee Smart 21 hour ago
Jaelah Scott
Jaelah Scott 22 hours ago
i think i laughed like 3 or 4 times
Emery Linderman
Emery Linderman 23 hours ago
I laughed everyone
Emery Linderman
Emery Linderman 23 hours ago
I literally started laughing in the intro and was grinning basically the whole time
Daisy Wilcockson
I died of laughter when he said bowsley 😂😂😂
“If I laugh again you can unsubscribe.. Bye Bye 12 million
danitza castelo
That wasn't funny 😁
Fatima Trujillo
That was sooooo funny😂
Valecia Reynolds
It’s my birthday and I need new shoes can you plz do a give away for balenciagas I’m in very need of new shoes
ZEN cutiepie
ZEN cutiepie Day ago
If your truthful like if your a liar dislike 👍. 👎
ZEN cutiepie
ZEN cutiepie Day ago
I liked my comment
Nin Mena
Nin Mena Day ago
Is hair line tho
Ollie Memes
Ollie Memes Day ago
This is howmany people are like diggers (Dont like me pls otherwise i am a like digger)
Cute Vlogs By Sel
I laughed 0 times tbh... where my money at?
Kk Kk
Kk Kk Day ago
Sherman the vermin more Sherman the virgin haha 😂
B Day ago
I laugh 2 times thought-out this video
Massimo Latifi
Viedo starts at. 4:08
Lakshmi Nair
Lakshmi Nair Day ago
Where is my 10k!
lol Nikes16
lol Nikes16 Day ago
I laughed 0 times so you have give me a iTunes 200$ gift card
DYM dubstepper
13:07 has anyone from Las Vegas noticed that it’s in Vegas
Alejandra Torivio
Lmao the way he looked at the camera he knew..14:20
Mia Mordecai
Mia Mordecai Day ago
Man Laughs r like Yawns, Be careful
Lucas Lemma
Lucas Lemma Day ago
I failed the challenge, I laughed on everyone
FABIO yolo
FABIO yolo Day ago
Derek Karol
Derek Karol 2 days ago
I did not laugh at all rug
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes 2 days ago
I laughed only once bc Brian made me fricking made me laugh
saydee zamora
saydee zamora 2 days ago
i am bella
saydee zamora
saydee zamora 2 days ago
i laugh 2 times how about you i joy the game this is the last time so that was 3
cdubb Whitmore
cdubb Whitmore 2 days ago
Hey rug, I am on a computer so i couldn't download goat is there another way I can enter. love you FaZe rug been subbed since 5 million
Daro killer
Daro killer 2 days ago
i unsubscribe
Daro killer
Daro killer 2 days ago
dude it's so easy bro i will never laugh
Cynthia Sanchez
Cynthia Sanchez 2 days ago
i laughed 2-3 times lmao 😭
Hype Shot
Hype Shot 2 days ago
why does sherman’s hairline look like a lightning bolt
Its Chriss
Its Chriss 2 days ago
xItzSnowGamez - Gaming to the max!
Start at 4:22 Thanks me below
Tecoshe Bob
Tecoshe Bob 2 days ago
I laugh 2 times
xItzSnowGamez - Gaming to the max!
Where does the 1000 dollars goes
Silvia Martinez
Silvia Martinez 2 days ago
10:53 😭😭
NzT Clan
NzT Clan 2 days ago
This was NOT funny
Leslie Alvarez
Leslie Alvarez 3 days ago
Your awesome
Diego Patino
Diego Patino 3 days ago
Test husky onemgot me dead
Arizza Garciaa
Arizza Garciaa 3 days ago
I laughed when you said “Bosley” 😭😭🤣🤣 had me dead 🤣
Mia V
Mia V 3 days ago
I actually didn’t laugh at all
Neima Ballourah
Neima Ballourah 3 days ago
I laughed 5 times from the beginning
Daniela Umanzor
Daniela Umanzor 3 days ago
Noora Puhakka
Noora Puhakka 3 days ago
I laught 14 times😂 love you guys💗💓
Mya Van weert
Mya Van weert 3 days ago
I laughed once
jasmin diaz
jasmin diaz 3 days ago
I laughed like 10 times T______________T
BigHead Moises
BigHead Moises 3 days ago
Sup nigga bitch
Alan Deloya
Alan Deloya 3 days ago
Destiny Ochoa
Destiny Ochoa 3 days ago
2 times
Maddox Contreras
Maddox Contreras 4 days ago
0 nigga
Meyia Munoz
Meyia Munoz 4 days ago
Lexie Thibaut
Lexie Thibaut 4 days ago
I did not
Allison Sorto
Allison Sorto 4 days ago
I laughed twice only twice
Xavier Guzman
Xavier Guzman 4 days ago
This was not even funny
Felix Barber
Felix Barber 4 days ago
I only laughed four times which I think is really good by the way, I love your youtube videos. xxx
Sachy Rodriguez
Sachy Rodriguez 4 days ago
Who would unsubscribe. I DEFINITELY WILL NEVERRRR!!!!!!!!
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez 4 days ago
I laugh so much
Keith Griffin
Keith Griffin 4 days ago
I laughed 0 time i never realy laugh
Pluto The Non Dwarf Planet
Why did he put the intro in the intro
Yoselin Nunez
Yoselin Nunez 4 days ago
Victoria Del Toro
I laughed twice🤪😂
I wasn't laughing at all and then when Brian said time out and smelled his armpit I was cracking up 😂😂
Victoria Del Toro
Love the flying part
Victoria Del Toro
I didn’t laugh at all it’s easy for me
Kattiria Deleon
Kattiria Deleon 4 days ago
I did not laugh at all
FA REVIEW 4 days ago
Mohtheboss 101 A
Mohtheboss 101 A 4 days ago
wheres my 10000 grand
Javier Moncada
Javier Moncada 4 days ago
I laughed 0 times no 10k just a reply from you plz
Javier Moncada
Javier Moncada 4 days ago
Can i please be in a try not to laugh challenge plz FaZe RUG
Always be You
Always be You 4 days ago
I laughed 6 times
P4ndaTTV 4 days ago
14:40 he said his sister is pregnant and later he says *Hes gonna be a dad*
[Froozy] Skippy
[Froozy] Skippy 5 days ago
I love this video
LiamChannelXD 1
LiamChannelXD 1 5 days ago
I laughed 3 times
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 5 days ago
I lose 2000
MG CHANNEL 5 days ago
I felt he said straight face gang were you at very wired !
The magical diamond
I grinded twice that's it
Dayana Bautista
Dayana Bautista 5 days ago
I did not laugh at all
21Nate Lit
21Nate Lit 5 days ago
I laughed 9 times
LGD Shadow
LGD Shadow 5 days ago
I laughed twice
LGD Shadow
LGD Shadow 5 days ago
Video starts at 4:44
Jedi Connor
Jedi Connor 5 days ago
I laughed a tiny bit!!!
Tri Dreamer
Tri Dreamer 5 days ago
im late this videos late but tell anthony to get an edge up what’s up with his hair line lmfao💀
Maryjane Perez
Maryjane Perez 5 days ago
I did not even laugh
Wil Cruz
Wil Cruz 5 days ago
10,000but 11,000 if your counting ad 11,000
Serrano Twins
Serrano Twins 5 days ago
these are memes from 2016 whaaaaat the real meme lord is pewds
jose campos
jose campos 5 days ago
can you do a full day of eating video😂
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