If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

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If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) · The 1975
Notes On A Conditional Form
℗ 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records
Released on: 2020-05-22
Producer, Associated Performer, Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizer: George Daniel
Producer, Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar: Matthew Healy
Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Jonathan Gilmore
Associated Performer, Guitar: Adam Hann
Associated Performer, Bass (vocal): Ross MacDonald
Associated Performer, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone: Bob Reynolds
Associated Performer, Guitar: Jamie Squire
Associated Performer, Saxophone: John Waugh
Associated Performer, Trombone: Lemar Guillary
Associated Performer, Flugelhorn, Trumpet: Rashwan Ross
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Tahliah Debrett Barnett
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Mike Crossey
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Robin Schmidt
Composer Lyricist: Adam Hann
Composer Lyricist: George Daniel
Composer Lyricist: Matthew Healy
Composer Lyricist: Ross MacDonald
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May 21, 2020




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Comments 54
du da
du da Month ago
sorry but i m so so shy, that i cry when i need to talk to people, i m really sorry, i think i need therapy;) someday i'll come back and say "HEY MOTHERFUCKERS I GOT TO TALK TO VARIOUS PEOPLE YES I'M VERY COOL"
Isa Griffey
Isa Griffey 3 months ago
i love it it‘s so underrated
Meadow Hale
Meadow Hale 3 months ago
this album is so freaking goooddddd
Raven H
Raven H 3 months ago
Kevin Camargo
Kevin Camargo 4 months ago
the 1975 help me out really well to go thru heartbroken stuff. lmao
Mike Le
Mike Le 4 months ago
Its a food song and all but i just cant take that saxophone seriously. It sounds exactly like it belongs in a 90s sitcom about a middle class family.
Ale Bordón
Ale Bordón 5 months ago
Ugh this song is so good
Anton 5 months ago
Sofia P
Sofia P 6 months ago
Spider Man
Spider Man 6 months ago
Where was this kind of music for the whole album this album doesn’t sound like The 1975 it sounds like the Chainsmokers influence I’m sad that this kind of music doesn’t sound like this on the entire record same as people as punk stuff there are some rock music stuff but overall it sounds very elect Tronic music it doesn’t sound like the 1975 in my opinion I’m not saying it’s a bad album or a good album I’m just saying wall it could’ve been a lot better hopefully the next album doesn’t sound like this.
Spider Man
Spider Man Month ago
They’re just pop rock 80s influence and alternative music style Band
Spider Man
Spider Man Month ago
@colonel_ crackers They are not pop or rock band at all They are alternative band
colonel_ crackers
They ain't a rock band lol
GnomesMcGee 6 months ago
Sounds like Bryan Adams.
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller 6 months ago
The way some of yall keep having new "best songs on the album" just shows how good this album is. Too Shy could be cut from this album and the album could still stand on its own. Hats off to the 1975!!
RUVCH BREVTH 6 months ago
Song of the century 🖤
ruby 7 months ago
i see her onloine. all the toime.
Ava Kelly
Ava Kelly 2 months ago
Troying not to stair Dow there whiolst she talks about a tuf toime
Mary Ann Reyes
Mary Ann Reyes 3 months ago
Farrel Irvianto
Farrel Irvianto 4 months ago
tom delonge's accent
ruby 4 months ago
@turtledoescovers SAME LMAO
turtledoescovers 4 months ago
i sing exactly like that everytime 😂😂
Dalliance 7 months ago
this song is definitely an overrated one on the album 😳
Milli Bee
Milli Bee 7 months ago
My favorite band for 7+ years now... ♥ Stoked that they haven't lost "it" yet. I love them so much. ♥
Jason Price
Jason Price 6 months ago
no i’m pretty sure they’ve lost it but in a really fucking good way 😌
Michaela 124
Michaela 124 7 months ago
This is just pure beauty ❤️
Spider Man
Spider Man 7 months ago
How come the lead single people sounds so punk rock and the rest of the album does not sound anything like that I mean there are some rock music sound like then because she goes Roadkill as country rock me and you together Song and this one as a pop rock 80s sound And how come this album does not sound like 80s Influence Like that they did on The another album’s This album doesn’t sound like the 1975 to me It sounds like Radiohead and The Chainsmokers influence They don’t even sound like the 1975 for the most part hopefully the next album will be better but this album is disappointing not the worst album but just disappointed I only like 13 Tracks But overall I don’t like nine songs on this album Don’t give me wrong there are some rock songs on the album It’s just it’s not heavy as people I them to keep doing that people style More often.
MadDa Dog
MadDa Dog 7 months ago
I had a stroke while reading this comment because of how there's one period in it.
TheDoctor 8
TheDoctor 8 7 months ago
Only two good songs on this album. Man they have fallen from grace since those first two classic albums! Got too political. Ya hate to see it
colonel_ crackers
@TheDoctor 8 that your taste, my friend, but no shaming others
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller 7 months ago
@Dalliance Word. Word. Say it louder for the people in the back.
Dalliance 7 months ago
@TheDoctor 8 auto tune in this stutation is for style not lack of talent. we all know Matty can sing. auto tune does not automatically mean no talent or ideas. political innuendos or things that need to be talked about that you don't wanna hear about? you're just mad they didn't make 4 self titled but if they did you'd hate it too. you can have an opinion and say you don't like something but saying things like "fallen from grace" or "got to political" they talk about problems you shoulf actually be worried about. what else are they trying to tell you besides WAKE UP. matty literally screams it at you i mean how plain and simple is it to see that the planet isn't gonna last?
TheDoctor 8
TheDoctor 8 7 months ago
Dalliance If you’re a fan of auto tuned derivative junk and political innuendos than its for you. But you’re in the minority. Most major music reviews have pooped on this mess of an album.
Dalliance 7 months ago
this is literally one of their best albums but go off ig with your no taste 😳
Sarah Hannis
Sarah Hannis 7 months ago
This song is top tier idc idc
Jet G. Eighty-seven
Jet G. Eighty-seven 7 months ago
Luke Abram
Luke Abram 7 months ago
That's one punchy bass drum.
Luke Abram
Luke Abram 7 months ago
Best song on the album...how do these guys release consistently fantastic music!?
simone keha olsen
simone keha olsen 5 months ago
they never have bad stuff ..
Diessa Apostol
Diessa Apostol 6 months ago
true! one of my fave song on the album
T.R. D.Z.
T.R. D.Z. 6 months ago
They love what they do
Luke Abram
Luke Abram 7 months ago
@Milli BeeIt's also how they "reinvent" a whole genre at the same time. Like this song is so 80's...but then I think if people had heard this back in the 80's it would blow people's minds and would be way ahead of the times...so it isn't really reinvented. They are just so enterprising with their music and creativity that its so purely original.
Milli Bee
Milli Bee 7 months ago
Ikr? Every album that's released, I say, "BEST ALBUM EVER, HANDS DOWN!!" Then... they release another. Repeat. #DONTbreakthecycle!!
Surya Dermawan
Surya Dermawan 7 months ago
cuma 42 yg komen:(
Aliz Z'
Aliz Z' 7 months ago
Jade Catherine
Jade Catherine 7 months ago
Love you boys ❤
05 tobyto
05 tobyto 7 months ago
damn how is it that every song they released are this good...way too good...reAllY GOOD
Diego Momotic
Diego Momotic 7 months ago
I'm in love with this song! It's wonderful :D
FADE RVA 7 months ago
this is sooo good
Catherine Cane
Catherine Cane 7 months ago
This song contains so much serotonin
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso 4 months ago
Do you know the lyrics?
Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson 7 months ago
JIRORO 7 months ago
Guys I have the full NOACF album here for your personal use via PC. pastelink.net/1ne0d
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 7 months ago
christelle dhome
christelle dhome 7 months ago
From 0:50, it really sounds like this : Gold- Un peu plus près des étoiles ruvid.net/video/video-ejNF9kV5fg4.html
jann 7 months ago
Alice Achumi
Alice Achumi 8 months ago
Boy of my dreams xx
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 8 months ago
Best song of the album 🍻
Anna 8 months ago
november nicolas
november nicolas 8 months ago
For sake, dont dislike this awesome song come on, this is really good
One man's meat can be another man's poison
Bea Legata
Bea Legata 8 months ago
this is fire
DAN LIN 8 months ago
Love it so much!
North Star
North Star 8 months ago
Awesome song! 💛💛
A. Marie B
A. Marie B 8 months ago
Anybody else listen to this song so many times live and heard a crowd ?? No? Just me ?
Hashtag 8 months ago
i can hear the phantom crowd and i've not heard the live version often at all lol
Etho Pathos
Etho Pathos 8 months ago
before 1k waddup
Aimee 8 months ago
the best!! ✊🏼
Barren Abugan
Barren Abugan 8 months ago
Carla Cannatelli
Carla Cannatelli 8 months ago
Carla Cannatelli
Carla Cannatelli 8 months ago
Blur 8 months ago
I love you
Bruno Z
Bruno Z 8 months ago
I meet the guys on Lolla Brasil, IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEND
dire youth
dire youth 8 months ago
this comment should be under the "Guys" video
rayssa //
rayssa // 8 months ago
Aimee 8 months ago
Bruno Z lucky you!!!
Jhan Jethrix
Jhan Jethrix 8 months ago
Lyrics: I see her online All the time I'm trying not to stare down there While she talks about her tough time Girl of your dreams You know what I mean There's something 'bout her stare that makes you nervous And you say things that you don't mean Well, I found a hotel, I called up the twins It's seven in the morning, so they won't let me in I need to get back, I've gotta see the girl on the screen (And then I spoke to her and she said) "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby, I think that you should give it a go" She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see and stop thinking, if you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know" I've been wearing nothing every time I call you And I'm starting to feel weird about it Sometimes, it's better if you think about This time, I think I'm gonna drink through it Then I see her online, and I don't think that I should be calling All the time, I just wanted a happy ending And I pretend that I don't care about her stare While she's giving me a tough time Well, I found a motel, it looked like the bins I think there'd been a murder, so we couldn't get in I need to get back, I've gotta see the girl on the screen "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby, I think that you should give it a go" She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see and stop thinking, if you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know (You're too shy, then let me) Well, if you're too shy, then let me know (Too shy, then let me) If you're too shy, then let me go" (Oh, yeah) I see her online All the time Well, she said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby, I think that you should give it a go" She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see and stop thinking, if you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know"
sunshine girl
sunshine girl 8 months ago
Thank you!
Andromeda Gabor
Andromeda Gabor 8 months ago
Sean Owen
Sean Owen 8 months ago
kaka 8 months ago
why the reupload?
oninovertheparty 7 months ago
@Galen Kamran it is u dummy
Galen Kamran
Galen Kamran 7 months ago
@oninovertheparty no it's not
oninovertheparty 8 months ago
@Haikality nope, its for the RUvid Music in the phone app.
Haikality 8 months ago
album version
GP 8 months ago
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