If we were stranded together.. Raft Episode 1

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In today's video, my friends and I play RAFT and try to survive together LOL (please let me know if you enjoyed this video! May be uploading more variety games as well as Among Us depending on the feedback! thank you!!)
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check out my friends in this video!!
corpse_husband - ruvid.net/show-UCFNTq9XKHDNy_1-2lL0kqCg
sykkuno - ruvid.net/u-Sykkuno
disguised toast - ruvid.net/show-UCUT8RoNBTJvwW1iErP6-b-A
quarterjade - ruvid.net/show-UC_wSuaxwUYsJOBZDWwHIQZg
baboAbe - ruvid.net/show-UCDpcj8hf_UodY5m7I7aWJcQ
masayoshi - ruvid.net/u-itzmasayoshi
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Jan 6, 2021




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Comments 100
Princess Villa
Princess Villa 7 hours ago
The fact that I watched this 5 times and its morning right now
kervin quilapio
kervin quilapio 8 hours ago
animation in corpse was awesome i love corpse♥
Xelo. Blitz
Xelo. Blitz 18 hours ago
Am I the only one that thinks she kinda looks like poki?
Darkdragon_ XD
Darkdragon_ XD 23 hours ago
Whats wrong with corpse im worried
Ann Marie Patterson
7:15 Corpse: I protec I attac and if you mess with Sykkuno I’LL HIT YOU WITH A BAT
Crazy Bomb
Crazy Bomb Day ago
Crazy Bomb
Crazy Bomb Day ago
Valkyrae- "Sykkuno, you have to carry me!" Sykkuno- "Princess carry, or potato sack?" Valkyrae- "P-" Sykkuno- "Potato sack it is."
cheebee Day ago
7:46 my favourite image oml
Katrīna Cera
bless you for putting corpse near sykkuno in the animation
Madalyn Wolverton
Alright either they really WILL have a large water bill, or sykuno doesn’t need to pay his water bill because he’s surrounded by it
Ina Park
Ina Park Day ago
Anybody else realize the chill background soundtrack is some of the Naruto theme songs/soundtracks ? ~So nice☺️
Sum1'z DaD
Sum1'z DaD Day ago
This intro takes me back to two thousand and eight, chilling with my anime club homies after school. Best Junior year of my life.
That music sooooo relaxing 😌😌😌 I THINK THAT'S A ANIME ONE-PIECE MUSIC
Dominic Mauric
Dominic Mauric 2 days ago
This is the first time I've watched your videos and I'm a huge fan of the animations
Tia Smith
Tia Smith 2 days ago
Abe literally sounds exactly like Scarra, and they both look like peener. I don't know who is who anymore
mathilde e
mathilde e 2 days ago
the thumbnailis kinda sus
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 3 days ago
Abe saying “I dont know how to,” is an ENTIRE mood and cheered me up sooooo much
Samantha Mora
Samantha Mora 3 days ago
Rae's ay caramba in 18:48 was the cutest thing I've ever heard
imnotkryptic ;-;
imnotkryptic ;-; 3 days ago
the naruto music made this video oddly peaceful lol
Kendall Bragg
Kendall Bragg 3 days ago
:D 3 days ago
Sanita Reinsone
Sanita Reinsone 3 days ago
7:12 he on the run to protect
maddiehallows 4 days ago
HAHAHHA LOVE THE toast is observing in facebook rae and corpse laughing in youtube jodi,john,sykkuno and abe panicking in twitch
Yee Dubay
Yee Dubay 4 days ago
The next ball dentsply spot because pipe canonically bless about a near peer-to-peer. aboard, nauseating watchmaker
Joeysledge 4 days ago
i love the naruto bg music
Cooper Logan
Cooper Logan 4 days ago
Bro the animations ar so cool i love it
Momma Wolf
Momma Wolf 4 days ago
ASHWIN V 4 days ago
is it naruto bgm in the background
Braybro! 4 days ago
The amount of time she said THE FUTURE IS NOW kinda makes me mad lol
Alana Carriles
Alana Carriles 4 days ago
Love the naruto bg music
Simp for corpse husband 😏
Shadow King
Shadow King 6 days ago
Me: sees cute doggy also me:SMASHES SUBSCRIBE
Yaneria Jackson
Yaneria Jackson 6 days ago
YeaH iT's prEttY lIT RivEr, hAhA
Alferatz 6 days ago
We love the Naruto music
idk yeah
idk yeah 6 days ago
id cuuummmm on rae
Ryne Gideon Gonzales
I just learned that Rae is Half Filipino
HayLay 6 days ago
take a shot every time rae says "the future is now"
Manav Patel
Manav Patel 6 days ago
naruto theme in the background be hittin
esteban Medina
esteban Medina 6 days ago
If you kill the shark you can put the shark head on
Kori Gibson
Kori Gibson 6 days ago
A person that likes to watch ɦɘɳʈɑɪ̊ for the plot
Me: _(sees the thumbnail)_ Also me: "I don't like where this is going"
Gray 7 days ago
corpse,ray, and sykunno are so wholesome together
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 7 days ago
Aww corps..
Pay 7 days ago
That, Good Morning!! in the start gave me the chills
Arianna Torabian
Arianna Torabian 7 days ago
sykkuno, rae, and corpses friendship is so adorable
Arianna Torabian
Arianna Torabian 7 days ago
rae and corpses sibling relationship is the cutest thing ever rae: “crops...” corpse: “what?” rae: “OH NOT YOU” both: *giggling*
AxelF 7 days ago
Toast sounds like he’s so done with everything
muhaimin mahmud
muhaimin mahmud 7 days ago
damn love the naruto music
Enzo Enzo
Enzo Enzo 8 days ago
Net Lord shall live on
Reshirex 8 days ago
Savita Sweet
Savita Sweet 8 days ago
She shoulda named the shark "Little fish bish"
Kylie Bellaire
Kylie Bellaire 8 days ago
i thoroughly enjoy the fact that every time someone does something their little person does a thumbs up.
Pablo King Reyes - Content Creator
Is the music from the game or from naruto? Lol giving me major Naruto hidden leaf chillin vibes
Anime Eye
Anime Eye 8 days ago
Bingus :D
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 8 days ago
The grandmasters jack and Mark have played this game 2 to there 1
savgeskiies 9 days ago
"Bish You Thought" "YA BISH" "CMON LITTLE SHARKY" "FISH YOU THOUGHT" I love theeemmm
Im just pointing out. Nobdy would expect corpse to be 5 years younger than sykkuno.
Xian Royer
Xian Royer 9 days ago
I can tell there was some tension between valkrea and corpse
Ahmad Soedirman
Ahmad Soedirman 9 days ago
What is that Naruto soundtrack name?
kay kay
kay kay 10 days ago
the animation and corpse with a shark head is perfection ❤️
Clara Zabik
Clara Zabik 10 days ago
if i had a dollar for every time rae said “the future”/“the future is now” i could pay off sykunnos water bill
Much Afraid
Much Afraid 9 days ago
Sophia Harris
Sophia Harris 10 days ago
CORPSE saying "wheres my potato" is something i didnt know i needed in life but i needed it
Skyelexist ME
Skyelexist ME 10 days ago
Shrimp and simp is The same thing
Jaden Nguyen
Jaden Nguyen 10 days ago
Fiona L.
Fiona L. 11 days ago
1 like=1 prayer for sykkuno's dignity after jody's prank
Queen Bri
Queen Bri 11 days ago
Sasha from AOT ate corpse's potato
Marcus Sagen
Marcus Sagen 11 days ago
This was fun, pleas upload more
K_u-r_b-a_ 12 days ago
“We StAn SyMmEtrY” .... Kid would be so proud 😄
Hailey Galbraith
Hailey Galbraith 12 days ago
I LOVE the little clips of animation, it’s soooo cute!
Chevelle Atwell Marshall
this is cool :)
Bri Bailey
Bri Bailey 12 days ago
Joanna Edlyn
Joanna Edlyn 12 days ago
I find the cartoons are cute.. Kawaiii
jcq uidachay
jcq uidachay 12 days ago
After coming back to this, and remembering seeing a clip of Rae and Sykunno talking about a boxing match, im down for it
Lumm Plays Games
Lumm Plays Games 12 days ago
noone: Corpse: 𝕭𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖚𝖘
ShaRky31 12 days ago
Renzyyy 13 days ago
22:40 that background song I think I hear that in naruto
knight Havok
knight Havok 13 days ago
Even Bear Grills wouldn't want to be stranded with these guys lol.
Shi3ym Nebreja
Shi3ym Nebreja 13 days ago
Bish you thought 23:03
Shi3ym Nebreja
Shi3ym Nebreja 13 days ago
Samuel Jimenez Avila
Hi I'm new to this and have a good day :>
Nim Gnos
Nim Gnos 13 days ago
Corpse in the shark hat is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen 🤣🤣🤣
Ebad Playz
Ebad Playz 13 days ago
When the animation thing pops up, that's my fav part
Hunter_craft 999
Hunter_craft 999 13 days ago
I love the animated parts!
Crystal Schnurpel
Crystal Schnurpel 14 days ago
This game looks so fun
BlackVenom 737
BlackVenom 737 14 days ago
6:50 Corpse in a cute shark head chomping on a watermelon
Jay I guess
Jay I guess 14 days ago
Day: peaceful music Night: AWOO HOO WHO VOO SHOOOKA TOOO
Jay I guess
Jay I guess 14 days ago
I-I’ve never watched Rae... does she always have the drawings????
Aanisha Georges
Aanisha Georges 14 days ago
Kali Morla
Kali Morla 14 days ago
Bro there is naruto music in the background omg
Kyla Winborne
Kyla Winborne 14 days ago
12:51 is such a nice moment between pals tbh
Alex j. Phinn
Alex j. Phinn 14 days ago
I like your dog and your vids!!!
StormBreaker158 14 days ago
It takes 8 pounds of force to rip off an ear.
Chiary Mandalina Gandi
07:47 i love the text
Chey Radona
Chey Radona 15 days ago
Lol,” Bish you thought”.
Mathew Coke
Mathew Coke 15 days ago
shout out to the animated clips look nice
KYRA WEAVER 15 days ago
Bish you thought!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it
Anjolina Velasquez
Anjolina Velasquez 15 days ago
the "i think i can take sykkuno down" statement didn't age well after the gta rp livestream yesterday 😅😂
Jim Tim
Jim Tim 15 days ago
This background music is from naruto?
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 15 days ago
Thumbnail eww 😷 but thenits kinda better
mihu 15 days ago
17:26 chumbucket???
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