If Thanos Snapped Steven Universe! Homeworld Changes & More!

The Roundtable
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What if Thanos' snap branched beyond the world of Avengers Endgame and affected cartoons like Steven Universe? What would happen to the Crystal Gems? The Diamond Authority? Beach City? Well we're going to explore that dark, twisted timeline today on Tooned In!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
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Apr 23, 2019




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Comments 80
The Roundtable
What other cartoons should we snapify?
krystal spink
Don't even get me started what's the Steven universe as Infinity Stones seriously I do not want to
BriniestCargo42 MINECRAFT
if sans is in steven unverse?
Jelani Cortez-Clark
Matthew Luma
Matthew Luma Month ago
Sonic series
jacob 95
jacob 95 2 months ago
C & C Miller
C & C Miller Day ago
Christ random chance made this really damn depressing
gaffers007ify 7 days ago
When will you do another one of these
Melora Palombo-Torres
Me watching this after future ended “ HA!”
Caltricia Hamilton
Caltricia Hamilton 24 days ago
I can forgive you for bringing Sour Cream and Connie's parents into this but VILDALIA!? She is my favorite human!? SHE IS THE MOST RELATABLE SINGLE MOM!!! NO I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN
John McKeel
John McKeel Month ago
Peridot nooooooo
ᑎ00ᗪᒪE Month ago
What the fuck did suitcase sam do?
lemony goddness lemons
Wait would half the cluster be snaped too..
Raheem Smith
Raheem Smith Month ago
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez Month ago
*ALTERNATE ENDING*: Bismuth Hits Blue and Yellow Diamond with the new copy of the breaking Point, Shattering them. Steven would be mad. “Bismuth..I thought you tur-“ As Steven gets too close to Bismuth, he threatens to Shatter Stevens Gem. Lapis would try to stop Bismuth, but he would Punch her away, poofing Lapis. With No Connie to Save him, Steven would have his gem shattered. With his Gem half destroyed, his Human Half would start to slowly die. Bismuth has finally done it. She shattered all of the diamonds. Even Pink. With Steven Dead, Spinel (if she’s not snapped somehow,) would not get the message Steven gave to Homeworld 2 years later. Meanwhile in Homeworld, Every Homeworld gem would be confused. Then when Bismuth arrives with a semi repaired Diamond Ship. She says that the Diamonds are gone. Every Homeworld Gem start to Panic. “Yellow and Blue are gone? Era 2 is gone? No more colonies?” So basically there won’t be no era 3, no Diamonds, and no Peace and or Danger. Besides a Single Corrupted gem.
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez Month ago
Oh, And what about Pearl and Garnet? They would basically Mourn over Steven’s Death. Or Poofed and or Shattered by Blue and Yellow. So Sad.
Jerry Harrison
Jerry Harrison Month ago
How About Spongebob SquarPants Regular Show Adventure Time and Powerpuff Girls.
Sakura Blossom
Sakura Blossom Month ago
How I would end this: The crystal gems (except amethyst) go to find thanos. They are successful but thanos used the stones to get rid of them. Bismuth cuts off thanos head. Like in endgame, they go back in time to find the stones. As they find them all, Steven goes to Lars with the new gauntlet (as he only ages slowly and he can be resurrected). All of the ones who were snapped came back (yay blue pearl and amethyst and peridot!). The fight thanos as he try’s to snap again. As Lars was able to come back to earth, again, he snatches up the gauntlet and snaps it saying “And I am Lars of The Stars” Then boom, thanos is gone!
Norbert Gulyas
Norbert Gulyas Month ago
Gravity falls should be next or OK-KO
RoyalRoxia Month ago
I Only Know about Thanos, because of a Meme. I Never Knew, he was a Bad Guy, sense i never seen the Movie.
Raneem Tamimi
Raneem Tamimi Month ago
I want to see the universe of Gravity Falls snapped
MC Ninja38
MC Ninja38 Month ago
I know this is late, but here's my thought with on the side of the Diamonds. They would know that there is a new threat, as humans were currently incapable of space travel. I think they would but Earth on the backburner, and try to find this new threat, ultimately leading to a battle between the Gem Empire and the Eternals, as when a new threat arises, the Diamonds seek to exterminate them. Ultimately, I forsee a 1 on 1 battle between Jasper and Thanos, as she is the Ultimate Gem warrior, and the Diamonds ranked her among the Elites. Jasper would not take orders from an Agate, and she was seen doing an Agates job, escorting a ship (though it was only one Peridot).
Pokemon yes DONALD TRUMP no Aka I am Lindsay 2.0
Me: never happen I don’t even think Steven Universe will even have Thanos or the avengers in there universe. unless the diamonds do stop colonizing plants and stay in fear until they find out thanos and get rid of him and then the white diamond will find out that pink’s shattering was fake and then find out about the corruption business and so on
Roaring Thunder115
Garnet-Red-Reality Stone Peridot-Green-Time Stone Lapis-Blue-Mind Stone Amethyst-Purple-Power Stone Pearl-Yellow-Mind Stone Bismuth-Orange-Soul stone
BustaJandro08 Month ago
Just a quick script for spinels arrival. ... Suddenly static goes into the diamond message communication thing. Yellow Diamond: gems everywhere! This is a level 46 emergency! Half of the gems everywhere have lost signal! This includes: white diamond, pink diamonds Jasper, The rogue peridot, Blue diamonds pearl, The ruby squad, zircon XJ 30. All of these gems have been reported to be shattered. If you were nearby any of these gems when they disappeared. Evacuate immediately or you may face certain death. Immediately report to homeworld. We have no confirmation whatsoever of what is really happening, but we have a theory.We believe that that pink diamond was not shattered, and we falsely blamed rose quartz. Which would prove why rose quartz did not make sense on trial. Pink diamond was only the beginning of this horrible situation. It has been confirmed that Steven is not rose quartz nor pink diamond. But will be taking her place furthermore in this Galactic emergency. The corrupted gems have gone hostile. We are attempting to bring them back to normal. Good luck. Then the message ends. Spinel is confused, she does not believe that pink diamond was a part of this and goes down to earth looking for proof that pink diamond is alive. She sees Steven and approaches him. Spinel: hello? Have you seen my diamond? Steven: no. Spinel: then why do you look like her? Steven: because I have nothing else to do. Spinel: why are you so sad? Steven: it’s all gone. Spinel: what do you mean? Steven: ... Steven explains the story of how everything randomly went wrong Normally spinel would be vengeful, but she never learned that pink diamond abandoned her because she never heard about pink diamond living the rest of her days on earth without spinel. She believes that pink diamond was shattered before she could go back. Also by the way earth is not destroyed in this. Edit: Spinel would probably replace blue Pearl. She would probably try to make Blue diamond feel better.
Os Squash
Os Squash Month ago
Oof Peridot my favorite character but yay Ronaldo
luke wright
luke wright Month ago
try looking into the last episode of Steven universe future.
T N Smith
T N Smith Month ago
Poor onion now he is really alone. And NOT PERIDOTTTTTTTTTTTTT😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emelito Maliksi
Emelito Maliksi Month ago
Nothing would happen to the gems because their bodies are illusions.
Blueteam 20001
Blueteam 20001 Month ago
Hoih2 Month ago
What about pumpkin
Audrey Serrano
Audrey Serrano Month ago
Yeah Howard definitely vanished
Luca Tan
Luca Tan Month ago
If the Cluster awakened, Lapis wouldn't die, she could get away and live on the moon. At that point, I don't think that she would think of taking any of the crystal gems with her. I also think that onion would somehow survive, just because. But I don't think that it would even come to that. When Blue kills Steven, I think that his Gem would be "free" and reform, as Pink Steven, or maybe, since he's dead, Rose. What happens next, would depend on who Pink reformed as. Pink Steven: He would shatter the unprepared Blue (she wouldn't stand a chance against Pink Stevens raw Power) and then take on Yellow. I think that he could take her down, especially if the Cluster is by his side. He would shatter her. The remaining townies, Lion, and, if not shattered, the Crystal Gems, would try to rehabilitate him, but he would still be very confused and antisocial for a long time. If Spinel shows up (50/50), she would be absolutely destroyed by him. Rose: She would maybe try to reason with Blue and finally show herself. Blue and Yellow would try to take her to Homeworld, but she would probably stay on earth. Also, Lapis, who wasn't informed about her identity, might have a breakdown because of it.
Keegstar Month ago
Wow I cant believe all of the humans are fucking dead
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon Month ago
Ooh Teen Titans go is the worst so snapify that I can't bear to hear Beast Boy and Cyborg just make dumb jokes that's spiderman's job
Peri: Lapis I dont feel so good
jacob 95
jacob 95 2 months ago
I can't beleve I'm saying this but you should snap half of humanity in on ko.
The Okay Gamer 4891
The Okay Gamer 4891 2 months ago
I mean, at least Kevin's gone
Goom Mooster
Goom Mooster 2 months ago
“Losing his optimism” Stop summarizing Steven Universe Future
Zachary Donovan
Zachary Donovan 2 months ago
What if, this concept exept all the townies and crystal gems exepet Steven got dusted, how would steven react. I feel like he would have a freaking 0 to 100 panic attack.
Brendan Anderson
Brendan Anderson 2 months ago
If there’s a infinity war for Steven universe We need a endgame. Everyone needs to group up and with the diamonds help, find out who killed off there friends. And with more series’s looking for revenge. We could possibly get the ULTIMATE CARTOON CROSSOVER Or WAY Darker ending: The events of the movie would play out normally until we got the future, where while everyone is still gone from the snap. Steven has to deal with his emotional diamond powers, with that and the fact that Steven could have major depression, it wouldn’t be that hard to end the series on a sour note. Steven hit rock bottom with no one to help him anymore, Stevens ties the rope, grabs the chair, and BOOM.
Banjo 2 months ago
The way you described this scenario made it sound like a creepypasta.
CoolSkeleton95 2 months ago
*Spinel comes to earth* Thanos- i dont even know who you are. Spinel- who i am who i am what are you even saying?!
FarisDaChiba UwU
FarisDaChiba UwU 2 months ago
Steven universe without peridot is just sen ure
BFMW The Roasted Chicken And The Chicken Legs
What If Colorfigures Is Snapped by Thanos Really Can Missed all Color
PinkSpoops 2 months ago
This is like a weird fanfic
Alan Leone-Bridges
Alan Leone-Bridges 2 months ago
3:34 When he aims his pistol at the sky
Its TKB 2 months ago
Normal Steven: needs therapist This Steven: this is beyond therapist so we’re in... *THE ENDGAME NOW*
Leveat Ruse
Leveat Ruse 2 months ago
Wait did you flip a coin for both halves of rohdinite
ThatMomentWhen 2 months ago
You forgot another ground rule: Don’t separate Ruby and Sapphire I swear to god if you do
Zachary Donovan
Zachary Donovan 2 months ago
Bro imagine if they fused, then one of them got dusted and they would fall apart
iiArtic Fox
iiArtic Fox 2 months ago
God Thanos sucks
Autumn Watch
Autumn Watch 2 months ago
This’ll never get answered, but did you flip Rhodonite’s Ruby & Pearl separately? Also... did you reduce the cluster by half as well, it is kind of a lot of little life forms. Or it could have been snapped as a unit.
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 3 months ago
Using a rock to kill a rock?
CHESPIN GROUP 3 months ago
I did the same thing here are my results: Pearl = Lives Ruby = Dies Sapphire = Dies connie = Lives Steven = dies sadie = lives greg = lives lapis = lives amethyst = dies peridot = dies lars = dies Jasper = lives connie's mom = Dies connie's dad = dies lion = dies spinel = lives cluster = dies leggy ruby = dies navy ruby = dies army ruby =lives eyeball ruby = lives Rutile = Dies Fluorite = lives Padparadscha = dies Rhodonite = dies Nephrite = lives Holly Blue Agate = lives Aquamarine = dies Topaz = dies Watermelon Steven = lives Pumpkin = lives Dewey = dies Smiley = dies Vidalia = lives onion = lives Yellowtail = lives Barb Miller = lives Kevin = dies Andy DeMayo = lives lars mom = lives lars dad = dies Buck Dewey = dies Jenny Pizza = dies Sour Cream = dies Ronaldo Fryman = lives Peedee Fryman = lives Mr Fryman = dies Kiki Pizza = lives Kofi Pizza = lives Nanefua Pizza = dies yellow Diamond = dies blue Diamond = dies white diamond = lives Imagine Pearl just goes to Watermelon steven and lives with him
Brett Moloney
Brett Moloney 3 months ago
Do you think you would ever do a part 2 to this video showing what would happen when the second snap happens and all the characters and thrown back into this warped world
Bismoose 3 months ago
Conglaturation, Thanes
ZacPlayzGamer 3 months ago
I wish the hiatuses could snap in half lol
Xasta! Ziral
Xasta! Ziral 3 months ago
Everyone in comments: *All trying to decide which Universe to "Snap" next* No one: Me: Why don't we just "Snap" them all at the same time because it is the Muliverse also I want to see the possibilities of changing the Story/Outcome of a Happily Ever After 😈
Jack Blue Pirate 87
Jack Blue Pirate 87 3 months ago
So Beach City would be send into the Great Depression (1930s)
Jonah Williams
Jonah Williams 4 months ago
So what about spinel
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh 4 months ago
i wish you guys would do more of theese
Shafiq 26
Shafiq 26 4 months ago
The Unknown
The Unknown 4 months ago
Optimus Crime
Optimus Crime 4 months ago
Rip mystrey girl
Optimus Crime
Optimus Crime 4 months ago
This would be great if someone made an animated parodey
Elvis Villarreal
Elvis Villarreal 4 months ago
Me: *cry*
ShemH 4 months ago
This video just depresses me lol
Albert Wesker429
Albert Wesker429 4 months ago
So the snap can cause all unlimited multiverse and another world life form like Sonic and friends,SCP universe, cartoon network universe, pokemon universe, Digimon universe,etc eradicated turn into dust
Fruit loops
Fruit loops 5 months ago
Got Damn dats dark dude
Xyantium Zenith
Xyantium Zenith 5 months ago
What if one or the rutile brothers dusted?
Josh Creator GALAXY
Josh Creator GALAXY 5 months ago
Yes I Wanna See Steven Universe Friends Die!.This Puts A Smile On My Face.
Dead Head
Dead Head 5 months ago
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson 5 months ago
I guess they could still use the residual energy left on white diamonds ship I mean she was using her power a long time in there there must be some leftover
Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper 5 months ago
Thank God this didn't happen
JayImHere 5 months ago
First of all, ALL of the gems won't turn to dust because they aren't a living race.
DrSharkBoy 5 months ago
Thanos: I am... Inevitable! *snap* ... Steven, wielding the stones: and we... are... the Crystal Gems! *snap* *Thanos and his army disappear.* Really, though, I now wanna see how Steven Universe: Endgame would play out. Assuming they had Stark’s time travel technology or interuniversal travel tech, also presumably from Stark.
Edgarfilms 5 months ago
Wouldn’t the cluster get halfed too?
Quin Gibson
Quin Gibson 5 months ago
This is *DARK*
Hunter Aroksaar
Hunter Aroksaar 5 months ago
He would be forced to play another game with spinel where this time she gets to win with his life on the line the winner taking all and ready or not it begins
Nay Ellis
Nay Ellis 5 months ago
I would have to become a avenger
P Tungol
P Tungol 5 months ago
I was secretly hoping Ronaldo would be dusted
Theo Pover
Theo Pover 5 months ago
He said all rubies except army so that should have included half of garnet lol he messed up
Echo Solaris
Echo Solaris 5 months ago
I just did a coin flip for my Fusion OC. One dies and one lives. Edit: I did the Diamonds. All of them died. Steven also died.
ImCody_ 5 months ago
How would they react when the suddenly came back?
trainboy 13
trainboy 13 6 months ago
their 1 question left: what happens if steven gets snapped and turn to dust
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