If Thanos Snapped Steven Universe! Homeworld Changes & More!

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What if Thanos' snap branched beyond the world of Avengers Endgame and affected cartoons like Steven Universe? What would happen to the Crystal Gems? The Diamond Authority? Beach City? Well we're going to explore that dark, twisted timeline today on Tooned In!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

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Comments 100
The Roundtable
The Roundtable 26 days ago
What other cartoons should we snapify?
Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith 4 days ago
Codename Kids Next Door
AliRFA 6 days ago
Snapify Gravity Falls
The Show Of Lulu The Dragon
Star VS the forces of Evil
Der zufällige Kerl
The Roundtable adventure time please
Red Shadow156
Red Shadow156 11 days ago
The Roundtable magic portals come out of no where in Steve universe
Peridot The Smol Dorito
What If Steven Universe had a episode where the half the the charaters disappeared?
Sofia Miller
Sofia Miller 2 days ago
What a tragitty
Roger Ca
Roger Ca 2 days ago
*Ms diamond I dont feel so good*
CloverParsley 2917
Wouldn’t half the cluster be at half mass tho?
Your Average Animating Toaster
I think Steven unversed would become basically like Reynold expect more f***ed up
Unas Owusu
Unas Owusu 5 days ago
Black panther noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why thanos why !?
Rem Isnardy
Rem Isnardy 6 days ago
You forgot a third possibly The diamonds find thanos and his army’s location and they go to attack him with the remaining gems...the normal gems would fight the cintari and outriders and the pearls would fight the black order...and thanos fights a knock down..drag out fight with blue and yellow diamond
The Show Of Lulu The Dragon
if steven universe vanished ill cry sooo much intil i disapear
Der zufällige Kerl
Adventure SNAPPED
Fire Knight
Fire Knight 7 days ago
Blue Diamond would never be able to hurt the gems with her rays because where Diamond has lost only two people the gems have last half of their friends, family and the world they set out to protect.
RamBusKey 7 days ago
How about snapify-ing Ben 10 omniverse?
Agent Piggy
Agent Piggy 7 days ago
Milk Milk Milk
Cool Ben
Cool Ben 7 days ago
Steven: Endgame
Artie Rose Smithie
Two words Kim Possible
AJ plush and family 364
Adventure Time affected from the snap
Daniel Mattes
Daniel Mattes 9 days ago
What about Clarence? Maybe Gumball?
Ryan Phelan
Ryan Phelan 9 days ago
But he never did, because right now THANOS IS DEAD.
TheLovelyLadybug 10 days ago
How fucking depressing would ANY show be if half the cast just died?
Jay D
Jay D 11 days ago
Good thing we didn't get effect right guys......guys???We're are you and why is there dust on the place you were standing.............aaahh butt cheaks what the fli...................
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi 11 days ago
if only he knew.... "-for like..A Year" ........5 FiVe YeArS
Alan Leone-Bridges
Alan Leone-Bridges 11 days ago
3:34 When he aims his pistol at the sky
CodeNameContent 12 days ago
Steven probably regrets destroying the thingy
Bakene-oma201 12 days ago
OK KO! Let's be Heros should be next to be snapped
Assassin Ofmoo
Assassin Ofmoo 12 days ago
"Token black side character only meant to look cool for one movie" Wheeew boy that did not age well XD That "Token black side character" is now captain freaking america! good job looking stupid.
Rainbow quartz 2.0
Rainbow quartz 2.0 13 days ago
Omg onions has no family left
steamer gamer879
steamer gamer879 13 days ago
Snap teen titans go
Dan Green
Dan Green 13 days ago
Oh, oh no, peridot, holy shit, lapis would fucking hunt thanos down and probably die trying to get revenge. Holy shit.
Lightning Unicorn Donuts
Welp, it’s official. Thanos is part of Cartoon Network... I know. My jokes are trash
Lightning Unicorn Donuts
Nu, on Disney
Connor Love
Connor Love 13 days ago
Actually, Didn’t they have a Marvel series on Cartoon Network
Sasidhara Panicker
Sasidhara Panicker 14 days ago
wait wont half of the cluster perish too?
Angel Potato
Angel Potato 14 days ago
Hmmm I think u should snap star vs the forces of evil
TaNgO X 14 days ago
Do gravity falls or adventure time!
KiwiAnimated 14 days ago
The gems wouldn't disappear cuz they're items
MIKI 14 days ago
What did u say at 3:34 it sounded like u said "Woody"
Davtan 14 days ago
Snap the star vs the forces of evile
meckma 15 days ago
garnet I don't feel so good
Davtan 15 days ago
So would steven help during endgame,like in the time traveling or ultimate fight
meme man40086
meme man40086 15 days ago
What If half of star vs forces of evil was erased, or half of adventure time, those would be interesting
Jeremy darklord
Jeremy darklord 15 days ago
If half of all life would be wiped away would half of the cluster be affected
Kendrick Hamlin
Kendrick Hamlin 15 days ago
I would have liked the gems to actually run into thanos
Matteo Montanari
Matteo Montanari 15 days ago
Thanos would not snap his fingers in the Steven Universe world, he could support Diamonds in battle because he is like the old Peridot (thinking of resources more important than the life beings that use them)
swizzie kid
swizzie kid 15 days ago
So yall gonna ignore he killed peridot right?... SOUND THE ALARMS
Cletus Zimbabladore Lincoln
Norman Arado
Norman Arado 15 days ago
Steven universe endgame
Norman Arado
Norman Arado 15 days ago
What if the decimation(thanos snap) happenet in star vs the forces of evil
Justin Quiñones
Justin Quiñones 15 days ago
People should make an rp about this plot, I mean it would be fucking amazing! ^^
Justin Quiñones
Justin Quiñones 15 days ago
In my opinion thanos would win against the crystal gems I mean come on...
Bright Player
Bright Player 15 days ago
you should do a part 2
Lazuli.lapis 01
Lazuli.lapis 01 16 days ago
Could it phase the gems though it didn't get rid of objects or light like gemstones and their lights forms
Lazuli.lapis 01
Lazuli.lapis 01 16 days ago
Steven mabye but not the gems
Devin and Dave the amazing blue duck
What if just sapphire got snapped and ruby was left all alone without sapphire
MrEpicGamerMan 16 days ago
*SPOLIER WARNING* If you have watch endgame yet, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 5 YEARS. Then when Steven gets news of everyone coming back. What would happen?
Josue Lucero
Josue Lucero 16 days ago
Adventure time
CodeNameContent 16 days ago
Garnet should’ve gone for the head.
Primus aka the allspark
What if lars was attack by thanos in space when steven pearl are on the ship
Wan ?
Wan ? 16 days ago
Snapify craig of the creek I think it would be interesting to have Kelsey live though because she has dealt with her moms death how would she react to half of her friends suddenly die
Wan ?
Wan ? 16 days ago
Do Craig of the creek
Wan ?
Wan ? 16 days ago
Mister J
Mister J 16 days ago
Dammit this makes sense
Drake the Epic Rosten
Do SpongeBob
MikeTheAvocado 651
MikeTheAvocado 651 15 days ago
What if Steven, the Crystal Gems, homeworld gems and the Diamonds fought Thanos and his army? Someone write a fanfic about this! Lol
I am Weird!!!!!
I am Weird!!!!! 16 days ago
I wonder what happened in Rick and Morty..? Still though, poor Steven........
Mr. Hate
Mr. Hate 16 days ago
How can this be a real topic that you make serious
Daisy But Cool Dab Official
Thanos:the world will be perfect when i kill half the universe The Other half:hey can i borrow your nuese?
MikeTheAvocado 651
MikeTheAvocado 651 16 days ago
What if Steven, the Crystal Gems, homeworld gems and the Diamonds fought Thanos and his army? Someone write a fanfic about this! Lol
Moon Magic
Moon Magic 16 days ago
Dang no spoiler alert warning man
Moon Magic
Moon Magic 16 days ago
But good theory
Toasty Animations
Toasty Animations 17 days ago
I want to see adventure time get snapified-
The Sevilla Show Everyone
Why🤔 I. Just asking why would you do that? Why!!!
Ryuji Dragneel
Ryuji Dragneel 17 days ago
Thanos isn’t just evil he’s beyond evil
Ama Ama
Ama Ama 17 days ago
Thanos was wrong
Samantha Varela
Samantha Varela 17 days ago
do regular show or rockos modern life
M&J pixel broz yt
M&J pixel broz yt 17 days ago
You should do if total drama, Gumball, and/or ok ko
Dliw Light
Dliw Light 17 days ago
OMG I wanna create a new horrortale-like Steven Universe AU
Suni Glow
Suni Glow 17 days ago
vigen the gamer
vigen the gamer 17 days ago
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 17 days ago
Amethyst : i dont wanna go please garnet i dont wanna go please im sorry
BlazePlayz YT
BlazePlayz YT 17 days ago
50/50 chance to be alive or dead. That means not 50% would die.
Jacob Noelle
Jacob Noelle 7 days ago
He tried his best. Do you have a better system to do this with?
Yousef Almotawa
Yousef Almotawa 17 days ago
Well Half Of Each Creature 2 Diamonds Should Be Gone
Dragon the mightiest dragon
star vs the forces of evil next
SuperFnafLand 17 days ago
I have an interesting question would you rather be dusted or survive the snap?
Peyton Holmes
Peyton Holmes 18 days ago
*Thor, and Thanos are the only ones in the room* Thanos: Time to kill everyone Thor: No! Thanos: Too bad! Thanos: *snaps* Thanos: *Turns to dust* Thor: ... well, I guess technically that WAS half the people in this room -_-
Jp4u Lang
Jp4u Lang 18 days ago
Or theories
Jp4u Lang
Jp4u Lang 18 days ago
Good idea
JustJames MD
JustJames MD 18 days ago
Nooooo why Peridot :((
xavier gamer
xavier gamer 18 days ago
Do star vs the forces of evil
Mustache Twirler
Mustache Twirler 18 days ago
Now here’s a question for you... What would happen if everyone in Steven Universe just found out that Thanos was the cause of all their misery, and they found out about Thanos’ ludicrous reasons for murdering half of all life in half of Steven’s last name?
Code Red
Code Red 18 days ago
I survived This is what I would do I would use the quantum realm like in the movie and kill thanos as a baby Then go back
Picasso Marble
Picasso Marble 18 days ago
But the remaining gems vs Thanos ?
Evan Sulich
Evan Sulich 18 days ago
Can you do what would happen if Thanos snapped the Star vs the forces of evil universe
JJ the Friendly Boi
That means the episode “Change your mind” won’t exist
SugarySweetRy 18 days ago
No plz
Quackamole 18 days ago
mEMe mAn
mEMe mAn 19 days ago
The infinty stones will be alive like the gems and it will be lapis and the mirror all over again
project shadena cat dragon
I hope undertale and the undertale aus would not turn to dust if it did happen then me and ink sans would try to defeat thanos If any thing happend then i would try to defeat thanos
francis Reuter
francis Reuter 19 days ago
spongbob or the simpsons since there a bunch of character in each to spilt in half
Joseph Tan
Joseph Tan 19 days ago
This crossover What If? situation sounds cringy but it's a good analysis
Bella Crayola
Bella Crayola 19 days ago
I’m happy that white got turned to sand but pearl........pearl I will avenge you😭😡😡😡
Shred Ky
Shred Ky 20 days ago
This is just too dark
Pao 20 days ago
Infinity Gems vs. Crystal Gems
Andrew Hedin
Andrew Hedin 21 day ago
I’m pretty sure the infinity gauntlet can affect nonorganic life like Bucky’s arm is mechanical but it got turned to dust
Horbiflorbin 21 day ago
How would the snap affect the cluster? Would just half of it be dusted away or is it technically just 1 being?
Xprt 4Hire
Xprt 4Hire 21 day ago
If that would happen, I would look for any way to make myself godlike strong, and rip the Mad Titan in half. Over and over, and over again, and then, if I could get a hold of the stones, undo the snap. And then, make the mad Titan suffer an endless death, over, and over, and over again, to the end of time.
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