If Mufasa were alive

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Comme pas mal de gens me l'on demandé, en attendant la vidéo sur laquelle je travail depuis plus de 5 mois pour mes 200 abonnés (maintenant 206 ! :D ), voici une vidéo sur l'histoire du Roi Lion 2 si Mufasa était toujours là. J'espère qu'elle vous plaira ! :)
- Clips utilisés: Le Roi Lion 1 et 2
- Musique utilisée : " Inochi no Kagayaki " du drama japonais " 14 Sai no Haha ".
- Logiciel : Sony Vegas Pro 10
A lot of people asked me to do a video about the Lion King 2 with Mufasa alive, with a story about his relationship with Kiara and Kovu, so while I almost finished my last video which I'm working on sine 5 months for my 200 ( now 206 ) subscribers, so here is the video, I hope you'll enjoy ! :)
- Clips used : The Lion King 1 and 2
- Music used : " Inochi no Kagayaki " from the japanese drama " 14 Sai no Haha "
- Softwar : Sony Vegas Pro 10

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Sep 8, 2012




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Comments 80
Makanaille 22 days ago
Coucou, je suis la voix de la raison. 15M de vues, 39K likes (dont 1 de moi!! je suis si infime ahah), 1k de commentaires et bientôt 25k d'abo. Ça va ou tu as le tourni ??? =')
Jawad Yousaf
Jawad Yousaf 22 days ago
Simba was muncher strong if mufasa were alive
Mимозыря TRG
Fabricio Escobar
Mufasa sarabi simba nala😍🦁🐱
Maximo Delcausse
Esta buenisimo
Кирилл Кплинин
Ку ку король лев 2 не была Муфаса.
Hezy Nkomazana
Hezy Nkomazana 5 months ago
He is with us
Miq GamingZ
Miq GamingZ 5 months ago
To be honest, That is a really great fan made. I enjoyed it so much, that I thought this looks like a Great version of it, Thx!👌👍
Monica Stanton
Monica Stanton 5 months ago
I wanna see lion king 3
The tinku and minku show Rishi
Thanks for making this video
Mad Gamer 21
Mad Gamer 21 5 months ago
Long Live The King
kawan Alves Nascimento
Rainbow Dash. Movie Edit
What is The song?
Vídeos Edits Y Más
me encanta el rey leon pero con ese idoma no
Iva Petrova
Iva Petrova 5 months ago
Mufasa the best king 🦁😍👑🔐
Wolf Lee 이늑대
Wolf Lee 이늑대 6 months ago
Mufasa is great Lion King. It is ture. Circle of Life.
Alonso Sanvar
Alonso Sanvar 6 months ago
He lives en all. ❤️
[AKA] Darkflame 007
[AKA] Darkflame 007 6 months ago
F scar why he kill mufasa
Queen Jewel
Queen Jewel 6 months ago
R.I.P Mufasa the king 😔
이동욱 6 months ago
5:01 Mufasa looks strongest. Look Mufasa's teeth.
Dagmar Motusic
Dagmar Motusic 7 months ago
So cool
Pussy Boy
Pussy Boy 7 months ago
R . I .P Mufasa
kora le explora
kora le explora 7 months ago
The edits are amazing
Anwesha Ghatak
Anwesha Ghatak 7 months ago
Mufasa is my loving lion . He is strong, he is so kind.R.I.P mufasa my loving king
lissuthegirl 8 months ago
Mufasa is best Disney character. :)
Marcelo câmara Medeiros
1:05 SIMBA: Where do you think you're going in such of hurry. Now I just want you to be careful. Kiara are you listening.
Martin Sutton
Martin Sutton 8 months ago
Megan Gagliardi
Megan Gagliardi 8 months ago
Mufasa would've wanted to meet Kiara
J Taylor
J Taylor 8 months ago
This was beautifully done. Well met... Incredible editing
Valentina Royanova
Valentina Royanova 11 months ago
Envision wewew
Envision wewew 11 months ago
Wow that would alternate the storyline for both movies literally.
kenj1 11 months ago
Mufasa and simba is my fav character
Adey Noor
Adey Noor Year ago
I think mufasa is a the handsomes disney charachter if you think to press like
Adey Noor
Adey Noor Year ago
i think that to pretty much to
Do if Scar was alive
thunder star
thunder star Year ago
Tell y'all the truth who else was crying?
Jake 24
Jake 24 Year ago
If mufasa was alive then it would be awesome to all of us
Friends N1. Fan
Mufasa was the best he shouldn’t have died he was great! Also, JAMES ERL JONES FOR GOD SAKES!
Graciano Gomes
Ya that's what iam talking hm hm
Alphonse Atakpame
Das t
Carlos Hutchinson
I hate scare I love u nala,simba etc
Zbysiex Year ago
Phillip Bucher
Man this was a beautiful video. I have GREAT respect for the original Lion King film. Mufasa would have made a very loving grandfather to Kiara.
Time To Blossom
Wait so like,disney says scar is kovus father ((idk what you guys think))and mufasa is scars brother,then scar is simbas uncle,and simba had kiara,then scar had kovu,and then kiara and kovu- this relationship confuses me ;-; well i really hope scar isint kovus father or kiara and kovu isint that like uncle and uncle or something?
Mohamad T
Mohamad T Year ago
Why did simba had to forget his first cub he was so. Cute I loved him R.I.P kopa
gacha live boy
Blaze the cat
Blaze the cat Year ago
Nice work!
clube da Lavínia
Master Herobrine
Awesomejawson Year ago
Zira wouldn’t be an enemy if Mufasa was alive but. Great. Video
Deanne Parekura-Tane
Who else cried😭😭😭
Сигаретка Пепла
God Savage Red Lion
I know mufasa would have been a very wise and a great grandfather to Kiara.
Adama Gueye
Adama Gueye Year ago
It's very nice
Света Шпаченко
👍👍 ето так мило
Martyna Szałaszewicz
Beautiful. Great job.
Olivia Bellido
me fasina esta cómica pero no se bale q no aigan contado la historia como es en horden
•Kitty ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ•
Кто здесь русский ставь лайк!
Nicolas Whitfield
Wow this song is emotional😢😢😢😢😢
lilly Year ago
Mufasa was and will still be my favorite disney character! it hurts to see it now, because it reminds of when I was younger 🤧
Tingpai Konyak
Damian Norris
Damian Norris Year ago
But you have to know mufasa’s coming back in the new realistic movie x
Nallagetle Nandini
Wow super ilove it
jvzzle Year ago
I’m not crying you’re crying 😭
Snow Wolfagent
Nice remake but what happened to scar?
professorrob Year ago
This was actually nice lol hahahaha
Dion Satria
Dion Satria Year ago
kiara is very beautiful
Dion Satria
Dion Satria Year ago
mufasa will be a grandfather!!!
Syed Sakib
Syed Sakib Year ago
Ashley Suhyun Kim
whats the music?
godzilla earth
Bernadeta Gołuszko
Ta melodia
Kaheem Mahi
Kaheem Mahi Year ago
If lion was there 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kaheem Mahi
Kaheem Mahi Year ago
That Will be so good😊😊😊😊
siciviousnares nares
I want a Lion King 3 where Mufasa is still alive.
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson Year ago
Mufasa 😥😥😣😣😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥
Gamer Shadow
Gamer Shadow Year ago
Remember kids it's not a true Disney movie if someone's parent/ parents don't die
•DiamondSky UwU•
So good
christopher lloyd in earth 2.0
Awsome and sad video what the name of the song
Zydaiquenir Jamal
I wished mufasa was still a live
Mohammad Riyazuddin
omg i am going to cry its nice
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