If insects had to introduce themselves.

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Yea so they're basically just organic killing machines.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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Apr 15, 2019




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Lil Toe Clipings
fun fact: wasps lay their eggs inside of other insects until they mature and burst out like xenomorphs
Bayo Olatunji
Bayo Olatunji Hour ago
this vid in animation would be even better 😂
Jake Lessard
Jake Lessard 3 hours ago
I. Hate. WASPS
BillyIsNyeh 4 hours ago
Dude that human just got beat and slapped by a wasp with a knife
Alex Kessler
Alex Kessler 4 hours ago
Spider is not there. No one wanted to give him the memo because they would have been eaten 😂
ameen koya
ameen koya 4 hours ago
Laughing soooo hard!
DatguyKwezz 5 hours ago
Jaikishan Khatri
Jaikishan Khatri 5 hours ago
I did not know about your channel. MKBHD redirected me and damn you're good. You earned a subscriber for life. I know it ain't much but its honest work.
Ramona Tureina
Ramona Tureina 5 hours ago
So basically wasps are insect cops
Erica Michaud
Erica Michaud 7 hours ago
This is my favorite video of all time I literally explained wasps to my 4yr old based off of this 🤣🤣 why havent you uploaded?! ❤❤🏅
Slaymyface135 10 hours ago
R'keria Davis
R'keria Davis 11 hours ago
Imagine if biology teachers showed this to their students 😂
Dom C
Dom C 17 hours ago
Welcome to 2020: introducing the mURDER HORNET
Josiah Ford
Josiah Ford 18 hours ago
Human: you like jazz? Bee: *DONT EVEN FUCKING START*
Tired Set
Tired Set 19 hours ago
Wasps fr steppers
Josh 19 hours ago
The real question is: who and what is the interviewer?
It's The Undisputed Sag Boo
Pretty Legit 😂😂😂👌🏾
ReDD MJ 21 hour ago
Spider: *woow y’all gone bully me like that*
Mrs Muffin Mania
Mrs Muffin Mania 23 hours ago
RapidFire Day ago
Wow 2020 hornets then vs now
Elizabeth Duncan
I know this vid is a skit but wasps are actually very useful, especially to farmers. Their main role is eating bug pests such as spiders and aphids, but they do some pollinating as well, although not intentionally.
FBI -federal department of lolis
d o o d o o w a t e r
Abdi Abdi
Abdi Abdi Day ago
A wasp only has HOF Deadeye, as a 55 Overall.
iletterzslol Day ago
i don't care whatsoever
Bee: who are you? Wasp: you but stronger Hornet: *scoffs* adorable
Goldacid Animations
It's coming for MEeeEjsdkevdkevdiegugsjbrjd!
George Emery
George Emery Day ago
Who's here in 2020 seeing if there's a murder hornet update?
Jason Yohana
Jason Yohana Day ago
wait why is he black? is he a losser? or maybe retahd?
ToonNinja Day ago
Jason Yohana
Jason Yohana Day ago
i like the part when he said dodoo wajer
Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access
Fun fact most all ants you see are female all the male ants die immediately after sex
Kuda Day ago
dodo water
Mitth'raw'nuruodo the Chiss
1:47 me when my mom asks why I punched my brother who was innocently eating cereal
Niko 2 days ago
Honey is bee barf
Musical Linda Legit
Rofl truth on the wasp!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣they hate me😭😔😭😭😭I can keep stinging!🤣
Miniyah Crouch
Miniyah Crouch 2 days ago
Lol, did he say "on my larvae, no"
Nariah Berrien
Nariah Berrien 2 days ago
Nobody: Wasp: I like to hurt people Me: 😳😶
kawaii panda
kawaii panda 2 days ago
d O o D o O w A t E r - y U m
Mozzykin BB
Mozzykin BB 2 days ago
👀 👄
Sir Cuffington
Sir Cuffington 2 days ago
Fun Fact: wasps are the carnivorous ancestors of bees.
Wethepeople 000
Wethepeople 000 2 days ago
He forgot the cockroaches in florida
Jaune M
Jaune M 2 days ago
This dude is a genius! Lol
Phoenix boy
Phoenix boy 2 days ago
Wasps are literally the most useless bugs in the world
Bryan V
Bryan V 2 days ago
Spider: I try to be good... but people keep hating me :(
Omni Gogeta
Omni Gogeta 2 days ago
I actually have a wasp on my porch that just flies in circles like a retard.
采Sai 2 days ago
this how the murder hornets about to clap us up.
Nano 2 days ago
Pls do the spider...
Rafa Rabao
Rafa Rabao 2 days ago
*L I T E R A L D O O D O O W A T E R*
PAIN 2 days ago
NRiceball B
NRiceball B 2 days ago
The world shall know pain 👁👄👁
sophie xiong
sophie xiong 3 days ago
Lmao I heard them plants be crazy hahahah
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J 3 days ago
“I am a wasp and I like to hurt people”
just shronks
just shronks 3 days ago
wasps will literally fucking fight for your food
Jahred Jackson
Jahred Jackson 3 days ago
Everyone gangsta til spiders like ayyyy🕷🕸
Augusto Eremita
Augusto Eremita 3 days ago
*l i t e r a l d o o - d o o w a t e r*
Mr. Mango
Mr. Mango 3 days ago
Wasp are one of the few creatures in the insect kingdom that helps decease other insects population like spiders 🕷 and some types of Wasps helps Pollinate Figs fruits but a lot are just bullies
Michelle 3 days ago
I am v proud I have the exact same wooden side table that Caleb has
Michelle 3 days ago
Imagine if ecology lessons were like this
CyClone 4 days ago
wheres the mosquito. i hate those demons
Kendi Braxton
Kendi Braxton 4 days ago
Mosquito: Yeah, I pretty much just suck blood. Caleb: Like a vampire? Oh that’s kinda cool! Mosquito: Yeah, but when I do, I leave a bump that itches and I’m really annoying. *dramatic music starts* Caleb: ...so not like a vampire? Mosquito: No not really. Also when I suck blood, I feed it to my babies. Caleb: So...so there’ll be more of you? Mosquito: Yeah. Also sometimes I carry deadly diseases. *dramatic **_sting_* Caleb: Wait you what?? Mosquito: Yup. Deadly diseases. Caleb: ... Mosquito: But at least I’m not- Cockroach: *YO BISHES WHAT’S POPPIN?!*
Neil Degrasse Tyson
That doo doo water does get little out of hand sometimes thankfully we got flys
frebreeeze 4 days ago
The camera quality so good
DrasBH! 4 days ago
Coakroach: Oh, I don't die.
Elix Grey
Elix Grey 4 days ago
Literal doodoo water
Funny fact about bumblebees they die and so do we
Bernice Constantine
Me introducing myself as a bee *yA LikE jAzZ*
Sayduh L
Sayduh L 4 days ago
“On my larva no” 💀💀💀
Jojotwil 4 days ago
why do i feel that caleb made this vid cause he have a grudge on wasps
Joseph Le Flore
Joseph Le Flore 4 days ago
Funny how all the Caleb bugs start to look funny/weird when the wasp starts to explain him self😂
Earthworm Sally_YT
Literal *doo doo water*
Zdrada the Bitch Demon
Wasps and Hornets are the thugs of the Insect Kingdom
Marco Puichiță
Marco Puichiță 4 days ago
i have wasp's in my attic i gave up on trying to get rid of them and as long as i don't bother them they leave me alone i have a good relationship with wasps
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 days ago
2:22 the most funniest 🤣 part
Gary Berger
Gary Berger 5 days ago
Wasn't there supposed to be a spider here? Oh my LARVA no. I could punch you right now 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Cindy S
Cindy S 5 days ago
Sooooo funnnnnny lol😎
Tech UV
Tech UV 5 days ago
Wasp: "I like to hurt people" Hornet: "How cute"
Lizik 5 days ago
2:33 my mom spanking me when i was 6
Adib BehrooziTV
Adib BehrooziTV 5 days ago
Dude this guy had some bad times with a wasp
djsosonut 5 days ago
hehe...I was fine until he started yelling, "Move yo hands out tha way!" Then I lost it. Hysterical.
Some One
Some One 5 days ago
this video: legit doo doo water
unstoppable2440 5 days ago
Make a muder hornets
Mango Shake
Mango Shake 5 days ago
Not all wasps are jerks thou!
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