If insects had to introduce themselves.

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Yea so they're basically just organic killing machines.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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Apr 16, 2019





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Some noob with a channel
My name is Micheal with a B and I've been afraid of insects my whole life
Violeta Diaz
Violeta Diaz 2 hours ago
Spider: Everyone’s terrified of me but I just help keep down other insect populations. Like flies. I kill them for you. Ya know? I’m here for you bro. I also make pretty cool “Web” designs. I’m an artist. Cockroach: I just like to exist. And NEVER die. I’m immortal. *Flies onto the wall and screeches away
Goomba X
Goomba X 2 hours ago
*Wasp wears black forces.*
Hitmarkurs 2 hours ago
Celeb: Isn’t there suppose to be a *spider* here ALL Insects: _ON MY LARVA NO_
annie phi
annie phi 2 hours ago
@ yourself im a fly 😂
MasterVelyk 2 hours ago
at least the mosquitos aren't there
Ombre _o1
Ombre _o1 3 hours ago
I LOVE IT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
7alah Al
7alah Al 3 hours ago
Vibhoor Hazare
Vibhoor Hazare 3 hours ago
the wasp is katsuki bakugo
Kween 5 hours ago
Spiders are arachnids not insects dum dum(sarcasm)
Tr3ll 0_0
Tr3ll 0_0 5 hours ago
Part two
TJS_123 5 hours ago
Boraa 5 hours ago
Chill Tuesday
Chill Tuesday 6 hours ago
2:32 thats sounds like me and my dad when i dont do my homework**
Chill Tuesday
Chill Tuesday 6 hours ago
i dont do nothin i just wanna hurt people
voiceless glottal fricative
Wasps: literally raiding beehives for honey to get carbohydrates and eating other insects for protein
Stan R00STER
Stan R00STER 7 hours ago
IRIS Corporation
IRIS Corporation 7 hours ago
There was no spider, because spiders are no insects.
Alpha's Dank Shit
Alpha's Dank Shit 7 hours ago
Blue Poison
Blue Poison 7 hours ago
I thought this was the “There’s a bee...?” guy at first and idk why
Jacob Money
Jacob Money 8 hours ago
Wasps only hit once cause when they stronger already hit them they finna die cuz they don’t have it anymore
1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
Shoulda put ticks in this, they have literally no pros
Joseph Alvarado
Joseph Alvarado 8 hours ago
Wasps are the black Air Forces of the insects
BloodCat Studios
BloodCat Studios 8 hours ago
Can I animate
Yonana Studios
Yonana Studios 8 hours ago
to people who are saying mosquitos are mass murders: mosquitos need blood to survive they dont suck blood for no reason
emoclew Barbz
emoclew Barbz 8 hours ago
I thought this the dude who does the food reviews and goes on Ellen.
Yonana Studios
Yonana Studios 8 hours ago
mosquito: i suck blood to survive and cause sicknesses spider: why am i here im not even an insect praying mantis: i know karate cricket: i like to make noises at night fruit fly: im just a mini fly but i eat fruit and not doodoo beetle: im kinda big and i am on the wall and allot of people hate me butterfly: im like a bee but i dont have a stinger moth: i like lamps lice: i get into peoples hair for no reason i just like it there ladybug: my army will invade your house at spring and if u kill us ur nose is dead flea: i like making your pet itchy all over tick: i have a crush on lice and fleas and i like to TICK you off hehe....ok ill shut up dragonfly: i have cool looking wings and i like to go to the beach
Random Comment
Random Comment 9 hours ago
Much Good
Much Good 9 hours ago
I was really hoping he’d get passed wasps and next would be hornets lmao
Greasy Nugget
Greasy Nugget 9 hours ago
Wasps are cunts with wings
What the Fuck
What the Fuck 9 hours ago
This video made me think what else does a wasp do other than hurting people.
FourMad 9 hours ago
*Bleh Bleh Bleh, I'm here to suck your blood, cuz it is I DIO!*
Getahun Kiros
Getahun Kiros 10 hours ago
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: LITERAL DOO DOO WATER
Leslie Shrum
Leslie Shrum 10 hours ago
Doo Doo water 👽
GbombMr 10 hours ago
The way he said “it’s coming for me!!” I cracked up
StarryEyedSapphic 10 hours ago
literal *DOO DOO WATER*
LovingGalaxies 10 hours ago
I watched this when it first came out and it just popped back in my recommendations
Sabrina McNeil
Sabrina McNeil 10 hours ago
Okay, but true story.... One time my brother was LITERALLY just standing around doing *aBsOLuTeLY NoThInG* and a freaking wasp just flew over and stung him! We weren't near a hive or anything!!!!!!!
Like so James Charles doesn’t kiss you
Wasp is a mass killer
Jonte Does Things
Jonte Does Things 11 hours ago
I think Caleb was just sitting in his room one time contemplating his childhood where a wasp stung him for no reason
Tingorilla 11 hours ago
*Doodoo water*
Jaisal K
Jaisal K 11 hours ago
How tf did he come up with this lmao
Laur3n. 3lizab3th
Laur3n. 3lizab3th 11 hours ago
I’m crying Omfg this is hilarious jsjsjsjs
E Money#14
E Money#14 11 hours ago
Leo ailva
Leo ailva 11 hours ago
Yo i was about to joke about wasps but than i got a feeling he would put wasps at the end.
Monsterb1aster 2
Monsterb1aster 2 11 hours ago
Insane man yells at himself
Monarch and More
Monarch and More 12 hours ago
Wasps do pollenate, but this was still funny
Jade Rock
Jade Rock 12 hours ago
Hey that wasp dude reminds me of daddy
Flerbert Flubber
Flerbert Flubber 12 hours ago
Fun fact bees came from Europe, (I know I spelled it wrong) and they killed most of America’s natural pollinators off, leaving mostly bees and if they die, well were fudged.
MineSpawn 12 hours ago
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