If I Lived in a Bubble House

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I lived in an a Bubble House! 24 Hours in a Bubble House!
This is my bubble House Tour! DIY Decorate tiny home made out of a bubble. I had fun turning my new bubble tiny house into a mini Clotopia with Purple decorations, morning routine, and music.
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Produced by:
Kalia Machado - @kaliaemachado
Filmed by:
Travis Larson - @travis.larson
Edited by:
Susan @itsdreamcat
Thumbnail by:
Diego Hernandez
Thumbnail by Diego Hernandez
End Song is "Crazy" by Adam Fine: soundcloud.com/adamfine/crazy
Check out Adam's other music: soundcloud.com/adamfine
Intro and End Card created by Susan

Thank you for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! You guys make me so happy and I hope to do the same for you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I love everyday.
Love, Cloe Breena
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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 3 952
Yesha Fabreag
Yesha Fabreag 8 hours ago
If i live in a body pls do it
OlSkooFlava a
OlSkooFlava a 14 hours ago
Rebecca zamolo did 24 in that bubble
Yieshia Logan
A pool
Yieshia Logan
A pool!🙏😔
Jack Spain
Jack Spain 2 days ago
Love you doing this challenge you also say hi for me to Kwebbelkop
Khatelyn Dicen
Khatelyn Dicen 3 days ago
Cøøkię Gaçha
Cøøkię Gaçha 3 days ago
This is kinda VSCO, just, next time make it a trampoline!
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 5 days ago
Monica Walter
Monica Walter 6 days ago
I love your video's girl and your video's are so much fun....
tjahjono tanudjaja
That bubble is the bubble that Matt and Rebecca went
Genie Zebra
Genie Zebra 7 days ago
Purples my favorite color to! Is it yours?
Kritisha Oobhoy
Kritisha Oobhoy 8 days ago
Life as red
Life as red 8 days ago
that means she cant eat with a fork or the bubble might deflate plus that pen was a good way to end it
Life as red
Life as red 8 days ago
if anyone is wondering what the first song is its called put it on by craig reever
Mohamad Nufel
Mohamad Nufel 8 days ago
I love you too much for me
Matt and rebekah also went there before
dheegee malabanan
Thats in rebecas vidio copy cat
Hazel Caballero
Hazel Caballero 9 days ago
If you are in the hotel
Alsedo Permaran
Alsedo Permaran 10 days ago
Pls do a rainbow house
Alsedo Permaran
Alsedo Permaran 10 days ago
Golden Queen
Golden Queen 10 days ago
I love you soooo much that I can’t express it, you inspire me to do so much better with my life so that I can experience the things you do. I love you and your two sisters and I just wish nothing but happiness and positive energy towards you all and the little precious baby in Mia stomach.
AriAndEva 2019
AriAndEva 2019 10 days ago
Omg love the decoration lol that pizza guy is like so confused lol
The Gacha Peeps
The Gacha Peeps 11 days ago
Cloe:Dear diary today has been *bUbBly* Me:_______
Annmarie Maloney
Annmarie Maloney 11 days ago
How do you keep all that stuff in the Box
Unicorn tv Girgin
Unicorn tv Girgin 11 days ago
I love you Choleie
Tina Nguyen gamer
Tina Nguyen gamer 12 days ago
If I live on the streets
Cesslife 12 days ago
That is NOT true bubble its just a plastic wrap
Hari Babu
Hari Babu 12 days ago
Good can you make a princess video
Zahidul Alam
Zahidul Alam 12 days ago
If you live in fair
Brooklyn Powell’s
Cloe is so pretty
Pinkfluffy Starlight
How did she put all thaths suff in a bubble
Trie Wahyuni
Trie Wahyuni 12 days ago
Yo Cloe i love'd these vids can you make a dare vid if yes im daring you too:prank your friend to dance like micle jackson 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Kotton Kandee _aPPle
Cloe=pink Mia=Mia califa And then..... AND THEN= I MOVE IN A LOT
xXMoonStoneXx 12 days ago
I love your bubble house
tiffanybball 12 days ago
I lOVE YOU and MIA and SAGE allot but I like Mia the most not by a lot just by like 5 inches
Kristy 456
Kristy 456 12 days ago
The ending tho
Jhazmine. Espero Delapena
Make another one video
Alijah Vernice Duenas
hi cloe your vids is aswome the fantasy is going to be reality 😆😁
Andreanna Hernandez
I just realized Matt and Rebecca where there
Audrina Morales
Audrina Morales 13 days ago
Karina Garcia Stayed in that bubble
Audrina Morales
Audrina Morales 13 days ago
Karina Karcia stayed in that bubble
Abi Hodges
Abi Hodges 13 days ago
I love how you decorated it! You have such great taste!
Suraj Maharjan
Suraj Maharjan 13 days ago
Everyone is talking about who lived here earlier bt nt about how much effort she has put in filming editing and making the content fun
Christina Peacock
Christina Peacock 13 days ago
This is a copy from Rebecca zamlo and Karina Garcia not funny >:(
please do if I lived in Hollister......... pleaseeeee
Vhenize Vlog
Vhenize Vlog 14 days ago
I have a request for you A challenge Camp in woods with two girls
Vhenize Vlog
Vhenize Vlog 14 days ago
Shout out please
Games Of Legends
Games Of Legends 14 days ago
you suck
IAM fan
IAM fan 14 days ago
Can you do if i live in forest
Peyton Pule'anga
Peyton Pule'anga 14 days ago
Matt ,Rebecca and Daniel was in there
Helen Esetok
Helen Esetok 14 days ago
Can u do if I lived in a fancy restraunt? PLSS?
Angelica Marquez
Angelica Marquez 14 days ago
You should do if I lived in disney
ximena cruz
ximena cruz 14 days ago
Like yes love cloe
Jeannette Bowden
Jeannette Bowden 14 days ago
That was her sister who bought the pizza because that wa a fake phone
Springer Sheltie
Springer Sheltie 14 days ago
If I lived in a petstore
Dianelis Rosado
Dianelis Rosado 14 days ago
You should mate a if i Liverpool in a resterounte
Dakota Phillips
Dakota Phillips 14 days ago
I dare you to pee on that blanket
shazia tahir
shazia tahir 15 days ago
Why you are so over
karinamartinez1260 15 days ago
Dakota Phillips
Dakota Phillips 15 days ago
Use that blanket for toilet paper
Dakota Phillips
Dakota Phillips 15 days ago
Can I have that blanket
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