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I lived in an a Bubble House! 24 Hours in a Bubble House!
This is my bubble House Tour! DIY Decorate tiny home made out of a bubble. I had fun turning my new bubble tiny house into a mini Clotopia with Purple decorations, morning routine, and music.
Produced by:
Kalia Machado - @kaliaemachado
Filmed by:
Travis Larson - @travis.larson
Edited by:
Susan @itsdreamcat
Thumbnail by:
Diego Hernandez
Thumbnail by Diego Hernandez
End Song is "Crazy" by Adam Fine: soundcloud.com/adamfine/crazy
Check out Adam's other music: soundcloud.com/adamfine
Intro and End Card created by Susan
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About CloeCouture:
Hi! I'm Cloe Feldman and welcome to my channel, CloeCouture! I started making RUvid videos in January 2011.
My channel is a reflection of my life! I've made all types of videos ranging from makeup and fashion to comedy skits and fantasy worlds. I can make anything happen in my videos, and I want my subscribers to know that they can create anything they want in life!
I am so thankful to everyone who watches my videos and supports all of my endeavors. I love you guys!
If I Lived in a Bubble House | CloeCouture


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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
I will come to your house
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
what a bubble house
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
please reply sweet heart hear is the girl
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
i know today that you make nice videos
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
what is your name can i freind ship with you
Mariam Meghani
Mariam Meghani 12 hours ago
Angela Cribb
Angela Cribb Day ago
Im karina omg my dad just changed my name On youtube
Tiffany Henrikson
How are you putting all those things in that tiny chest
Bengali Girl Suchanda
Subscribe the channel please ruvid.net/video/video-N0WsOxH2MDY.html
i pove you mwa
Pareen Shah
Pareen Shah 4 days ago
Mam how do you get place s like this💞
Daxder2 5 days ago
Zacky Manabat
Zacky Manabat 5 days ago
Maybe after she get tenmil subs she might go back to youtube i hope
Charanae Denton
Charanae Denton 7 days ago
Can you live in an ice cream house for 24 hour
Jennifer Banago
Jennifer Banago 7 days ago
Rebecca zamolo had a 24 hour challenge in there cuese matt is hipnotize
Skye.Cloudy 7 days ago
Bubble house? Sounds like the one in my country!! Its in bali i think :D
Alana Okonski
Alana Okonski 7 days ago
She popped bubble
erich joy Lepon
erich joy Lepon 7 days ago
You so so so so so much pretty
Richard Davies
Richard Davies 8 days ago
We’re is it from?
Lily Falk
Lily Falk 9 days ago
I hate you
Luciana Villa
Luciana Villa 10 days ago
The poor pizza guy were mai mone?
What is people see her change
Lei alexi Flores
Lei alexi Flores 11 days ago
This is cool
Ralph agustin
Ralph agustin 12 days ago
the chest looks the same too in rebeccas zamolo channel
Trinity CHAN
Trinity CHAN 12 days ago
And probably this is how much people miss CloeCouture new videos!!!
Sunflower_ Xoxo
Sunflower_ Xoxo 13 days ago
The way She pull Some things From The Chest Is like Mary Poppins
catnwm 12 days ago
i think that is the vibe she is going for
Malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed 14 days ago
I was playing in a bubble in water like you when I was a baby
casey brenna
casey brenna 14 days ago
Omg its so cool
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 15 days ago
What is your fav color pink of purple
Jay Kenner
Jay Kenner 17 days ago
Love your videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
John Lit
John Lit 17 days ago
John Lit
John Lit 17 days ago
I am it’s funny cake sister
John Lit
John Lit 17 days ago
Roger Gabriel
Roger Gabriel 18 days ago
I want u to be in the limo in 24 hours pleaseeeeee(and im a girl btw im just using my dads phone)PLEASEEEEEEEE
Ellie Clifford
Ellie Clifford 19 days ago
This is home many aesthetic shots she got 👇🏻
Ellie Clifford
Ellie Clifford 8 days ago
Lil meow meow I was trying to be nice and I was going to sub to everyone who commented but I guess not. If chloe was still on yt she would be mad
lil meow meow
lil meow meow 13 days ago
Ellie Clifford wow only 3 ok
amir justice
amir justice 19 days ago
Alexa you a bicth
EvilGamerGirl YT
EvilGamerGirl YT 20 days ago
Why always pizza?
EvilGamerGirl YT
EvilGamerGirl YT 20 days ago
Gülhan Savan
Gülhan Savan 20 days ago
Çok güzel
Vela Elysia
Vela Elysia 20 days ago
Your bed is cool
Sabina Fernandez
Sabina Fernandez 20 days ago
In rebecca zamolo channel there's a video it is 24-hours in a bubble and that's the same bubble and the place is that too
Kamar Agueh
Kamar Agueh 20 days ago
Soraya Serafi
Soraya Serafi 21 day ago
Is your fav food pizza or what?Like every channel u order pizza?
smash coc
smash coc 21 day ago
Didn't Karina also did this challenge???
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 21 day ago
it is so nice i wish it could be mine
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 21 day ago
it is so cute
sara atif
sara atif 22 days ago
every thing is bubble bubble your name should be bubble [said by my cousin]
Elkie Griffith
Elkie Griffith 23 days ago
the part where she is watching her youtube vid and she is dancing to nothing got me like wtf
sarah gonzalez
sarah gonzalez 24 days ago
When I saw her dialing the phone... I knew she was calling pizza 😂
Varushka BAJLA
Varushka BAJLA 24 days ago
rebecca also stayed in the same bubble with her husband Matt for her game master series.
Madhura Batawala
Madhura Batawala 24 days ago
Can I even have some pizza
Daryn Asrael
Daryn Asrael 25 days ago
I love you and all the things you do
Baran Sarwar
Baran Sarwar 25 days ago
Ryanair is the v, p lap. Slaw💙call is a work we💛
Alexa Carreno
Alexa Carreno 25 days ago
Hi cloe
Eva Ocampo
Eva Ocampo 25 days ago
Matt and Rebecca used the same bubble!:)
Maryann Lameko
Maryann Lameko 25 days ago
The bubble house is amazing 😍😍💗💗❤
Bubba Edmonson
Bubba Edmonson 25 days ago
That purple house is really cool
Sofia Vasquez
Sofia Vasquez 26 days ago
How can you breathe
rach malicdem
rach malicdem 27 days ago
Wow it,s adorable😎😎😎😉😊😏
Ariel Arambula
Ariel Arambula 27 days ago
me when i watched her video guess she likes purple
Guadalupe Navarro
Guadalupe Navarro 27 days ago
Was there a bathroom a toilet and a shower
Alejandra Rubalcaba
Alejandra Rubalcaba
I love how you feeling it was all like exploring stuff and like feeling like excited and I love you videos just so you know I always subscribe
Jeuddy Florentino
Jeuddy Florentino 28 days ago
This is how much balloons she used ⬇️
CAYRIN TAYLOR 28 days ago
I wish I was living in a Bubble 🤑
inkha christiana
inkha christiana 28 days ago
i veeeeeery liiiiiike it its awsome
RyLeigh Arthur
RyLeigh Arthur 28 days ago
Who else is claustrophobic?🤣
Rini Sulis
Rini Sulis 28 days ago
Aku suka
وديع عامر
وديع عامر 29 days ago
Megan Wong
Megan Wong 29 days ago
love it
Isabella Alexander
Isabella Alexander 29 days ago
Tal Dhahan
Tal Dhahan 29 days ago
Can you blow the biggest bubble
Jonelle Coffie
Jonelle Coffie 29 days ago
Can you breathe
Obafunmilayo Enitan
Thanks alot for this you are so amazing pls how can i get your kind of job
amir gerongo
amir gerongo Month ago
Wait wait wait umm why the pizza is free
Elizabeth Cuellar
She should do a living in a fluffy house for 24 hour
Sam dagnese
Sam dagnese Month ago
YT Cookiegamergym
Am I the only one wondering HOW DID THEY GET THE BED IN THERE
Amber Un nisa
Amber Un nisa 19 days ago
Probs disassembled it
Werid Person
Werid Person 23 days ago
She’s in a bubble hotel it’s a real thing
Emeka Okafor
Emeka Okafor 24 days ago
No because I am wondering how did she get that bed in there
Yu Tong
Yu Tong Month ago
I love the decoration you did on the bubble
Sarah McHale
Sarah McHale Month ago
I seen Matt and Rebecca do that ⬇️
Alexa Roberts
Alexa Roberts Month ago
Who’s watching after she quit RUvid 😢
Vicky Guerrero
Vicky Guerrero 6 hours ago
We all do💛💛💔😭😢
Abby Lora
Abby Lora 2 days ago
grace ying
grace ying 4 days ago
Rose Bear
Rose Bear 5 days ago
Sydney's Duck Planet She didn’t even ask for likes…
iibvtterflies 8 days ago
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