Ides of March "Vehicle" Live at Song House of Blues 2014

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"Vehicle" is the one_hit for the band "The Ides of March" written and sung by Jim Peterik in 1970.


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Nov 8, 2015




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Comments 208
Tommy Tailwind
Tommy Tailwind 9 days ago
Iconic guitar solo, too!!!
Teresa Dianne Shadden
Ex Ddub fan aka Ex Blockhead 😎😁😉✌🏻❤️♾💕
Beau Dure
Beau Dure 29 days ago
I’m blown away. This is awesome.
tom burns
tom burns Month ago
Excellent post! A favorite of mine from my teenage years!
MrDuds1984 Month ago
Best song Chicago didn’t write. I bet Kath had written this
coaytch Month ago
Lol When I was young, I thought this was Tom Jones. 😆
keepingitreal79 Month ago
Fucking jammin
Κώστας Βασιλόπουλος
Power throughout the years...
Pork Scratchings
Great track! Shit really 1970, where has that time gone since playing this on my mono record player.
cosmodave69 Month ago
Would of bet my sack he was black
Maurice Whaley
Maurice Whaley 2 months ago
Horn section is the POWER
The Giant Rat That Makes All Of The Rules
I thought this was an incredibles song I feel dumb
John Long
John Long 2 months ago
I seen them twice when I was in high school. His voice sounds different now. . . . but hey, according to wiki, he was only 19 years old when I saw him in 1970.
Miyuru Eranda
Miyuru Eranda 3 months ago
Sings like a black dude❤
Alexandra e
Alexandra e 3 months ago
Goosebumps 😱😱😱
Eric Norman
Eric Norman 4 months ago
David Koresh!!!!
mike styles
mike styles 4 months ago
I was riding my new 1970 Triumph Bonneville over to my girlfriend’s house. This song was playing on the radio when I walked into her house. Jim still has it, as well as the horns, WOW! GOOD TIMES!
Rick Strizic
Rick Strizic 4 months ago
Just an awesome song! Would love to hear the band Chicago cover this. 🎼🎵🥁🎸🎺🎷🔊🎹🎤🤟😎
R Moreno
R Moreno 4 months ago
Bob Ross on drums
Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson 5 months ago
Sound fantastic.
cupofshutupjuice 5 months ago
What milf, cougar, gilf or snapping turtle wouldn’t want to get in his car!!! This dude got game!
Tarius Shinobi
Tarius Shinobi 5 months ago
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 6 months ago
One of Chicagoland's finest. Without them, there wouldn't be any Survivor. BTW, Can you even BEGIN to imagine Katy Perry or Lady Gaga doing shows 40 years from now?
Carlos Muro
Carlos Muro 6 months ago
Mike Walton
Mike Walton 6 months ago
fatboy6846 8 months ago
by god hes still got it,why the hell did he only write one hit,class
Jason Corona
Jason Corona Month ago
@james fitzgerald that's an understatement. Everything from Survivor to 38 special and on
james fitzgerald
james fitzgerald 4 months ago
fatboy6846 ... he wrote lots of hits over decades
Dan Ashby
Dan Ashby 8 months ago
Horn section, awesome!
New Waver
New Waver 8 months ago
So bad ass. A band that knows they have a powerhouse tune, and they deliver the way it deserves. I don't really care for trumpet playing bands, but come on, good is good.
Paco Vistoso Alvarez
Super !!!!!
Slab Riprock
Slab Riprock 8 months ago
Suddenly I'm 13 again with this on the radio as I build model rockets!
Joseph Hardenberg
Joseph Hardenberg 3 months ago
I remember those days too. I was 10 at the time this song came out. Great memories!!
David Johnston
David Johnston 9 months ago
That shit is TIGHT....BIG DADDY!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
muxux4 9 months ago
A magical time called the 70's when music was music and it was amazing!
John Harris
John Harris 2 days ago
I do agree! Music was awesome in that era! Never again will we see that again!
coffeED 8 months ago
not just music, everything was amazing , totaly the best
Alexas Machine
Alexas Machine 9 months ago
ray rivera
ray rivera 9 months ago
Horn section reminds of Tower of Power .Talk about still having it.They sound great.This song never let's it foot off the gas pedal.
Foivos Legrand
Foivos Legrand 10 months ago
Paul Callas
Paul Callas 10 months ago
Fantastic!!! Listening to the "Ides of March" on the Ides of March. Thank you for sharing.
Keith Peter McCarthy
Keith Peter McCarthy 10 months ago
What a great, memorable song - thanks for posting.
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B 10 months ago
In the 1970's every single school band played this. And many still do, to this day. Over and over and over again.
Robin H.
Robin H. 10 months ago
Epic!!! This arrangement is even better than the original recording they did (which was amazing then). Fantastic!!!
Tony Belleo
Tony Belleo 10 months ago
Yes... Great song....
kimberly herrmann
kimberly herrmann 10 months ago
This Is Grreat !!!!!!! 😀
Colonel FOG
Colonel FOG 10 months ago
Truly a kick ass song! Classic. Timeless. It was one of my favorites back in the day, and the band can still lay it out there upon request, nearly 50 years later. Spectacular rendition and video. Thanks for the post!
PCollen YT
PCollen YT 11 months ago
Great God in Heaven...he's the Rock and Roll Joe Pesci doppleganger.
aspenflyer2 11 months ago
Holy shit!!! What a song, how well it's played after all these years , incredible vocals, incredible horn section. I remember this song so well as being a nine-year-old and hearing this for the first time. It was excellent then it's even more excellent now
Cheryl Yarpe
Cheryl Yarpe 11 months ago
At 17 years of age this song drove me crazy. Loved it ten love it now
Roman S
Roman S 11 months ago
GREAT...from the Movie "Lock up" with Sly...
williamchrist 11 months ago
I cannot belive that the original video has less hits and likes than a terrible remake like „A king is born“. These guys are full-blown musicians all their life. Thank you so much for this masterpice!
Flip Wright
Flip Wright Year ago
Dr Joey
Dr Joey Year ago
I can't believe they never had another big hit. What a fab record this was!!
Bee Greyt
Bee Greyt Year ago
still killing it!
Jere Forsyth
Jere Forsyth Year ago
.. good shit
Garry Laing
Garry Laing Year ago
Imagine being there while Vehicle was being played!
Myra Juarez
Myra Juarez Year ago
those horns tho!
Bill Knowles
Bill Knowles Year ago
Damn this is so good
Alexandra e
Alexandra e Year ago
👐We want more 👐we want more 👐we want more 🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵
Chicago looks so different now. They’re hardly recognizable from the Saturday In The Park days
Joe Pedroza
Joe Pedroza Year ago
BRING BACK MUSIC LIKE THIS.. The world of music needs talent like this. I've had enough of hip hop and all the slop.
moises ventura
This sounds like Eye of the Tiger
Doesn't sound like it, but Jim Peterik wrote both songs, (Eye of the Tiger while with Survivor).
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