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This meditation was designed to help you identify or simply acknowledge stored emotions that may be creating physical tension in the body, causing illness or preventing you from fully moving on from your past and enjoying your today.
When we store emotions, negative feelings in the body through challenges in our daily life, we have to learn to move on, to release these emotions and we do it most of the time. Some emotions stay present in our bodies and it is important to attend to them - identifying and letting go is a simple but quite a significant way to do just that. Do not let the muscular tension become a chronic one, use this guide and live a stress free, healthy life.
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Apr 2, 2018




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Comments 100
swedengram 2 years ago
Thank you dear Rasa. Loved the softness of this one. And in the end I imagined all of us sittning in meditation with Rasa, across the world, and us being the universal threads knit together. Beautiful and moving ❤️
Jackie W
Jackie W Year ago
What a gorgeous thing to say....connection and feeling safe and supported are so important x
Ann Winifred Parkes.
Wildrose12. I agree Wildrose. 🌹
Ann Winifred Parkes.
swedengram I believe that we all connect also. Similar souls on a different journey, but the same destination. Xo
Wildrose12. 2 years ago
What a beautiful comment! I believe meditators around the world do connect in amazing, quantum ways that add goodness to our planet and societies. You brought a very pretty image. Thanks!
Rachael Adams
Rachael Adams 11 days ago
This helped me so much thank you
Deniz Erkam
Deniz Erkam 13 days ago
This meditation helped me so much today! Thank you!
Kakes Harris
Kakes Harris 16 days ago
This meditation brought tears to my eyes and leave to my heart. It was wonderful. Thank you.
Robert Monds
Robert Monds 16 days ago
That was wonderful. I will definitely use this method to release ongoing emotions that have outlived their purpose in my body. Thank you Rasa. With much love and light. Pico from Queensland Australia
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger 21 day ago
Thank you, I really appreciate it💜💕
Dope Avenger
Dope Avenger 22 days ago
I fell asleep near the end, but woke up feeling lighter and less tense
ashley robles
ashley robles Month ago
You are so amazing! I had an outter body experience. My whole body felt lighter and all i saw was bright light . I feel refresh and clear. Thank u
Keela Allen
Keela Allen Month ago
Your amazing. I have so much peace and energy when I meditate with you. Thank you so much
Thank you I felt I was embraced by gentle presence, wish u peace gratitude and all your heart desires
Ayesha Fariz
Ayesha Fariz Month ago
Thank you, I got a breakthrough and found the purpose of my sadness. It's telling me to accept that the person I love does not love me back anymore, and that's why it is so painful.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Powerful. Hope this experience empowers you and helps you to come back to yourself, your full power and wholeness 🙏🏼💜💜💜
Nomad Month ago
Thank you so much, have a nice day
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you! and same to you 💜
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Month ago
The ad at the end was a horrid surprise and made me jump awake
geraldine snell
geraldine snell 2 months ago
This meditation did something to release the immense and ever-present (even if mostly background) pain in my heart and chest.. when I really allowed myself to feel it, the only way I can describe it is how a baby screams and screams in pain for its mother. I felt my baby self screaming out to be held, my whole being writhing in the pain of abandonment or separation. But it doesn't seem to want to release.. it's just been activated further and now it's just sitting in my chest all heavy. I don't know what to do any more, I meditate every day I do all the right things.. I exercise, walk, do yoga and make efforts to self-connect and communicate my needs and get to express myself through art. I have a rewarding job and everything seems to go well for me. I live a full, highly functioning life with nourishing social and sometimes romantic connections but it just feels like a lie, and that the pain is always there and it's too much to bear. I am always separating myself, isolating myself or positioning myself against others in small ways. Then I resent others for not seeing me, or reading my mind, for not loving me or reassuring me. I feel like my whole connection with others is so dysfunctional and whilst maybe it gets incrementally better the more conscious and spiritual I become, it also doesn't seem to get any easier. If anything, the pain feels more acute when I am able to really go into it and feel it.. when I am able to cry like just now. I know this is my karmic quest and it's part of my journey to process it or exist with it and I will keep trying every second of every day to live with light and love in spite of it (because of it?) but I am just sharing this for anyone else out there who feels this intense pain and hopelessness beneath the highly functioning self-caring performance: you are not alone. Whilst it feels unbearable, no single moment is unendurable. The pain comes in waves and with the pain is great joy, bliss and just regular old mundane day-day stuff. You are not alone. (and thank you for the meditation)
geraldine snell
geraldine snell 2 months ago
@Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library thank you so much, yes I've been delving into it a lot but haven't come across Alan so will check it out. With light and love 🕯️❤️
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Wow Geraldine, thank you so much for pouring your heart out so sincerely.. Many will resonate, including me. You are not alone either, we are here with you 💜 As for relating with others, maybe just maybe check out about attachment trauma, I found that subject very useful. Alan Robarge - attachment trauma therapist is excellent and shared a lot of information for free online and here on youtube. Sending you the biggest, warmest hug 🤗🙏🏼💜💜💜
R. Grace Cummings
R. Grace Cummings 2 months ago
Thank you Rasa!
Sharon Hoffer
Sharon Hoffer 2 months ago
Thank you beautiful Rasa, for yet another amazing meditation. I could feel such strong energy between my hands, like a warm feeling. I was able to release the negative judgements and criticisms I was holding onto, mainly from my father, who has never approved of me, or shown me love and acceptance. I remembered that other people’s opinion of me is not who I am, and I let it all go. I usually feel restless doing such a long meditation, but this one didn’t have that effect on me. I feel calm and happy and send you love and gratitude 🙏🏽😘❤️🌺🦋🌈💚🧘🏽‍♀️
NEDRI Rachida
NEDRI Rachida 3 months ago
Thank you so much, it was soooo helpful I find lots of difficulties to cry and let go but this helped me so much. I have a question please try to answer me: is it OK to do it everyday ? Either for the same person/event or do we need to space the sessions ? Thanks in advance ❤
Crystal Conoly
Crystal Conoly 3 months ago
I really felt the ball of energy pulsing and tingling. It was surreal. This was an AMAZING meditation!!!!!
megha joshi
megha joshi 3 months ago
Awesome experience
Alessandro Pregnolato
Wow I actually cried. Mental!
Hamza Raja
Hamza Raja 4 months ago
Lots of love for making this ❤️
Megan Banda
Megan Banda 4 months ago
I'm grateful for your guidance! This was a beautiful meditation and I found it in divine timing. Thank you, lots of love peace and joy to you💚🌿
ninon 15633
ninon 15633 5 months ago
Tass A.
Tass A. 5 months ago
I constantly had this underlying pain under whatever else I was feeling at the moment. This meditation made me cry and sob and I felt it clear out, lift. I started laughing quite hysterically and entire body felt electrified. I have never felt like this before. Thank you so so so much.
Cecilie Rebbelstam Kjær
I absolutely ADORE your meditations! They are amazing and you are so good at what you do💫 This meditation in particular helped me a lot. Thank you🙏❤
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you 😊🙏🏽 so so glad it helped ♥️
Marissa Idea Quintos
Thank You Rasa, I find my love power back🙏❤️❤️❤️
Bindi Babs
Bindi Babs 5 months ago
Your voice is louder than the music. Every time you start saying something it feels like an alarm
Lina Sam
Lina Sam 5 months ago
It is a wonderful meditation! I feel much better now. Thank you so much!
Encrypted Sniper
Encrypted Sniper 6 months ago
I need this but in a soothing British accent
The Sobriety Playbook
Thx I'm a tough but to crack but you helped me release so much emotion and give it to my higher power.
Kasper Schouboe
Kasper Schouboe 6 months ago
So I had This sensation of being so relaxed i couldnt tell where my middle body started or ended. It felt scary at first but i commited to it. I have never felt so relaxed and calm. It was unbelievable pleasant. Especially because i sense alot of my muscles being tense for no reason. No doubt i have more sessions to enjoy and Work with my self. Im Guessing there is no harm in listening to the same guided meditation again. Thanks for This.
Beatriz Zarandona
Beatriz Zarandona 6 months ago
Thank you it worked!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Joanne Love
Joanne Love 6 months ago
Thank you Rasa . Exactly the meditation I needed 🙏🏼✨
kafebaby 7 months ago
I loved it and it helped
Trudie Pryde Joyce
Trudie Pryde Joyce 7 months ago
Genius !
team klmnj
team klmnj 7 months ago
Tnx so much it really for me...
Melanie B
Melanie B 8 months ago
Thank you made a major shift 💖
David Renteria
David Renteria 9 months ago
Thank you
the professional reject
I watched this and feel asleep and now I just feel nice cos I had a phat nap.
Sanjana Nagar
Sanjana Nagar 9 months ago
This was an enchanting experience. I am more calm and peaceful now. Thank you for this wonderful meditation Rasa.
Sanjana Nagar
Sanjana Nagar 9 months ago
This was an enchanting experience. I am more calm and peaceful now. Thank you for this wonderful meditation Rasa.
Asiya Soliel
Asiya Soliel 9 months ago
Thank you 💗
Brett D
Brett D 9 months ago
Great meditation! I was able to feel 3 separate emotions during this and it felt like I was feeling them fully.
Janet Marie
Janet Marie 9 months ago
Feel lighter in body and mind.... great!!!
Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck 10 months ago
Thank you, this is the first time I ever feel the energy coming from the palms of my hands. I still feel they are radiating heat. As you said scan your body, I started to see negative emotions arising until I reached my chest and I started to cry and feel hopeful that I will be fine again one day. I saw frustration in my lungs, I took it out. I ll try this again tomorrow and see what I'm to release. Thank you for this video ❤
JPHB 77 10 months ago
Your words became very personal for me. I haven't wanted to recognize or experience my emotions.. No one has ever been able to break me down like this... thankyou
Kerry Lee
Kerry Lee 11 months ago
I feel I was meant to find this meditation today, it really helped release some painful emotions and I could see my inner child sat in the circle with me, even though I hadn't even thought of her, dhe just appeared and at the end I picked her up and hugged her tight and felt some of my strength come back, as now I realise she needs me, also I've never felt energy so strong before between my hands, I will use this again. Thankyou and yes your voice is angelic ✌and ❤
Ankur Shiromani
Ankur Shiromani 11 months ago
Very effective! Thank you...
Steve Irwing
Steve Irwing 11 months ago
Rasa, this was beautiful, thank you so much for this experience. 45 minutes might seem long, but it's totally worth it. It helped me a lot in accepting love.
Nayera Helmy
Nayera Helmy 7 months ago
It really helped me through my emotional turbulence 45 mins passed so smooth Thank you
melo bleuet15
melo bleuet15 11 months ago
it took me over 10 minutes before I got into it... i almost stopped the whole thing... until I read comments saying that it helped them, then I decided that's all i have to do, give it a shot. So it helped :)
Steve Louscher
Steve Louscher 11 months ago
My gratitude for helping master my emotions
Thomas Posch
Thomas Posch Year ago
Thank you! Much love and appreciation ❤
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you so much! 💜🙏🏼
Steve Louscher
your creative source is of great service
Siréne Natura
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. It’s been a blessing to me 🌟💐💖
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
You are very very welcome ♥️♥️♥️
rosebladepat Year ago
Thank you.
hms200 Year ago
Thank you so much for guiding and assisting me in such a kind, loving and nurturing way. I feel deep, expansive love for and gratitude to you.
Vegan Sosig
Vegan Sosig Year ago
I haven't been able to release my emotions 4 months now and I cried during the whole process. I really needed this. thank you.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Awww sending you a big bear hug ♥️🙌🏽
ananya tanjina
Cried a lot 🙂
Sue Mee
Sue Mee Year ago
Thank you so much for this .. i cried and released a lot of emotion 💜💜💜
Cassy Goring
Cassy Goring Year ago
Thank you Rasa, wonderful soul. I connected with my amazing son who left the physical world over two years ago. His little boy self told me that we will see each other again and he left me smiling and waving. Before that I released emotions and feelings of being unworthy of love because my father didn’t want to be part of my life. The energy was so powerful throughout, tears are still flowing from me. Peace and love to you dear soul ✨🙏🏾❤️
Tia D
Tia D Year ago
This was AMAZING! Helped me so much with just experiencing my emotions and not judging them. Thank you so much
Bonnie Willoughby
Thank you and God bless you i feel at peace thank you again
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
So glad Bonnie 🙏🏽 thank you!
Joeri Bossink
Joeri Bossink Year ago
You owe me a box of tissues Rasa...
Linda Horgan
Linda Horgan Year ago
Thank you Rasa 😊👏
Amber Chalmers
This was an unbelievable and transformative experience. I am in awe. Thank you for helping me successfully release what I have been carrying for years. I cried like never before and physically felt the pain leave its residence in my body.I feel light and at peace.
Very interesting exercise; I felt so much better afterward. Your voice is beautiful and calming. Thank you.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thanks so much!
Andrew Robinson
Rasa. This was absolutely amazing. I thank you so much for this and all the good work you do. I will be incorporating this meditation in my regular practice. It was very powerful and very real.
John Ward
John Ward Year ago
There is zero possibility whatsoever this kind of 'teaching' - which is what it is, really - is something generated simply from some Earth-bound, carnal mindset... This is something from far far far into some more-than-usually advanced intelligent consciousness and, I suppose, harmonic human(?), I guess it must be human-like anyway, society of shared minds and consciousnesses. It IS human, but more what 'human' ought to be like, rather than what we mostly see around us every day and experienced in our own 'ordinary' states of being ourselves. There is no other logical way to consider it. This is an important channel.
Fair Cloud
Fair Cloud Year ago
I was feeling really low and emotional, aspects of myself that I’m not happy with, this helped me release something that was not giving me peace. Thank you 🙏🏼 your voice is wonderful to listen too. I shall keep listening. 🧡
Chinaraé Pratt Horton
Very powerful meditation. Thank you!🙏🏼
Thank you
bubblescongo Year ago
what an excellent meditation--loved everything about it. thank you
Magdalena Barajas
This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you
vineet kr sood
amazing ,,,i had pain in my lower back mainly but my whole body was like carrying a big load of emotions before the meditation but i felt my self so light ,calm and happy within after the meditation. your voice is so pious nd beautiful,,thankyou and gratitude.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you for the comment, sending much love 💜
Riccuu Year ago
I dont know how to cry anymore but I feel tension in the heart. Did the whole session and felt calm and all... are there no emotions? So many questions....
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Only you know what is really happening. Perhaps listen again when you feel inspired to...
Diana Boughner
WebzyWongie 90
Thank you so much
Liz Year ago
Absolutely lovely. Thank you so much. xx
Cia Laisvis
Cia Laisvis Year ago
Tai yra vienintelis kanalas, kuriame atrandu būtent tai, ko ieškau. Ačiū tau, Rūta.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Kaip džiugu girdėti! ❤️
Sharon Panetta
Thank you very much, I didn’t know where to turn ... I feel hyper sensitive in this world, especially with animals, people I know don’t get me and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This meditation helped me get it together emotionally from deep sorrow and sadness. You are so beautiful to help others like this.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you ❤️
Alexis M. Malone
Thank you
Anjali pillai
Anjali pillai Year ago
This really worked I was in a middle of lot of heavy emotions finally happily released them
Vir Dr
Vir Dr Year ago
Hi I felt to tight n heavy doing this meditation,plz guide me
Harriet Thomas
Lovely, thank you :)
Vinnati Rohiwal
Thank you rasa helping me to let go of this emotion feeling relieved. 😊
anna Year ago
🙏🏻 thank you 🙏🏻
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
🙏🏼 thank YOU 🙏🏼
Samantha Jones
i like her voice, but for me this one took too long to get into.
Rasa you’re truly a vessel of light ✨
Jim Dexter
Jim Dexter Year ago
Thank you...I need to do this until I can feel my emotions clearly again. This greatly calmed me...please let me know if you have a mediation to work on blocked emotions. Sincerely, I thank you for your help...
Thank you 💙
Johanne Lavergne
Thank you
Shiloh barber
Shiloh barber Year ago
Thank u so much for this medication! Your voice is so soothing and relaxing! Loved it so much💕 I’m trying to release this fear I have been caring around with me for so many years. It’s really heavy on my chest area. This one helped with that. It’s still there but this is a journey and I’m taking the right steps to release this old “friend” I no longer need! 🙏🏻
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
I know what you mean! But all good things in time 🙏🏽💛 much love 💛
Henriette Felici
Trankil you for helping me relèves thé pain
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
So glad this could help Henriette 🙌🏼
MelJane Year ago
very special, released old feelings, i never thought i had, just a wait to get adjusted to the new me. gratitude to you Rasa
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Wonderful job Melanie 🙏🏽🤗
czechaboo 2 years ago
thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏🏻 i cried at the beginning already... beautiful meditation, resonates with me. 🦋
Daiden Ahern
Daiden Ahern 2 years ago
Thank you Rasa! I love you.
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
I love you too Daiden 💛💜💚
Natalie Gideon
Natalie Gideon 2 years ago
So powerful
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Thank you 🙏🏽
jasna sedlar
jasna sedlar 2 years ago
Thank you. It looks like this meditation could help me access and deal with traumas that are causing certain health issues that I would like to solve for once and for all. Will keep you posted.
Khushboo Sharma
Khushboo Sharma 8 months ago
jasna sedlar Did you benefit from it? How were the results on your health issues?
Carmen May
Carmen May 2 years ago
I truly believe this meditation is life changing I finished it and just felt a sense of love and peace that I haven’t felt since I was a small child Thank you so much Rasa
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Wow! My pleasure 😇 thanks for this comment 🙏🏽
Molly Simon
Molly Simon 2 years ago
Thank you so much for this. I listened before bed and really connected with my inner self, the divine within me.. words cannot explain. Astonishing experience.. I felt pretty anxious/scared & emotional at points but I kept reminding myself to stay mindful and that I was safe and protected. Thank you!
Pura Rasa - Your Meditation Library
Yes, absolutely, you are safe and protected at all times 🙏🏽❤️
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