Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

Brooklyn and Bailey
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In today’s video, you’ll watch us #SWITCHPLACES and try to trick our friends, including Bailey’s boyfriend, Asa! Do you think they will fall for it??
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We told all of our friends that we needed them to help us film a video all about making friends in #college, but little did they know...we were about to trick them! We set the whole thing up to look like they were just going to be filming a video with me (Brooklyn), because Bailey was “at a meeting”. 😂
Bailey was hiding out in the bathroom as I started the video, and a couple of minutes in, I went back to the bathroom and we SWITCHED PLACES! We went all out too, I even gave her all of my jewelry AND she wore hair extensions to look as much like me as possible… It was kind of scary how much she looked like me!! 😂 what do you think???
We even asked Asa (Bailey’s #boyfriend) to be a part of it, and y’all will never believe what happened during the video with him… 🙈We were so laughing SO HARD!!
You can’t help but feel so bad for him… but don’t blame Asa for not noticing, he got Bailey back a few days later and she didn’t notice he switched with one of our friends who looks a lot like him, during a photo shoot! What can they say??? They’ve been dating long distance for over 2 years and don’t spend a lot of time physically together!
Who were you the MOST surprised by that didn’t notice we switched places? Could you tell??? Comment below!
💋's - Brooklyn
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May 15, 2019

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Comments 11 116
Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey 3 months ago
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516 FIR3WORK-_-FR34K
Omg you both have beautiful eyes 🤩🤩
Rana Gorgees
Rana Gorgees 8 days ago
Love u vuys
Sean Games
Sean Games 16 days ago
can u do more pranks on eachother?
jadamcfp1 19 days ago
Brooklyn and Bailey hi! Can y’all please subscribe to me on here I’m called on here Jada mc Fp 1! Y’all are so pretty
Harleen Brar
Harleen Brar 21 day ago
Hey Brooklyn and Bailey I love your videos You guys are amazing 😉
Glen Reyes Munguia
Glen Reyes Munguia 4 hours ago
Ladies if someone looms closely your noses are different
Dakota Raisbeck
Dakota Raisbeck 6 hours ago
Why am I here? How? RUvid you drunk again
Sady Maldonado
Sady Maldonado 8 hours ago
Wait I don't get why Hannah started saying eww eww no hate just didn't get that
이태국 9 hours ago
I'm new here but I can already tell who is who. Those who have been friends with them for long should know even better hehe
Book Lover
Book Lover 9 hours ago
Who else guessed Asa wouldn't know??
KAILEY SANTOS 11 hours ago
Bailey has a longer face than Brooklyn
kate becker
kate becker 12 hours ago
Literally the pictures of asa and Bailey literally made me so happy at the end. They are the freakin cutest 😭💗
Cekang 1
Cekang 1 13 hours ago
My aunt cannot diffidentiate her twin.. Huhuhu
Monira Yusuf
Monira Yusuf 13 hours ago
Your nose shape and eyebrows are different
Abhilasha Srinivas
Abhilasha Srinivas 14 hours ago
Why is Hanna saying ewww all the time
IshaMoy Williams
IshaMoy Williams 14 hours ago
😂 when she said eww I died like how is it eww?
Joshua Praveen
Joshua Praveen 18 hours ago
nobody: First girl: ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..
The Dark Side End
The Dark Side End 18 hours ago
That girl has to stop saying “ew” .
Teddy the bear
Teddy the bear 21 hour ago
Harriet Harriet
Harriet Harriet 22 hours ago
One has a pimple😀
Xin En
Xin En Day ago
This is how many times she said Ew ⬇️
i love asa
Beck Thomas
Beck Thomas Day ago
Why was Hanna saying “ew” so much😂😂😂
Lemma Dogman
Lemma Dogman Day ago
You have different noses. The first thing I noticed. The one on the right has a curve the other one doesn’t have. I’m an identical twin, I know what this is about.
Fun with the M’s with Mackenna
Surprised about Asa
Bailey Patterson
It’s weird cuz my name is bailey and my best friend is called Brooklyn
Audrey Day ago
Why was the first girl so rude ew ew ew ewwwwwwww so grossss Bailey is so grosss ewe ew eww
John Medina
John Medina Day ago
1st girl is defenitely annoying.
Tucker gladstone
Why did the fatass keep saying eww
Rafia Shah
Rafia Shah Day ago
I dont watch this channel so obviously dont knw who is who but I guess one has slightly longer face than the other one.. lol
Natnael Walton
Do it the strangers
MaryEvelyn Murray
Asa looked so lost after that 😂😂😂
MaryEvelyn Murray
adjusting the hat did it 💀😂😂
Natsu Dragneel
Me recordó a "Juego de Gemelas" x,d
Black Lotus
Black Lotus Day ago
Imagine you fcked the wrong one
Akshaya Shyam
Hey guys
Johan Magnusson
20sec in, and i can allready tell who is who, one has a very very slight difference to her nose, this would probably be harder to spot IRL, but then the one on the right has a slight dot on her upper lip. and the voices are just slightly different, so unless they dot the upper lip, and change the voice some (fake a Cold) its very possible to tell them apart. but then again, if im tasked with this not knowing, then i would probably fooled for atleast some time. EDIT the theeth are different, not BAD different, but one is more even length then the other.
Shreesha Mukherjee
Why does the girl say ew soo many times?
melissa vos
melissa vos Day ago
The second girl has a spot under here nose
Hare Her
Hare Her Day ago
Hey there pretty girls The most major change is your nose you both have utterly different nose's
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Day ago
Ew eww eww
Llynce Day ago
I love the first girl😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
MIMZy MIMz Day ago
Your voices was diff. From each other 😂
Long Lee
Long Lee 2 days ago
question: what the fk going on with your eyes. they look artificial o.o
Rab kr
Rab kr 2 days ago
Aha i knew his bf will trip.
Shauna Hunter
Shauna Hunter 2 days ago
Anyone else think they look so different?’
Milhan Toni
Milhan Toni 2 days ago
people who been living with twins will always notice . . cause i had that kind of friend too. even theyre dress the same all out..
fat god
fat god 2 days ago
There better be a 3 some video
dianna czajkowski
I'm a huge fan follow on Inc
dianna czajkowski
I love you guys
dianna czajkowski
I love you go I love you guys
clipse ck
clipse ck 2 days ago
I don’t even know who’s whO!!!
Jwolff08 2 days ago
NormallyAt Large
NormallyAt Large 2 days ago
The more time you spend with twins, the easier it is to tell apart even their faces. I babysat two kids that were identical twins and I couldn't recognize them at all. After a few months, it's hard to get them mixed up at all
Thanda Zoeloe
Thanda Zoeloe 2 days ago
I can already tell them apart
Mellodee Klemmetsen
I thought if ALL people Asa would get it
Kirsty Tolley
Kirsty Tolley 2 days ago
I love you
Simply Melllow
Simply Melllow 2 days ago
How many times is she gonna say “EW”
Chinmay Thoart
Chinmay Thoart 2 days ago
Lol they both jump when they r excited 12:06
coty's country world
The stolks twins did this
Asa Brock
Asa Brock 2 days ago
He's got my name.
Bubbly JoJo
Bubbly JoJo 2 days ago
Weren’t these girls in one of the Hanson vs Predator episode??
Amanda Marrero
Amanda Marrero 2 days ago
Y'all have different chins I would have noticed right away
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth 2 days ago
You’re identical but even with the same makeup and everything in the intro I can tell you guys apart lmao
Bear17 K
Bear17 K 2 days ago
How can i tell whos different
Juddernaut and boys
Sub to me and I will tell you there last name
marta d
marta d 2 days ago
their noses are very different
Crystal Matos
Crystal Matos 2 days ago
But the beauty mark on top of her lip...
Pin A Yoong
Pin A Yoong 2 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Me: Brooonn???
Dan Lee
Dan Lee 2 days ago
One of ur friends looks like katie holmes..
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 days ago
XxWhite TigerXx
XxWhite TigerXx 2 days ago
I saw this on another website before. I just can't remember. Is anyone does pls comment down below
IshimaruOsis 2 days ago
Its the mole.
Phoemela White
Phoemela White 3 days ago
The other has a bigger face and cute smile the other one is different 😅
Dann Mitton
Dann Mitton 3 days ago
Ok shout out to your voice-savvy friend at [7:55], but she meant TA-dominant (Mode 1/chest) for low. CT-dominant (Mode 2/head) is high. xox
GalaksySells 3 days ago
The guy in the blue shirt looks like faze adapt
stgm 3 days ago
Staring at their faces next to each other, I can see how if you knew them you'd be able to tell the difference.
Julius De Leon
Julius De Leon 3 days ago
Asa's part with the "thats funny, no you cant" sent shivers down my spine xD
Joshua Sinclair
Joshua Sinclair 3 days ago
sned nudes
Remyson Caldera
Remyson Caldera 3 days ago
one of you has a bigger head tho
Fujru64854 Ye74
Fujru64854 Ye74 3 days ago
Why the fat chick always say ewww
Eric Medrano
Eric Medrano 3 days ago
This looks annoying . How do you live your self knowing your so annoyed and then having a twin just as annoying omg.
E Laulii
E Laulii 3 days ago
There’s something Hayden Panatierre-like about you twins!
Jayden Snell
Jayden Snell 3 days ago
4:59 I thought that was a green screen wtf
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