Identical Twins DRIVE THRU Swap Challenge

Brooklyn and Bailey
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Today, y'all will see us #TwinSwap again, only we’ll be swapping places at several fast food #DriveThru restaurants! Do YOU think anyone will notice??
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We originally saw Niki & Gabi (our great twin friends) attempting this challenge, and it was hilarious, which inspired us to continue the trend! Who knew being identical #twins can be so much fun! 😂
✅ You can check out NikI & Gabi’s video HERE: ruvid.net/video/video-IAZaLh28EV4.html
The key to this challenge, is to pull up to the drive-through and have one twin order something small. When we get to the window, that twin will then ask for something that she forgot, like a glass of water or extra side item. When the order taker turns around to process the new item, we quickly trade places.
We attempted to trick people at the following restaurants: Raising Cane’s, Panda Express, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Braums, Sonic, & Taco Casa.
We were able to trick a few of people, but not as many as we had hoped! It must have been because we just look SO similar in the face, that people aren’t as thrown off guard. We were epically failing on Day 1, so we decided to go out and film again the next morning with a more drastic, physical differences.
One of us wore bright clothing with minimal makeup, and the other wore dark eyeshadow, lipstick, dark clothing… and STILL not that many people noticed! 🙈 By this point, we knew that we had to try something else… so, we sent Bailey and her #boyfriend, Asa, out to try the same swapping challenge to see if more people would notice!
Bailey and Asa ended up tricking a lot more people, obviously, since they look nothing like each other! Either way, we seriously had the BEST TIME filming this video! It was a lot of fun, and we ended up with enough food to feed our entire family, Asa, and our production team!
What was the funniest part of this video for you??? Comment below!
💋's - Brooklyn

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Jun 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Brooklyn and Bailey
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Allison Minteer
Allison Minteer 20 days ago
Panda Express
Anna Beaton
Anna Beaton 2 months ago
probably chickflia
george nady
george nady 2 months ago
Saifullah Saifii
Saifullah Saifii 2 months ago
Very nice garls
Lil Acosta
Lil Acosta 3 months ago
Brooklyn and Bailey McDonald’s
Karma Quads
Karma Quads 11 hours ago
WE ARE IDENTICAL QUADRUPLETS and This is a GREAT CHALLENGE!!! We just started a challenge series, starting with the first ever Identical QUAD Face ID Challenge and will definitely do this one too!!!
Roaring Tides
Roaring Tides 15 hours ago
One of you should dye your hair aqua.
Deborah Sasu
Deborah Sasu 15 hours ago
These twins never give up
H. Ngursangliana Sangtea hauheng
Ithink u beautiful and cute
The rybca twins littrely just did this video
Abherni Abherni
Abherni Abherni 2 days ago
GG Bond:
Abherni Abherni
Abherni Abherni 2 days ago
ila cornell
ila cornell 2 days ago
A lot of people do you actually notice but they just wanna do their job and they’re just like “ Eh whatever” lol 😂
Carrie Beaumaster
i Love your purple hair 🥳
Boba Queen gaming
Your hair looks amazing 🤩🤩
Kaleigh Bailey
Kaleigh Bailey 4 days ago
you just got another subscriber!!!!!!!!!! (by the way yall are sooooo pretty) : )
6:18 we need more of these treasures
Brianna Johnston
Brianna Johnston 5 days ago
World Girl
World Girl 5 days ago
Grace Ahaiwe
Grace Ahaiwe 5 days ago
I think you should dye it green
Lewis Purua
Lewis Purua 5 days ago
I like your hair purple
Claire Yvonne Bandola
Just say can i get some water pls
Alexis Villalobos
Who is watching this in 2020
Natalie Suleiman
Natalie Suleiman 6 days ago
what are we doing wrong? your identical twins for googness sake
Abby Pate
Abby Pate 6 days ago
love the purple
王大东 7 days ago
Elite Xtend
Elite Xtend 8 days ago
He really said "strip me"!?😂😲🤮
Elite Xtend
Elite Xtend 8 days ago
I like purple, but if your wearing it I love it, I also follow you guys on tic tok! I love your videos 🤩💟💞
Vannessa makayla robin Luke
i love your hair
Mary Hurtado
Mary Hurtado 9 days ago
Pizza hut
Lilly Schoening
Lilly Schoening 10 days ago
Guys remind me of the rybka twins
H Pfnister
H Pfnister 11 days ago
it would literally make my day so much better if i met them! i would prob scream! haha
Kelam 12 days ago
Acts 2:38 (KJV) Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.....
its malak offical
its malak offical 12 days ago
Boi Banya
Boi Banya 13 days ago
Love. Toull
sonia parulekar
sonia parulekar 14 days ago
purple looks good
Brooklynn Tuttle
Brooklynn Tuttle 14 days ago
Love your purple hair Brooklyn.
Sopheya Chavez
Sopheya Chavez 14 days ago
Your purple hair is cute, Duhhhh.....
Emma Fehr
Emma Fehr 16 days ago
My favorite RUvidr is you
Mauricio Morro
Mauricio Morro 16 days ago
next video? "twins go on a diet after eating tons of junk food"
Scott Hall
Scott Hall 17 days ago
When a comment gets more likes than the video...
Ayelet Epelman
Ayelet Epelman 17 days ago
i think your channle is amazing
Angel Docdocan
Angel Docdocan 17 days ago
Quarantined people here?
COMEDY ZONE 18 days ago
Brooklyn switching with her boyfriend have caused better reactions 😂😂
Beings & Happenings
Nice Video! 💟
Allie Hernandez
Allie Hernandez 19 days ago
I like her purple hair
- Sneak -
- Sneak - 19 days ago
Omg i love u guys im sneak s sis
Annabelle Arthur
Annabelle Arthur 19 days ago
i love your purple hair but.................. I think some pink hair would be awesome
R.K. P.
R.K. P. 21 day ago
I swear when I get to college I'm eating fast food as much as brooklyn and bailey
Veronica González
Akbar Ali
Akbar Ali 21 day ago
Penny Zimmer
Penny Zimmer 22 days ago
Not to be rude but she is right your hair is fine.
leo_b 23 days ago
I was wondering the whole time who ate all the food in thw end🙈
Caitlyn Isaiah
Caitlyn Isaiah 24 days ago
Hi l am new
aubrey schramm
aubrey schramm 25 days ago
love them
Patience Namulundah
I like your purple hair
Rachel Skinner
Rachel Skinner 26 days ago
ahaha, I LOVED the Napolean Dynamite Part!!!!!!!
Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson 27 days ago
Oh Yeah And I Almost Forgot You Have A Beautiful Smile By The Way Brooklyn My Friend My Friend My Name Is Gerry I Am 31 Years Old And I Live Flomaton Alabama And I You To Pretty Ladies Every Day You Girls Really Crack Me Up
Bella Tsetse
Bella Tsetse 28 days ago
She's insane LOLL prob not
ariana F
ariana F 28 days ago
Love your purple hair
Meyyid Efendi
Meyyid Efendi 29 days ago
You just could have taken out the seat and than use a cover for the seat. That way you could switch faster. Besides doing it in the dark would make some things easier
Norma Colin
Norma Colin Month ago
i did
Alita Tusiime
Alita Tusiime Month ago
Bernadete Wotelcoski
Phindile Hlatshwayo
Was this easy cause you turned down hard so many times girls
Phindile Hlatshwayo
Love ur purple hair
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz Month ago
Brooklyn is like me except the purple hair because I have blue
Abdinasir Deerow
This stinks
عب الر حمن ا حمد محمد عب ا لر حمن
🌺🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸❤💖💞💘🌹🌺🌺💐💘💘💖❤💖💚🌸🍀🌹🌻🌺عبد. الر حمن احمد محمدالور🌻🌺🌹🌸
Ashley Alvarenga
Dying your hair blue
Kalyn Bindner
Kalyn Bindner Month ago
Workers looking at all the other food like👁👄👁
Mankeerat Chowdhary
Brooklyn should dye her hair purple permanently She looks.......🤩🌈
Stephanie Buckley
They switched so smooth
Isabella Month ago
The Brooklyn-purple is amazing
Emma W
Emma W Month ago
next time one of you should dress as a goth and one should dress in all white
Caleigh Month ago
why was Bailey taking forever to switch with Asa then with Brooklyn😂🤣😂😂😅😄😆
The Attic Girls
The Attic Girls Month ago
People who wish they were a twin after waching this vid: 👇
Ali Cisman
Ali Cisman Month ago
it better then two cars
لا إله إلا الله
I want for all to read about the Islamic religion and watch the videos of Yusef Estes
Jeline Yu
Jeline Yu Month ago
I love your purple hair😘😍
Jeline Yu
Jeline Yu Month ago
Mc donalds Um du!
vivian garcia
vivian garcia Month ago
Wares cheep cheep
C.s S.
C.s S. Month ago
I'm like "No fair!". What the heck is wrong with these cashiers? They must be too tired to notice. Smh. 🤣
reighn hkgdvk
reighn hkgdvk Month ago
2:04 oh no brooklyn i feel for u but do things for you not for other people .??
الهام بهوندی
از وقتی با ماسک و دستکش میرم بیرون، حس دکتر بودن بهم دست میده... هی دلم میخواد هر کیو میبینم بگم ما همه‌ی تلاشمونو کردیم! متاسفم😔😐😂😂
San Augestin Park
Nikol Stef
Nikol Stef Month ago
Drive thru. Work soso hard for us and then we do this stupid. Trend
Judd Scott
Judd Scott Month ago
I like your hair but my fave color is green
ningsih john
ningsih john Month ago
I always watch Brooklyn’s and Baileys vids but I still can’t tell them apart lol
Kelsey Avery
Kelsey Avery Month ago
12:33 I love Baily and Asa together💕 (No one tell them or or me differently)
Katelyn Smith
Katelyn Smith Month ago
why are you guys like the best youtubers ever?! what is your secret?
lana nouhi
lana nouhi Month ago
اكو عرب بالطيااارةةةة
Clare Shaw
Clare Shaw Month ago
in 2020 seeing brooklyn dye her hair lavender
Riyad Nomez
Riyad Nomez Month ago
I like you guys so much
Ross Venard
Ross Venard Month ago
Chikfale definantly
msayre1 Month ago
EwwtEuylu Did.hliogl ihl.HOPoN Kj
Nneon Knightt
Nneon Knightt Month ago
They do everything I wish I could do as a twin! 😩 Love then purple hair!
Nyc Bible
Nyc Bible Month ago
Better yet, send one in drive through looking identical to the one ordering at the front! LOL!
Nyc Bible
Nyc Bible Month ago
Next time, make sure it's like total transformation on the outside everything but the face! SAME FACE BUT POOR VS RICH! So start with the RICH girl and Bring out the Poor girl then start with the poor girl and bring out the rich girl! You will be surprised when you see how they react! LOL! I recommend starting with the rich perfect looking girl and then swap to the poor girl! The rich girl coming out may mess up her hair so poor girl should come out and rich girl start.
Valentina Parra-Roca
Are you Brokylnn or Bailey? Like to find out! Brokylnn: Even Like Bailey: Odd Like
T.B.T. tv
T.B.T. tv Month ago
nice video to watch.. i hope you have time to watch my video about mtb chill ride philippines..good to you and keep safe...
Caline El Roz
Caline El Roz Month ago
This is my first time waching you and I love you
Emma-jo Whitfield
Do yous live in Australia because i do
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