Identical Twins DRIVE THRU Swap Challenge

Brooklyn and Bailey
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Today, y'all will see us #TwinSwap again, only we’ll be swapping places at several fast food #DriveThru restaurants! Do YOU think anyone will notice??
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We originally saw Niki & Gabi (our great twin friends) attempting this challenge, and it was hilarious, which inspired us to continue the trend! Who knew being identical #twins can be so much fun! 😂
✅ You can check out NikI & Gabi’s video HERE: ruvid.net/video/video-IAZaLh28EV4.html
The key to this challenge, is to pull up to the drive-through and have one twin order something small. When we get to the window, that twin will then ask for something that she forgot, like a glass of water or extra side item. When the order taker turns around to process the new item, we quickly trade places.
We attempted to trick people at the following restaurants: Raising Cane’s, Panda Express, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Braums, Sonic, & Taco Casa.
We were able to trick a few of people, but not as many as we had hoped! It must have been because we just look SO similar in the face, that people aren’t as thrown off guard. We were epically failing on Day 1, so we decided to go out and film again the next morning with a more drastic, physical differences.
One of us wore bright clothing with minimal makeup, and the other wore dark eyeshadow, lipstick, dark clothing… and STILL not that many people noticed! 🙈 By this point, we knew that we had to try something else… so, we sent Bailey and her #boyfriend, Asa, out to try the same swapping challenge to see if more people would notice!
Bailey and Asa ended up tricking a lot more people, obviously, since they look nothing like each other! Either way, we seriously had the BEST TIME filming this video! It was a lot of fun, and we ended up with enough food to feed our entire family, Asa, and our production team!
What was the funniest part of this video for you??? Comment below!
💋's - Brooklyn

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Jun 5, 2019




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Comments 12 753
Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey 4 months ago
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Faida Asti
Faida Asti 6 days ago
Amelia Schubert
Amelia Schubert 11 days ago
Brooklyn and Balie red rooster
Star Lucero
Star Lucero 23 days ago
U probably don't know what it is but its called "golden corral"
Shabana Musheer
Shabana Musheer 25 days ago
Sab way
lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl
Brooklyn and Bailey McDonalds
Isla’s World
Mine is kfc or McDonald’s by the way you guys are the best I love you channel
imperfectfox Day ago
I like your purple hair.
Wid Al Ani
Wid Al Ani Day ago
NOOOO keep it purple🥰🥰
slime time with me
Are you sisters
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
I love your purple hair
Unicorn Rider
You should put some blue with it
Elizabeth Thompson
Yes you look so pretty with it
Megan Huckelby
Bukolaola Oludare
11:44 you are not doing anything wrong
Bukolaola Oludare
taco bellll
Bukolaola Oludare
😆 lol this video is so funny
Bukolaola Oludare
Sienna Barnes
Sienna Barnes 2 days ago
Brooklyn looks really good with purple hair
i_kermit 2 days ago
10:15 e girl vrs visco
Macverick Max
Macverick Max 2 days ago
It's not working because your twins
Darrell Martinez
Darrell Martinez 2 days ago
Yeah it is good
Jasmine Bartley
Jasmine Bartley 3 days ago
I love you in purple hair
Ava Lol
Ava Lol 3 days ago
I love how when asa and bailey were in the car together they just quoted Napoleon dynamite lol
The Cohen Twins
The Cohen Twins 3 days ago
My twin sister and I just filmed this challenge on our channel! Check it out!
not really
not really 3 days ago
why is this just a complete ripoff of niki and gabi
Draytons Games
Draytons Games 3 days ago
I just learned how to get free food...
stay magical
stay magical 4 days ago
Jennifer Marshall
You should diy you hair a galexy blue
Myahjoy Findley
Myahjoy Findley 4 days ago
this is how many people love you guys * * *
Melissa Kay Norman
Burger King because I work there.
Trinity Calvert
Trinity Calvert 4 days ago
Long hair I have short hair......that's what bailey said in the video
Emma Judd
Emma Judd 5 days ago
My favourite is Chacitios
Alissa Vole
Alissa Vole 5 days ago
The second drive through Made me want to jump up and put her legs down brooklyn was that Bailey Anyway
Mackenzie Smith
Mackenzie Smith 5 days ago
Park Woman
Pinnapple Ava
Pinnapple Ava 5 days ago
You should dye it red on the ends
Li Jay
Li Jay 5 days ago
This is the amount of times Bailey said, “Can I go ahead and get...?”
Naomi Garraway
Naomi Garraway 5 days ago
Blue pink or red or yellow
Seyrai Volberg
Seyrai Volberg 5 days ago
Love your hair
nithya inapanuri
nithya inapanuri 6 days ago
I was cringing so hard
Mix Video
Mix Video 6 days ago
Juliana Muir
Juliana Muir 6 days ago
Juliana Muir
Juliana Muir 6 days ago
I like your purple
kenneth Enerlan
kenneth Enerlan 6 days ago
Lathan and Lander
Ricky Ireland wants to take you on a date
Ava Kneeland
Ava Kneeland 7 days ago
i like it purple
gopikoha 7 days ago
I love your hair
melina Ingvarsson
Älskar eran kanal
Ashley Naquin
Ashley Naquin 7 days ago
I love your purple hair
Brenda Villadolid
hi iam your bigest fan
SugarPlum 7 days ago
5:16 omg yes i just cringed at that part
Anissa Aini Chandra
I Got A Rugburn A New Sickness Approved By The Doctors!
Olive Payne
Olive Payne 7 days ago
Purple hair=pretty
Beverley Faulkner
I am one for your frains
Dipali Amin
Dipali Amin 7 days ago
I have seen Niki and gabi
C CynthiaGaby
C CynthiaGaby 8 days ago
Keep The here
Nathaniel Gravito
Love yall bb
HaileeHails 8 days ago
I like your hair purple but you should do it blue just the ends
Kelleen Brown
Kelleen Brown 8 days ago
I love you and I love your purple hair
Josh Powell
Josh Powell 8 days ago
You guys should do 24 hours of handcuffed together
Unicorn squad Watkins
I like purple
Sharifah Nadyra
Sharifah Nadyra 8 days ago
should’ve gotten the churros 😂
Sheala Mitchell
Sheala Mitchell 8 days ago
AJD 8 days ago
Already watched lots of videos but still don't know who's who... Is Brooklyn the long haired one or is it Bailey?
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 days ago
Bailey short, Brooklyn long :D
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