Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE THRU Prank

Stokes Twins
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So we did the Identical Twins 2-Car Drive Thru Prank where we made fast food workers think they were experiencing deja vu by going through the drive thru in 2 identical cars dressed exactly alike!
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Feb 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins 7 months ago
If you want to see more pranks from us, give this a like and subscribe! 😊❤️
Damayanthi Rajapaksha
Please do more pranks. Please. 💋💋
Addi Shashaguay
Addi Shashaguay 10 days ago
This made me laugh
Dayanna Fernandez Barrera
I love your videos 😸😺😽
HAMID_ PRO 52 minutes ago
Anyone noticed Alex Alan had light and dark pink shirt
HAMID_ PRO 51 minute ago
If you did drop a like 0:30
Ankitha Pradeep
Ankitha Pradeep 3 hours ago
Alex:forgot his food Me:HOW?!!!
Maricel de la Pena
Maricel de la Pena 7 hours ago
U guys did the same in merrel twins i just finish watching
Ana Clara Rocha
Haja dinheiro e estômago hahahahaah
An Nguyen
An Nguyen Day ago
Do you have a Brother
Mackenzie Hartmann
Yay there machine
Mimi M
Mimi M 4 days ago
I can not believe that the girl got mad OMG😡😡😡😂😂😂
Yahhya Khan
Yahhya Khan 5 days ago
Mia Mears
Mia Mears 6 days ago
haya mohsen
haya mohsen 6 days ago
Why did I cry when the lady was screaming at Alex?!
Loide Ambondo
Loide Ambondo 7 days ago
Yay 5M much love from Namibia. Re-watching your videos.
Teresa Bautista
Teresa Bautista 7 days ago
I fave a twin
Alexxa Roman
Alexxa Roman 8 days ago
Haha! Alan and Alex got those workers sooo good. But that lady was being ridiculous it was just a prank 😂😒
XxSabotagexX 9 days ago
4.99 cum on guys just a few more till 5mil
Brynlee McBenttes
Am I the only one who is wondering who the kid in the back is???
Brynlee McBenttes
ABRHAM'S WORLD 10 days ago
Who is in the back of your car
Joaquim Labrecque
Joaquim Labrecque 10 days ago
This is how many times Alan touched his hair 👇🏼
Emmanuel Wahome
Emmanuel Wahome 10 days ago
STUPID THEY SHOW THE NUI PLAte and also colories galore
Daniel Greenwood
Daniel Greenwood 12 days ago
How much money did they spend tho Plz leave a like
Ace Sifuentes
Ace Sifuentes 14 days ago
This prank was so funny😂😂
Minty Plays
Minty Plays 15 days ago
This is so funny but so mean but good job 🤣
Alba Lima de hernandez
you guys look sooo cute in matching outfits apriciat that you guys are twins lots of people dream of having a twin
funHapPy Tv's TikTok Trends
Now i realy dont no if you are alan or alex
Anika Reddy
Anika Reddy 16 days ago
Daniel 16 days ago
You can scam mcdonalds like this
Nour Sun
Nour Sun 17 days ago
Look closely at the thumb nail bro both are Alan why does it say alex???
Roblox-and songs
Roblox-and songs 17 days ago
They got so mad after A one dollar ice cream cone 🤣🤣😂😂
sarala ingle
sarala ingle 18 days ago
Am I the only one who is hungry now???
Y J 18 days ago
Imagine how much food they will have in the end 😂😂
Mohammed Shamsad
Mohammed Shamsad 19 days ago
Done ✅
Xx_gamer_xx 20 days ago
None of them thought of twins
James Doherty
James Doherty 20 days ago
Hi Stokes Twins
LOGAN CASIMIR 20 days ago
Cfd is always a good
Messi's ' glory 10
I love you twins
Anuja Kulkarni
Anuja Kulkarni 21 day ago
Lol de ja vu
kirija sritharan
kirija sritharan 22 days ago
The title should be called how to get two of the same things for the price for one
Fun Ideas
Fun Ideas 22 days ago
i hate people like that lady so i hate her
Brandon_ _Amador
Brandon_ _Amador 22 days ago
It's like the workers think they already came but then they are confused
Michaela Bongalos
Michaela Bongalos 23 days ago
how to tell them a part: Alan: has a kind of like a hickey on his neck Alex: has a black dot on his head
Mylinh Le
Mylinh Le 23 days ago
They could have scammed them
{šâñà šàń} {árábîć gàćhá vîdś}
One dollar ice cream ooooooo
Casual Insanity
Casual Insanity 23 days ago
Employee: why are you recording Alex or alan, i dont even kno; BECAUSE INWANT MY ICE CREAM me: hmm good argument
Kaio Sonny
Kaio Sonny 23 days ago
Its all fun n games....but consider waking up early to prep for work 24/7...thats a different story. Js.
Nickolas tro!
Nickolas tro! 24 days ago
*”shes a Karen”*
leah bonavente
leah bonavente 24 days ago
UGuys are Weistein moneyXD
Emmalee_ Ann
Emmalee_ Ann 24 days ago
Them watching this be like: 👁👄👁
Mell Doyle
Mell Doyle 24 days ago
OMG I'm just noticing this video now I just subscribed to you guys and I just I like almost all your vids I love your content it's so good I just realized that the video that you posted this video that I'm watching right now you posted this a day after my birthday
Brantley Carr
Brantley Carr 25 days ago
Who’s that kid in your backseat
Lexy lex
Lexy lex 25 days ago
The workers reaction was kinda funny 😂😆😅
ryan rosales
ryan rosales 25 days ago
Roblox_Girl 26 days ago
She was mean her:1or2!!
tiaa menezes
tiaa menezes 26 days ago
Alan has a hickey on his neck 😂😂
Football Kid
Football Kid 26 days ago
Your the best yt ever
Dionne Cole
Dionne Cole 26 days ago
No. Thanks. You. From Divine ❤️❤️❤️
Dionne Cole
Dionne Cole 26 days ago
Greenside you’re being a sour noodle
c s sahana
c s sahana 26 days ago
its adorable when u guys match
Kenneth Mkhawane
Kenneth Mkhawane 28 days ago
To be honest I still don't know who is Alan or alex
Robin Christopher
Robin Christopher 28 days ago
Shamwatie Kissoon
Shamwatie Kissoon 28 days ago
U can get free food
Bankim Zaveri
Bankim Zaveri 28 days ago
Free food I guess XD
Deeksha Malla
Deeksha Malla 28 days ago
U guys r funny
Kumari Kalavathy
Kumari Kalavathy 29 days ago
There is someone behind the seat
zamad basheer
zamad basheer 29 days ago
Love uu
Steffina Fdo
Steffina Fdo 29 days ago
I will try to do with my twin sister 😂😂
Gacha Glitch
Gacha Glitch Month ago
Lol my mom was working a drive through one time and there was a Hispanic dude who bearly spoke English understandably after mom asked him what 5 times he said do you know how to speak English my mom forgot to turn her mic off and said "idk can you" some one told her her mics still on and she said "oops" and she did that to a lot of customers lol
rexmother the god
Claire Desiree Viloria
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha its so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karabo Mkonza
Karabo Mkonza Month ago
Plss do more drive tru videos
Keiren Jose Felix
That was so funny
Albert Schoenthal
Why you show license plate
Albert Schoenthal
Why you show license
master loller
master loller Month ago
I swear , when you see stoke twins with matching cars and outfits , you know that nothing good is about to happen . 😂
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia Month ago
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia Month ago
akotet ze mariam
Even i didnt know alan and alex the looks the same
Slimetastic gymnast
When Alan was asking what a corn dog was when he drove away the guy rolled his eyes
Fran Bia
Fran Bia Month ago
There voices kinda sound the same
Ananya Tripathi
Ananya Tripathi Month ago
Who all were sitting at the back seats of their cars?
Ashstip Month ago
That’s what happens if your twins with someone
Alishbek Aliev
Alishbek Aliev Month ago
i wonder what they did with all that food
Harry Yung
Harry Yung Month ago
Alan has a birthmark but Alex doesn’t
Thais am so jeles Infante
Yes Alex u are so innocent
Fernandatheg Month ago
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Helen Doyle
Helen Doyle Month ago
I have a twin but we are not identical cause we are different jenders
Alison Bohlander
Rohan Month ago
They look like twin brothers with lots of feminine characteristics in them, and also gay at same time
Jillian Pierce
Jillian Pierce Month ago
Y’all are always matching
priscor mohlala
priscor mohlala Month ago
I dare you guys to meat the dobre Twins
Mason Tilley
Mason Tilley Month ago
The Ringin Twins
I am a twin
Sara Saintelus
Sara Saintelus Month ago
Oh my gosh the twins looks so cute I don't like them but they look cute matching
HyperYog Month ago
Plot Twist: *They were the same person*
Mckenzie Pearson
That's what I always get when I go to Starbucks
Yjo Rdz
Yjo Rdz Month ago
Who ever thinks that Alex is cute subscribe
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