Iconic Ruthless Aggression moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 16, 2020

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Look back at the 10 moments that defined the Ruthless Aggression Era of WWE before the premiere of the new series “Ruthless Aggression” on WWE Network.
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Comments 80
Ricky Sulistyo
Ricky Sulistyo 15 hours ago
that Sweet Chin Music was picture perfect
freethinker127 3 days ago
Rumors have it Shelton Benjamin is still lying unconcsious in that ring to this very day.
PRABHUDEVA P 4 days ago
no undertaker??
Williams Dobe Zoabli
🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 was a good day for the new update update thanks
Williams Dobe Zoabli
🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 was a good day for the new update update thanks
DatCarGuy310 8 days ago
This era should definitely come back! The new baby era is so predictable and boring now
Juls Marabe
Juls Marabe 9 days ago
Where is jeff hardy swanton bomb on randy orton? The raw before royal rumble.
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 9 days ago
The lord is pissed off
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 9 days ago
Goldberg vs Roman Reagan's at wrestlemania
Daniel Oconnell
Daniel Oconnell 9 days ago
Frog splash
Kush Soni
Kush Soni 12 days ago
Cena always best for ruthless aggressions No one compare him
Adam 16 days ago
Kane losing the mask was not the right decision.
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 16 days ago
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 16 days ago
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 16 days ago
Where's WrestleMania 20's emotional ending?
Shafayat Hossain
Shafayat Hossain 17 days ago
Attitude Era or Ruthless aggression Era?
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed 19 days ago
Phillip Adamson
Phillip Adamson 20 days ago
I'll go on the record here and say that was the best of all Litasaults. That distance, that height and that hangtime were primal. 👌
Harvey D
Harvey D 21 day ago
Matthieu Leman
Matthieu Leman 21 day ago
Jasondave Sarra
Jasondave Sarra 21 day ago
Cena's debut should be in no. 1 cause ever since he showed up ruthless agression got more intense
Aizen 22 days ago
Ruthless Aggression moments
Proud Kiwi
Proud Kiwi 22 days ago
You know I grew up with the attitude era. But this was my favorite era, this is the golden age of WWE for me. Priceless memories
Juan Pablo Torres
Juan Pablo Torres 22 days ago
Let's make this the most likes video of 2020
Eddie Guerrero defeating Lesnar at No Way Out, Undertaker returning as the Deadman at WM 20, Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Ladder match("climb the ladder kid") Orton's first world title win, Cena rap battles, Bradshaw becoming JBL.
Victor Oliveros Absalon
el puesto 7, que Lita haga eso en mi cama, y sobre mi, y que nos aconpañe Trish
Pritam Mitra
Pritam Mitra 24 days ago
Mysterio's rumble win...not wrestlemania,rumble
Victor Negrete
Victor Negrete 28 days ago
Remember when wwe was REALLY good
Daniel McCloskey
Daniel McCloskey 28 days ago
I'd have flip-flopped the first two.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 28 days ago
2:26 😂😂
Jatin Guru
Jatin Guru 28 days ago
Why WWE is not understanding that we want an extreme era that has never been introduced in the history of wrestling. Being a fan I have a request to WWE please create a damn badass storylines with extreme matches with damn Fu**in segments.We want better wrestling with extreme moments.Nowadays WWE has become lame in compare to before.
Mpho Khoele
Mpho Khoele Month ago
I was born in 2001⚡ The end of Attitude Era 😭 And the start of Ruthless Aggression era 😍😍 I'm blessed in an era like this one 🔥🔥🔥
Pravin Bhai
Pravin Bhai Month ago
Ruthless aggression thanks for Jim Rose. Because this 👉JR👈man is chosen all superstars
신시 Month ago
6분 6초 케느님 머리가 있었구나 ㅋㅋㅋ
Sergio Barreda
Sergio Barreda Month ago
Benjamin still looks his chin after that mega hyper super kick from shawn
A Mile Away
A Mile Away Month ago
I would've added Eddie winning the WWE Champion at No Way Out 04' as the #1 moment, surprised it didn't even make the list.
WIMPY KIDD Month ago
It's about time their talking about ruthless aggression
yourbudjerry Month ago
Took all the way to number 1 to get one POP kinda sorta....nah, half of what the Rock and Roll Express you to get just coming to the ring back in the 80s.
rabbitearsguy Month ago
Forgot Batista was a wrestler lol
LTC cherno
LTC cherno Month ago
Ahhhhh The HHH Reign of Terror. Unless you were a big fan of his it was a rough time.
IcyInferno11 Month ago
Number 1 should’ve Eddie been and Ch *redacted* it winning their first world title
Wesley C
Wesley C Month ago
John Cena has started the Ruthless Aggression.
Zain Shaikh
Zain Shaikh Month ago
John cenas debut was so strong
carlos arballo
carlos arballo Month ago
We all know WM20 s ending should be #1, but unfortunely...
Almighty 025
Almighty 025 Month ago
Terry Masters
Terry Masters Month ago
It's almost comical how much the Rock oversold that spear.
Sarath M P Ambi
Sarath M P Ambi Month ago
That Shelton hbk match is a gem 💎
Ismail Ninja
Ismail Ninja Month ago
If Eddie did'nt die he would do that JBL's life be a nightmare.
Ali Bakir
Ali Bakir Month ago
Foley through the ceiling?
Ray Bong
Ray Bong Month ago
Birth of 3rd brand
oof boy
oof boy Month ago
Like who what's ruthlessness agression to come back to wwe
AeroFix94 Month ago
0:20 R.I.P. Attitude Era.
JuanGabrielRxn Month ago
DX Reunion???
Dman Month ago
i'd argue that benoit and eddie hugging in the ring is probably the greatest wrestlemania moment of all time, the stories it all told and wrapped up in a single moment all the struggles, years of hard work and training, and two best friends conquered the world together
FRMadferit Month ago
Eddie winning the wwe championship at no way out 2004...
Metalord Month ago
Invasion and Ruthless aggression were the best for me as the roster was filled with wwecwcw superstars, yet I know that attitude was more fun
Andres Ramírez
Andres Ramírez Month ago
Where's the first elimination chamber?
Raphael Morrata
Raphael Morrata Month ago
Much better than today s product
Daniel Amorim
Daniel Amorim Month ago
Rip viva la raça
Ian cooper Wade
Ian cooper Wade Month ago
It all started when john cena said ruthless aggressive
Akshay Notiyal
Akshay Notiyal Month ago
You have a problem with Benoit I understand.
AlmightDee Month ago
When Kane unmasked and JR said “What the hell is that?” It would have been hilarious if he yelled out in his soft Glenn Jacobs voice “It’s me your former dentist, Isaac Yankem DDS, you remember me?”
Der Misanthrop
Der Misanthrop Month ago
WWE sucks today
HULK HOGAN Month ago
So Vince mcCmahon wants ruthless aggression era again right?
김타쿠 Month ago
The Most Beautiful Era in WWE History
Jeff Wilkie
Jeff Wilkie Month ago
The Kane unmasking was stupid. Especially for those who knew beforehand that Glen Jacobs was Kane and wasn't disfigured.
manas pachauri
manas pachauri Month ago
I thought they would put some unnecessary Stone Cold moment on no 1. Glad they put they right one. Witness the ring break down would be phenomenal.
Wardor 1992
Wardor 1992 Month ago
I hope for the Ruthless Aggression series on the WWE network they go into behind the scenes about Kanes unmasking.
Damien Alicea
Damien Alicea Month ago
5:47 my favorite moment, SmackDown ring imploded. 10.4 Richter Scales!!!
Ramiz Creations
Ramiz Creations Month ago
Indian 🇮🇳 dosto Please dosto mere channel ko subscribe karo 😭😭😭😭. Mere videos ko view bhi nahi aate 😭😭😭 please dosto subscribe kardo aur videos ko bhi dekhna.
Kuodeep Tomar
Kuodeep Tomar Month ago
VD Das
VD Das Month ago
Wtf is the ref doing at 0:27
Ray Nggie
Ray Nggie Month ago
ruthless aggression era ring sound was good crisp
T56X 712X
T56X 712X Month ago
2:23 Wow 😮
Cody Dillashaw
Cody Dillashaw Month ago
Eddie's championship celebration should've been here, he was the greatest loss in WWE for the ruthless aggression era.
Derrick Perry
Derrick Perry Month ago
The John Cena debut moment was good but it was underrated
Zain Ali
Zain Ali Month ago
So glad I grew up with the ruthless aggression era 🙌🏽 best storylines, amazing wrestlers (Eddie Guerrero, John cena, randy orton etc). Everything just seemed so simple back then 😪
stanley yelnats
stanley yelnats Month ago
Surprised edge spearing mick foley off the apron into a flaming table didnt make the list
oznek asonipse
oznek asonipse Month ago
DX returning in 2006 should also be included here
Rafsan Khondker
Rafsan Khondker Month ago
4:34 OMG that was Kane's most vicious outro ever! I love it!
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