Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Round 1

Good Mythical Morning
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Ice Cream Trucks have so many delicious options so obviously we need to do a taste test to determine the best one! GMM #1568
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 5 556
Gabbi Gioia
Gabbi Gioia 11 hours ago
the ice cream on links nose omfg
Minorous 12 hours ago
iampatmac 16 hours ago
I can not believe hearing that song all day every day doesn't drive the drive mad. I would me lol.
MarshMelloSmore 2
MarshMelloSmore 2 16 hours ago
MarshMelloSmore 2
MarshMelloSmore 2 17 hours ago
Ew they used old own road as the reference
edrick mesta
edrick mesta 17 hours ago
I love rhett period
DatNigga Jeezus
DatNigga Jeezus 21 hour ago
Chocolate eclairs are bomb asf
I also have teeth temperature sensitivity
💍 Day ago
« Looks like a dickle »
Mr Solo Dolo VI
Gayest song ever.
Drama Girl
Drama Girl Day ago
I love the sponge bob popsicle
Lucas Hedquist
Lucas Hedquist 2 days ago
Rhett: My hair goes up! The New Link: My hair also goes up!
Sponge Bob ice cream is 1000/10
Manta Ci
Manta Ci 2 days ago
*me eating a fudge sickle with Rhett and link*
brofenix 2 days ago
Did they just split this video up into 2 parts to get more views? That would be.....unsavory.
SHAUN CAMPBELL9 2 days ago
Great show. Umm was Josh in that movie Flight ?
Anthony Eisert
Anthony Eisert 3 days ago
Josh is the new Cotton Candy Randy
Zeke McFreak
Zeke McFreak 3 days ago
One of the best openings ever on GMM
Nonstop Mist
Nonstop Mist 3 days ago
Just like Link I also have sensitive teeth to so I'm proud of myself. Courage yayyyyyyyy😅
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe 4 days ago
The ice cream truck man has something in his eyes
Neville Longbottom
2 jasdwa2
2 jasdwa2 4 days ago
You song old town road? 1:04
Identity Crisis
Identity Crisis 4 days ago
We only have ice cream carts here
lonewhite Nohype
lonewhite Nohype 4 days ago
Your Bomb pop wasn't the Original.🤨
Johnny Kratsas
Johnny Kratsas 4 days ago
What about the bozo the clown ice cream cup, the snow flury(aka cookiesncream), or the ninja turtle ice cream. I don't know if any of those are made anymore, but you need another ice cream truck taste round
Kit-Cat 4 days ago
Am I the only person who had never actually seen an ice cream truck
Emma loves turtles
I vote Josh for best ice cream man
Mhhh so you like popsicles I got a hole freezer full of popsicle
Orla McGurin
Orla McGurin 5 days ago
Strawberry shortcake is called a brunch were I'm from
jasper is me
jasper is me 5 days ago
Me + link = mega sensitive teeth
jasper is me
jasper is me 5 days ago
Me + link = mega sensitive teeth
Nathan Does Games
Can we have 'Old Time Truck' as an actual song?
TheBobon123 5 days ago
But does anyone remember the ice cream that had a cookie with wrestlers printed on it?
Brennan Probasco
Brennan Probasco 5 days ago
Bomb pops are the best
The lab of The Muskrats HD
I m like link and i have tooth temperature sensitivities. My teeth get numb when they get cold
Mathew Gilbert
Mathew Gilbert 5 days ago
how does 6+6+6 = 17
I'm gonna take my horse to the Seoul town road 🎶🤣
Liltlian Jefefers
W h e r e a r e t h e s c r e w b a l l s ?
Liltlian Jefefers
No I get it, if screwball ice cream was in here there wouldn’t be any need to try the other ice cream, 10/10 perfect planning you guys
Kaitlin Skittles
Kaitlin Skittles 6 days ago
Our ice cream trucks have soft serve shakes banana splits and hot fudge sundeas😂😂
SGS_Gurk Goat
SGS_Gurk Goat 6 days ago
Best intro ever.
David Arp
David Arp 7 days ago
I cant bite into ice cream or Popsicle
Ult Kpop
Ult Kpop 7 days ago
does anyone else with sensitive teeth just bite and endure the pain for ice cream?? just me??? okay
gojira not_godzilla
Or you could suck it up like the rest of us link
LiAm Sw3g
LiAm Sw3g 7 days ago
2+2+3=7 not 6
ace wolf
ace wolf 7 days ago
Maybe try some sensodyne for that tooth sensitivity or something?
CassieB79 7 days ago
Spongebob popsicles are the best 😳
Ella Marina
Ella Marina 7 days ago
S Eller
S Eller 7 days ago
When I heard their erosion of old town road I cringed and said oh my god but not because of their singing just because it’s town road
Shana Sewell
Shana Sewell 7 days ago
The choco taco is my favorite, I eat them too much.
Entroxx 8 days ago
no feast, cornetto or magnum. UK gang rise up
Mohammad Ibrahim Asif
TheEpicGene15 8 days ago
yall had your ice cream trucks.... i had ice cream push carts
PotatoAim 1805
PotatoAim 1805 8 days ago
Cjaiih 8 days ago
Can we just appreciate Rhett going in hard on that old town road beat
TyNyra Lewis
TyNyra Lewis 8 days ago
All the ice cream on the truck I couldn’t afford unless my rich uncle came by and said “get what ever you want”
Marina Haron
Marina Haron 8 days ago
"can you say what flavor this is" spongebob
Kiera Helene
Kiera Helene 8 days ago
i loved the spongebob ice cream 😔👊🏻
Landon Shaffer
Landon Shaffer 9 days ago
Sponge boy me bob
Echo Plots
Echo Plots 9 days ago
Full version of the intro song please
LUKE Videos
LUKE Videos 9 days ago
Im the uk its mr whippy
LT-DirtyD4N 420
LT-DirtyD4N 420 9 days ago
Rhett in the beggining looks like he had 3 or less hours of sleep.
thistubeisfucked 9 days ago
So Rhett exposed Link's Nanny's box...
Buss Rando
Buss Rando 9 days ago
I thought host was apart of the picture lol
\_'-'_/ 9 days ago
When I was 7 or 8 there was this weird ice cream truck that went around my neighborhood one time. They didn’t label what they did and didn’t have. They only had about 3 : 15 (that’s a weird ratio) and they had tweedy bird, the spongebob popsicle, and pink panther. Weird
JAISON NGUYEN 9 days ago
Same dip teeth
John Frank
John Frank 9 days ago
the banana fudge bomb pop is THE BEST. why isn’t it on here? thanks for the fun video.
Pyro Magni
Pyro Magni 9 days ago
Rhett looks haunted in this opening.
Jess_K 9 days ago
the chocolate chip cookie sandwich is my shiiiiiii
HyPe Masonix24
HyPe Masonix24 9 days ago
i dont like it eats 3/4 of it
Maya Heart
Maya Heart 9 days ago
My fav ice cream is the spongebob the flavor is bubble gum
Domi B.
Domi B. 9 days ago
bomb pop? more like netherlands pop
Aiden Pettine
Aiden Pettine 9 days ago
ok chocotaco also no twoball screwball
Rylee Uebinger
Rylee Uebinger 9 days ago
How does Rhett just bite the ice cream? My teeth are hurting just thinking about it
blue toast animatoin and more
My favorite is the spoungebob one=3
Just Monika
Just Monika 10 days ago
I’ve literally had all of these ice cream bars
Doodoo Yo21
Doodoo Yo21 10 days ago
Is it just me or does Rhett look like he hasn’t slept in days?
Rose 10 days ago
god i love bomb pops
Michael McDoesn'tExist
*"It takes a kid to eat an ice cream, it takes a man to bite one"* -quote me 2019
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