Ice and Fire

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Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's journeys towards each other.
It was their destiny.
They are the Song of Ice and Fire.

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Sep 17, 2017




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LilLilip 2 days ago
I just noticed that Olly avenged the death of his father by killing Ygritte
Fhodil 15
Fhodil 15 4 months ago
i just realised she said heros get killed and she dahrio nahris NO!!!!!
Christopher Tracy
Christopher Tracy 10 months ago
D&D fucked both Targaryens! They used 1 2 kill the other! Then they three out Jon like garbage. Dany's not a mad Queen, look how calm she spoke 2 Jon. I thought she had a gentle heart 💓?
Marcy Roth
Marcy Roth 10 months ago
A Dragon must rule the South and a Wolf must rule the North.
Marcy Roth
Marcy Roth 10 months ago
I don't care what anybody says Daenerys will always be a hero and a Queen and Jon as a King, she would rule the six kingdoms Jon would rule the North. I'm sorry but I cannot accept Sansa as Queen of Winterfell. Even after her hardships (however I give her credit for being able to get stronger through all her hardships) she's not fit to rule. If any of the Stark daughters was capable of ruling even though she did not want to it was always Arya.
Rania Ines
Rania Ines 11 months ago
Jon is the song of ice and fire lyanna is ice and reahgar is fire !!
Nihilanth 7 months ago
CammieBlueSky Year ago
Oh boy watching this after season 8 just makes we wish we had had more time. That season 8-10 could have been lead by someone else so we could have covered all of the story truthfully. We should have had another union of fire and ice, of a dragon and a wolf, we should have had a soft middle, before all the tragedy would again unfold.
Sydni Taylor
Sydni Taylor 10 months ago
Agreed. Because of the last season I could never rewatch the show because of how the ending was rushed and butchered.
Ali Alkuzae
Ali Alkuzae Year ago
Jeithro Wagwag
6:57 to 7:43 is the greatest justice ever done to the best character, butchered by D&D in the last season. That whole sequence especually as the piano picks up gave me goosebumps 😨😨
kk hen
kk hen Year ago
babak plus
babak plus Year ago
Its ice on fire
Zed Face Reveal
whyy the f this video has only few views i loved it, really great editing
Srijan Sikhar Dutta
Jon is both ice and fire, that's it. Dany is just a shit little hypocrite who doesn't know anything at all and has plot armour the whole time.
Saška Juhásová
Fucking good
Seiron1887 Year ago
*This is far better then any other trailers from Game of Thrones - HBO!!!*
Lily Palm
Lily Palm Year ago
I’m just putting this out there but if they don’t win against the the knight king and they have a son is the son the prince that was promised I don’t know if they would let us of easily
Jay Jaynes
Jay Jaynes Year ago
It has to be Jon. "Promise me, Ned.. Promise me..." Lyanna said as she lay there dying. And Ned promised to her as she took her dying breaths. Aegon, son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, lived because of the promise Ned Stark made, and so, now lives the Prince because of this promise. This is very heavy forshadowing
Blue Gypsy
Blue Gypsy Year ago
Aw, man, anytime I see Viserion go down, tears spring to my eyes. Great video, well done!👍💖👏🏻
Seiron1887 Year ago
"Jon Snow 💘 Daenerys Targaryen" This love story of them is far, far better then "Romeo 💘 Juliet"! Everyone agrees?! 😍😍😍
whats up
whats up 7 months ago
@Zach Palmer it is
Zach Palmer
Zach Palmer Year ago
Even though it's incest
Seiron1887 Year ago
Jorah: It's time to go, your grace.... Daenerys: A bit longer... *Jon Sow arrives in the distant on a horse.* Daenerys (relieved).... Jorah (sad face).... Friendzoned again. Hahahaaha XD
Gabe Sarti
Gabe Sarti Year ago
Ahh but don't forget Jon himself is both Ice and Fire!!! Hail the Wolfdragon!!!!
The King
The King Year ago
10:05 Isn't their survival more important than your pride How this sentence hounts him till this moment
Josh Cannon
Josh Cannon Year ago
Great video but weak ending. You built it up to great heights and the ending felt rushed
My Name Is Bert
My Name Is Bert 11 months ago
Bran's not my king like the whole series rushed at the end
Watcher on the Wall
I was a JonSa shipper (I thought Jon was playing Dany for her dragons) but this vid has turned me 😍 ... for now ... 😉
Darryel Fields
The best I've seen done
StarDust Stables
The ship was a wreck. See what I did there? It was rushed, predictable and poorly executed. End. Of. Story.
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer Year ago
13:10 never understood why the dragon didn't turn and fireblasted that king! xD so damn close
Nitin Bhattar
Nitin Bhattar 7 months ago
It would do no harm but still he should have done it
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy Year ago
How does this not have a million views? This is well done. Great editing.
Martine Favol
Martine Favol Year ago
Great video👍👍👍 Great work
Kevin Warburton
Defiled = Fucked in the Arse LOL
Mjtalky Year ago
Feels bad for danarys when she finds out she must bend the knee to jon
Azhar Shaikh
Azhar Shaikh Year ago
John died 8 th part and dinayreys gave iron throne
Martine Favol
Martine Favol Year ago
Powerfull Couple ice and fire💣💣
The end is near
This show is the greatest triumph of the human spirit our time will ever see.
Prestige Advantage
That 17 minutes went by so fast, wow.
S Williams
S Williams Year ago
This is just an idea for another tribute video if your willing & able: a tribute about how the antagonists(Cersi, Joffery, Tywinn, Littlefinger, etc) made so many enemies, their actions backfired(Cersei's action got her kids killed & Maggy's prophecy is mentioned) and that the protagonists(Tyrion, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Dany, potentiality Jamie) were intertwined with each other and are uniting. (Tyrion mentions Jon/Dany/Sansa, kills Tywinn when he was on Arya's list after being betrayed, him and Sansa survived Cersei after Joffery was poisoned(on Arya's list), Arya kills Trant after beating on Sansa, they hear about each other, Jamie began to think for himself and reject Cersei and is supposedly falling for Brienne). This was creative anyway.
Krissthen Trujillo
fucking sansa "we have to fight", then pick up some weapon and fight too
Srinivasan Ayyasamy
I have grown used to him!
The end is near
The end is near 2 years ago
This mythology will outlast western civilization.
Lawrence Takhellambam
John has the immunity to Night King's Dragon coz he has the blood of Ice and Fire
Neo Android
Neo Android 2 years ago
Can Danni be a weapon herself? Against the night king
Sophia A
Sophia A 2 years ago
so beautiful i cried my eyes out
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon 2 years ago
Wow 😮 just wow
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon 2 years ago
Great job!
Edgar Poulda
Edgar Poulda 2 years ago
I watch it but it’s age restricted thanks mom
Pizzagulper 2 years ago
What's the song called that starts at 11:43?
blue 2 years ago
Whats the song call
Mo V
Mo V 2 years ago
Best video with all the seasons explanations too who ever made this props hope you make some more videos for the next couple of seasons in 2019
Sim Lane
Sim Lane 2 years ago
I was upset when the dragon died. However, I was more concerned when they didn't burn the dragon's body. Now, the Night King has a dead dragon in his army.
Farah Tiffani
Farah Tiffani 2 years ago
Sim Lane you kidding? there was no time. if they stayed longer Drogon would be killed too.
Lucy sloth
Lucy sloth 2 years ago
That hit me right in the feels man. Right in the feels. I actually love this show, and this video was so amazing also. I just have to applaud you, for the time and effort you put into this. Thanks man, I'll share this and finely make people see just how good this show is. Love you dude. I subscribed.
truebeefae357 2 years ago
soni jigs
soni jigs 2 years ago
Best 👍
Vanessa Haurein
Vanessa Haurein 2 years ago
what is thesong around 07:08 ?
TheNerdGuru 2 years ago
Ellipsis by Fringe Element
Namkha 2 years ago
Jon Snow is the White Wolf? What about Geralt of Rivia?
DeadlyBacon 2 years ago
The Witcher also came to mind when I heard Jon called the "White Wolf" lol
Sirvoltaire Dalagan
nice video
DerAntiker 2 years ago
Holly Crap is this EPIC!!! This IS THE best Video of Aemon and Daenerys Tagaryan from Game of Thrones ever. It Show us the best Moments of the series.
The King
The King 2 years ago
DerAntiker Es heißt Aegon und Daenerys Targaryen. Aemon war der Urgroßonkel von Daenerys.
red slayer
red slayer 2 years ago
Jon died just like Julius Caesar
M Zatar
M Zatar Year ago
But Julius Caesar didn't come back, also the ending to this video would have been a lot better.
TAZY Year ago
Yeah basically...et tu Ollie
Sven Lams
Sven Lams 2 years ago
Great work. It's beautiful! GOT is the best show in the world and this is the best montage of it!
Nexudor 2 years ago
Elvis Sisic
Elvis Sisic 2 years ago
Song of ice and fire start in s7 e6 when daneyer starts burning white walkers
Lori Morgan
Lori Morgan 2 years ago
I’m still weepy for Viscerion’s death. But what gets me more is Jon “bending the knee”. Dany’s reaction was perfect 💜
Srijan Sikhar Dutta
Aegon Targaeryan should be the king not that mad queen 2.0 Dany
pirates life
pirates life 2 years ago
That was the best one I have seen awesome.
Carson Shaw
Carson Shaw 2 years ago
jon: She has a good heart. Davos: I've seen you staring at her good heart. Fucking savage.
Ray Anthony Vargas Reategui
Excelente vídeo ,un genio el que lo edito ,gracias
Tito Jr
Tito Jr 2 years ago
This is the best video I have seen about the show, I even teared up. Theirs is the song of ice and fire.
M Zatar
M Zatar Year ago
Ahhh I have to disagree, The ending was shit. but Love John Snow. Also the soundtrack in the background for this would have been better.
karla tonic
karla tonic 2 years ago
Awestruck!!!! This is MADNESS 😍😍😍 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨💘 #jonerys
Wut Wat
Wut Wat Year ago
Sandy Prater
Sandy Prater 2 years ago
Beautiful. Their theme song is so lovely. Ramin outdid himself. Full of such longing. You used it beautifully. Omg...it’s only been a little over a month since the last episode. Waiting for season 8 is going to give me more than a few grey hairs. And the thought of what might happen and that this upcoming season is the last - both elated and sad. I hope so badly that they will both get through it. 😢
Ruhina Nigar
Ruhina Nigar 2 years ago
This deserves alot more views!! Great work! It kept giving me goosebumps over and over again...!
M Zatar
M Zatar Year ago
Terrible work! the ending was shit!
Azhar Shaikh
Azhar Shaikh Year ago
All season covered by one video. . . . 😘😘😘😘😘 love u. .
Vaibhav Nagayach
Vaibhav Nagayach 2 years ago
Ruhina Nigar yeah 😏
Md. Mahmudul Hasan Khan
1 dislike -_-
Stefany G
Stefany G 2 years ago
if this video can't convince people that theirs is the song of ice and fire then I don't know what else would
joshua blake
joshua blake 3 months ago
@mal bashir Why would I be fuming. I never said jon would be people's most favorite character and nor did I say house stark is better than house targaryen
mal bashir
mal bashir 3 months ago
@joshua blake twitter.com/godessclarke/status/1131534276321636359 joshua blake is fucking FUMING
ra bless
ra bless 3 months ago
@joshua blake jon is not even a tenth as iconic a character as daenerys
Pedro Olmos
Pedro Olmos Year ago
joshua blake he lives the long night :)
Nace Camdress
Nace Camdress Year ago
@joshua blake And whats special about his mother
ForeverEverlark 2 years ago
Yashira Sanjur
Yashira Sanjur 2 years ago
Maravilloso resumen😍
Monu Maithreyan
Yashira Sanjur യിതെന്ത് പാഷ
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