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Apr 15, 2018




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Comments 60
Random Person
Random Person 2 days ago
"Yeah..cuz it's a thing you learn not to do" TAKE NOTES SCHOOLS AND MEN
Random Person
Random Person 2 days ago
School dress codes are sexist!
Ellie 6 days ago
I think my pc saw me put bandaids on my nipples because I was too lazy to get a bra. This was one the the first recommended videos for me.
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat 11 days ago
Traziti od devojcice da prekrije bradavice hanzaplastom i da skace!!! Znaci, da sam na mestu njene majke - glavu bih im otkinula!!! Sovinisticko izivljavanje nad devojcicom!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat 11 days ago
Elena Grace
Elena Grace Month ago
My question, how did the school people know that she wasn't wearing a bra? Especially since she was wearing a baggy shirt. ??????
Valarie McElwee
Valarie McElwee Month ago
Amazing video! The public school system is so ignorant with their dress codes and ways of going about it. Thank you for educating people on how messed up this is!
Nicole Fogarty
Nicole Fogarty Month ago
I love how Devin and Freddie will die on the hill of protecting Kristen :D
Isabelle Randall
Isabelle Randall 2 months ago
You know that moment when you’re outraged because someone’s basic human rights were violated...
Alexandria Jones
Alexandria Jones 2 months ago
My question is how did they know she wasn't wearing a bra?
Michelle Harman
Michelle Harman 2 months ago
I put band aids on my nipples and when I took them off, one of them ripped the skin off my left boob...do not wear bandaids on le nips 😫✌
Kailey Bernat
Kailey Bernat 2 months ago
Hannah Plattner
Hannah Plattner 3 months ago
I see the barbie freddy(?) in the background
iilivy Xo
iilivy Xo 3 months ago
Oi...honestly why did I watch this. Buzzfeed just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
Amazing Jums
Amazing Jums 3 months ago
Listen kristen is cute 💓💓💓
ちゃんAlaa 3 months ago
"..banning gray sweatpants for men.." Yo go girrl! All are just picking on women all the time.
Audrey Griffis
Audrey Griffis 3 months ago
That’s the high school ima go to Brhs😎
ib super_cute
ib super_cute 3 months ago
I would sue them for sexual abuse. Imagine being allergic to certain adhesive and they force you to put them on.
BobaL0v3r _AvniZ
BobaL0v3r _AvniZ 3 months ago
Who here doesn’t even bother wearing a bra and wears something else like a sports bra (which is way better) or a sports crop to? Me!
dtfashiongirl3000 3 months ago
When wearing bandaids for this reason, take them off in the shower and don't use waterproof bandaids. The shower water makes them just fall right off so it doesn't hurt
Lilac Heart
Lilac Heart 3 months ago
Cruel and unusual punishment. This shits illegal.
Kobie Kearns
Kobie Kearns 3 months ago
Dr. Crafty Tafty
Dr. Crafty Tafty 3 months ago
Just 1 com
Itana Stanisic
Itana Stanisic 3 months ago
Alex Ogden
Alex Ogden 4 months ago
Who has the right to say that to any girl much less a high school student, and how would a teacher approach such a topic?? That's so messed up.
dictatorofbutts 4 months ago
A bunch of adults looking at a teenage girl's chest and making her jump to see if her boobs bounce? Sounds kinda creepy (and illegal) to me.
Delilah Sandoval
Delilah Sandoval 4 months ago
I love jen
tommy broughton
tommy broughton 4 months ago
who cares whether you go bra less or not...
Judge Judith Sheindlin
guys go to school freeballing or in grey sweats but i’m not complying
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 5 months ago
I swear to God if my high school is like this I'm gonna walk in bloody naked one day
NaryRoby IN
NaryRoby IN 5 months ago
What's wrong with schools in America? In Europe we don't even care about it
Monkee Nez
Monkee Nez 5 months ago
Unless you're wearing something where you can clearly see your boobs, no school should be able to tell women to put on a bra. Screw that sexist a$$ school.
Ava Forgione
Ava Forgione 6 months ago
Ladylike is so empowering
Hannah Green
Hannah Green 6 months ago
Ok kristen is so pretty I’m dying
SnuffleTruffler 6 months ago
Poor Kristen I hope you didn’t get any lasting effects and are feeling better
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace 6 months ago
I would just say no because that’s horrible
Vampire Fruit
Vampire Fruit 6 months ago
The amount of sexualization and attention adult put into children's bodies disgusts me to my core. She's a minor, you shouldn't have been looking at her breasts long enough to notice (or at all.). As we have seen in this video it takes a long deliberate stare to discern whether or not someone is wearing a bra.
StarzHobi 94
StarzHobi 94 7 months ago
This whole bounce test is just like the dress codes in schools. I truly think that schools should be teaching teen boys and male teachers to respect women by not looking at them in a wrong way, instead of forcing girls to wear more “conservative” clothes. It’s our choice to choose what we want to wear. This just seems that society is just blaming the “perverted stuff” on the ladies, when it is just the whole mind and body thing for both guys and girls. They don’t see how this “conservative dress codes” can affect girls emotionally. If I were to say I saw a guy’s bulge through sweatpants, would the principal ban boys to wear sweatpants from here on out? No, they would not care about this. Then why are they suddenly so caring about girl’s clothing? If schools can’t stand these things and worry so much about these, they can just design a school uniform for the WHOLE SCHOOL to wear. Problem solved.
Chloe Kristianus
Chloe Kristianus 7 months ago
I feel so so so sorry for that girl, I love and appreciate what you’re doing ❤️
Katara 9012
Katara 9012 7 months ago
Oh wow so if a male went to school in sweatpants commando would he have to tape his “thing” down and jump to see if it moves?
**Wilfy -Chan**
**Wilfy -Chan** 7 months ago
I mean I get it but I could never do this because I'm alergick to band-ads
Alex Iacob
Alex Iacob 7 months ago
3.425.089 peple saw this
Bilqis Nabila
Bilqis Nabila 7 months ago
Sexual Harrashment by their teacher damn -_________-
Utsha Basu
Utsha Basu 7 months ago
Devin is literally the most Slytherin 💚🐍 me too 👀
Faith M 🌺
Faith M 🌺 8 months ago
Cruel and unusual punishment is against the constitution
Captain GalaxyGames
Captain GalaxyGames 8 months ago
My school has a uniform. And I only wear a bra when it's P.E. day😂 No. shame.
butt poopy
butt poopy 8 months ago
Ewwwww why would she let them see her private that's gross
Basra Keynan
Basra Keynan 8 months ago
School is suppose be a safe. It’s already hard being in school and fitting in especially with body images. Making a minor put band aids on her nipples and bounce test her boobs is teaching her that “you body is wrong no matter what you”. It’s no safe. It’s not right. I can wear two bras and still bounce to kingdom come. I really hope that school learned a lesson. This is horrible.
Cadence Branham-Benson
If i were that girl I would say heck to the no
ann thomas
ann thomas 8 months ago
I'm horrified! I'm highly allergic to bandaid adhesive and it burns my skin off on my arm after an hour. I can't imagine how painful that would be
Diamond_ gacha
Diamond_ gacha 8 months ago
7:54-8:02 is girls when then pulled down their pants and see they have started their first period 😂😂😂
Sydney Finch
Sydney Finch 8 months ago
I watched this video again just for Freddie’s reaction at the end.
My Name
My Name 9 months ago
at my school we are not supposed to wear crop tops or super short shorts, but they are not that strict I am thankful. a lot of girls still wear shirts showing some of their tummy and they dont care.
Sparkle B
Sparkle B 9 months ago
If u where clear tape you can not see
pittiesmom10 (Gina)
pittiesmom10 (Gina) 9 months ago
I use adhesive remover to take off the adhesive dressing I have to use daily to cover my chest catheter. I can’t imagine trying to rip bandaids off your nipples with nothing.
Ryan Browne
Ryan Browne 9 months ago
excuse me this is just a small portion of what trans guys have to go through wile wearing kt tape
Cami Balk
Cami Balk 9 months ago
I got dress coded today because I was wearing a cami with a sweater and the lady told me that teachers were saying the cami was falling down during class lowkey kinda cried ngl
Madison Moore
Madison Moore 9 months ago
if anyone was wondering, Kristen may have reacted badly to the bandaids because most bandaid adhesives contain Epoxy, which she stated in her 50 facts about me video that she is incredibly allergic to!
Molly Nethercote
Molly Nethercote 9 months ago
I tried it but now I have cuts small which are healing but I’m fine
anonymous so my friends don’t find me on YouTube
I know this is late but I hope the people who made that girl put those bandaids on and realise what they have done when they see this
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