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"No one should be told that they have to do stuff like this."
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Apr 15, 2018




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Comments 6 068
SnuffleTruffler 3 days ago
Poor Kristen I hope you didn’t get any lasting effects and are feeling better
elodie royer
elodie royer 4 days ago
i basically have no nipple sensitivity so i could do this lmao
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace 5 days ago
I would just say no because that’s horrible
Brittany Campo
Brittany Campo 6 days ago
The amount of sexualization and attention adult put into children's bodies disgusts me to my core. She's a minor, you shouldn't have been looking at her breasts long enough to notice (or at all.). As we have seen in this video it takes a long deliberate stare to discern whether or not someone is wearing a bra.
StarzHobi 94
StarzHobi 94 13 days ago
This whole bounce test is just like the dress codes in schools. I truly think that schools should be teaching teen boys and male teachers to respect women by not looking at them in a wrong way, instead of forcing girls to wear more “conservative” clothes. It’s our choice to choose what we want to wear. This just seems that society is just blaming the “perverted stuff” on the ladies, when it is just the whole mind and body thing for both guys and girls. They don’t see how this “conservative dress codes” can affect girls emotionally. If I were to say I saw a guy’s bulge through sweatpants, would the principal ban boys to wear sweatpants from here on out? No, they would not care about this. Then why are they suddenly so caring about girl’s clothing? If schools can’t stand these things and worry so much about these, they can just design a school uniform for the WHOLE SCHOOL to wear. Problem solved.
Chloe Kristianus
Chloe Kristianus 15 days ago
I feel so so so sorry for that girl, I love and appreciate what you’re doing ❤️
Katara 9012
Katara 9012 20 days ago
Oh wow so if a male went to school in sweatpants commando would he have to tape his “thing” down and jump to see if it moves?
**Wilfy -Chan**
**Wilfy -Chan** 22 days ago
I mean I get it but I could never do this because I'm alergick to band-ads
Alex Iacob
Alex Iacob 26 days ago
3.425.089 peple saw this
Bilqis Nabila
Bilqis Nabila Month ago
Sexual Harrashment by their teacher damn -_________-
Utsha Basu
Utsha Basu Month ago
Devin is literally the most Slytherin 💚🐍 me too 👀
Faith M 🌺
Faith M 🌺 Month ago
Cruel and unusual punishment is against the constitution
I love it how jen was like ”i try to not look at my friends breasts” 😂😂
CaptainGalaxy 108
My school has a uniform. And I only wear a bra when it's P.E. day😂 No. shame.
butt poopy
butt poopy Month ago
Ewwwww why would she let them see her private that's gross
Basra Keynan
Basra Keynan Month ago
School is suppose be a safe. It’s already hard being in school and fitting in especially with body images. Making a minor put band aids on her nipples and bounce test her boobs is teaching her that “you body is wrong no matter what you”. It’s no safe. It’s not right. I can wear two bras and still bounce to kingdom come. I really hope that school learned a lesson. This is horrible.
Cadence Branham-Benson
If i were that girl I would say heck to the no
KernOUT Month ago
Let us women be free of what we decide to look like and what we wear. I would like to see men trying to put band aids around their private area and see how they feel about and maybe try to understand us better. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN IN THIS WORLD
ann thomas
ann thomas Month ago
I'm horrified! I'm highly allergic to bandaid adhesive and it burns my skin off on my arm after an hour. I can't imagine how painful that would be
Diamond_ gacha
Diamond_ gacha Month ago
7:54-8:02 is girls when then pulled down their pants and see they have started their first period 😂😂😂
Sydney Aguilar
Sydney Aguilar 2 months ago
I watched this video again just for Freddie’s reaction at the end.
• sᴛᴀʀᴄʜᴀsᴇʀ •
at my school we are not supposed to wear crop tops or super short shorts, but they are not that strict I am thankful. a lot of girls still wear shirts showing some of their tummy and they dont care.
Sparkle B
Sparkle B 2 months ago
If u where clear tape you can not see
Mela Matthews
Mela Matthews 2 months ago
This is how many times she said nipples 👇😂😂😂
pittiesmom10 (Gina)
pittiesmom10 (Gina) 2 months ago
I use adhesive remover to take off the adhesive dressing I have to use daily to cover my chest catheter. I can’t imagine trying to rip bandaids off your nipples with nothing.
Ryan Browne
Ryan Browne 2 months ago
excuse me this is just a small portion of what trans guys have to go through wile wearing kt tape
Cami Balk
Cami Balk 2 months ago
I got dress coded today because I was wearing a cami with a sweater and the lady told me that teachers were saying the cami was falling down during class lowkey kinda cried ngl
allynnmo 2 months ago
if anyone was wondering, Kristen may have reacted badly to the bandaids because most bandaid adhesives contain Epoxy, which she stated in her 50 facts about me video that she is incredibly allergic to!
Molly Nethercote
Molly Nethercote 2 months ago
I tried it but now I have cuts small which are healing but I’m fine
Possum H
Possum H 2 months ago
I know this is late but I hope the people who made that girl put those bandaids on and realise what they have done when they see this
Elizabeth Starks
Elizabeth Starks 3 months ago
Girls at my school wear tight tube tops with no bras. Nobody is distracted and the principal doesn’t care.
blurry.avakin 3 months ago
Boobs are gonna bounce. Bra or not bra. Their freaking BOOBS. Come on people. That poor girl.
SJ Sutherland
SJ Sutherland 3 months ago
I love how tentative Jen is about ever looking at the other girls boobs even when they ask. She’s such a gentleman and it’s so cute 😍
Stackz 3 months ago
My skin does that because because of the latex
Molly Cox
Molly Cox 3 months ago
LizTheBunBun 3 months ago
Did this before for 5th grade graduation-Lmao. No bra straps were allowed to be shown, and I was wearing a cute green dress that showed my top half (shoulders, neck) It does hurt OML- taking them off like seriously-
Jeykumar Nattamai
Jeykumar Nattamai 3 months ago
How much of a perv do you have to be to notice if a girl ain't wearing an undergarment.
Elly R
Elly R 3 months ago
Five year olds don’t have to wear bras, so why should however old she was ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ
Megan Rasco
Megan Rasco 3 months ago
Fred taking off her earrings is a mood
Elizabeth H
Elizabeth H 3 months ago
Freddie’s Barbie cut out in the back 😂😂
alejandra hdz.
alejandra hdz. 3 months ago
2:56 the face jen did had me 😂
Racheal Sawyer
Racheal Sawyer 3 months ago
I've definitely done this but only for short periods of time - like for a night out or a really thin top. It wasn't for a super long time but it worked! I'm also very petite so that could be part of it.
Katie Reed
Katie Reed 3 months ago
I’ve worn band-aids if I can’t wear a bra so
Shayla Hankins
Shayla Hankins 3 months ago
I have my nipples pierced and they are fairly small so when they get infected I put bandaids on them and it helps me a lot. I never get red Mark's after either but I use johnson and johnson brand.
-Sovereign The Wickerbeast-
10:22 I seen Freddie’s photoshopped picture of her as the black barbie 😂
•Cöökies• 3 months ago
jen’s response was so funny 😂 “ i try not to look at my friend’s breasts “ 😂
Deztnee Bennett
Deztnee Bennett 3 months ago
So most people don't know that adhesive like on tape and band aids has laytex in it. It's not alot but people with allergies or in my case sensitivity it sucks. Just on my arm it sucks and itches like crazy. Even when they say latex free it's not because it's in the adhesive. Now imagine that sensitivity on your damn nipple and it itches. For days afterwards. And if you scratch it it hurts even more
Chesh Mac
Chesh Mac 3 months ago
If women haft to where bras in high school because of nipples boys should haft to tuck
Daisy Woods
Daisy Woods 3 months ago
I have hairy nipples so that’d be my first wax lol
Victoria Fullagar
Victoria Fullagar 3 months ago
The girl can pressed charges for sexual harrassment. She is 17 and was forced to bounce her breast. That is INAPPROPRIATE
hilzbilz09 3 months ago
I know I'm super late to this... but who was the perv staring at adolescent girls' chests to make sure they were wearing bras in the first place? Ugh.
Hadley Thompson
Hadley Thompson 3 months ago
I heard about that article and that makes me so angry that they would do such a thing. Being a high schooler myself the band-aid wouldn't bother me however the things she had to do and I would be fuming I would crawl in a hole and die then make my mother sue everyone at that school that made me do that
Alyssa B. Fox
Alyssa B. Fox 4 months ago
i am allergic to band-aid glue
Lacey 4 months ago
The one thing that keeps coming to my mind is how would they even know the student put the bandaids on?
Sabrina McKinley
Sabrina McKinley 4 months ago
I want friends like you guys I swear
Corrine Donovan
Corrine Donovan 4 months ago
So the school asked a student, a MINOR to bounce her boobs infront of probably a bunch of adult men. No one thought this was sexual harrassment?
Maddie Poulley
Maddie Poulley 4 months ago
i always use to put band aids on my ears instead of earring tape cuz i didn’t have any and i remember taking it of and thinking my ear ripped 😂
S. E. Z
S. E. Z 4 months ago
PSA: If you have an adhesive reaction this severe, please screen yourself for a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome by looking at this list: edhs.info/symptoms and/or look up an allergy condition called mast cell activation syndrome. Most people with adhesive allergy won't have these conditions, but due to how little the conditions are diagnosed vs. how many people have them, I try to spread the word as much as possible whenever comorbids or symptoms come up (I have it).
Kathryn Williams
Kathryn Williams 4 months ago
If my high school had done that to me, lord save them from my mother. I'm allergic to adhesive (band-aids, any kind of tape, etc) and WILL break out in a rash with hives and welts.
veggiesaremurder 4 months ago
Oh my lord, not wearing a bra when it's hot outside is so sweaty and awful...thanks for doing all this so that we don't have to! I love you, Kristin! You're the best! 😊❤️❤️❤️
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