I will beat you with my left hand Kevin Hart.

Jimmy Butler
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It was just supposed to be a light dinner in Paris, with my guys Neymar and Kevin Hart. Then Kevin decided to be irresponsible and challenged me to a three point shoot out. The catch was I had to shoot left handed, while he could use his right hand. Loser had to donate to a charity of the winner's choice. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ab17aV
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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
Director/Editor: Darryl Omar. instagram.com/darrylomar


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Apr 7, 2019

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Comments 5 601
Boonhound123 Day ago
8:08 nice Paul Pierce impression
Giannis Antetokounmpo
I bet you won't beat me on the court in a 1v1 hit me up I bet 10,000 the fans want to see it
Meneer Meneer
Meneer Meneer 2 days ago
wtf is neymar doing there. Mawf doesn't speak english ???
The Brokeboys
The Brokeboys 10 days ago
"What started with a normal dinner" as they drink wine in paris with Jimmy Butler, Kevin Hart, and Neymar
Qpid 1986
Qpid 1986 10 days ago
Kevin hart: Imma send $10,000 to charity of his choice but probably his pockets, bcuz he looks like he stills... Lol wtc
Fafafooey696969 Benjy
Pretty embarrassing to be honest
Fafafooey696969 Benjy
Cute dinner tables
atlmuzikfanzinc 13 days ago
😂😂😂he can't handle nobody more over the top than him.
The Wayy
The Wayy 14 days ago
Kevin Hart shoots more better than Ben Simmons?
Fredo 14 days ago
Kevin really got the shot 😂😂
Jay Will
Jay Will 15 days ago
Jimmy you still have perfect form with your left hand
MLBB Player
MLBB Player 16 days ago
Can you join the gsw next year
Lizzie Bowen
Lizzie Bowen 17 days ago
1:40 "say less" WTFF LMAO he was just explaining it
Numa 2K
Numa 2K 17 days ago
The fuck is Neymar doing there. The reseason for Paris has started and he's a no show, that idiot lool
Gadzo Krokodýl
Gadzo Krokodýl 17 days ago
Lol i love This type of videos with nba players
cuuL Vines
cuuL Vines 18 days ago
Just has neymar casually next to him
Tee Simon
Tee Simon 18 days ago
"Takin' water shots" 😂🤣😭
Jcob 12
Jcob 12 18 days ago
Damn Kevin Was Actually On Fire 🔥😂 Jimmy Buckets Ass Kicker What? 😭😂🤣
Khumo Muthambi
Khumo Muthambi 18 days ago
John Chizym
John Chizym 19 days ago
Why are they chillen with all gay guys? Dilly , it what's for dinner.
Nathanking99 20 days ago
Why the F--K punk ass Neymar is there at the beginning
Daniel Nwadike
Daniel Nwadike 20 days ago
Is that neymarrrrrrrr
arun srinivaasan
arun srinivaasan 21 day ago
I got nothing but respect for Jimmy b.
TFAY 06 22 days ago
My friend just got a pic with you in Copanhagen this week. Both wearing Nike. Good job Jimmy
Akel Sonnier
Akel Sonnier 22 days ago
I really just shoot left
Akel Sonnier
Akel Sonnier 22 days ago
I can shoot with both hands
Albert Benito
Albert Benito 23 days ago
Kevin got the strap lowkey🔫👀
Nba Kid
Nba Kid 23 days ago
Does anyone else remember when Kevin hart tied draymond In a 3 point contest
J T 24 days ago
Jimmy buckets lefty jumpshot is lowkey nice
Ibby 29 days ago
“What u doin later” Me “idk maybe chill with neymar jimmy and Kevin, play basketball idk”
Ferbegeezer 29 days ago
Does neymar know english?
rdp 29 days ago
Джимми, привет тебе из России!
Charlie Kress
Charlie Kress Month ago
Ben Sexton
Ben Sexton Month ago
Wow for someone with a huge advantage really talks a lot of shit
sofia ochoa
sofia ochoa Month ago
Jimmy hooked up with towns gf while towns was away
Buzz Shock gaming
Low key Kevin should be in the nba as a point guard
PulseFX. Month ago
Y’all mess around too much
Mini militia God
Broke was nigga ur fucking trash bitch ass skinny penis
GENNI GANG Month ago
im left handed
Ezekiel Moseley
Ezekiel Moseley Month ago
Kevin is a want to be baller
Ezekiel Moseley
Ezekiel Moseley Month ago
Hold on left hand and flip flops on.
Zoltán Zukaly
Zoltán Zukaly Month ago
This is actually crazy impressive, and shows just how skilled these guys really are. Jimmy is a solid shooter, but not special in the NBA. He is okay in his position. And he beats a good amateur shooter in Kevin Hart, with his freaking off hand! I am a good amateur shooter, but couldn't make a single jumpshot with my left hand. The reality is that NBA scrubs would outshoot you easily in a gym in a three point contest, when it's not game situation, even the centers who never take threes in games.
Luke P
Luke P Month ago
never seen someone shoot with their bad hand before, impressive. id air ball everything, i know it.
tilly325 Month ago
Wait Jimmy did u play when MJ was around? Cuz IK u played for bulls.
Bill Lee
Bill Lee Month ago
Want to see bad ass...RUvid Larry Bird left handed game...
Weednamese Uber
Weednamese Uber Month ago
This Jimmy Butler is doing good, he should play in the nba
quinton Month ago
For a little guy he is good at basketball
xkencx Month ago
Kevin hart is the new scotty pippin
mike d
mike d Month ago
kevin harts aight, niggas tries way too hard tho and repeats his jokes like crazy
Filip Kojic
Filip Kojic Month ago
this was brilliant haha
mr.chapo -
mr.chapo - Month ago
kevin hart right handed go to the video to when he went against draymond in the 3 point contest
Shai Taylor
Shai Taylor Month ago
After the guy picked up Kevin and ran off, one of Kevin's guys yelled at Jimmy, "You know he got a heart murmur." I died!
ACG Medical
ACG Medical Month ago
Their bitches are probably shopping and spending their money and yet, these boys for sure are having a hell better time. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dev Acharya
Dev Acharya Month ago
Cheeky Neymar on the side who's got no idea what they're saying
Detroit's Reaper
The Miami heat just signed kevin to a minimum 1 year deal 🤣
DramaHouse Big Hen
Kevin is the goat😂😂😂😂😂
Bladimiro Mendoza
Neymar dont know whats going on 0:17
UEG Poythre
UEG Poythre Month ago
We all know Hart can shoot a 3 pointor than Ben Simmons
chris on wii
chris on wii Month ago
Im the size of Kevin Hart and I’m 11
Felix Flis
Felix Flis Month ago
matuopm Month ago
kevin hart makin a lebron
The GoldenCrown
The GoldenCrown Month ago
No one notice Neymar Jr ? Like Wtf
K A Month ago
3:50 “toss that sh** than” jimmy sh*ts his pants
King Lambert612
King Lambert612 Month ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭nahhhhh that bowlin ball shit was dum funny
J real
J real Month ago
4:47 - 4:54: Wth was that? 😂😂😂
LeemoMeemo Month ago
5:41 im dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk Month ago
BiggMoYCLB Month ago
I’m a charity cash app $biggmoyclb 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mario Mario
Mario Mario Month ago
Why is neymar at the back lol
Brice Smith
Brice Smith Month ago
Kevin is cool. But Jimmy Butler is the man!!!
OMGReaper Month ago
The ball is the size of his torso
somebody once told me the world is a spaghetti
No one: Shrek: somebody once told me the world is macaroni
Thanos Month ago
He looks like Jason Luv in Black.com.
Not Easyy
Not Easyy Month ago
My mom beats me with her right hand
James Roan
James Roan Month ago
Football and basketball players rule the world soccer players are pussies baseball players are faggots and hockey players are retards
MarzIsfraud Month ago
nBa mY aSS
Jonathan O
Jonathan O Month ago
Juan play fortnite and more Cervantes
Neymar is there
Ross Best
Ross Best Month ago
*Hart is Scarry black 🖤*
StoneAce_ 9449425
No one: The camera guys: *Horse voice* Money in the bank
Phill Breeze
Phill Breeze Month ago
Niggas with money enjoying themselves...dreams do come true!!!..funny
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