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I went to the worst/best rated nail salon in my city. I gave both salons the same instrucions (french manicure) and compared. Get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit www.audible.com/laurengiraldo or text laurengiraldo to 500500. Come with me and get a real life look at what the differences are and if the reviews were true. Chat with me in the comments about your best/worst manicure experience. Like this video if you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for more fun vids. Love ya
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Jan 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Kayla Shockley
Your content game is STRONG.
Autumn Conn
Autumn Conn 3 months ago
Reisha Bali it is a trend
Liv Langan
Liv Langan 10 months ago
I gave u 7k likes ur welcome
Kenzie Laurin
Kenzie Laurin Year ago
Her content is unfair and rude. Read my last comment on this video. 2 months ago, Raven kenz
E-va Year ago
@Roger Guevara well then why did you keep the potential beginning of the fight going?
ruru dee
ruru dee Year ago
Netza Cuyuch can you relax everyone copied him because he made it a trend 🙄🙄
Kitchen Story Recipes
There is some favoritism going on here🧐
Lilah Beckman
Lilah Beckman 3 days ago
Ok but u did ask for classic and that’s what classic is lol but I mean I get what ur saying.
Natasha T.
Natasha T. 11 days ago
Sorry, but both options are not nice. My opinion only. Not flattering at all.
sushles 12 days ago
The second salon cut you... Tf
Julie L
Julie L Month ago
Wow there is like a super big difference. I just don’t think guys really understand how much nails means to a women..
Camryn Shoener
Camryn Shoener Month ago
me watching this in 2020 wanting to get my nails done but i can’t cause corona lol
Sihana isl
Sihana isl Month ago
the 5 stars is not evet a classic franch tho. just because they serving snacks it doesn't mean thet thay are better.
Magda Zet
Magda Zet Month ago
For me nails shouldn't look like this. They used acrylics so they should use pinching tool it so they would look much slimmer. Overall they came out nice, but it's not my aesthetics.
Isla M
Isla M 2 months ago
I found lauren when i was watching a dif youtuber and since im running out of things to watch bc covid-19 i figured i'd watch her... who else?
M & L
M & L 2 months ago
Sorry sis but you were being biased to the 5 star one. Also the 1 star review did a good job. Those triangles from the 5 star uh uh sry there ugly. The fact that they made ur hand bleed is also a red flag. Bad video sryyy. It’s just not a good comparison since u were being super biased. 😔
Sksksker 2 months ago
M & L fr
Lilman Yellow
Lilman Yellow 2 months ago
only $22? holy crap that is beyond cheap. I have never ever paid so little for acrylic nails or shellac . i wonder what state she is from.
Cloudy Bubbles
Cloudy Bubbles 2 months ago
Am I the only one watching this in corentine No just me ok.
mansi upadhyay
mansi upadhyay 2 months ago
am I the only one who liked the worst reviewed nail more ??
Erona Sejdiu
Erona Sejdiu 2 months ago
They both ugly aff
Kylie S.
Kylie S. 2 months ago
When u can’t decide whether to watch the worst or best reviewed
Shamayel Yahya
Shamayel Yahya 3 months ago
I feel like both of them looks good.
Ellie Victoria
Ellie Victoria 3 months ago
sorry but they both look bad
Zeynep Ayse Saglik
Zeynep Ayse Saglik 3 months ago
The lady was super nice on the 5 star she even put on the nail polish to see if you like it
Katie Jones
Katie Jones 3 months ago
Your so beautiful
RockaRolla Wmn
RockaRolla Wmn 3 months ago
5 star side bloodied up yer cuticle on the mid finger, it looks like.
Aastha Sanghai
Aastha Sanghai 3 months ago
But didn’t u say a CLASSIC french manicure . At least the 1 star nail salon did an actual french manicure .
Tia Løseth
Tia Løseth 3 months ago
Why do I like the one star side better?
Ece Şimşek
Ece Şimşek 3 months ago
You look like baby ariel
Hina 3 months ago
Clo Sto
Clo Sto 3 months ago
You look like Selena Gomez
kelilahthebest 4 months ago
So is no one going to talk about how she look just like Kylie Jenner .....no just me
Irina 4 months ago
First with your natural nails to be so wide try to get once an almond shape, as it visualy make your nails look narrower. Both of the salons made 1star nails. Sorry, but only opinion of 9yrs old experience.
brinabrina 4 months ago
is it just me or she look like kylie jenner
Kimberly Geraldino
Kimberly Geraldino 4 months ago
Lauren:Really excited to film” 😂😂 but the title is trying the worst rated nail salons 😂😂😂
thediygirl 4 months ago
Your 5 star was sponsored! 😔😌
thediygirl 4 months ago
Who else like that 1star nails too? ☺️
imran ali
imran ali 4 months ago
i love you soooooooooooooo much and you are so pretty and sweet
Thinh Ngo Son
Thinh Ngo Son 4 months ago
2:07 intro wowwwwww
Антония Григорова 11A3
This nail shape isn't appropriate for you.
Adrianna Klimek
Adrianna Klimek 4 months ago
and where are the gloves, if it's so cool in this salon?
Meridian Montoya
Meridian Montoya 5 months ago
You need long coffin nails to make your hands look long and skinny wtf is your nail shape ?
Cristy Monroy
Cristy Monroy 5 months ago
I think the 5 star did really bad or maybe ur nail shape is just bad
Ibland Så
Ibland Så 5 months ago
Im a nailtech and wow this was bad.. both of them was bad but the 5star was better.... i would do it better (im from Sweden so sorry for the bad english 😂😂)
Milica M
Milica M 5 months ago
It’s awful,both hands.
ossiferfunk 5 months ago
Girls fingernails look like toenails
Sujata sadashankar
Sujata sadashankar 5 months ago
Thumbnail looks like Kylie
Selena Lodgoneree
Selena Lodgoneree 5 months ago
Scam btch
Selena Lodgoneree
Selena Lodgoneree 5 months ago
You are so freaking btch to compare two kinds of different gel/regular nail polishes.
Caitlin McAneney
Caitlin McAneney 5 months ago
I went to a pretty nice nail salon once and I got shellac. But the lady doing it got it all over my finger! She told me that it would just wash off but of course it didn’t because it was gel..... was kinda bummed
Ksenija Ksjuta
Ksenija Ksjuta 5 months ago
Both look ugly to be honest !!
starriix 5 months ago
Your nail shape is "wrong" it's all I can say you should fix it
Mrs318lady 5 months ago
Both are wide
Ava Grouios
Ava Grouios 5 months ago
honestly your nail shape is just hideous
Caro Huerta
Caro Huerta 5 months ago
you look just like Nilsa from floribama shore
Janet Dungan
Janet Dungan 6 months ago
so where is this nail salon?
Janet Dungan
Janet Dungan 6 months ago
you can listen to the same audio books for free if you download "Libby" app and use your library card to log in, spend your money on something else.
Hlcoe Ms
Hlcoe Ms 6 months ago
They’re both weird :s
Jack Simmons
Jack Simmons 6 months ago
I’m looking for a new nail salon, I get my nails pretty long and the salon I used to go to that my aunt and sister and cousin go to clearly doesn’t specialize in long nails. They end up leaving my nails clumpy and make them look like a 5 year old got up and painted them. Then try and charge me $60. Don’t ever plan on going there again.
Jimin shi
Jimin shi 6 months ago
If you put 2 black points on the triangle hand its look like my grandma face.
monica 6 months ago
she never asked the second salon for a ‘classic French manicure’ like she did with the first salon. it wasn’t really a fair comparison. Plus the second salon gave her triangle French tips? that’s not a classic French manicure!
Samantha Coram
Samantha Coram 6 months ago
The 5 star isnt even classic french. You got what you asked for , for first hand, you werent even fair with this video, second salon new you were doing a video
bxbyizzy 6 months ago
JEEZUS y’all don’t need to come at her.... She has her own opinion and so do you... y’all don’t need to hate..
jasmine 6 months ago
The first guy actually did good but the the white part is just too much But he made a clean line 🤷🏻‍♀️
Elena Bijnens
Elena Bijnens 7 months ago
can we just acknowledge the BLEEDING the 5-star nail salon caused her 7:44
Elena Bijnens
Elena Bijnens 2 months ago
EvIn97 the fact that she didn’t even REALIZE is a red flag
Evita Khach
Evita Khach 3 months ago
Elena Bijnens it’s so crazy cuz after seeing this video when it was first posted I went to try this salon and had the same lady she did and my fingers were BADLYYYY cut. Even the receptionist was gonna take a pic for their Instagram of my nails to post and when I told her like “umm they’re kinda all cut up.. “ she was like oh yea um never mind
gazapo y gazapa
gazapo y gazapa 7 months ago
The first did EXACTLY WHAT U ASKED, classic French, the second maybe was adventurous offering an alternative but it was not well done, those are not triangles. U were unfair, 👎👎👎 to u
billydao Dao
billydao Dao 7 months ago
You’re awful crazy stupid weird about looking your nail experience both are ugly stupid
Ellen Cogan
Ellen Cogan 7 months ago
Why didn’t you ask for something that you wanted ? I don’t get you getting a shitty nail choice then complaining, just my opinion
Indiana Garces
Indiana Garces 7 months ago
Ok um he did exactly French and you cant judge it just becuase it was a one star place they were both the same
Indiana Garces
Indiana Garces 7 months ago
Honestly the first ones were not even bad they were honestly both the same
Jagoda Rdik
Jagoda Rdik 7 months ago
Isn't better in 'better salon'. Sorry this french of 2 Salons is Just ulgy.
Jewel Pena
Jewel Pena 7 months ago
Is it bad that I prefer the one star side
Capri Greenman
Capri Greenman 7 months ago
Nail goals! 🤩
Nur Fatihah
Nur Fatihah 7 months ago
Everything is good on your nail, and i agree that the 5 starts salon is nice, because when you open a shop or anything you should be nice. 1 starts salon hope you're upgrading to nice and become more better :)
문애라 7 months ago
nataley claire
nataley claire 7 months ago
your telling me u paid $22?!
Sab Stufano
Sab Stufano 7 months ago
i see them both too big for your hands
Beatriz 7 months ago
I prefer the worst side.
Jacqueline Gains
Jacqueline Gains 7 months ago
They look whosh
Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds 7 months ago
Why did you tell the person with 5 stars? It makes her want to be extra and be extra careful with you because she knows it’s a video. It’s not fair what so ever
Chloé 7 months ago
sis ur nail shape is just ugly, even with 5 star nail polish it DOES NOT elongate ur hideous fingers. at least the one star actually did a french manicure. just because they have 1 star doesnt mean u have to be rude!!
luna palm 🌙
luna palm 🌙 8 months ago
Do best and worst lip fillers video
Rosa From Earth
Rosa From Earth 8 months ago
It looks like she did the nails at the same salon and said ‚one frech and one triangle‘.. Hmpf
EricaYE6 8 months ago
No closeup pictures of the 5-star nails? :(
Sophia Scott
Sophia Scott 8 months ago
what is the name of the lady at the 5 star place who did your manicure? i wanna try that place
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