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I went to the worst/best rated nail salon in my city. I gave both salons the same instrucions (french manicure) and compared. Get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit www.audible.com/laurengiraldo or text laurengiraldo to 500500. Come with me and get a real life look at what the differences are and if the reviews were true. Chat with me in the comments about your best/worst manicure experience. Like this video if you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for more fun vids. Love ya
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Jan 29, 2019




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Comments 3 288
Kayla Shockley
Kayla Shockley 10 months ago
Your content game is STRONG.
Liv Langan
Liv Langan 4 months ago
I gave u 7k likes ur welcome
Raven Kenz
Raven Kenz 8 months ago
Her content is unfair and rude. Read my last comment on this video. 2 months ago, Raven kenz
iconic kween
iconic kween 9 months ago
@Roger Guevara well then why did you keep the potential beginning of the fight going?
ruru dee
ruru dee 9 months ago
Netza Cuyuch can you relax everyone copied him because he made it a trend 🙄🙄
Kermit is my friend
The first guy actually did good but the the white part is just too much But he made a clean line 🤷🏻‍♀️
Elena Bijnens
Elena Bijnens 3 days ago
can we just acknowledge the BLEEDING the 5-star nail salon caused her 7:44
gazapo y gazapa
gazapo y gazapa 9 days ago
The first did EXACTLY WHAT U ASKED, classic French, the second maybe was adventurous offering an alternative but it was not well done, those are not triangles. U were unfair, 👎👎👎 to u
billydao Dao
billydao Dao 10 days ago
You’re awful crazy stupid weird about looking your nail experience both are ugly stupid
The Sluggers
The Sluggers 11 days ago
The five star one was definitely better, but sis I think those nails are too big for your fingers. They are really wide nails which tends not to look the best
Ellen Cogan
Ellen Cogan 11 days ago
Why didn’t you ask for something that you wanted ? I don’t get you getting a shitty nail choice then complaining, just my opinion
Indiana Garces
Indiana Garces 13 days ago
Ok um he did exactly French and you cant judge it just becuase it was a one star place they were both the same
Indiana Garces
Indiana Garces 13 days ago
Honestly the first ones were not even bad they were honestly both the same
Jagoda zemer
Jagoda zemer 13 days ago
Isn't better in 'better salon'. Sorry this french of 2 Salons is Just ulgy.
Jewel Pena
Jewel Pena 15 days ago
Is it bad that I prefer the one star side
Capri Greenman
Capri Greenman 17 days ago
Nail goals! 🤩
Everything is good on your nail, and i agree that the 5 starts salon is nice, because when you open a shop or anything you should be nice. 1 starts salon hope you're upgrading to nice and become more better :)
민아라 19 days ago
nataley claire
nataley claire 20 days ago
your telling me u paid $22?!
Sabrina Stufano
Sabrina Stufano 21 day ago
i see them both too big for your hands
Narval Army
Narval Army 23 days ago
I prefer the worst side.
Jacqueline Gains
Jacqueline Gains 24 days ago
They look whosh
Forbes Caroline
Forbes Caroline 27 days ago
Why did you tell the person with 5 stars? It makes her want to be extra and be extra careful with you because she knows it’s a video. It’s not fair what so ever
Chloé Month ago
sis ur nail shape is just ugly, even with 5 star nail polish it DOES NOT elongate ur hideous fingers. at least the one star actually did a french manicure. just because they have 1 star doesnt mean u have to be rude!!
luna palm
luna palm Month ago
Do best and worst lip fillers video
Rosa From Earth
Rosa From Earth Month ago
It looks like she did the nails at the same salon and said ‚one frech and one triangle‘.. Hmpf
EricaYE6 Month ago
No closeup pictures of the 5-star nails? :(
Sophia Scott
Sophia Scott Month ago
what is the name of the lady at the 5 star place who did your manicure? i wanna try that place
Hunter T
Hunter T Month ago
His fingernails were gross and the tools were clearly used and not sanitized
RenateCat Month ago
Getting your nails done here in Norway (gel nails, and acrylic) cost between 70$ and 103$ 😅
Jazmyn Avila
Jazmyn Avila Month ago
I liked them both idk i guess idc lmfao
Mi’Kiyah Curry
You remind me of Kylie Jenner!!!💗❤️
Shelby Casper
Shelby Casper Month ago
First video of yours I watched.
Fashion Fitness Finance
The 5 star ones are very pretty, especially for the cost. Square and French are both older styles, so the second nail tech did a good job leading you towards a more contemporary look that suits the rest of your style
kendall tynes
kendall tynes Month ago
the 1 star place did better because at least they actually did a french manicure and the shape of ur nails is awful and i hate that triangle design
Chloé Month ago
u were really mean !!!!!🤬
Chloé Month ago
u asked for a french manicure and thats exactly what he gave u , atv least he did do what u asked for. plus its not fair that u told the second one what . was going on
Chloé Month ago
i honestly prefer the 1 star one. U asked for french he gave u french, just a different style from th 5 star
ilen Month ago
personally, i like the 1 star side better.
Sofia Rijo
Sofia Rijo Month ago
I like the 1 star one
Thomas confidence
Urrrrggggg you talk a lot
Karina’S Nails
Ninguna de las dos aplicaciones me gustaron y creo si no me equivoco te cortaron en el salón caro y están súper anchas las dos a si es que ninguna me gusto de las dos Soy técnica en uñas 😊
Jorden Cran
Jorden Cran Month ago
The both look bad
Destiny Burchette
the second one
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