I Went To Prom For The First Time

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"Will they accept us into the teen community??"
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Selorm Kploanyi

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz

YB Chang

Published on


Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 1 651
Hall Family
Hall Family 17 hours ago
Very honest friends 👫
Red Roan Pony
Red Roan Pony 2 days ago
I’m homeschooled and I live in a tiny town so no prom for me
Baby Stinkbreath
Baby Stinkbreath 2 days ago
Yeah, apparently prom is being cut out in a lot of schools in my area. That sucks but I am so happy for you guys!!!! Good for you!!! Glad you had fun 😊
liz lee
liz lee 3 days ago
♡ JAZZMYNE I LOVE ♡ YOUR DRESS!!! ♡ if you clean out your wardrobe can i have ☺
the pet show
the pet show 4 days ago
Did u guys see the thing jazz’s tooth
Stacey Taylor
Stacey Taylor 4 days ago
I was so miserable at my sr prom. No good memories there.
AstraChan Draws
AstraChan Draws 6 days ago
If I planned a prom I’m pretty sure people would leave because I would be blasting some BTS music and singing
Nora a
Nora a 6 days ago
when i went to prom there was an entire full page list of dress code rules for the girls (-:
JoOn's WiFE
JoOn's WiFE 7 days ago
I won't be able to go with prom till next year TT. And my boyfriend will be in his senior year TT
{kaliverse storyz}
Where I live i don't think we have prom is that weird😂
Lora Dąbrowska
Lora Dąbrowska 8 days ago
10:18 i tought they said croissant
Anne-Elise Koziol
does anyone else think that lindsey is bubbles from the power puff girls?
Klymester 8 days ago
I'm Australian we don't have pro's besides pro's look like a waste of time and energy like really buying a dress your only gonna wear for one day and all that prepping and asking the person out a lot of hassle for something not very important
Summer Gies
Summer Gies 8 days ago
Prom dress shopping for me took hours because 1. There's not many dresses that fit me because I'm six feet tall, 2. It took forever to find one me and my mom both liked
B1G P0T4T0 F0r3H3aD
6:36 un you can do that at a quinceanera 😶👌🤧
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 9 days ago
They did Jazz dirty not telling her she had lipstick on her teeth
Stvfxiiii_07 10 days ago
I'm from germany i had prom too -just not thaaaat big only a big dance party - but it was terrible my make up looked horrible and my brother was so drunk that he nearly got in to a fight with one of my guy friends and they nearly fought outside the hall.. yea the end was i screamed extremly loudly at them because i was so furious and everyone was looking at me😅😂 i would love to experience the american prom one time too because i always hear that its a so big event there🤷‍♀️ and from what i heard definitely bigger than here in germany
Jacqueline Rodriguez
I think jazz should have worn a 2 piece b/c no kids wear that stuff and I think it would be good for kids to see that.
Sam Halimo
Sam Halimo 10 days ago
Lol “my beloved Joffrey”
Yaagirlll Gachhaa
Yaagirlll Gachhaa 11 days ago
Wanna Be
Wanna Be 12 days ago
“We are going to a homeschool prom” hmm homeschool why does that sound so familiar? Oh wait I’m homeschooled lmao
ayden moreno
ayden moreno 13 days ago
i wish i would have been able to go to my high school prom but unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford it in anyway.. but this is really cool if i had the chance now as an adult to go to prom i would
Erin Jones
Erin Jones 13 days ago
My school doesn't do prom ant more it's so sad x
Mandie Chisholm
Mandie Chisholm 13 days ago
6:57 was my prom dress 😂
Taylor Sparks
Taylor Sparks 15 days ago
Omg jazz looks so different with the long hair and bangs it’s so wired
Sakamoto Asuka
Sakamoto Asuka 15 days ago
haha the "promposal" was so dramatic. I mean what high schooler does that? the person who asked me just asked me in a casual conversation one week before and was scared half to death i would say no.
Emma L.a
Emma L.a 16 days ago
We dont have prom OR hoco in my country, so sad😢😭😭 i Would love to go to prom and hoco
Rosey Ashes
Rosey Ashes 16 days ago
For my first prom,I took my sister,and I made a quiz as a promposal.she was excited because it was her first promposal,even though this was her fourth prom
Helene 17 days ago
I get her point but I still couldn't imagine choosing to miss out on your senior prom. If it ain't your thing, you can go with your friends and make it your thing. As a final goodbye and a celebration of your hard work throughout school
Arshpreet Dhiman
Arshpreet Dhiman 17 days ago
we don't have prom here in Australia
La Yona
La Yona 17 days ago
dang they went to a fancy prom. like that view and everything, ours on the other hand.... OOF
Abby Bishop
Abby Bishop 17 days ago
Roselyn Morales
Roselyn Morales 18 days ago
tell me why i got nervous too
MacKenzie Luft
MacKenzie Luft 18 days ago
For my senior ball, I was in the guidance counselors office. I got a free dress. My counselor was there, the librarian from the middle school who hemmed my dress, and the schools psychologist was there. All helped me picked the dress. The night is of my ball I had started to loss my voice so on top of the music. I was yelling more then normal and my boyfriend at the time thought I was yelling at him. But I was yelling to be heard. However I ended up with no boyfriend and no voice. 😰😭😰
Rose Anunciacion
Rose Anunciacion 19 days ago
Omg are u in BB!?
Tara Kelly
Tara Kelly 19 days ago
I wore nike slides to my prom
Ayde Estrada
Ayde Estrada 20 days ago
You guys are so lucky to experience this, i never went to prom what so ever neither to my bf prom because it was much more expensive than before. I think its amazing you guys got to experience this.
Amy Leigh
Amy Leigh 21 day ago
This is the sweetest sign of their friendship!
c joanna
c joanna 22 days ago
Omg I love this so much!!
Autumn Pekelnicky
Autumn Pekelnicky 22 days ago
Good. For.you
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 22 days ago
i hated prom
leśna pani
leśna pani 23 days ago
That's so lame
Veronika Granado
Veronika Granado 25 days ago
Maya Atarangi
Maya Atarangi 26 days ago
Im in Mexico and there is no prom😰we only graduate
Daisy Crazy
Daisy Crazy 26 days ago
Omg she looks like Jose of riverdale
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 26 days ago
Homeschool Prom. Fab.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 26 days ago
Sunflowers and Fried Chicken. *Wholesome Happiness*
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 26 days ago
I wish my likes were that crystallised.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 26 days ago
JAZZMYNE is a literal Kwene.
Cristol dancer
Cristol dancer 26 days ago
I think they were right cause I asked my childhood best friend to my first prom and his family owned a Chinese restaurant and I got him a metal fortune cookie and the fortune asked him to prom and we is still best friends to this day!!!!
Quiftie 27 days ago
“Just dont make out with your ex” thats exactly what my friend did. Exactly
XxJosie MinecraftxX
Who else ships them❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞
lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl
I want to go to real prom ;-; my school never do prom, it in Thailand and I know it never have but it is English school
Dark_wolfPack 29 days ago
yoo ofc the homeschool kids are nice we all are
Evie Balk
Evie Balk Month ago
At 7:10 You! can see the voller of the dress
Polly Davidson
Polly Davidson Month ago
I wore a jumpsuit to prom
DINA Month ago
Omggg i wish in my school was prom😭😭😭
Alura Laymon
Alura Laymon Month ago
I went to four proms and didn't even have corsages 😂😂 one prom I gave up on the dress and put on sweatpants and a shirt.
13 Is my lucky number
I’m dying I love the promposal it’s so croute 😍😍😍
Madi K
Madi K Month ago
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