I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel! *IMPOSSIBLE TO GET WET*

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Today I use Aerogel to waterproof my body!! 100,000 LIKES for more awesome experiments?!
Watch The Saltiest Drink in the World: ruvid.net/video/video-DtUqWKhMbKk.html
Veritasium's video: ruvid.net/video/video-GcdB5bFwio4.html
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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Wolfie 5 months ago
ss Kristofer
ss Kristofer 16 days ago
You don’t even know what translucent means
He Who Comments With A Puppy Profile Picture
Apparently not your hairline 😔
Logan Stultz
Logan Stultz Month ago
Yes sir
BANANAMAN4 Month ago
PlzTryMe Month ago
Danjay Reid
Danjay Reid 19 hours ago
Title: Me: thats what she said
U could have bought a 20 quid coat rather then spend like 2 grand on this thing
Reeyen Patel
Reeyen Patel 4 days ago
water resistence +100
Ive Uwizera
Ive Uwizera 5 days ago
put a phone bruh
Bumpy User
Bumpy User 8 days ago
You are impossible to get wet
ふたClumsyKitten 12 days ago
Aerogel : I’m 99% Air Bet You Can’t Beat That! Lays : *Pathetic*
Konnerwithak 12 days ago
Like every word is a cut like come on
Konnerwithak 12 days ago
There is way to much editing in this
Nyles 12 days ago
copied vertasium lmao
sukhi Kaler
sukhi Kaler 13 days ago
It is byte now Vines 2020 it's like tik tok
BasielFPV 13 days ago
I wanna see knive wolfie
Cahp 16 days ago
Put aerogel on the water proof t shirt
Jon Spirit
Jon Spirit 16 days ago
I am now convinced wolfie is dumb fried doing all this shit
Sinner Ghost
Sinner Ghost 17 days ago
Wasn’t he tryna fight jake Paul or sum
HERCULES ! 17 days ago
Wonder where he got this idea from
Daniel Perez Santiago
why dis niggah look like Larry😂🤣
ethan james panotes
PLOT TWIST:his hand is still water proof
TheSleepingAngel 20 days ago
Waterproof ice
demxnize- 20 days ago
I thought the human body was already waterproof 😬
Safwan Imad
Safwan Imad 21 day ago
line of the year im wet again
Jake Allen
Jake Allen 22 days ago
Cover your whole body and swim in a pool
Shehbaz Sangha
Shehbaz Sangha 23 days ago
go to your old house
Dist 23 days ago
Ay you finally remembered your password for your main account
FISHYONME_H2o 24 days ago
whos watching this in 1660
skrt rednose
skrt rednose 24 days ago
They look like caveman that just discovered fire😂😂😂
Get me too 500 with no videos
The person reading this i hope you have a wonderful day 💕🥰
Sebastian Declet
Sebastian Declet 24 days ago
Is water wet
mr santos
mr santos 26 days ago
Bro one of the best RUvid to watch when i was 10 im 16 now
Logan Hardin
Logan Hardin 27 days ago
What if you do that to your lungs
madi da one! kirby
madi da one! kirby 28 days ago
wolfie the water bender💀💀.
Cooper Kelley
Cooper Kelley 28 days ago
Eat a tide pod
Aiden Palmore
Aiden Palmore Month ago
Your skin is naturally waterproof
Isobroke Month ago
White table white powder
Kunal Kirar
Kunal Kirar Month ago
Teri sAkal mugha belloll pasand nahi haa
Nathan Armitage
Nathan Armitage Month ago
You've gotten more than 50k likes please cover your whole body with it
Rider2006 1
Rider2006 1 Month ago
If you put that on your feet can you walk on water
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Month ago
Put arrow jell on your whole body
LIL Theo
LIL Theo Month ago
Yo why is he Over exaggerating so much
Eyad Tagelsir
Eyad Tagelsir Month ago
مرحبا مليون
AstroPug Month ago
Impossible to get wet huh?
Erich F
Erich F Month ago
cure for rona 2020
MeguminUwU Month ago
Oh so that's why he left He took precaution lessons
Jordan Pereida
Jordan Pereida Month ago
Bro this low key looks fun af
alec Month ago
it’s the proving water isn’t wet for me🥴✨
BaguettiCat Month ago
skin is already waterproof LMAO
Mateus Hokari
Mateus Hokari Month ago
Stealing a title from Veritasion. What a stupid fuck
Killyaself 808
Killyaself 808 Month ago
KingWillGaming Month ago
Classic wolfie will never properly return
Who makes it
IAm Atlas
IAm Atlas Month ago
Told y’all water wasn’t wet
Nyah Gomezz
Nyah Gomezz Month ago
Oh my gauwd oh my gauwd he's on Xgame mode💀
Sammy 2 months ago
Imagine doing this high af😂
Rhianna Gordon
Rhianna Gordon 2 months ago
Yea yes it's all fun and games till you gotta shower😳👀😂
Rekt Legend
Rekt Legend 2 months ago
its all fun and games till u cant wash it off 💀
Ab_2003__ 2 months ago
11:54 AYE YOOO 😭😭😭😭😂😂🤣🤣💀💀💀
Madison Rogers
Madison Rogers 2 months ago
Soo.. if its water proof how do you get it off..?
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 2 months ago
put it all over your body and jump in the pool
hazel taste
hazel taste 2 months ago
Rahsaan Thomas
Rahsaan Thomas 2 months ago
Manz has Ena bruh oml 💀💀
Yesli Gonzalez
Yesli Gonzalez 2 months ago
Wolfie:its just like a bag of lays)Me:*looks at my lays*yeets them to china*)Me:DAMN IT😢
Hector Valles
Hector Valles 2 months ago
Put it on your car
Finley Suardi
Finley Suardi 2 months ago
How are yu gonna wash ur hand after this vid
Mr. Weng Guzman
Mr. Weng Guzman 2 months ago
but how the hell can u wash ur hands?
Hexed Hero
Hexed Hero 2 months ago
Mechanics wives rejoice as their homes wont have grease or oil all over them anymore.
IG memes4koolkiddies
I didn't know ice jj fish's name was ryan
IG memes4koolkiddies
Cover every part of your body and go into a pool
Elisas Life
Elisas Life 2 months ago
When do you make your body waterprofe?
Video Central
Video Central 2 months ago
Why he got a scale tho 😭
Nourhan Mostafa
Nourhan Mostafa 2 months ago
Aerogel your body and try jumping in a pool.👀 Edit: he already had the idea😔
thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65
You havent seen anyone use it huh? Well ive seen someone make it. Where the savageness at? Its certainly not here. Where did you lose it?
Tristan Brooks
Tristan Brooks 2 months ago
You should take it and put it on your hands again and use a black light and see what itbdoes to it
Demere Henderson
Demere Henderson 2 months ago
Did you fall off?
DAWN PG3D 2 months ago
One pound = 14.5833333 Troy ounces. So one pound is $ 21,874.99 for pure gold.
jordan patterson
jordan patterson 2 months ago
This proves water isn’t wet.
Xxxtentacion999 wrld
0:04 sounds like ski mask
Dequalin Jessie
Dequalin Jessie 2 months ago
You should put it all over your body and go to a public pool and tell the it's a magic trick to get there reaction
tonyvic gaming
tonyvic gaming 2 months ago
6:05 that face though
Cameron Morgan
Cameron Morgan 2 months ago
It would be so funny if you men are taking this on someone's hands and then make them think they had superpowers
Granger 2 months ago
9:34 me when I see some hot p*rn.
kristian 2 months ago
Anime Wolfy
Anime Wolfy 2 months ago
YoJuxce_YT 2 months ago
You’re not supposed to use the lords name in vain
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky 2 months ago
My god guys you do not need 5 cuts a second, who the hell edited this?
Ribte ahmed Shahan
Ribte ahmed Shahan 2 months ago
huba a
huba a 2 months ago
Bro but how he wash it of after words
noluckman 2 months ago
Farzeen Khan
Farzeen Khan 2 months ago
Wolfie, get a crap ton of these and dump ur whole body in it and then jump in a pool or something and see what happens
Ardijan Shashivari
Ardijan Shashivari 2 months ago
When its inposible to get then how did you get it🤯🤯🤯🤯 FBI open up!
George Okeke
George Okeke 2 months ago
Hasher Imran
Hasher Imran 2 months ago
2:09 did he say the word white people cant say Edit: ok he’s saying it a lot more now is he allowed to say it?
OofThisKidBado 2 months ago
Imagine just putting that all over your body and then jumping into a pool 👀
Jiyoung Jin
Jiyoung Jin 2 months ago
So uuuuuh quick question... how is he gonna wash that off???
Slickzi 2 months ago
Get enough for your whole body and get in pool
Connor Gilbert
Connor Gilbert 2 months ago
The diy days in his moms kitchen those were amazing
NoahS4226 2 months ago
Oh bb I can still make you wet
julette mcindoe
julette mcindoe 2 months ago
So the question is... is water wet?... No, because wet is a description of what you’re feeling. Even though your hand is in the water it isn’t wet because you don’t feel wet.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 months ago
When the world needed him the most he returned
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 months ago
Jack Bennett thanks for the love man😘
Jack Bennett
Jack Bennett 2 months ago
loved you in full house g
NekoX Gaming
NekoX Gaming 2 months ago
Imagine covering your phone
True Taco
True Taco 2 months ago
Go into a pool with that shit on
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