I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel! *IMPOSSIBLE TO GET WET*

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Today I use Aerogel to waterproof my body!! 100,000 LIKES for more awesome experiments?!
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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Wolfie 8 months ago
Brayden_Tucker101 2 months ago
Idk who
Mateo Sanchez
Mateo Sanchez 2 months ago
Let’s get it
Marge Is EGG
Marge Is EGG 2 months ago
This man hit it with the all caps
ss Kristofer
ss Kristofer 3 months ago
You don’t even know what translucent means
Saki Yoshida
Saki Yoshida 3 months ago
Apparently not your hairline 😔
Krystal Daigle
Bro your turning white
Ari Ari
Ari Ari 3 hours ago
A dorito that can't get wet. Is it a... DRYRITO??!!
Wade Gordillo
Wade Gordillo 9 days ago
Who else thought of Subnautica when you saw aerogel
lLiear V
lLiear V 20 days ago
Schools aren’t doing a good job of teaching science or anything at that matter. We should be this excited to learn.
lala lala
lala lala 22 days ago
Good camera man😂😂😂😂😂😂❗️
Evelyn Cooper
Evelyn Cooper 22 days ago
Hi woilfie
Waydin Jochem
Waydin Jochem 26 days ago
Best advice you will ever get - If you want to avoid getting wet, stay out of water. MIND BLOWN!! 🤯🤯
FoX CruZz
FoX CruZz 26 days ago
2.5 year old me after using a magnet be like ^^🙄😂😂
Bean 2trappy
Bean 2trappy 29 days ago
More old music please
Tictac YT
Tictac YT Month ago
Yo you should cover yourself in this go to the beach and prank people
FEBIN BJ Month ago
Absolutely *availablespy* on Instagram is one,he gained me access to my mans phone.I can now see all I want to see on his phone
FEBIN BJ Month ago
Absolutely *availablespy* on Instagram is one,he gained me access to my mans phone.I can now see all I want to see on his phone
gavo the gamer
gavo the gamer Month ago
11:14 oh my god havavjaving
Quentin Stumborg
You should build a car that can float on water using flex seal
Nathanael Vlog's
Nathanael Vlog's
14 :24
Nathanael Vlog's
Lightskin Gaming
Swear Ik this old but prank someone and put it in there bottle of “soap”
Max P
Max P Month ago
dont drink this he pours it on all the dishes
Arrianna Duran
Arrianna Duran Month ago
I feel like this is the stuff they put all over celebrities so when they come out of the water they’re not wet teen beach movie type sruff
Tyler Sauverwald
Do ever dry
Youvg_Mar 696
Youvg_Mar 696 Month ago
Yo is acting like someone from the ice age discovering fire
Isiah McKenzie
Isiah McKenzie Month ago
ok now how dose he wash his hands
Riley McAllister
What would happen if you covered the inside of your mouth with it could you breathe underwater
Bill Yang
Bill Yang Month ago
11:55 that’s what she said
Boucher Skip
Boucher Skip Month ago
I’m here thinking at the end of the video giving it away
Dana Al Mannaie
Dana Al Mannaie Month ago
how do you remove this thing out of your hand ?
fgteev jbuyjh
fgteev jbuyjh Month ago
Just put oil on your hands😑😧
Blazin Month ago
Waterproof ur body and go swimming
Cp7 Month ago
lol you’re already water proof tho
Claw Fn
Claw Fn Month ago
Wolfie just became a waterbender😂
Pg_ Junior
Pg_ Junior Month ago
LEOCADDO 2 months ago
When aerogel is underwater, is it wet? Yes, but actually no
Akila Khatun
Akila Khatun 2 months ago
J Awesome
J Awesome 2 months ago
This is my first time back in 3 years I found other RUvidrs and forgot about him
Fnan Football
Fnan Football 2 months ago
how do you wash it off?
Dynomite Studios
Dynomite Studios 2 months ago
Yo Wolfie, you should to cover your entire body with Aerogel, and then go swimming!
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett 2 months ago
I actually looked it up he is not lying it is more expensive than gold
Army Bros
Army Bros 2 months ago
Honestly my first move after this video was to go check if someone did it with his own hand (fire)
Nfnc Fmdn
Nfnc Fmdn 2 months ago
He may have found a way to stop the spread if it stops water it could stop water/spit particles from coughing or sneezes make aerogel masks YESS LETS GO
Ph1lip Syvänen
Ph1lip Syvänen 2 months ago
Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords!!
Seth Kyllo
Seth Kyllo 2 months ago
i wanna buy some for rain football
L Hall
L Hall 2 months ago
Y’all are hilarious!
Joslyn Brown
Joslyn Brown 2 months ago
As he says don’t drink the aerogel water pours the aerogel water over the dishes 😭😴
starr toopink
starr toopink 2 months ago
If divers put airo gel powder on their phones will it make them waterproof? Also u should test it
Pizza Eaters
Pizza Eaters 2 months ago
The title
kolton owen
kolton owen 2 months ago
That's what she said when she saw you
TrAsH_Aztec Warrior19
Still waiting on this man to do his whole body
fiji watur
fiji watur 2 months ago
I dare you to cover your self with it and jump in the pool
Devin Monroe
Devin Monroe 2 months ago
Why u got so many ads
NYC Vellz
NYC Vellz 3 months ago
How do you wash it off
IcyMint 3 months ago
Title: Me: thats what she said
U could have bought a 20 quid coat rather then spend like 2 grand on this thing
Reeyen Patel
Reeyen Patel 3 months ago
water resistence +100
Ive Uwizera
Ive Uwizera 3 months ago
put a phone bruh
Bumpy User
Bumpy User 3 months ago
You are impossible to get wet
ふたClumsyKitten 3 months ago
Aerogel : I’m 99% Air Bet You Can’t Beat That! Lays : *Pathetic*
Konnerwithak 3 months ago
Like every word is a cut like come on
Konnerwithak 3 months ago
There is way to much editing in this
Nyles 3 months ago
copied vertasium lmao
sukhi Kaler
sukhi Kaler 3 months ago
It is byte now Vines 2020 it's like tik tok
BasielFPV 3 months ago
I wanna see knive wolfie
Cahp 3 months ago
Put aerogel on the water proof t shirt
Jon Spirit
Jon Spirit 3 months ago
I am now convinced wolfie is dumb fried doing all this shit
Vision Ghost
Vision Ghost 3 months ago
Wasn’t he tryna fight jake Paul or sum
HERCULES ! 3 months ago
Wonder where he got this idea from
Daniel Perez Santiago
why dis niggah look like Larry😂🤣
ethan james panotes
ethan james panotes 3 months ago
PLOT TWIST:his hand is still water proof
Toxic_Potato 3 months ago
Waterproof ice
yunity 3 months ago
I thought the human body was already waterproof 😬
saf 1
saf 1 3 months ago
line of the year im wet again
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake 3 months ago
Cover your whole body and swim in a pool
Shehbaz Sangha
Shehbaz Sangha 3 months ago
go to your old house
Dist 3 months ago
Ay you finally remembered your password for your main account
FISHYONME_H2o 3 months ago
whos watching this in 1660
skrt rednose
skrt rednose 3 months ago
They look like caveman that just discovered fire😂😂😂
Get me too 500 with no videos
The person reading this i hope you have a wonderful day 💕🥰
Sebastian Declet
Sebastian Declet 3 months ago
Is water wet
mr santos
mr santos 3 months ago
Bro one of the best RUvid to watch when i was 10 im 16 now
Logan Hardin
Logan Hardin 3 months ago
What if you do that to your lungs
madi da one! kirby
madi da one! kirby 3 months ago
wolfie the water bender💀💀.
Cooper Kelley
Cooper Kelley 4 months ago
Eat a tide pod
Aiden Palmore
Aiden Palmore 4 months ago
Your skin is naturally waterproof
Isobroke 4 months ago
White table white powder
Kunal Kirar
Kunal Kirar 4 months ago
Teri sAkal mugha belloll pasand nahi haa
Nathan Armitage
Nathan Armitage 4 months ago
You've gotten more than 50k likes please cover your whole body with it
Rider2006 1
Rider2006 1 4 months ago
If you put that on your feet can you walk on water
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 4 months ago
Put arrow jell on your whole body
LIL Theo
LIL Theo 4 months ago
Yo why is he Over exaggerating so much
Eyad Tagelsir
Eyad Tagelsir 4 months ago
مرحبا مليون
PUGGIE63 4 months ago
Impossible to get wet huh?
Erich F
Erich F 4 months ago
cure for rona 2020
MeguminUwU 4 months ago
Oh so that's why he left He took precaution lessons
Jordan Pereida
Jordan Pereida 4 months ago
Bro this low key looks fun af
alec 4 months ago
it’s the proving water isn’t wet for me🥴✨
BaguettiCat 4 months ago
skin is already waterproof LMAO
Mateus Hokari
Mateus Hokari 4 months ago
Stealing a title from Veritasion. What a stupid fuck
Killyaself 808
Killyaself 808 4 months ago
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