I Wasted $200 on Wish...

Austin Evans
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In a stunning turn, I took over Mystery Tech to buy some questionable tech from Wish.
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 3 890
SSC Elite
SSC Elite 5 hours ago
The only reason wish is a thing and is alive is because of one man Austin Evans
HowToRandom 16 hours ago
9:50 I got the exact same psp thing. Can’t wait for them to find out it says it has 1000 games but just repeat thirty games over and over 👍🏽
BadCuber 2 days ago
Im sorry but what is a *ROM*
Auto1lija* MKWii
Auto1lija* MKWii 2 days ago
10:45 You're just pressing the turbo button so Mario doesn't jump high
How to Videos
Yeah and the screen was flickering cuz it was low battery, I got one of those
Andrew Rank
Andrew Rank 3 days ago
Coke addict Austin
Andrew Rank
Andrew Rank 3 days ago
Itz Kyubbi
Itz Kyubbi 3 days ago
I got the same gameboy but mine ain't like yours
Piraveen Kanagasabapathy
Thé fake shoes
kiwii .?
kiwii .? 4 days ago
I just got an wish add before this video lmao-
Sans fan 2
Sans fan 2 4 days ago
I have the exact gameboy and when it flickers it means it has a low battery
wastedPotential 4 days ago
Wowzers I thought it was Logic the rapper on the thumbnail
Rifqi Taufik
Rifqi Taufik 4 days ago
Austin:Fake FakeFake Me: Austin why is everything Fake??!@"$!%$,?$
Beann YT
Beann YT 5 days ago
Yo Austin You Got A Kendama
huyh hoang le
huyh hoang le 5 days ago
where is the sneaker ??? the red fashion sneaker ???
Bamb oonium
Bamb oonium 6 days ago
Wish ad played before the video Very cool
Gavin Bonilla
Gavin Bonilla 7 days ago
This is to who ever is reading this, plz have a good day, night, week, hour, month, or year :)
Cadu Gaming
Cadu Gaming 7 days ago
could you put the link of the psp with rom please
Bo Iliev
Bo Iliev 7 days ago
I have that gameboy and for mario I think that you pressed the wrong button and when the screen starts to fade to black that means that you have to plug it in
erner 7 days ago
I got another wish ad (Edit) anthere one
Dreamz FTW
Dreamz FTW 7 days ago
I got a wish ad twice
Soggy Cupcake
Soggy Cupcake 7 days ago
you make me wetter than a bowl of soup
C00l Beans
C00l Beans 9 days ago
The fake pro controller doesn’t have amibo (sry if I spelled that wrong) reading
Justin Middelkoop
You didnt say hey this is austin
ImJustAPerson 9 days ago
Disliked, Austin didn't say "Hey guys, this is Austin!"
Lukas Mui
Lukas Mui 10 days ago
He said I wish Like if you get it and he did say it
Viktoria Osullivan
Viktoria Osullivan 10 days ago
I got a wish ad on this
Graham Founds
Graham Founds 11 days ago
(Sponsored by Wish) ....
OutlawPredator 13 days ago
I love that part “now we just wait like three months” 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Freiteez 13 days ago
Does the pro controller have amiibo support? Haha
matoffi mapping
matoffi mapping 13 days ago
I have retro FC plus uptaded version and Its good
jack unknow
jack unknow 13 days ago
9:36 Why did The same 10 secound clip play twice?
Aqua Nick06
Aqua Nick06 13 days ago
You didn’t review the shoes or smartwatch
Poipole 14 days ago
Lol got an wish ad in the start of the video
Ash X Veer
Ash X Veer 14 days ago
Why a freaking wish ad played before the video
Winter Koch
Winter Koch 15 days ago
Kumkum Islam
Kumkum Islam 15 days ago
Nice mustache, *AUSTIN*
Leopardshark21 16 days ago
U remind me of logic
Eagle Gamez
Eagle Gamez 16 days ago
I got a wish ad before the video...
Sebastian Ramirez
Sebastian Ramirez 17 days ago
I got a wish add and I was disappointed I don't know why I'm disappointed
Splatoon Squid Squad
I got an ad for wish when I clicked on this
mrEkli 17 days ago
STONKS TV 17 days ago
I have that Gameboy with the same box but it has the word "Sup on the controls and its color red My Gameboy is better than the Gameboy Austin has The Gameboy's battery last for 6 hrs until you have to charge it, the screen flickers when it's low battery, but you don't know how many percent the battery is. When opening the Gameboy, you have an option to play in Chinese or English, press start to play either of them, use the d-pad. When you want to play a game, press start, if you want to skip or back game list by 10 press either the left or right d-pad, The battery is 1020 mAh. Press the left or
YIKYAK89 Cat 19 days ago
They didn’t mess up Mario I have a similar device and u have to press b for the normal Jump A is turbo
Yasser's Music Jam
Yasser's Music Jam 20 days ago
" " - Willy Du, 2019
Majkisek 20 days ago
I got a wish ad
Mohammad Nassan
Mohammad Nassan 21 day ago
4:24 thats why the website is called wish
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley 21 day ago
Wish has failed me. I bought a tie clip and the yellow had a big yellow blotch on it. No quality control.
lucky vapor
lucky vapor 22 days ago
When he repeated the sentence i thought i had a stroke
Jael Correa Delgado
Use this promo code for wish too get a 50% off! rbwmcnb
Liberty Bell1776
Liberty Bell1776 23 days ago
No as long as as it is blurry you can say it is a video prop
PrimeTF 24 days ago
Hey Austin, check to see if that pro controller has HD rumble.
MsrPT 25 days ago
Marc Rafanan
Marc Rafanan 25 days ago
Wheres the shoes
HesitationVR 25 days ago
I got a wish start ad. Oof
Chicken Nagget
Chicken Nagget 26 days ago
you look so stupid on the thumbnail
Milanko Popovic
Milanko Popovic 26 days ago
This guy is ugly af
Lynxsterr ‘
Lynxsterr ‘ 26 days ago
6:00 when my mom forgets to ask for her change back
kri 26 days ago
Also Austin: _I wasted $1500 on pc..._
AjBro 26 days ago
I got an wish ad before this video. -_-
Mily Milo
Mily Milo 27 days ago
11:00 Wait theres that so- ohhhhhh ohhh no Is there grand dad on that
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