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Jul 31, 2019




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Comments 80
Owen Nielsen
Owen Nielsen Day ago
Probably every online company hates Honey because it is taking away their profits
Mitchel Koendjie
By horse...by horse...you have not met this horse..😂
NetSomebody 3 days ago
Jesus Christ Man looks like Heath 😳😳😳
Isaac Rabon
Isaac Rabon 3 days ago
Yo I feel like on his main channel it is sponsored by seetgeec and on this channel it’s honey
Justice Dudley
Justice Dudley 4 days ago
By horse
Luis Villanueva
Luis Villanueva 5 days ago
Estrella Fuentes
Estrella Fuentes 5 days ago
Is jack David’s dad or why is he his manager?
Anwer malath
Anwer malath 5 days ago
Jesus really look like he is heath's father😂😂😂😂
sug ma
sug ma 6 days ago
Good question: *if David was held at gun point, would he give his channel if forced to???
Todd Smith
Todd Smith 6 days ago
This is as good as the vlogs
[Dark] Loob
[Dark] Loob 7 days ago
Jason is my favorite out of everyone Hahaha
Liam Khoriaty
Liam Khoriaty 8 days ago
does honey work on premium ph
Poojan Patel
Poojan Patel 8 days ago
Who thinks suzi does overacting
Shit is lit
Shit is lit 9 days ago
5:23 is it only me or does those f**k’s hit different
gman germanico
gman germanico 10 days ago
Heath looks like Bert Kreishcher
Braylon Bender
Braylon Bender 11 days ago
Imagine buying your own merch
Azozi 68
Azozi 68 11 days ago
who finished all of davids vlogs and came here for more
Reynaldo Paredez
Reynaldo Paredez 11 days ago
You know when something wrong when he doesnt put his title in all Caps like :I WASNT GOING TO SHOW THIS! and that shitty smile
Leo Sanvictores
Leo Sanvictores 11 days ago
Binge watch during this quarantine😍
Philip Miller
Philip Miller 12 days ago
6:21 How dare you...
boris xx
boris xx 12 days ago
Carter Kunkle
Carter Kunkle 12 days ago
Who else thinks they should put jack his manager in more videos
Dash B
Dash B 13 days ago
1:50 is a modern time
Kidus_ tk
Kidus_ tk 15 days ago
I didn't know Doms hairline was fucked up
Kidus_ tk
Kidus_ tk 15 days ago
That Jesus guy killed me!
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 15 days ago
hey hey hey hey!!!!!!! honey is mr beast ad now have you see how many times hes used it zekik is yours
Xx_King_xX 16 days ago
StejoThePisto 16 days ago
Dom lived a few months ahead
Edliz Estrellado
Edliz Estrellado 16 days ago
1:45 is that Kennedy Walsh?
Brayden Hunter
Brayden Hunter 17 days ago
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy 17 days ago
I dislike every David video
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy 17 days ago
iTz_KarTh1K get a life lame
iTz_KarTh1K 17 days ago
@61 Kennedy why
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy 17 days ago
iTz_KarTh1K shut up
iTz_KarTh1K 17 days ago
Cassandra Vitelli
Cassandra Vitelli 17 days ago
is no one going to talk about how cute David looks in the beginning
Triungel 17 days ago
This just feels like a normal David Dobrik vlog
Carter King
Carter King 18 days ago
If you’re watching in quarantine then dom predicted the future
IRBY 18 days ago
1:48 he’s definitely a 34c
Carter Dietz
Carter Dietz 18 days ago
Why is he buying his own merchandise
SquatMaster425 19 days ago
mr beast be like only 250k my fans have save 6 mill
Thingy Majiggy
Thingy Majiggy 19 days ago
I WASN'T GOING TO SHOW THIS!! DELETED SCENES!! proceeds to upload it
daniel yoshikawa
daniel yoshikawa 20 days ago
Dirty dom predicted the future bc now we have zoom
sander biga
sander biga 20 days ago
The part where Jeff Said: “just kiding” was so cute😂
Dis Batoul
Dis Batoul 20 days ago
I swear “Jesus” is heath
Jajis Balaz
Jajis Balaz 20 days ago
5:39 Jeff- we can do the easy way or hard way .
Timothy Sings
Timothy Sings 20 days ago
at 5:11 it looks like jason just got done with 4 lines
Get Er Done Fishing
I had an ad that your old girlfriend was on
juliaa vaughnn
juliaa vaughnn 20 days ago
i’d do it the hard way with jeff too
Fish! Cafe
Fish! Cafe 21 day ago
All the kids watching this have no idea ;-;
Fadoeli 21 day ago
That jesus dude looks like heath anyone else🤔🤔🤨🤨
Scratdog 21 day ago
when you get sponsored on your second acc
H x n n y B u n n y
In the intro he was talking about honey ( yes honey not seatgeek) and instead of of coupon he said cOoPon lol
Where's Waldo
Where's Waldo 22 days ago
1:50 just wait tell 2020
Liyah. lol
Liyah. lol 22 days ago
Thanks for the honey app Just got it!
Lil rigatoni
Lil rigatoni 23 days ago
I'm surprised it wasnt sponsored by seatgeek
naikie 123
naikie 123 24 days ago
why was 4:28 not in that was funny as fuck
Vitam Aeternam
Vitam Aeternam 25 days ago
David talks really fast and laughs awkwardly randomly 😂😂😂
alex Sanchez
alex Sanchez 25 days ago
Anyone else here during quarantine?
yoo my
yoo my 26 days ago
1:50 no one knew how accurate this would actually be
Gina kendra Vera
Gina kendra Vera 26 days ago
Hey david.. What wouldve happened if coraline would've blew out the candles on her birthday cake?
Gina kendra Vera
Gina kendra Vera 26 days ago
Do you think wishing is selfish?
Gina kendra Vera
Gina kendra Vera 26 days ago
I think the world would've ended.
Kash_Yandaf 26 days ago
David’s cheating on Seat Geek
Lauren Sinclaire
Lauren Sinclaire 27 days ago
1:51 me in my zoom classes
NOXX CAELO 27 days ago
when he said skype business calls I thought it was a recent video
Uh Lone
Uh Lone 28 days ago
Time travels real watch
skidofo 28 days ago
Is it me or does jesus christ sound and kinda look like Ryan Reynolds
Andrea Vela
Andrea Vela 28 days ago
Heath if your reading this.... why does Jesus Christ look like you???
Butterboy 28 days ago
Jesus looks like heath
Harry Bautista
Harry Bautista Month ago
You were cursing and there was a little kid in the background :(((( 4:28
Aniya Freeman
Aniya Freeman Month ago
i was gonna go on tiktok but then i saw david dobrik🤗😍🤩😁😁😁
Radmam’i Month ago
David looks like an adult baby
Jeremy Griggs
Jeremy Griggs Month ago
dolly h
dolly h Month ago
i thought that jesus guy was heath
No point of honey nowadays just riot the store like all the other people
Xander Willingham
Heath = Jesus Christ
Robin Kim
Robin Kim Month ago
S/O to my parents dry cleaners in the Dunkin donut scene
kaitlyn marie
kaitlyn marie Month ago
dino is scott and david’s love child
Isaiah Race
Isaiah Race Month ago
I think he's gay bc if I was him id fuck all the girls that try to fuck wit him
Souri Athi
Souri Athi Month ago
After looking at Jesus I feel like heath can pull off a Jesus
blip bloop28
blip bloop28 Month ago
jesus christ looks like heath hussar
Joseph Hailu
Joseph Hailu Month ago
Y’all treating donuts like meth
Hannah Gerber
Hannah Gerber Month ago
Why does Jesus look like heath
Mynameisjames Month ago
Did David say Vernon hills because I live in there
Goddess Jaz
Goddess Jaz Month ago
I didn’t know David had a manager. Why does he need one?
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