I Was Scared For My Life In School

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Jul 11, 2019




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• łįttłė tżümåñÿ
OMG I think the kid had life problems that’s why he shoot him self and he shoot other people cuz he was angry
Jacari Sells
Jacari Sells 14 hours ago
Me so scared of looking at it
LRMiniV 15 hours ago
On Thursday, we had a lock down DRILL and at first, they didn't say it was a drill, and I thought it was real 😂... I was hugging my cornet case/ trumpet case dramatically... I didn't take it to seriously
Darkshadow 469
Darkshadow 469 16 hours ago
When you and your friends start ganging up roasting the skinny white kid and he starts reaching for his bag
xL Infamy xL
xL Infamy xL 16 hours ago
also why tf would you bring a bunch of people to a church....... What do you think everyone has the same religeon
Radzuit ?
Radzuit ? 16 hours ago
Lps Trixs
Lps Trixs 17 hours ago
Oh my gosh i have a story time! So one day my class went to a garden for a field trip were very used to this because we always go at the end of the month if theres a break we go before We have a great time and we started to walk back to the school when we got very close to the school our teacher just pauses and tells us to hussle and follow her lead we do as she says then we go hide in a golf area where the garbage was then our teacher tells us it’s a code red (lockdown) and it’s not a drill everyone gets scared i start crying because i’m so scared then this one kid was taking it as a stupid joke while our teacher is crying then like 20 minutes later it felt like 1 hour out teacher says everything is okay and that were safe and a bunch of police and the principal says that a teacher was looking for something in her lunch bag and accidentally presses the lockdown button everyone was so happy i was feeling a bit better and then some of us took a break outside and got relaxed and went back inside. If that was a real and not an accident imagine what would have happened if the shooter found us first…
george craig
george craig 17 hours ago
BEN outside
SEcurez The Happy Carrot
MinuteVideos has 7 min videos *this is good*
Jeamy Lucena
Jeamy Lucena 21 hour ago
How do teachers expect you to run in a straight line while a lockdown?!?!
TOXIC CLAN 21 hour ago
It’s happened to before my favourite teacher and she got killed😭😭
Samantha Vrey
Samantha Vrey 22 hours ago
You can tell your friend Samantha I also have the same name Samantha
Roxana Pineda
WAIT!what school are you in cuz in first grade in bancroft that happend to!?how-!?!?
kayleen marie
she said it happened friday and i have school tomorrow which is friday😳
Kristalyn Beal-Royal
I’m so glad you are safe I actually watch school shootings to know what to do
Allison Williams
2:26 no offense but that neck is a giraffe neck
S.W. Day ago
Girl: my hands are shaking No body: Not a single soul: Me: have you tried putting it in rice
christine kane
lorena chavez
That is sad 😢 😱😭
Best 104
Best 104 Day ago
lets kids take guns so as teachers have them carry m16s with them or ban school
Classmate: **Shoot Students then Shot Self** Sin for Killing: am i a joke to you
Karsen Kosse
Karsen Kosse 2 days ago
You guys get your stories animated?
Sweet3clipse _
Sweet3clipse _ 2 days ago
Hah, you think school shootings are bad? You should see my teacher if you don’t hand in your homework.... P.S this is just a joke I am not trying to be offeNcive
Love Him
Love Him 2 days ago
The dude who shot himself was he white
ItsICY YT 2 days ago
No one Literally no one Teacher: oH hEy ItS tHe PoLiCe LeT tHeM iN iT cAnT bE a ScHoOl ShOoTeR sAyInG sTuFf *lets them in* Edit a second later:I actually believe this story (I never believe these dumb animated story’s) but this one seemed real
Itz Angie
Itz Angie 2 days ago
Who is scrolling this down in the comments?? ⬇️
Kitsune Animates ʕo̷͖͈ᴥo̷͖ ʔ
Turtle Ventures
Turtle Ventures 3 days ago
Just say *"No, i decline that you shoot me. i won't allow you"* he can't legally shoot you because he has no rights to.
Caspar Wenck
Caspar Wenck 3 days ago
And that's why you don't steal Timmy's chocolate milk.
Maria M
Maria M 3 days ago
It's so disgusting the way the reporters rushed to interview terrified and traumatized kids, all so that they can get their story and earn money
That guy you see scrolling down the comments
When the quiet kid goes into his bag The entire classroom: wasowski meme
Daniel Pasta
Daniel Pasta 3 days ago
I have to stop watching mid video, this does not help the stress I am under and it freaks me out
XxDemon GachaxX
XxDemon GachaxX 3 days ago
2:21 I tgought this was an animation not animal planet giraffe special
Comment Cat
Comment Cat 3 days ago
Principal: SCHOOL IS ON LOCKDOWN Me and the boys: **War music plays**
gamerbros 400
gamerbros 400 3 days ago
This is fake just like actually happened
Sean Nolan
Sean Nolan 3 days ago
But did she get a high score in her test
Fawn Games
Fawn Games 4 days ago
Wow that girl in the thumbnail is either partially invisible or she is elastigirl But to be real school shootings are terrible,and you gotta be sick just to do that
gummi bear 1123 Fourie
is this real...? im scared....what if this happen when im in school....?
Very Dark Rose
Very Dark Rose 4 days ago
When they said " grab your personal things " we have Guinea pigs at the school, so I'd grab them. And my name is Sophia 😳
Vaughn Dibo
Vaughn Dibo 4 days ago
Kid- gets shot Goes to nurse Nurse: “ Ice, Ice, baby”
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