I Was Hacked. But Now I'm BACK!

Steve Terreberry
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The triumphant return of Stevie T! Back from the hack!
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May 10, 2021




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Comments 0
potatomanboooi 3
potatomanboooi 3 17 hours ago
Everyone is verified
carlos hightower
carlos hightower 18 hours ago
Hell man what kind of scumbag would do this these really help during these times Thank you for everything you do
Jakub Knioła
Jakub Knioła 21 hour ago
1:35 that shows how much Steve cares about us
Damian Stonquist
Damian Stonquist 22 hours ago
Just found you recently, man. I love your content, your personality, you're immensely talented, and definitely inspiring to someone who, essentially, gave up.
dog cookie3
dog cookie3 Day ago
when you say ,,i hate you guys" i know you mean it in a nice way
Sxnny PlaysRoblox
That goddamn scared me when I saw that hacker, I was like wtf 😳
BlueBlox 2 days ago
Hey hey hey
Coma Witch
Coma Witch 2 days ago
Did a scammer get scammed?
Coen Merriman
Coen Merriman 2 days ago
Don't worry, this also happened to mvperry and sonadrawzstuffyt, so you're not alone. Never trust those steam scams.
TheMrNefarious 3 days ago
it was either Lil Wayne or Nick Jonas.. They couldn't take the heat. just saying.
how to basic basic
Congrats stevie t heres a message CALALALALALALALALALA
pamant de flori
pamant de flori 12 hours ago
Martin Ralte
Martin Ralte 4 days ago
thought you were going for some "richard benson" stuff in the wild
Zazzylike02 5 days ago
the 440 dislikes are probably from the hacker and his friends
Parker Ellis
Parker Ellis 6 days ago
3 million sub club
UniverseCafe 6 days ago
You are my favorite youtuber
ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ඏ
That's so unfortunate and irritating. Stevie has been working SO HARD on his videos and towards his 3 million sub goal. I'm so sorry this happened to you Stevie.
ham bat
ham bat 7 days ago
What is here not to like why this video has 439 dislike please somebody tell me what is there not to like
Alex Finns
Alex Finns 7 days ago
Lol this comment section is full of comments written by other Ok-ish known RUvidrs (Except Music is win of course).
jeff gouvia
jeff gouvia 9 days ago
Love you bro
Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah 9 days ago
J S 9 days ago
So glad to see you again! Thank you for existing! Love you!
Kody Crowell
Kody Crowell 9 days ago
We love you, Stevie! Calalalalala!!!
Utkarsh Kapoor
Utkarsh Kapoor 10 days ago
Missed the chance for moon 🤑
RG RGAT 10 days ago
Glad you are back. I am still subbed to your channel and will continue to be.
mr cheese
mr cheese 10 days ago
What about nordvpn
Larissa Kendall
Larissa Kendall 11 days ago
Glad to have you back i missed u but when I got hacked ppl were saying u were dead and u were dieing bc of corona and I was like dog sh^t bc I knew u would come back😁🤞👍
Stiveen Giovanni Sunún Rivera
I was watching a MAB video and I thought "LOL when Steve T tried to pick like this" then I realized that I had'nt seen any of yours videos and serched for you in RUvid and saw this, so sad but I'm glad you're back 🤗
OTB 11 days ago
Why didn’t you just use nord. VPN
Alex Hills
Alex Hills 11 days ago
I've never seen stevie so emotional.
Osodan 11 days ago
I thought he used NordVPN for his privacy against hackers... ha-ha
Mingasio Games
Mingasio Games 11 days ago
We got you We love you
frankyg2384 12 days ago
how did they hack the account?
I was just rewatching your videos until you came back
Daveunruh 13 days ago
We all know and understand how hard you work to create this completely genius and creative content. we have your back!
Rachel Meyer-Cram
Rachel Meyer-Cram 13 days ago
When i saw that you where hacked i cried btw this is my mom's account thats why i look old
Aaron Chandler
Aaron Chandler 13 days ago
Love ya Stevie happy your back homie 🙏🕉️☮️☯️♾️
xX BOXx 13 days ago
°Mikasa Ackerman°
Ik his subscribers went down a lot
ChineseSpongebob 13 days ago
Tysm youre back😢💗
JD Robinson
JD Robinson 14 days ago
You're the second Channel I'm subscribed to that has been hacked. Something Fishy is going on with RUvid.
TheGhostReckon 14 days ago
The amount of verified people supporting you is wholesome
Ernesto Maldonado
Ernesto Maldonado 14 days ago
I just saw this but great you are back. You work very hard. You play guitar amazing. Best wishes for you.
VampierMSX 14 days ago
it would explain why I got unsubscribed? .... weird
ana weirdo
ana weirdo 14 days ago
Fuck them stevie ❤❤
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez 14 days ago
It's good to to have you back Steve I'm happy for you, you have all my support
William Roman
William Roman 14 days ago
Glad you back !!!! Best regards from Brazil !!! Make a vídeo whit Kiko Loureiro for us!!!!
Mystical 15 days ago
I’m surprised ur Nord VPN did not keep the internet burglars out
Mystical 15 days ago
@BumSquad u stfu I was just kidding so mind ur own Business
BumSquad 15 days ago
Yes MAMESSS 15 days ago
┌(★Y(n☆)┘ 15 days ago
Im a fan 😃
Jay Lim
Jay Lim 16 days ago
A video where you don't make guitar faces. 😂
TRIPP ON THIS Y.T. 16 days ago
Sad for you man 😭😞
Erika FreeBird
Erika FreeBird 16 days ago
This incident has just made you wiser, stronger and has shown you how much you are appreciated. Godspeed Stevie.💗
Barbro 16 days ago
Nice save Stevie.
oi. 16 days ago
who hacked
TimberMoto 16 days ago
I was just saying, "Haven't seen anything from StevieT in awhile". I looked for your channel in my subs and it wasn't there. Happily re-subscribed!
Fwoigh 16 days ago
I'm lucky that I didn't watch you for a while, because I would've unsubscribed lol
Dillon Mosher
Dillon Mosher 16 days ago
I don't know if I unsubbed from the channel being different, or if I was unsubbed automatically, but regardless I'm back now. Thought it was off I hadn't seen any posts from you.
Ark 21
Ark 21 16 days ago
Glad to see him back, when I was boring doing something, his videos make my days.
SMG5 17 days ago
pixel 17 days ago
Ye@ I hacked you 👿👿👿
tsukumi 17 days ago
Nicholas Cudnik
Nicholas Cudnik 18 days ago
Wow. Never knew how much stevie loved us so much. And never seen him cry. So happy your channel is still intacked stevie!
ÙwÚ •Ava• ÙwÚ -_-
Your the best! It’s awesome to have you back!! 😁❤️
Damian Paul
Damian Paul 18 days ago
I know who hacked you
Damian Paul
Damian Paul 18 days ago
I thought I was the only one
Damian Paul
Damian Paul 18 days ago
I was hacked too
katie Carney
katie Carney 18 days ago
Oh ur back few fought u quit 💦😱😨😎
guessous nabil
guessous nabil 18 days ago
Good luck to you bro
Ella’s Party
Ella’s Party 18 days ago
Those dang ferrets
Proto The protogen
Proto The protogen 19 days ago
Noice rhymes
Tygo 19 days ago
Maybe the childish way you act in vids + the controversy lead to this. But glad to have a guitarist back, just please dont be that guy again
Bubbley Boba
Bubbley Boba 19 days ago
Fee Schnieder
Fee Schnieder 19 days ago
thanks that you saying that and millions of others please don´t spend your money on crypto s..t, because thats all theese people who make money without working, from somewhere that money needs to come from and they do this getting fake fame hacking other accounts and stuff like that. Please don´t support sh.tpeople and make your money fair without theese "Parasites of the Community" i know it might be easy to gamble in crypto currency but how many lifes are you destroying to get rich? and i think noone has the right to get famous by f...ing destrroying other people. THATS WHY RELIGION EXISTS AND POLITICS but no one gives a fuck. Better let those cryptowan.ers rule the world XDDDD be always aware how you spend and earn money, always inform yourself about the product and how its produced. Would make the world a lot easier to handle
John Baker
John Baker 19 days ago
Thank God!!! So good to have ya back!!
Charles Reeve
Charles Reeve 19 days ago
So sorry for you
I Give Up
I Give Up 19 days ago
Peace ✌️
the steam engine lover
oops he found out
Pari Yousefi
Pari Yousefi 19 days ago
;) ur back. I missed u
Ansem 19 days ago
We love you steevie we wuda resubbed to a new channel if we had to dont stress
John_ animations10
John_ animations10 19 days ago
Why did you not use express vpn? When you sponsor it
CoreUltra 19 days ago
Randy Wissler
Randy Wissler 20 days ago
Don't worry brother, we got your back!! 🤘🤘
Zoa Is King
Zoa Is King 20 days ago
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry 20 days ago
Kristian Liagon
Kristian Liagon 20 days ago
What the hell. I just noticed I got unsubbed
SandrexTV 20 days ago
We love you bro!🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
My heart skipped beats.
Kimberly Dowdy
Kimberly Dowdy 20 days ago
GET REKT SPOOPID HACKA the hacka is probally a fricken GIFAKEIST
Kimberly Dowdy
Kimberly Dowdy 20 days ago
Noice guitar brotha is bac LEGOOOoOoOoOoOoOoOo
Gitaris Kamar
Gitaris Kamar 20 days ago
welcome back man!
D Prochow
D Prochow 20 days ago
We love you stevie🤟💥
Mohamed Hazem ツ
You should get a google titan key
22Styx 21 day ago
Oh my god! It’s like someone hijacked your business and screwed you! And you just got a house. Those bastards!!!
Teddy Tums
Teddy Tums 21 day ago
Big love from Florida! Good to see ya buddy
paperclip 21 day ago
Yey Steve😊😊😊😊 Im sooo glad it turned out well!! Im an occultist, so Im casting a curse on those bastards that hacked your channel! FOR REAL!
How did u fix it?
Nelson Vasquez
Nelson Vasquez 21 day ago
How did they hack him? What exactly did the hacker do?
Heavyson Papeng
Heavyson Papeng 21 day ago
The king is back ..from India
Luke Hansen
Luke Hansen 21 day ago
Good u got back ur my favorite youtuber
Aanonymous88 21 day ago
Bro, hope you save enough money not to rely on youtube. I know you do youtube not just financially, you already told us before the reason. But gladly you get it back, more success. Your the second my subscribed channel who's sabotage btw.
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