I WAS DARED TO DO WHAT?! (Dare Challenge w/ Friends)

Alexa Rivera
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These dares keep getting crazier each time, I can't believe we all came out okay! Thank you guys for watching, make sure to give this video a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
Brent's Channel: @Brent Rivera
Andrew's Channel: @Andrew Davila
If you see this comment your favorite dare from the video! ;)

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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 4 304
Alexa Rivera
Alexa Rivera Month ago
Thanks for watching guys!! Hit that like button I DARE you ;)
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Hour ago
He will not wash it off forever in his life 🤣😂😀😅
Jaylyn Larosa
Jaylyn Larosa 2 days ago
Alexa Rivera you are so cool I love you
Wolfie’s Magical Unicorns !!!
Ha great one Lexi
Abdulfatah Abulkhair
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Hour ago
I think Andrew like the kiss:I think he never wash it off 😆😅I hope. Like ppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseee I need a like please 😢😘😭💗💓❤
Bety Rubio
Bety Rubio 2 hours ago
Hey Lexi do you and Andrew have something you guys want to talk us something?🤭😏
Helen Gleeson
Helen Gleeson 3 hours ago
I subbed and I’m your biggest fan
Sara Jørgensen
Sara Jørgensen 4 hours ago
Sara Nophal
Sara Nophal 9 hours ago
I ship Andrew and lexi not with ben
archimedes almalvez
Alexa, I can't stop Laughing my head off when I watch this video.
jolin goddesss
jolin goddesss 10 hours ago
Who else skipped to the part they have their first kiss but they're just friends.... Arghhh mannn
Shir Mohammad Mohammadi
If u ship Lexi with Ben : *Like* Lexi with Andrew : *Comment*
Taja Gros
Taja Gros 13 hours ago
Lexi's laugh at 2:56!
Adri Faul
Adri Faul 18 hours ago
You and Andrew look really good to other
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall 19 hours ago
Kasmira Allemaney
Kasmira Allemaney 23 hours ago
That was the most funniest video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was crying of laugther
fa_show_z ta7adiat ?
6.46 look at lexi finger lol
Lorilei Ubele
i love uuuuuuuu
Roblox PlebKrewGamer
Lexi is really lucky she is friends with loads of cute boys!! 😀 (This is just my opinion)
Rip Lexi's bathroom
Anastasija Vasovic
5:13 BABIES😍
aesd2202 Day ago
I think j just cheated on Ben ;-; OOOOOOOOOO IMA TELL BEN ALERT 🚨........... T~T
Ana Dragin
Ana Dragin Day ago
Lexi's laugh starts at 3:22 thats all I tell you enjoy
Anna Speagle
Anna Speagle Day ago
I ship Andrew and Lexi
Cara Anderson
Reese Duncan
Reese Duncan Day ago
5:16 Uhhhhhhhhhhh Ben?
Nelly akiki
Nelly akiki Day ago
Omg. Lexi has freak about a spider but andrew putted a snake on his shoulders
Arshia Puri
Arshia Puri Day ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Andrew wanted that kiss in aisle 6?😂🥰🧐
iiEpicFxilure JeNsEn
Plot twist ships: •Lexi and Andrew •Ben and Lexi H. •Brent and food
Junior Layne
Junior Layne 2 days ago
I have a boyfriend but I think bej
Junior Layne
Junior Layne 2 days ago
Lorena Espino
Lorena Espino 2 days ago
My name is Alexa to
Rishikkesh Patel
Rishikkesh Patel 2 days ago
You guys are so cool!
Petagay Leslie
Petagay Leslie 2 days ago
Andrew and lexi sould be a couple
Shauna HARIDAS 2 days ago
Bruh like lexi won't kiss Ben on the lips but will def try to with andrew lmaoo😂😂😂
Emily super fantastic girl
Oof ben is going to be mad if u kiss Andrew
S C 2 days ago
5:16 rip Ben that lexi kissed Andrew
Yara Winkler
Yara Winkler 2 days ago
Leah Rox
Leah Rox 3 days ago
Andrew come you are hot 🔥😳😘❤
Kinley and ella Forever
Hey im new to youtube
Jayden Cordova
Jayden Cordova 3 days ago
Omg 🤣😜
Minion Boi
Minion Boi 3 days ago
Everyone say CORONA VIRUS
Katelyn Finegan
Katelyn Finegan 3 days ago
Love your vidios I love when u torment Ben hahah🤗🤗🤗🤗
skhappinessrg 3 days ago
Siedrh Abo swed
Siedrh Abo swed 3 days ago
Me too
Evie Nguyen
Evie Nguyen 3 days ago
Is your real name Alexa???????
ben is going to kill brent
Joy Herrera
Joy Herrera 4 days ago
If you think Lexi and Ben are a cute couple click the thumbs up. If you think Andrew and Lexi are comment down below.!!
Manuela Lopez vejarano
Lol the part Andrew fell it was soo funny LOLLLLOOLL
Hailey 4 days ago
Kid: Mom ? Dad? How did you two know you where meant for eachother? Lexi and Andrew: when isle 6 happened
Vennisa Day ago
Wayy before
UwU Queen
UwU Queen 4 days ago
Why did the snake that Andrew was holding, the snake looked like the exact colors as Andrews hair 😂
Butaina Aburabie - Komvux Oskarshamn VOVUX20
they say were just friends end then kiss andrew on cheek and brent OH HELL NOOOO LEXIIII and subscribe who is cute whit lexi andrew or ben i think ben he have gone to a date whit lexi so comment ben.
G.s.prakashrao wow
Lol ... Andrew... I pity him.
Joseph Ryan Angeles
Lexi and Andrew are perfect I wish they need to date
Dinuvi Fernando
Dinuvi Fernando 4 days ago
Andrew loves the camera 😂😂💞
Adam Alfa
Adam Alfa 5 days ago
Kiss kiss
Narinder Singh
Narinder Singh 5 days ago
Brent make a video with the Rbyca twins
Carly O
Carly O 5 days ago
Damn I'd fling that tarantula across the room if someone put it on my arm s u r v i v a l
Saab ka baap
Saab ka baap 5 days ago
You guys are cute be a couple
Yessica Robles
Yessica Robles 5 days ago
More videos with Andrew !💓💓💓
Andres Samortin
Andres Samortin 5 days ago
Andres Samortin
Andres Samortin 5 days ago
Victoria Truitt
Victoria Truitt 5 days ago
Hope ben dont watch
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