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Jul 12, 2017




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Haven Hessenbruch
2:07 Its good now, thank god People hear that others are lgbtq+ now and they basicly just say, "Oh, okay." #pan #lgbtq+ #imtheplus
Elizma Ras
Elizma Ras 9 days ago
In the 6th grade, my best friend also created 2 characters to fuck with me and my sister....we were inlove with these boys, she later told me it was a joke
Dolls at Their Best
it hasn't changed
Marcus 11 days ago
Got recommended this for some reason. I miss this era of Gabbie. Watched her and Shane religiously for 2 years straight
Isabelle Whitt
Isabelle Whitt 11 days ago
My school dosnt do lgbtq+ and it is banned
Alina Sadowska
Alina Sadowska 11 days ago
My tow best friends are bi they told me and I didn’t care they have not come out to anyone else one of them liked me and I didn’t care I still love them as a friend I think they watch your vids so hiiiii 😂😂😂 I think my school would care to much as I go to a catholic school so I don’t think they would not be happy
Nisa Adnani
Nisa Adnani 14 days ago
The LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community is accepted on my College Campus 🥰 there’s an LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 club 🥰
Zenaria Edits
Zenaria Edits 16 days ago
I go to a cathedral school but most of the teachers and students are gay, they don't mind it whatsoever
natea skubic
natea skubic 17 days ago
Am I the only one here in 2020 thinking of the fact that most of my school is still extremely homophibic... 😬
KittensFurever Sweet
“Llama wasn’t my friend llama was a bitch” to be fair llamas spit on people 😂
Emerie Nicholson
Emerie Nicholson 18 days ago
Gabby I am in sixth grade and people will literally say they are gay or bisexual for attention so I would say we are pretty expecting
x.dino gacha.x
x.dino gacha.x 19 days ago
Well ik this is like an old video buttttt theres this boy in our school and he like to dress like a girl everybody talks abt him but most ppl accept him 😊
Wendy Watkins
Wendy Watkins 19 days ago
I go to deridder junior high and if you show any signs of being gay your Satan
Alexa LaSalle
Alexa LaSalle 19 days ago
"llama was not my friend, llama was a bitch." 😂
Ariadne Colson
Ariadne Colson 20 days ago
i am your age and had a phone since primary school which is making me feel weird abt that story..
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 20 days ago
Wow... I haven’t heard AIM in at least 10 years
Rogue Decker
Rogue Decker 20 days ago
my school excepts it..i would know because im part of the LGBTQ+ community
cira byrne
cira byrne 21 day ago
i only remember the greater than/less than symbols because of this video. thank u gabbie
Reese Johnson
Reese Johnson 23 days ago
Gabbie I love the show catfish
Katherine Ze unicorn
I’m sorry I’m late, but girl where’d you get that shirt. It’s so cute I love it.
Kikiface 765
Kikiface 765 26 days ago
Gabbie: a guy texted me named James- Me:OMG JAMES CHARLES?!
Listen up
Listen up 27 days ago
When I was 10 I thought I was bisexual because I liked a girl but I was having a stupid little “relationship” with him and liked him...anyway I turned 13 and realised I was bisexual because I just knew it ( I don’t think I have to explain how) and I told my boy bestfriend it turns out he was gay and he was comfortable with telling everyone and I wasn’t...he told everyone. I hate him to this day because he was actually quite annoying but because I’m a nice person I didn’t care and now that I think about it I just want to punch him. But luckily some of the kids didn’t even know what it meant some of them knew but they didn’t care.
Doni Hill
Doni Hill 27 days ago
She definitely did it too project out her bisexuality tbh. Its sad that she did it but it makes sense
The Big Gay
The Big Gay 27 days ago
The teachers are great, it's the student that refuse to except us. I am a lesbian and I'm VERY open in my school. But people stop talking to me the minute they find out. But there's such a huge group of us and we all hangout together, and we love each other and nothing else matters when we have each other. I'm 9th grade Skyline High school IF
Allie _Cat
Allie _Cat 28 days ago
My best friend Emma is lesbian
Katie 28 days ago
There is a lot of acceptance of the LQBTQ Community my school or at least the people that I know and are friends with
Sans fire the wolf Gamer rule 34
I feel bad and also I’m home schooled I have been home schooled for 12 years now and I will support you no matter what gabbie
Night ShadowX47
Night ShadowX47 Month ago
I had a similar situation that happened to me a few times not that long ago. A friend of mine pretended to be this guy called Derik, we talked cause we had a lot in common we got along and he started sending me very graphic images saying it was him. He then started sending more pictures and then dirty messages. The person keeped saying don't leave and that he would kill himself if I did. Just saying this all happened when I was 12. I blocked him and managed to get rid of the person. I was relived that he was gone but I was super paranoid . Then my friend introduced me to another person called Kian. We talked then he said he was hacking my phone and he knew where I lived and that he could see me and he could hear me. I was on call with this friend crying and panicking then said I was going to go to the police. Me and him then made a deal so I don't tell the police and that he will delete the hacking app. I was so paranoid that he was still listening to me. In the end he said he was friends with Derik. So I blocked him. Then my friend introduced me to someone else called Coroline me and her also has a lot in common then she in the end said she was Derik as well sent the Derik messages that Derik sent then I blocked her. I thought I had a stalker and It freaked me out. A month later she told me it was her. She said she was afraid to tell me I pretended i forgave her but she will never have my full trust. Then 3 months later I'm on a call with her and another bestie of mine then they both introduce me to a guy called Damien who seemed really nice. The story they both told about him seemed legit. And we talked to him till they told me he wasn't real and then I didn't speak to them today. I'm am still really close with the girl who pranked me. I am still very paranoid with speaking to people online. Sorry this was so long.
Faith Marie
Faith Marie Month ago
Okay, so I'm actually a supporter and a member of the lgbt community. I don't really call it a community, I call it a family, but I'm lesbian...and I'm out and not ashamed, but sometimes when I'm at school, I do get a little insecure. I've only told my close friends and my family. They all accept me for who I am,, and I couldn't be happier.😇❤
ashley_ theatre_nerd
Almost all of the kids in my school are openly gay
Tia Wright
Tia Wright Month ago
I have a friend who's gay and he has loads of friends
isabella Month ago
Im in middle school and it's fine being Lgbtq
leon lei
leon lei Month ago
I used landline
Fifi berry
Fifi berry Month ago
Honestly not a lot of schools except LGBTQ now but they get better
hollybear2017 Month ago
Why is gabbie the prettiest person in the world. She always has been and I just adore her.
Karma Bowman
Karma Bowman Month ago
The LGBTQ community is pretty accepted
Karma Bowman
Karma Bowman Month ago
Know at least cause I'm bi
darian owens
darian owens Month ago
I graduated in 2016 and we were always accepting of gays! Half my friends are gay!
Angielolamazing 0720
i was catfished by my best friend it wasn't as bad as urs though
Ruby Jenner
Ruby Jenner Month ago
THIS LITERALLY HAPPENED TO ME!!!!! it was a dark dark time....... 😂🥺
River Worrall
River Worrall Month ago
They did not care when I told them I was getting deaths threats on ig and Twitter
Emmy Sparks
Emmy Sparks Month ago
Gabbie: No before you *Does that weird thing she did* Me: *Does that weird thing she did*
Kenny’sconcentriccrystalcorner _
Where's Miranda's comment?
CKG le Roux
CKG le Roux Month ago
so in our school nobody but the teachers care if u are gay or straight or bi or les like the teachers rly care but every student rly doesnt care
Jessalyn Sisney
Jessalyn Sisney Month ago
In my school people freaked out just because my brother was bisexual so everybody there is pretty much homophobic I don't really know about the adults because I don't talk to adults about my personal problems because they just don't understand I'm transgender my mom thinks that I'm too young to understand my sexuality but whatever
Violet DeCarlo
Violet DeCarlo Month ago
Well, people are definitely more accepting BUT I and you can hate me think they think it’s cool to do it soooo they aren’t really gay I know this because I hear them making gay jokes- yes they are the popular kids
Crackhead.energy All the time
I’m a lesbian and most people support me but there are some homophobic peeps in my school 👀
Jjacob8600 Month ago
i only came here because of miranda wtf
Psycho nerd 146
Psycho nerd 146 Month ago
5:04 who was coming home???
Eryn-Rose Kennedy
My principal expelled a kid for being gay
Savannah Johnson
14 I know what aol is
William Radford
William Radford Month ago
no one cares if your gay or bi its more if you like anime
William Radford
William Radford Month ago
in my school
Grace Horton
Grace Horton Month ago
I am mostly accepted at school (I’m ftm trans) and I have some gay friends and we’re accepted besides one toxic person and others outing us
3Dprinting Month ago
let’s just NOT TALK to strangers!!!
Alex Vlahakis
Alex Vlahakis Month ago
Gab this shirt looks so good on u bro
Leola reads books
I HATE my teacher
The Tea Timers
The Tea Timers Month ago
Gabbie looks like STUNNING in this video if you don’t agree-yes you do
Maison Lee
Maison Lee Month ago
I spend my days at school alone and half of the time crying by second period Bc I get bullied for being pansexual and nonbinary so✌️
Noah Zegers
Noah Zegers Month ago
i am so sorry for you!! if i can help with anything i am here for you
Fatima Mendoza Aboufoul
anyone else binge watching her storytimes while quarantined lol
Catherine Alcorn
Wait can we talk about how pretty she is
-Lily T-
-Lily T- Month ago
this is probably a bit late, but i am in middle school and everyone is reaally accepting of the LGBTQ+ Community
coffeegirl18 Month ago
My cousin catfished me when I thought she was actually my best friend and she literally went on facebook to steal photos of my friend to pretend she was her. It was the super early days of us having a Facebook page so it didn't totally reflag or anything...Like not everyone had it still. She invented stuff and essentially spied on me to get dirt (of which there was very little) to tell to my Aunt which got back to my mom. I eventually forgave her for it but I don't really talk to her anymore/she's too busy with her kids. (I actually blame her for some of my social anxiety because I was so worried one of my new friends was doing it for kicks.)
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido Month ago
im in the LGBTQ+ community... im not gunna say "what i am"
haydn riley
haydn riley Month ago
those j’s man
Vesselina Nikolova
It happened to me too
Delaney Williams-Healy
I’m part of the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community
Lily Chase
Lily Chase Month ago
2 boys in my class are gay
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Month ago
if you are actually gay in school people don’t say anything to you, but they use the word “gay” as an insult in my school at least, and there have been physical fights over someone jokingly calling somebody gay and them attacking them for it.
Elizabeth Jackson
WAS THERE A SALLY?! **me everytime i lose a friend**
hai lets be friends
Ok so im the b in lgdtq+ and i have no friends cuz of that and its just sad
RetanA 06
RetanA 06 Month ago
At this point it’s weird for the LGBT community some people are still against it but a lot more people are out about it and if you make fun of people for it in my school your going to get beat up!
Laura Jimenez
Laura Jimenez Month ago
Redneckkittenprincess I’m-
Jewelz The pug
Jewelz The pug Month ago
The only reason I know about aim is because if the song “I like him”
Jewelz The pug
Jewelz The pug Month ago
Amy Odom
Amy Odom 2 months ago
I love this story
Just Wondering
Just Wondering 2 months ago
“Llama was not my friend, llama was a bitch”😂
Daniella’s Life
Daniella’s Life 2 months ago
in my school we get told of if we talk about LGBT+ by a teacher! WHAT THE!
HolyCowMaddy 2 months ago
In my school (im in sixth grade) One of my best friends are gay and everybody knows but nobody cares so yea nobody thinks its weird or anything LOL so YA BYE
Slugs Kingdom
Slugs Kingdom 2 months ago
Gabbie: People used to worry about weather or not it was AIM or A-I-M Me: Yep, and now people worry about how GIF is pernounced.
Ruth Deuerling
Ruth Deuerling 2 months ago
I have a lot of gay friends
Lidwina Bella
Lidwina Bella 2 months ago
I miss story times
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