I Want A New Face

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Comments 80
Kristin Hour ago
I would've loved to see glam and gore do rabwitch 2.0 on you😭🤣🧟‍♀️🐝
Benjamin Schaetzle
Benjamin Schaetzle 3 hours ago
I believe her.
Ryan Trojanowski
Ryan Trojanowski 22 hours ago
she looks like a before picture of the Energizer bunny before he worked for Energizer
Jess B
Jess B 22 hours ago
We need rab witch now more than ever... The fires are just out of control!
Did you just Look at me
she looks like the grinch’s wife
LIEN M Day ago
Love You Jenna, Youre the best!!
ll MilkAndCookies ll
🎵I’m a rabwitch 🎵Pinky, glammy, alsojustabsolutelyfuckinghorrid
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Day ago
It kinda looks like the kangaroo people from the Tank Girl movie, really cool video jenna!
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 2 days ago
🧯🧯🧯🧯🧯 SOS. ❤️ sending love.
Luna Saez
Luna Saez 2 days ago
Kahwhwhkwkwk it looks like jefree star
Anya Klum
Anya Klum 2 days ago
Will The Real Mrs. Doubtfire Please Stand Up
Hannah Judd
Hannah Judd 2 days ago
Creepy Crepsley
Creepy Crepsley 3 days ago
I’m sad we won’t have anymore chaotic videos like this anymore...Dink fam, where yall at? ):
Alpaca Apocalypse
Glam&Gore who?
Nazir Noori
Nazir Noori 4 days ago
Every model on planet earth 😂
Elisa M
Elisa M 4 days ago
why does she look like the pink panther 😂😂 ??
Aze 4 days ago
Holy shit it’s a transgender grinch
Ida Fox
Ida Fox 5 days ago
I love this video..lol...
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers 5 days ago
I love how frightening Jenna looked with that face foam and then she takes it off and she’s hella gorgeous with that make up
Stephanie Anne
Stephanie Anne 5 days ago
As a pink troll drag queen, I am OFFENDED...! ... that I don't look as FABULOUS as YOU! TT____TT
yeah ok sure
yeah ok sure 5 days ago
so this is how they created the cat in the hat live action
Erin Beitlich
Erin Beitlich 5 days ago
Jeffree looks different in this vid
awesome14747 5 days ago
Female Grinch be like :
Hamlin Marygold
Hamlin Marygold 5 days ago
Just me or does the shape of what she put on her face (sorry I don’t know what to call it but ya know what I’m talking about) looks like the shape of Robbie Rotten from lazy town, Da fuq I just had a really nostalgic memory of the theme song man I miss that show
ratherande 5 days ago
The Mask 1994 remastered
Kim Couture
Kim Couture 6 days ago
The grinch lost sister.
Kim Couture
Kim Couture 6 days ago
Who in hell tough this looked like a rabbit nose ???
WinnieTheWestie 6 days ago
She honestly looks like the villain in Up if he had a wig and fake eyelashes.
Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag 6 days ago
Nobody: Jenna: *plays nutcracker music*
tianne 6 days ago
psy be like
sionv2009 6 days ago
We need rabwitch back. There's too much internet drama and I'm getting really exhausted.
EA40's Life With Cars
Lol Jenna is temporarily gone and the beauty community is up in flames... again
sionv2009 6 days ago
for real. we need rabwitch back.
rosalie grace
rosalie grace 7 days ago
Why does the look remind me so much of Jeffree Starr?
Nika Tretinjak
Nika Tretinjak 7 days ago
If the bunny nose wasn't there it would kind of look like one of my teachers,idk why 🤣
Mom Momerson
Mom Momerson 7 days ago
I laughed so hard I cried 😭 We love you Jenna
What the hell did I just watch
Iz Nor
Iz Nor 7 days ago
I know she needs time to feel better.... to be away from the toxic environment social media can be. Ppl grow and learn. She is truly the best! I. Absolutely love you jenna! I really hope you come back to all of the ppl who LOVE YOU! MISS YOU 😭🖤
Brad Jones
Brad Jones 7 days ago
I cried probably the whole time watching this. It has not even been a week and I miss Jenna so much. She was something I always had to look forward to, to keep me going from day to day. I am happy that is giving herself the mental break she needs and if she never comes back, I’ll understand that is the best for her. It just..feels like a lost a few members of my family.
m0th_ 1
m0th_ 1 8 days ago
jefferey star
Maria Carolina Duque N.
i choked
Ally Begg
Ally Begg 8 days ago
Can’t believe we won’t see wild shit like this every week now 🙁
Nico 9 days ago
She looks like she was supposed to be on the grinch
serpentineufo 9 days ago
Blackface at 4:34
yee yee
yee yee 7 days ago
Are you stupid
cochisedagoat 7 days ago
You're a fucking moron
Zoe Forbes
Zoe Forbes 9 days ago
Imagine Jenna being your aunt and julien being your uncle Dude they would be the coolest aunt and uncle everrr
Shannon Nestor
Shannon Nestor 9 days ago
already missing your content 💔
TigerTactical 9 days ago
whos here after she quit :(
Neptune MSP
Neptune MSP 10 days ago
kinda looks like jefree star
allanWG 10 days ago
appreciating that moment of that thing running to camera
Wynona 7
Wynona 7 10 days ago
9:17 😭
Wynona 7
Wynona 7 10 days ago
I love 4:07 xD
SOD 10 days ago
Isnt this white face !!! Lol
bebe montelo
bebe montelo 10 days ago
love you jenna
Vea Nese
Vea Nese 10 days ago
she looked like a female grinch
Sarah Waters
Sarah Waters 10 days ago
And now, the jenna marbles binge of all binges 😍
Mahima Rai
Mahima Rai 10 days ago
This will always be my fav video.
Butter Nut
Butter Nut 10 days ago
I give this video 20 out of 10
Aniket Patil
Aniket Patil 10 days ago
Few twitter comments can't win .. You can't let them win.. Come back .. we already know you have been best person on whole of RUvid..
Saxxy Jazzy
Saxxy Jazzy 10 days ago
Everyone binge watching jenna now...? I really hope she comes back the world would never be the same without her... i hope she understands why we are all so so very sad about her leaving...
Yana Reyes
Yana Reyes Day ago
Of course we’re binging where else could we get serotonin
joolya 11 days ago
I'll miss you so much Jenna...
Sanna Hickman
Sanna Hickman 11 days ago
Rip Jenna!
michelle mary
michelle mary 8 days ago
@Aniket Patil she said she's not sure And that she might never come back
Sanna Hickman
Sanna Hickman 10 days ago
Aniket Patil you never know though. I’m going to miss her general presence in the RUvid community. It’s not everyday someone makes a corn dog but instead of the corn bone it’s a hotdog or has a 30 min video of just her trying to make her dog sit. She truly is special and a kind soul
Aniket Patil
Aniket Patil 10 days ago
come on .. she is going to come back .. what kind of fan are you ??
annanotsatan 11 days ago
Everyone who’s here because jenna quit and all u can do is rewatch every single old video to keep urself from spiraling and having an emotional break down cus they feel like they lost their best friend raise yo fucking hand beech🙋🏽‍♀️
Jack 11 days ago
we will miss you jenna
mtndew33725 11 days ago
You actually look super scary like some guy who stole someone else’s skin and glued it on their face
Yung Yidhra
Yung Yidhra 11 days ago
I will miss shit like this.
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
Rewatching my favorite jenna marbles videos now :(
SVT Energy Skin Care
I’m having a JennaMarbles marathon rn while crying my eyes out, I already miss you so much Jenna
Kat Likes Cats
Kat Likes Cats 11 days ago
She looks like The Noid’s Beauty Guru Sister and I love it
Joe Fernandes
Joe Fernandes 11 days ago
is anyone here the day of her message trying not to cry and watch as much of her as they can before they might go away....cuz same. We love you jenna, and we always will no matter what you decide to do
Baby Luna
Baby Luna 11 days ago
I will be watching this every day till Jenna possibly post’s again. 😭
Ada Marie
Ada Marie 11 days ago
Looks like Cris Cyborg or Jefree Star
Nits Cheetos
Nits Cheetos 11 days ago
"I'm sick of my old face i need a new face" probably what Khloe said when she got her new face..
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks 12 days ago
Never can say goodbye
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas 12 days ago
Anyone else binging her videos because they miss her already?
Andrea B
Andrea B 12 days ago
This whole video was a critique of the beauty community.
Andrea B
Andrea B 12 days ago
Come back Jenna!!!!!!
Tracy Gorab
Tracy Gorab 12 days ago
I really need the rabwitch to clear the bulls**t now that Jenna's leaving.
laketaas 12 days ago
this is and will be my forever favorite video, no matter what. We already miss u dear 33 year old lady.
Janie na nóiníní
I'm gonna miss this so much, Love you Jenna
nixxer101 12 days ago
I miss this jenna! 🖤
Daisy Coales
Daisy Coales 12 days ago
The way she run’s has Gandalf all over it 💀
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