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The SPUD Pop Up Display is a different take to foldable technology that we're getting a bit used to lately, but is it worth it?
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 3 940
NANOMITE RC 19 hours ago
It's just a portable projector with a screen ....lol
Bryan Cyriel Ramo (Real Account)
Switch Lite Unboxing Lin.?
Aoutul Nabi Purna
10:51 nice
Xavier H.
Xavier H. 3 days ago
I mean... it's a projecter in a pair of pantyhose stretched over an umbrella... IDK what more people expected.
Incogninto1 1
Incogninto1 1 4 days ago
It looks like those 90’s CRT screens
Hart of Stone
Hart of Stone 4 days ago
One thing I could see this being useful for would be a display (at a convention, for example) especially with the tripod mount hole, but at that price, i don't know if it'd be worth it.
Efi 7 days ago
10:15 Which display is it
Rashmier Ynawat
Rashmier Ynawat 7 days ago
It's a projector on a piece of cloth. really?
Gerald Norton
Gerald Norton 8 days ago
It probably would be ok for just watching a movie
LOUCO 9 days ago
It's a projector 😂
Sunny Wu
Sunny Wu 9 days ago
Maybe they meant a dictionary or textboook. lol
Aerion Omega
Aerion Omega 10 days ago
Rofl... All they did was take a pocket projector, and used an umbrella style pop up projection screen, then mounted the projector on the backside, rather than a normal projector... I thought of a similar idea when pocket projectors came out, but came to the same thoughts as your review... The reason they call it spud, is because it puts your graphics into potato mode, lol.
St3rdy 12 days ago
Is just a projector
Yoyo55 13 days ago
What a pile of $hit!
Evan Watling
Evan Watling 13 days ago
It’s old tech. Simple as that.
hgd2324 14 days ago
0:44 a w- wall what?
The D
The D 15 days ago
spud backer sounds like a racial slur
Eric B
Eric B 16 days ago
Linus got owned! 😂. 400.00???? GTFOH!!!
Kalcron 17 days ago
If that book was the Ancient bible tablets then yea sure.
Hassan Naeem
Hassan Naeem 19 days ago
2:04 Im sure you do man OOF
DANDAMAN999 20 days ago
I was really liking this until I realised it’s just a small projector
Johnfuse 21 day ago
Linus it is always a good idea when you can make a video about it, even if the product is complete shit you get at least paid for showing us.
MCWDD 21 day ago
Simple answer, get an iPad. Or heck, a Samsung Galaxy Tap View (or whatever the massive tablet is)
Burritozi11a 22 days ago
On a scale from "passport" to "Webster's English Dictionary", how much "like a book" would you say the SPUD is?
Rhaegal 23 days ago
I’m sorry but even if it was an 8K oled quality monitor, no one is rocking up on the train with one of these...
Nick Martin
Nick Martin 24 days ago
Remove the umbrella and use the battery powered projector
Nebula357 24 days ago
The thumbnail made me think it was a display on a gaming chair whr ur back rests. I thought it was stupid for a second but I have also seen some questionable shit so like..
Thomas Gerster
Thomas Gerster 24 days ago
What is the name of the Portable Monitor @ 8:00 ?
Fun Dazzy
Fun Dazzy 25 days ago
It's much better to have a projector. At worst, you can still get a huge screen.
Ye4rZero 27 days ago
Whoa kickstarted delivered! That doesn't happen every day now
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford 28 days ago
This thing is so fucking dumb it hurts my brain
jay_615 28 days ago
rhianna has enter chat
Rainshadows 29 days ago
400hundred lol no way.. For 400 you could get or make a portable solar charged power supply and take a legit monitor camping.
Baddy 29 days ago
I'd spend 50€ on that, max. If I want a big display, I can get pretty cheap, light-weight monitors with better quality for around 100 bucks already. That SPUD is a bit more compact is nice, but doesn't justify any price above the above mentioned for me in any regard, especially considering the notable downgrade in quality.
trevor welch
trevor welch 29 days ago
What’s the portable LCD he uses at the end of the video?
KiJung Song
KiJung Song Month ago
Hey that seems like the most portable and durable option for camping You don’t really want to bring and walk around with portable monitor in your backpack But besides camping, it seems useless
daniel dickenson
You can now get portable lcds that are less than 10mm thick 😅😂🤣😂🤣
it is was 1440p it might be passable
Kraum Lanko
Kraum Lanko Month ago
Oh Linus you greedy dweeb, the two youtube ads + sponsors is a bit much, even by your standards don't you think?
Aldo Miike
Aldo Miike Month ago
Which are the portable displays showed in the video?
David Alexandrovitch
I rather just bring my own 24" monitor to the coffee shop as its half the size of the spud.
David Alexandrovitch
I don't understand why anyone puts money towards things on Kickstarter which should be called Scamstarter.
SnipeGhost Month ago
Random dude64
Random dude64 Month ago
this is basically a projector type of thingy right
Matthew Neil
Matthew Neil Month ago
i get better picture out of my 70$ walmart projector that is pretty portable size and weight.
Lava Java
Lava Java Month ago
when you said "don't be that guy" it reminded me of when I was at Tim Hortons this guy pulled out a gaming RGB pc out of a big case! the pulled a monitor out plugged it in a was off for 2 hours
Fred W
Fred W Month ago
Why would you even release this, it’s embarrassing. I’d be pissed if I invested in this.
LookIts Lucas
LookIts Lucas Month ago
Its really just a projector
iRay IRidium
iRay IRidium Month ago
ok, what a shit,crap is this? this is not worth anything. using this outside? pff no way, only in night time, so much on the go lol. just in half year you will get better than this crap. today is pointless to buy new tech as soon as come out. the tech today is a trend, so you cant just buy and pay load of gold for something new while tech is growing so fast. imagine this crap just after one year, it will be disaster. this product is clear shit.
Premium Sounds Music
DryTaste Month ago
A flex oled you can store in a tube would be cool.
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya Month ago
Or the device itself is the tube. Like a digital scroll with kickstands on the rounded parts to keep it up.
冬Winter Month ago
I really don't want our screens going back to being as big as crts
Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla Month ago
Wow Linus betrayed tunnel bear
Pelliq S
Pelliq S Month ago
Lol more to life than size
Isaiah Volcy
Isaiah Volcy Month ago
Michael Yang
Michael Yang Month ago
Could u imagine bringing that into a public coffee shop? Couldn't be me
JustANinja Month ago
i would just use one of those bending phones
Neon Red and Blue
10:44 the robbers are just gonna steal the doorbell dont even think about buying it lol
Hacher Unfriended
Watching movies on a train: use a phone Sharing presentations with colleagues: a projector would be better, but I guess... Being more productive with your laptop: how about a TV. But I guess.....AAARGH BUT IT SUCKED THO
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